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Survive the Insanity: Day 3 – The Circle Asylum – Is It Hot In Here?

In our last chapter, Viviana has her first day on the job and the residents of The Circle Asylum are left alone while she is at work. We start the day when Viviana nearly has a stove fire, but luckily “swats” it out. Mowgli gets interested in “the maze” game and Finn plays with his best friend, Miss Kitty. Barbie stages a “stink-in” to protest the 5-minute shower rule. Sunny later joins and they become friends. Hannibal is “in the zone” on the basketball court and Erik wonders how the heck Hannibal got that when Erik is in much better shape. Toby tries to do the same, but was “caught pretending” and gets a sprained ankle. It seems that Sunny might have a mean streak, as she was laughing at Toby spraining his ankle. All day, the residents play basketball and then play chess. Viviana comes home and gets a promotion!barbie cleaningThe next morning we find Barbie in the kitchen cleaning up. And it looks like she had a shower! What? Has she been hypnotized? The “stink-in” must be over. But how? Why? Maybe she just couldn’t stand her own smell anymore or…..

Author’s note: Oh no, those dishes made it to this house, too. Let’s hope they don’t stick around like at the Happy Hollow Asylum!dirty shower cause of the stink in.pngPerhaps there was another reason for the “stink-in’. It turned out that the shower was dirty.viviana cleaning the shower.pngYep, after Viviana cleaned it, everyone was happy again and sims were showering! Oh rejoice! Why won’t these sims just clean the shower? Sheesh!the toilet broke again.pngAnd the darn toilet broke again.

Author’s Note: I think that the first up-grade Viviana is going to make is to buy a new toilet. The Sweet Escapes Country Toilet for $1,800 simoleons. It’s unbreakable. She has a way to go, though, so she better get painting.viviana making pancakes.pngBut first, breakfast. Viviana decides to make pancakes and she is doing rather well. Throwing them up in the air and actually catching them. She even amazes herself! They turn out excellent.

After getting home last night, Viviana was pretty tired and went straight to bed, and this morning was spent cleaning, repairing and cooking. So, she hasn’t even had time to paint. I decide that she will take a vacation day and stay home and work on her painting.what are these 2 up to again.pngViviana notices that Erik and Toby are sharing a secret together. Hmmm…wonder what they are up to?mogli won at chess.pngMowgli really has come a long way in chess and got the “Chess Victor” moodlet. Way to go Mowgli on winning “the maze” game. When I looked at everyone else’s moodlets, I couldn’t see who he was playing against, because there were no moodlets on someone losing.finn happy.pngFinn is just so happy and life is just fun and games. He has no worries and is happy blowing bubbles.hannibal discovers they have a pet.pngHannibal discovers they have a new pet, but maybe an unwelcome one. Is that a mouse? Eeep!

Author’s notes: No, I don’t have My First Pet Stuff…that’s a mouse and a mouse hole. The Circle Asylum needs some pest control.viviana gets a start on her painting and hannibal is at fire.pngAfter serving breakfast, Viviana heads outside to get painting, and I guess Hannibal thought it would be safer by the fire. No mice here!ERIK WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE SHRUBBERY THAT IS NOT A PEE BUSHMeanwhile, Erik has gone outside to talk to a shrub….HEY LOOK WHO I FOUND IN THE BUSHES OUR NEIGHBORSBut not for long, as he suddenly comes in again, but with a whole bunch of sims. It looks like some of the sims from The Happy Hollow Asylum.

“Hey look who I found hiding in the bushes. It’s our neighbors!” And so it is. I guess they came to welcome everyone to the neighborhood. There are only four who came, though, I wonder why the others didn’t come?SOME FRUITCAKE FOR YOU ALL I MADE IT MYSELF.pngSonny even brought some fruitcake that he made himself. Umm…I don’t remember seeing Sonny cook or bake at the Happy Hollow Asylum. How old is that fruitcake exactly?I TRUST NO ONE THATS WHY I BROUGHT MY OWN FOOD.pngSonny grabs a slice himself and sits down beside Toby. Toby thinks that Sonny looks familiar and that they might work at the same place. Toby asks Sonny if he likes fruitcake and Sonny replies that he always brings his own food because he doesn’t trust anyone. Hmmm…Toby likes Sonny and begins to tell him all about his conspiracy theory. In the background, Louis is admiring the photos on the wall, and Veta is just not sure she wants to come in and stands at the doorway looking around.SO I HEARD YOU DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE.pngViviana comes in from outside and heads over to Louis.

“So I heard you don’t know who you are,” she quips. Louis thinks this is pretty amusing. He likes Viviana. She has spunk.EVERYTHING ON ONE FLOOR THIS IS SWELL.pngThey start talking about their houses and Louis really likes that the house is all one level. He is even more impressed that they have a basketball court. Viviana smiles slyly and asks Louis if he has ever played basketball before. Louis never had. Then Viviana challenges him to a game. Louis thinks that it’s a great idea.GIMME THAT SALAD WHO SAID YOU COULD JUST TAKE FOOD OUT OF OUR FRIDGE.pngBut first, apparently, she has to feed the masses who are raiding the fridge. She sees Sunny and Midge sitting on the couch and apparently Sunny is upset that Midge is eating their food.

Sunny to Midge: “Gimme that salad. Who said you could just take food from our fridge?”COOKING FOR ALL THESE SIMS WAS NOT IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION.pngViviana says out loud, “Ok, alright. I’ll cook already! Sheesh.” Feeding this many sims was not in Viviana’s job description. That seemed to settle Sunny and Midge and they continued to chat.viviana completes a cooking milestine.pngI guess it wasn’t so bad that she had to cook because she got to level 2 of the Master Chef Aspiration!LIZARDMEN ARE YOU SERIOUS.pngVeta has decided to come inside and sits beside Toby. Toby starts talking to Veta about the Lizardmen. Veta doesn’t seem to believe Toby at all.

“Really, Toby? Lizardmen?”. Veta tells him an alien joke, or maybe it’s a lizardman joke. STAND BACK LET ME SHOW YOU HOW ITS DONE.pngMeanwhile, outside, things are heating up on the basketball court. Louis lets Viviana have the first throw.

Viviana announces, “Stand back and let me show you how it’s done!” Point for Viviana.HES GOOD.pngLouis follows and just like that, dunks it. Viviana is wondering if Louis had played her. It certainly doesn’t look like he’s never played before. He’s too good. Point for Louis.sunny and may in an argument.pngInside, an argument starts between Veta and Sunny. may and sonny having an argument.pngNo one knows quite what started it, but Sunny is not backing down and they are now yelling at each other. In the background, Sonny from the Happy Hollow Asylum is listening to the whole argument.mocking outfit.pngThey both get up and now Sunny is making fun of Veta and her clothes, saying that she is a bit overdressed for daytime. Veta is so mad, she is about to burst at the seams.A CLEANSING FIRE WOULD DO WELL HERE.pngInstead, Veta huffs off and grabs a plate of food and sits down angrily on the couch.

Veta chews on her food thinking, “A cleansing fire would work really well here. These sims are so rude!”  Uh oh! What is she thinking?A RIM SHOT GO IN GO IN.pngOutside, Viviana has just thrown a shot. A rim shot! Go in! Go in! She is almost willing it to go into the net. But it misses and she loses a point.MAYBE IF I STAY HERE NO ONE WILL NOTICE I AM GONE.pngAt the front of the house, Veta is in the bushes. Veta, what are you doing there? Is she hiding from someone?what are these 2 talking about in the bushes.pngNo, apparently not. She was waiting for Sonny. And apparently she is ranting about Sunny…

…did you hear her disrespect me? I need you to do a little favor for me. It’s simple, really. Just a few adjustments…and that’s all you have to do….”sonny talks to one of the security guardsWhile Veta and Sonny are out front plotting something, Sunny is out back talking to one of the security guards. He seems to be giving her some advice and she heads inside again.THIS IS GONNA MISS.pngMeanwhile, on the court, Louis makes his last shot and it’s a winner. Hannibal looks rather sad. I don’t think this is a good thing for Viviana.MISSED IT GRRRR.png“Oh my plumbobs!”, Viviana can’t believe that Louis won. Mowgli and Hannibal, Viviana’s cheerleaders, are not cheering very loudly and they head inside. Oh, poor Viviana.OH OH OH MY FAV SONG.pngInside, Midge is super excited when she hears her favorite song come on the stereo. Mowgli, who just came inside, is very curious watching what Sonny is doing. And what exactly is  Sonny doing? He is near the washer and dryer…maybe Sonny is just admiring them, since they don’t have a washer and dryer at Happy Hollow. Hmmm….it looks rather suspicious.LOST ON THE COURT.pngOut on the court, the verdict is clear. Viviana lost the challenge.YOU REMIND ME OF KEN SO ATHLETIC.pngThey both head inside and Louis grabs a plate of food and sits with Barbie. Barbie is thinking that Louis looks buff in his clothes.

Barbie to Louis: “You remind me of Ken, so athletic. Are you sure your name isn’t Ken?”toby trying his hand at bartending.pngToby heads to the bar and tries to show off his non-existent bartending skills. Ooops!finn making friends with the red lamp.pngFinn is near the computer making friends with the red lamp.sonny decides to clean up.pngAnd Sunny is giving Viviana a hand by cleaning up. Oh she’s going to do some laundry.what is may doing.pngBut I guess she didn’t turn on the washer, so Veta heads over to the washer and turns it on, and turns the dryer on as well. Veta can’t believe these sims….they’re so….the plan may have backfired.pngOh no! Veta heard the switch before she could react. Her plan backfired. SHE was on fire!  This wasn’t supposed to happen to her! Help! Help! Fire! Fire!louis saves the dayEveryone was running around screaming, but Louis grabbed the fire extinguisher fast! Way to go Louis!sonny you are dead.pngViviana and even Sunny run and see what’s going on. Veta is standing there, her clothes in ruins, while Louis puts out the last of the fire.a fire lets have a weinnie roast.pngThe first one to safety out on the sidewalk is Erik. And he doesn’t look too sad about the fire or that Veta was on fire. In fact, he looks rather happy and wants to have a weenie roast!good joke on may.pngMidge and Sonny run outside and are hysterical with laughter. It looks like they are having a good laugh over Veta and the dryer incident. Sonny thinks this is the best joke ever and Midge is applauding his deed.sonny and sunny an new alliance.pngAnd then Sunny comes out and sees Sonny and Midge. She gives Sonny a conspiratorial wave. Sonny waves back.

Umm…what? Did something go on between these two? Sonny and Sunny. A new alliance. And did Midge know too?i hate the name sonny.pngIn the kitchen, Veta is fuming and not from the latest fire! I think she hates the name Sonny/Sunny. She turns around and promptly stomps out the front door.

Do you think that Veta asked Sonny to rig the dryer so that Sunny might start a fire? No…couldn’t be. It was just coincidence that Sunny brought over some laundry and didn’t turn the washer on. I mean who knew that Veta would go over and start it? Who knew about Veta’s squeamish/neat trait? Do you think that Sonny and Sunny foiled her plan?TIME TO HEAD OUT THANKS FOR HOSTING.pngViviana makes a phone call to The Circle Asylum committee and lets them know what happened. She also asks if they will be replacing the dryer, and Viviana gets the story of lack of funds. So, basically, no, no new dryer.hey no hard feelings.pngViviana sits down beside Louis wondering how she was going to get enough simoleons for a new dryer. Louis feels bad because it was one of his residents who started the fire. How can he make it up to her?come to a dinner party on thurs.pngLouis has an idea and asks Viviana if she was free to come over to his dinner party on Thursday? Viviana told Louis she worked until 5pm, but was free afterwards. That sounded perfect.looks like louis is eyeing viviana.pngLouis thanked Viviana for her hospitality and said he and the others had to go. Oh? Do I sense some chemistry between Louis and Viviana? Look at how they’re looking at each other!the laundry area maybe they need a bigger sign.pngAnd so, here sits the lovely washer and burnt-to-a-crisp dryer. There is no option to repair it, just replace it. Maybe they need a bigger sign about emptying the lint home in the shower may thinking of ways to get even with sonny.pngMeanwhile at the Happy Hollow Asylum, Veta is taking a shower and it looks like she is plotting something. The Sunny/Sonny’s of the world had better watch out!

And so we leave The Circle Asylum…ummm…what’s left of it…until another day.

* * * * *

Author’s Note:

Random Lots Traits today were bracing breezes (great exercise environment), chef’s kitchen and cursed (lots of things go wrong).

The dryer fire was quite a surprise. Those screenies are actually what happened. Sunny picked up all the laundry and put it in the washer, but I guess didn’t turn it on. Veta was in the kitchen and came over and put the washer on, and the dryer, too, I guess. And then, suddenly, fire! I was going to have Viviana extinguish her, but before I even got a chance to choose that command for her, Louis had autonomously grabbed a fire extinguisher and was putting Veta out. Louis, you lifesaver!sunny and voodoo pain.pngBut I guess Sunny didn’t fare too well either, because she got a “Voodoo Pain” moodlet from the cursed lot traits.

Will we ever find out if Veta had plotted revenge on Sunny and asked Sonny to do the deed? Or if somehow Sunny found out the plan, and then she and Sonny came up with a new plan to take revenge on Veta instead? Well, maybe not. All we know is that Veta is not a very happy sim.

Viviana’s skills: Cooking 6, Painting 5, Handiness 2, and the rest are all 1’s, Charisma, Comedy, Dancing, Fitness, Gourmet Cooking, Logic, Video Gaming


Barbie is friends with Sunny and Toby

Toby and Erik are friends

Household funds: $1,121 simoleons

Items in inventory: Erik had the mischief skill book and Finn had a book entitled Untamed Treachery of the Heart and of course, Miss Kitty. These items were put out for everyone to use.

Club Points: $1,794 club points. Purchased Creativity Boost for 200 points and Gourmet Cooking for 400 points.

Survive the Insanity: Day 3 – Is There A Doctor In the House? – Happy Hollow Asylum

In our last chapter, the residents have a fun time by the pool, until Sonny suddenly ends up in the water. Did he fall in or was he pushed? No-one knows for sure, but several suspect that Midge may have pushed him in. Rocky looks pretty “buff” in his llama swimsuit, Krysta was embarrassed most of the day, and Midge seems to be unbeatable in Don’t Wake the Llama. Veta has the urge to clean the dirty dishes lying around, even though, she herself is filthy. Louis, Rocky and Sonny all have their first day of work. Randall goes on a wild cooking binge while Louis is gone and Deirdre samples Randall’s cooking and feels quite 330 in the morning veta wants to go swimmingWell the day starts early at the Happy Hollow Asylum. Yep, for some reason at 3:30 am, Veta decides she needs to go for a swim. Look likes she is about to trip into the pool. Hope she doesn’t drown, because no-one else is up.rocky has the urge to clean up.pngOh wait! I think I see another sim through the window. Why yes, it’s Rocky. It looks like Rocky is taking the dirty dishes for a walk because he just goes from room to room holding the pile of dishes. He never does wash them. I guess he “air dried” them.midge is wondering what that smell is turn around.pngThe next sim up is Midge, who wanders into the kitchen and turns her nose up at the smelly dishes. You see, Rocky didn’t wash them. They are still there. So, Midge, come on, give a hand…wash those dishes. Do you think she does it? Nope.midge is pressurized from illness.pngMidge just heads over to the Don’t Wake the Llama Table. Oh, but what’s this? Midge seems sick today. She is “pressurized” from illness. Will this affect her game today? Will she need to go to emergency or will Louis find a way to treat her with an at-home medicine? This doesn’t sound like the start of a good day for Midge.MIDGE COMES TO JOIN THE FUN.pngMidge decides that a little swim might clear her head, so she joins Veta and Krysta in the pool. Not sure about clearing her head, but she might get a far more serious disease from swimming in that water. Louis, when you get enough simoleons, please hire a pool service.randall needs a shower but i don't think hes going to get clean in there.pngRandall is awake now too, and he wants to join the pool party. Swimming does not get you clean Randall. Shower, Randall, shower!randall dont drink the water.pngOh come on Randall, DON’T drink the pool water. Midge doesn’t seem to care one way or another as her head is still pressurized.helpful cleaner.pngBut what about those dirty dishes piled in the kitchen? Oh thank you Deirdre. At least someone is being helpful and cleaning up.rocky in his favorite place and brught his own reading material this time.pngAnd some sims are making more messes. Yes, it’s Rocky. Looks like he brought some reading material this time. How long have you been in here Rocky? Ewww…..great way to wake up fix the toilet.pngAnd of course, poor Louis gets up because he really needs to use the toilet only to find it broken. Hmmm…..wonder who used the toilet before this? This is not a nice way to wake up having to fix an overflowing, stinky toilet.tony reads the mischief book autonomously.pngHmmm…or maybe it was Sonny and just having Rocky be the “fall” guy. Sonny is reading the mischief book autonomously. Nice color Sonny, you are camouflaged with the couch.this might explain why noone is taking a shower.pngAfter Louis finishes in the bathroom, he decides to head to the shower room and take a nice, relaxing shower. Ummm…yah! Maybe this is why no-one is taking a shower and think they can swim that dirt off.up to louis to clean the shower stall.pngWhere is Deirdre or Veta when you need them? Nowhere to be found. And so it’s up to Louis to clean the shower. This is one gross shower. Louis you need to make a duty board, not that anyone will read it or do any of the things that need to be done. But just for your own sanity, make one.looks like deirdre is making herself something to eat.pngWhile Louis is cleaning, Deidre has decided to make herself some breakfast. Oh no! Please don’t have a fire. They must be running low on food, so hurry up and clean that shower Louis and then get cooking. Ok, will you look at that on the counter behind Deirdre…it’s the roving pile of dishes. They magically just keep reappearing. Sheesh!sonny and krysta are secretly practicing dont wake the llama.pngMeanwhile, in the living room, Sonny and Krysta are secretly practicing Don’t Wake the Llama. Maybe this will be the day one of them wins against Midge. Oh no, they wouldn’t take advantage of the fact that she isn’t feeling well. Oh nooo…..never. *wild maniacal laughter from Sonny*what a lovely pair have you heard of showers.pngMidge doesn’t seem to notice as she is too caught up in Randall’s jokes. In fact, she is feeling quite better. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. But seriously, I think that you both need a shower. Please go….sooner rather than later.midge has brought the pile of dishes into the office.pngOh, it looks like Midge is helping to clean up. Oh wait, she just brought the stack of dirty dishes into the office and left them there. Out of sight, out of mind. And yes, this is the same pile of dirty dishes. They are on a roadshow.louis hard at work cooking.pngHaving finished his shower, Louis heads to the kitchen and starts making some fruit salad. Umm….Deirdre, you left your pan of grilled cheese on the stove. Unfinished. And then all at once, Louis hears a scream coming from the shower room. Isn’t this like deja vu from yesterday?midge accidentally walks in on krysta taking a shower.pngWell almost. It’s like all the sims found out that the shower was clean and there was a stampede to take a shower. Today, Midge walks in on Krysta. Definitely not Midge’s day today. Midge also has the “stuffed up” moodlet from suffering from a cold.randall helping in the kitchen.pngLooks like Randall wants to help cook in the kitchen, only problem is that there is salad everywhere other than in the salad bowl. Ok, well, thanks for trying Randall.i predict i predict.pngDeirdre has discovered the magic “8” ball and sees another prediction coming on, but the darn thing is dirty. She can barely make it out…a crown on the ground. What the heck does that mean? Now she has to clean this cube, too. Deirdre wonders if she is the only one who cleans up around here. Don’t blame Deirdre if she can’t see the predictions clearly in this dirty magic cube ball.KRYSTA WHAT A DEAR SCRUBBING THE TOILET.pngWell, Deirdre, no, you’re not the only one who cleans. Thank you Krysta for cleaning the toilet, a much worse job than cleaning a magic cube ball.

The afternoon drones on with dirty sims wandering the halls babbling to themselves. Sonny and Rocky then head off to work. And not long after, a shriek is heard from the kitchen. Oh no, now what?egads was that a spider.pngApparently Veta thought she saw a spider. She hates spiders. Louis thinks that when he gets his promotion, he is going to do a thorough cleaning of the asylum and get rid of all those spiderwebs. Hiring a cleaning service would be great, but the asylum management won’t allow it. so it’s up to him.randall challenges midge.pngLouis has filled up the fridge with food and achieved a milestone. He is now a Captain Cook and is at level 5 of the cooking skill. To complete his next milestone, he has to make a gourmet meal and earn silver at a dinner party. His next day off is Thursday, so maybe he will have the dinner party then. He decides to get a head start and reads a gourmet cooking book.

Meanwhile, Randall is sitting at the Don’t Wake the Llama table and….wait for it….challenges Midge to a game! Yes he does. Oh Randall…why?midge loses her 1st dont wake the llama game by walking away.pngBut then the weirdest thing happens. Not one move was made, look at the game, it is still intact, but Midge gets up from the table! Randall wins the game by default and Midge gets the “Llama Poser” moodlet from leaving a Don’t Wake the Llama Challenge. I couldn’t believe it! Does this mean that Midge actually lost her first game? Why the heck did she get up?but she has reason to still sick.pngOh then I see another moodlet. No wonder Midge stepped away from the Don’t Wake the Llama game, now she has a fever. Poor Midge, she is really sick. Is this the premonition that Deirdre saw – the crown on the ground? Is Midge’s reign of champ at the Don’t Wake the Llama game over?

Author’s Note: This is the problem of not being able to control all the sims. If I could get Midge to drink some orange juice, that might help. But how? I can’t control her to go to the fridge and get one. And I can’t have her order the medicine and drink it. Hopefully the illness won’t last long.randall is so enthused he feels like singing and dancing.pngWell, Randall isn’t too worried about Midge. All he knows is he beat her by default and he is ready to sing and dance up a storm. Who knew that Randall had a devious streak in him to challenge poor Midge when she was as her weakest. It looks like he can’t wait to tell Sonny when he gets home.


Speaking of which, Sonny and Rocky both got a promotion to Petty Thief and a bonus! Woot! The Happy Hollow Asylum is rolling in the simoleons now!

sonny swiped something at work

There is also a notice that Sonny swiped an object at work. Hmmm…wonder what it was? Oh shucks, can you believe it? Some dirty dishes! Sonny, are you sure that these are not the same dirty dishes that have been touring the house? Great, more dishes to wash.midge is super mad.pngAs Louis turns to head back into the kitchen, he takes a quick look at Midge, who is sitting on the couch. She is looking super mad! Um Randall, hide when Midge gets better. Louis thinks she might be thinking about some payback time.

And with that, we leave the Happy Hollow Asylum for another day.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:





Lot traits today were Sunny Aspect, Homey & Filthy.

From the club points earned, I bought the mischief social boost and mixology skill boost.

Today, Louis had the day off and I was going to have him take the residents to the park, but then things were broken and they were running out of food. So, needless to say, they didn’t make it there.

No new friendships or frenemies have developed and no-one had anything of value in their inventory.

And now on to the discussion of…..There’s Something About Midge…..

I wanted to tell you about something weird that happened. Weird as in possible glitch in game. So, when the casting call was made, karababy52 submitted Ridge, who then turned into Midge. Still a new sim, right? Well, I don’t know about that. While I was playing Day 3, all of a sudden I see a moodlet for Midge “enjoying solitude”  from the Loner trait. What Loner trait? Midge doesn’t have the loner trait. Her traits are insane (now erratic), kleptomaniac and snob. So where did this Loner trait come from? I looked back at Ridge’s traits and suddenly had that “aha!” moment. (yes, super sleuths, Ridge had the Loner trait…)

Have a look at this evidence (untouched photos – lol):



Needless to say, I repaired and up-dated my game. So, when I say these sims have “secret” traits, it really is true.

Survive the Insanity: Day 2 – Basketball Mania – The Circle Asylum

In our last chapter we met the residents of The Circle Asylum. Finn was busy playing with Miss Kitty, Mowgli discovered his favorite book, and Hannibal was upset with the non-classical music choice. Erik likes to challenge Toby to contests and they were both hired as tough guys. Sunny decides to get a date with a Bachelor and tries to fill out The Bachelor application on-line. Viviana found out she would be having a job as well as being the Art Therapy Instructor. To try to spruce the asylum up, Viviana worked on her painting skill, and also made some meals and welcome drinks. Barbie taste-tested too many drinks and has an “accident”. Barbie heads to the bathroom for a leisurely shower, only to find that there is a water restriction in force, and the water is turned off. oh no kitchen fire.pngThe next morning starts out great with Viviana nearly having a kitchen fire. Luckily, though, she just used the egg lifter and hit the poor fire-eggs in the pan a few times until they went out. Ahhh…breakfast….smoky scrambled eggs with bacon.

[Author’s Note: This was pretty funny! I had never seen a sim do this before. Gives new meaning to beating an egg.]toby near fire.pngToby, though, has other plans for breakfast…HOW LONG DOES LAUNDRY USUALLY TAKE I ONLY BROUGHT ONE PAIR OF PANTS.pngErik, meanwhile, is watching the washer spin and is wondering how long laundry takes because he only has one pair of clean pants.first one peed herselfBarbie is obviously still upset from last night and it looks like she needs a shower again. You get five minutes, remember? Ummm…Barbie…how did you get on top of that bed? Maybe it’s better if we don’t ask. Moving along now…mowgli know this game.pngMowgli is attempting the “maze” game. He somehow knows this game…he thinks. It looks very similar to a jungle trap…maybe. He will figure it out…soon.finn happy with miss kitty.pngFinn and Miss Kitty are having fun together. Ahh…look at Miss Kitty smiling! Finn, though, looks kind of worried…maybe he smelt breakfast…or what’s left of it.FOOLS I AM GOING TO GET MUSCLE AND CLIMB THE FENCESunny has other ideas on her mind. She is planning on getting fit and strong and she will climb the fence to freedom. Oh yah!sampling breakfastOh look! Hannibal has decided to try some of Viviana’s breakfast….and he… umm…well…it’s…well, you can’t say it’s under cooked. Hannibal, you are one brave sim!getting inspired.pngToday is Vivana’s first day on the job as a Palette Cleaner. So, from 9am – 5pm, these sims will be left alone. Viviana decides to get inspired and mold some clay and then heads off to work.

For the next 8 hours, all I can do is follow the residents around. I can’t control them, even though Erik would love me to control him winning at chess. I can’t tell them not to do something, like streak around the neighborhood. And, I can’t save them if they decide to drink from the toilet. Oh wait, no, that’s just pets…not sims. Let’s see what they do.erik busting some moves with an officer.pngErik decides to dance a bit with one of the security guards.barbie is not showering today.pngBarbie has decided to stage a “stink-in” to protest against the 5-minute shower rule.that song comes to my mind all by myself.pngAll the other residents are inside and Barbie is all alone outside. The words to a song…“All by Myself” come to my mind when I see Barbie standing all alone here. Seriously Barbie, the shower is free. Go…please….go!friendly.pngBarbie heads inside, but, no, not to take a shower. She decides she needs a bite to eat, and sits down beside Sunny and they chat up a storm. In fact, they become friends all on their own.hannibal is a super basketball whiz.pngMeanwhile, most of the residents have now wandered outside. I wonder if they are avoiding Barbie and her….ummm…odor. Hannibal does a close shot. Woot! Look at him go.hannibal got in the zoneHannibal gets a “In The Zone” moodlet from making 3 shots in a row. Erik can hardly believe that one! I mean really, look at Erik and look at Hannibal. Erik is in way better shape than Hannibal.gotta stay in shakeTo prove his point, Erik heads to the kitchen and does 20…no make that, 50 sit-ups.toby swining from the basketball net.pngToby tries to duplicate the move that Hannibal did.gets thumped ont he head with the ball.pngOops….Toby falls to the ground and the ball thumped him on the head. Ouch!

[Author’s note: With that plumbob and basketball over his head, it almost looks like Toby is trying to make a shish kebob skewer. Could be a new hat style for him.]poor toby.pngPoor Toby. He is kind of sitting there in a dazed state.caught pretending funny.pngToby gets two moodlets. The first one is “Caught Pretending”. What a funny moodlet. He was dreaming big and was caught pretending. So funny!

I see that Barbie has come outside again. Maybe Toby got distracted by the smell and that’s why he missed the basket.toby sprained his ankle.pngAnd to top it off, Toby also sprained his ankle. Toby, best play chess for awhile.sunny seems delighted with thisOk, so why does Sunny seem so happy knowing that poor Toby just sprained his ankle? I guess more time on the court for her.playing the bballAll afternoon, the residents are on the basketball court, then they go in to play chess, then they get this “See What’s happening” and go back outside to play basketball again, and then inside to play chess. On and on and on. Well, it keeps them busy and out of trouble.

Oh and it seems that Sunny has joined Barbie in her “stink-in”.mowgli watches and learns the game.pngWith everyone coming in and then going out again, Mowgli watches and learns how to play “the maze” game.finn playing sims forever.pngFinn finally gets bored playing both basketball and chess and heads over to the computer. Finn decides to play The Sims. A really old version of The Sims.

[Author’s Note: Do you remember those heart-shaped hot tubs from the original Sims Livin’ Large expansion pack?]

viviana got a promo

Soon 5pm rolls around and Viviana comes home from work. And Eureka! She got a promotion!tough guys off to work.pngAnd it is also time for the Tough Guys, Toby and Erik to head off to their job. Come on there Toby, hobble on out of here. viviana repairs the toilet.pngAnd even though Viviana was tired, she repaired the toilet, which suddenly sprung a leak just as she got home. I tell you this toilet was psychic. Sheesh!

The rest of the night is uneventful and so we leave The Circle Asylum for another day.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Lot traits today: Natural Light (makes painting & photography easier) Fast Internet and Mean Vibe.

So, maybe that look from Sunny after poor Toby got a sprained ankle was due to the lot trait, and not Sunny after all. I mean she does have the Friend of the World aspiration.

Nobody had anything in their inventory when I checked at midnight.

Both Erik and Toby brought home $63 simoleons each, and of course, Viviana got promoted to Art Book Collator and brought home $168 simoleons, plus a $422 simoleon bonus.

The only friendships in the house so far are Barbie and Sunny. But everyone has a green bar with everyone else.

With all that basketball exercise going on, most of the residents have skills in both fitness and logic. Both Sunny and Hannibal are level 4 in fitness.

The Circle Asylum Social Club has $1,575 club points and so I bought the painting and mischief boosts for $400 points each.

*”All By Myself” by Eric Carmen, 1975.

The Wolf Pack Challenge – Ch 13 Day 13 – Fri – Finale

his new living room.pngThe morning was here quicker than Rusty could hope. Once his living room furniture was delivered, Rusty realized he had completed his final task of the challenge. His home was now worth $50K. It was hard to believe that just under two weeks’ ago, he had come here with nothing but his wolf pack and $2,000 simoleons. Now with the house built and the challenge complete, he was free….yes free…to leave the island.maxie chewing a ball.pngBut as Rusty looked around and spied Maxie chewing on a dog toy, he knew that he could not just up and leave the island without his trusty wolf pack. But, where would he go? Where could his pack be wild and free like they were here? And, in a few days, Rusty knew that some of the dogs would age to elders and that Shredder didn’t have many more days until he went to raccoon heaven. How could he just leave them? Rusty realized he could never do that. He had come to love these dogs too much and enjoyed their company.farewell to the wolf pack.pngPlus, he loved living on the island. It wasn’t so inconvenient since he had the mail order company to deliver whatever he needed. And he loved that he could do anything he wanted whenever he wanted. No rules. But what about Ayaka? What about his plans with her? Even though he wanted her to, there was no room for her to move into his island house. He would just have to talk to her at dinner. He was sure she would understand. Maybe she would come up with a solution. Or maybe he would! Rusty had an idea and headed off to the dock to head back to the mainland with the mail order delivery sims.went back to talk to doc bjorn.pngRusty headed over to the vet clinic. He wanted to talk to Dr. Bjorn and see if he had an idea. Unfortunately, he was off today, but Johanna, one of the tech vets, told Rusty where he lived.wont you come to dinner tonight.pngOn his way to Dr. Bjorn’s house, he saw Ayaka on her mail route and couldn’t resist a quick hug with her.come on by later and ill cook dinner.pngAyaka had to get going, but Rusty turned and reminded her of the dinner party tonight. Her smile said everything and Rusty knew now more than ever, that she was “the one”.rusty went to see dr bjorn and met his family.pngRusty headed over to visit Dr. Bjorn and was warmly invited in where he met Dr. Bjorn’s family. Rusty talked to Dr. Bjorn and Dr. Bjorn asked Rusty if he had thought of adopting out his pets? Dr. Bjorn said that there are always sims coming by the vet clinic wanting a pet, but, sadly their pet adoption board was empty. oh really.pngDr. Bjorn knew a lot of sims that would give those pets a good home. In fact, Dr. Bjorn kind of had a soft spot for St. Bernards, so if Rusty was thinking of having someone adopt Aspen, Dr. Bjorn sure would love to have him. Rusty thanked Dr. Bjorn for his time and headed back to to the dock.had to get back.pngAs Rusty walked back, he thought about Dr. Bjorn’s idea. Hmmm….Rusty thought that maybe that was a good idea. Rusty would find good homes for all his pack. Well, maybe not all of them. He really didn’t think that anyone would want to adopt Shredder, the raccoon. And there was one dog that held a special place in his heart.thunder coming to greet me.pngThunder! There he was coming to greet Rusty at the dock. Thunder loved this island, loved the swimming pond, loved everything about this place. Rusty might be able to adopt out all the other dogs, but he was too fond of Thunder.thunder you are the dog for me.pngIt was settled. Thunder and Shredder would stay on the island with Rusty and Ayaka. Well, that is, if Ayaka said she wanted to stay with him. Rusty kept his fingers was time to wash the dogs.pngNow that he was back, he had a lot of work to do before the dinner party tonight. Rusty had to clean the place up and get all the dogs washed. No smelly dogs tonight.

First one in the bath was Aspen, and he sure needed a bath. In turn, while each dog was bathed, the caterers came to set up.the caterers came before and set up.pngThey had brought so much equipment and worked in unison to lay down a temporary floor. They had brought tables and chairs, a portable bar and some lanterns. Everything looked wonderful. He could hardly believe this was his lot!of course shredder made himself right at home.pngOf course, Shredder made himself right at home.scotty was all clean and brushed.pngRusty gave Scotty a good brushing and Scotty’s coat really shone. Scotty was all ready for the dinner party.he gave special cuddles to maxie.pngMaxie got special smooches and cuddles and Rusty couldn’t resist taking another photo of her.rusty took duke for a walk.pngAnd Duke had been wanting to go on a walk all afternoon, so Rusty took the time and they headed off on a short walk.rusty didn't have many clothes.pngThe only one left to get ready was himself. He didn’t have too many clothes, but had taken time to get a special outfit from the mail order catalog. Nothing fancy, but at least it didn’t have any rips or tears in it.this night was going to change his lifeRusty lit the fireplace and thought of how tonight his life could change forever. It was almost time for everyone to arrive.filling up the punch.pngSo, he filled the punch bowl and set out some appetizers. He had thought about cooking the food himself, but with so many coming, he had hired some caterers. He wanted everything to be they come must have been on the same boat.pngAnd all at once, everyone seemed to arrive. They all must have been on the same shuttle boat. He saw Ayaka leading the way.i came right from work.pngAyaka was still in her work uniform. She told Rusty she didn’t even have time to change or else she would have missed the boat to the island. i love you anayka.pngRusty didn’t care how she had dressed, as long as she was here. And to Rusty, she looked as beautiful as ever.brent was having some wonderful fun.pngRusty and Ayaka headed outside and Rusty saw that Brent was cuddling Maxie. Brent exclaimed that Maxie was just the most perfect dog, after Rosie of course, and wondered if anyone had adopted her as yet. Rusty said no, and Brent spoke up that he would adore for Maxie to become part of their family. Maxie was so playful, she would fit in so well. Rusty explained that Maxie was also a simstagram star, but that she hated swimming, and preferred bubble baths. Brent was even more ecstatic about that and said that they didn’t have a pool at their house, and Rosie was also a simstagram star. Brent said that he and Brant gave Rosie bubble baths all the time. Rusty knew that this was a good match all around.everyone was having a great time even the caterer danced.pngThe party was now in full swing and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Even the caterer was having fun dancing. What a hoot!shredder have tacos.pngAnd in the kitchen, since the caterer was out partying, that meant all that tasty food was left unattended. Uh oh! But, not for long. Shredder is having a taco feast. For Shredder, everyday was Taco Tuesday!party time at rusty house.pngOutside, Rusty asked Ayaka to dance, and there were already so many on the dance floor. Some of the guests, like Nancy Landgraab, had even brought their swim suits and had taken a dip in his swimming pond.everyone was enjoying the party.pngThey weren’t the only ones. It looks like Fifi was cooling off in the pond as well.

Oh yes, Fifi. That reminded Rusty that Jacques Villareal had come to talk to him earlier. It seems that Jacques had gotten a call from Dr. Bjorn and when he saw Fifi, he said he would love to adopt her. He had always loved the name, and it was a French name, so it was meant to be. Fifi, as well, had taken to Jacques, especially when he called her “Fifi, cherie” and fed her some tasty morsels from his plate. He had a lot of room in his house and she would be very spoiled.nancy and scotty.pngNancy Landgraab had also gotten a call from Dr. Bjorn about the pet adoptions. Nancy already knew which dog she wanted to adopt. This dog had sophistication and was a purebred. Plus, there was no doubt that this dog was the best dressed dog here. Scotty, oh yes, Scotty. This dog certainly had the breeding and looked like he could fit quite well into their home. Who couldn’t love a dog in a tux?geofrrey and duke.pngHowever, earlier in the evening, she saw Geoffrey, with that bloodhound, Duke, and thought that maybe he was keen on that dog. Well, it might work. Geoffrey was already talking about taking Duke to work with him. As a Lead Detective, Geoffrey knew that Duke would be a valued addition to the force. The dog was a sleuth, afterall. Well, they could have two dogs. At least Duke was house trained.rusty was celebrating.pngThis was certainly a night for celebrating. There was even some cake! Rusty called everyone to enjoy a piece.rusty making sure he was getting a piceOoohhh…yes, a big slice. Yum!what a great oarty everyone was happy.pngThe party was drawing to a close and sims were thanking him and heading down to the dock for the shuttle boat. Rusty had talked to a lot of sims and it looked like all the dogs were able to be adopted out to good homes.

Rusty needed to thank Dr. Bjorn for all his help. Unfortunately, Dr. Bjorn was working at the vet clinic tonight and wasn’t able to attend, but Rusty would see him again. Dr. Bjorn was a true fever.pngRusty had a lot of requests for Thunder. Thunder proved to be a popular request for a pet adoption. He even had a request from as far away as Selvadorada from a sim named Fox Fever Dr. Bjorn had met Fox in Windenburg at the local pub where Fox had told tales from one of Fox’s chartered jungle expeditions. But, no, Rusty was not adopting out Thunder, even to a famed explorer like Fox Fever. [Photo credit: LegacySims2017]stay the night with me.pngHe caught Ayaka’s eye and took a deep breath. It was now or never. Rusty asked Ayaka to stay behind. He had something he wanted to talk to her about. She looked into his eyes and readily agreed.will u be mine.pngRusty fumbled in his back pocket and got down on one knee. He pulled out the ring and asked Ayaka to marry him. He held his breath for her answer.yes yes oh yes.pngBut he didn’t have to wait very long. Ayaka was awe struck and could hardly believe it. She said yes. In fact, she said yes three times. Rusty was so happy.woot engaged.pngAyaka was overjoyed and lept into Rusty’s arms.and so congrats to rusty.pngRusty told Ayaka that he was so happy that he had found her. He told her of his plans to find good homes for all of the pack and Ayaka was astounded that he would do that for her. She was so happy they were keeping Thunder, and she even liked Shredder now that he wasn’t clawing at her leg.

Rusty whispered in her ear that he wanted to take her somewhere special. He took her hand and led her out the door.lets to to the lighthouse.pngShe wondered where they were going, but then she knew. The lighthouse. Rusty wanted to go up to the lighthouse with her. They were both so excited and giddy that they practically ran up the pathway.his future bride in front of him.pngRusty had wanted to go to the top of the lighthouse from the first day he was here. Now he was going to share this special moment with is in the air tonight.pngThe view from the top was spectacular. But not as spectacular as the face of the woman he loved. Love was in the air tonight. Rusty would never forget his wolf pack, but he felt lucky to have found someone to start his own “pack” with.

But that is a story for another day…love coquers all.png

* * * * *The End* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Thank you to everyone for reading and commenting on Rusty’s journey in the Wolf Pack Challenge. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure he would make it, but he did, and Shredder is still alive and well. Kudos to Shredder for collecting all those feathers. That really raked in the simoleons.

Rusty finished the challenge with $7,617 simoleons. He also had some feathers in his inventory, as well as 2 bird statues and some frogs. He maxed the Pet Training skill, Level 4 in Charisma and Gardening, Level 3 in Cooking, Comedy and Veterinarian, Level 2 in Photography, and Level 1 in Dancing, Fishing, Gourmet Cooking, Logic and Video Gaming. He was at level 3 of Friend of the Animals Aspiration.

Since Thunder has the adventure trait and this is the dog that Rusty would be keeping (along with Shredder, the raccoon), I wanted Thunder to be a sought after dog for the pet adoption. And who better than to want an adventure dog, but an adventurer himself? Have fun reading about Fox Fever’s adventures in Jungle Ruin: A Sims 4 I.S.B.I Mini Series by LegacySims2017.rustys wolf pack.pngFarewell to the Wolf Pack. From left to right. Maxie (asleep), Scotty (I think he is lapping up that water), Shredder (looking to chase those birds again), Aspen (enjoying being a couch potato), Thunder (He and Rusty will discover the mysteries of the lighthouse together), Fifi (there were hearts around her, maybe she will find a dog to love) and Duke (ready for another walk, this dog loves to go on walks).it looks like ayaka may have some news to tell RustyUmm…..Rusty….I think Ayaka may have something to tell you…!!!

Build N Share #92 – Black and White House

black and white house.png

CHALLENGE #92 – 50 Shades of Grey
FORUM ID: SoulGal7
LEVEL: Established
LOT: Black and White House
LOT COST: $1,500
LOT NAME: Oak Alcove, Newcrest
BUILD COST: $137,768
TOTAL COST: $139,268
Curb Appeal! Unique, modern waterfall home. Meticulously decorated in black, white and shades of grey. Main floor has open concept living room and kitchen area. A beautifully decorated guest bedroom, full bath, and home office complete this floor. Upstairs is the master bedroom with gorgeous ensuite featuring a sunken tub. Head out to the private balcony to play chess under the stars or sip some wine near the cozy fire. Head downstairs and out to the backyard retreat. Small pool area and hot tub beckon you to relax. Host your next party in style with a top-of-the-line bar-b-q, bar area and outdoor stereo. Lovely low maintenance landscaping in green and white make this backyard a soothing retreat on any day. A perfect home for a professional couple who love a monochromatic color scheme.
CREDIT FOR CC/RECOLORS: No CC but MOO + resizing used


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Survive the Insanity: Day 2 – Pool Party – Happy Hollow Asylum

In our last chapter, we met everyone living at Happy Hollow Asylum. Randall was busy upstairs making friends, Midge may have a secret evil trait, and Deirdre makes a prediction that comes true! Sonny and Rocky were hired as tough guys and Louis was told he would be taking cooking therapy. To prepare for this, Louis practiced his cooking skills and made some welcome drinks. The drinks proved too much for some, and Krysta, Veta and Sonny all had “accidents” due to Rocky’s loo-scapades.really enjoying cooking.pngThe next morning finds Louis making breakfast. Louis starts his cooking therapy today from 4-11pm and Sonny and Rocky also start their job today from 5-12pm. After last night’s loo-scapades, Louis is a bit worried about leaving the residents unattended. Well, he’ll only be gone for a few hours. What could possibly  happen?rocky making friends with the condients.pngWhile Louis cooks, Rocky is chatting up the condiments. Louis thinks Rocky is especially fond of the hot sauce bottle. Everyone needs a little hot sauce to spice up their life, don’t you think?midge is busy checking the pockets of dirty clothes.pngMidge is busy searching all the pockets of the dirty laundry in the hallway. Oh look…she found $2 simoleons.randall is busting some moves.pngRandall has discovered a new dance partner…himself…and dances free style in the solarium.llama is way more fun to dance with.pngMeanwhile, upstairs, Deirdre is proving that Llama is actually the fun one to dance with.

[Author’s note: Deirdre and Randall are the only ones who have done autonomous dancing.] sonny complaining about the mess in the house.pngSonny is eating left-overs in the living room and complaining and ranting about all the dirty dishes, piles of dirty clothes and just general mess in the asylum.veta cleaning up again.pngVeta either decides she’s had enough of Sonny’s ranting or looks around and realizes the place is indeed a mess, so she cleans up. Ummm…Veta, you need to take a shower and clean yourself up as well.

[Author’s Note: Veta has the squeamish trait. Who knew that the squeamish trait would generate secret cleaners? Although Veta gets a 2 hour uncomfortable Ewww…Gross moodlet from cleaning up spoiled food.].walked in on midge taking a showerLouis suddenly hears a shreik from the bathroom. It seems that in the morning rush to get ready, Krysta has walked in on Midge showering. that was embarassong.pngHow embarrassing! Krysta just wants to hide from everyone right now. There really needs to be an occupied/unoccupied sign on these doors.SINK SPRUNG A LEAK.pngLouis has his own problems when the kitchen sink springs a leak. Louis finds some rusty tools in the office. He grabs a wrench, and with no idea what he is doing, miraculously fixes the sink.veta cleaning upAnd just in time, as Veta comes into the kitchen heading for the sink laden down with a massive pile of dishes. Veta washes them all and puts them away. Thank you Veta.RANDALL MAKING A SWEET AND SPICY DRINK.pngIn the afternoon, Randall autonomously decides to make some drinks. Oh no! Randall, don’t you remember yesterday? Too late, it seems another party is underway.POOL HAS BECOME QUITE POPULAR.pngA pool party that is….rocky the llama swimmer.pngIs there a llama swimming in the pool? Oh no, it’s just Rocky! Umm…Rocky….is that your swimsuit?pool party going on and deirdre is washing clothes.pngAnd in the midst of our pool party is Deirdre…washing clothes. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Girl, get a bathing suit on and join the fun! Maybe a little chlorine in that water wouldn’t hurt.

[Deirdre is another one with the squeamish trait. At least they don’t have to send the laundry out.]vet and rocky in front of house.pngFor some reason, Veta and Rocky head out the front door and are in deep conversation at the sidewalk. Maybe Veta has a “thing” for llamas. Morgan Fryes happens to walk by, and just look at the dirty look Veta gives her. Almost like Veta is saying, “stay away!”lsonny mischief lie about career.pngThen Sonny comes out to join them….hmmm…curious. Sonny gets into a conversation with Veta, and it looks like Rocky is trying to stop Sonny from saying something, but then Sonny lies about his career to Veta.

[Author’s note: Sonny said this to Veta autonomously, which is a mischief interaction. Could be because of the club traits.]these 3 are up to something i just know itThe three of them then head back inside, grab some drinks and sit together at the pool area. It looks like Veta, Sonny and Rocky are continuing their sidewalk conversation. Very deep conversation indeed.

Louis thinks they are up to something. He’s not sure what though. All he knows is that there is an alliance forming.i would be careful with midge sonny.pngSonny sits down by the pool and is joined by Midge. Apparently, it seems that Sonny has said something to upset Midge. Oh my gosh. Just look at her face. She is seething. She is so mad she could almost make the water in those glasses boil! She might be thinking of throwing both of those glasses of water over Sonny’s that sonny underwater.pngLouis hears a commotion at the pool. It looks like Sonny fell in…or was he pushed? Shhh…do you think that Midge pushed Sonny into the pool? She looks like she is on her way to the bathroom. Innocent enough, right?my word look at the expression on Midges faceBut look closer….ohhh…Midge is not a happy camper. Are her looks directed at Sonny? Louis wonders what Sonny said to make her so angry. Nah…she couldn’t have done it. Sonny just slipped.LOUIS MADE A TACO CASSEROLE AND COMPLETED THE 1ST ASPIRATION.pngIt’s almost time for Louis to head out, so he gets inspired and cooks an excellent taco casserole and puts it in the fridge. That should keep everyone happy for dinner.LEAVING FOR COOKING THERAPY WILL  HOUSE STILL BE HERE WHEN HE RETURNS.pngLouis is off to his first day of cooking therapy and just hopes that no-one burns the house down while he is away. Sonny and Rocky soon leave as well.RANDALL IS MAKING MAC AND CHEESE WHY.pngRemember that nice taco casserole that Louis made before he left? Do you think that Randall looked in the fridge? Uh, no. For some reason, Randall autonomously decides to make mac and cheese. Please don’t have a fire!


Why are you making that mac and cheese, Randall? There is some in the fridge, plus look at all the other items. Lots of food. Randall successfully makes dinner with no fires. Thank goodness!YEP MINE IS BETTER.pngLouis isn’t the only cook in the house now. And Randall is convinced that his version of mac and cheese is so much better. So much cheesier.

A notice pops up about a Bouncer Problem at Sonny’s work. Sonny dresses up in a garbage bag and trash can lid and calls it nouveau fashion. Sonny must have put all those thoughts of the dirty messes in the asylum to good use! He gets a small performance gain.

SUCH CONCENTRATION.pngMidge and Krysta are playing Don’t Wake the Llama. Krysta seems very confident, but Midge has that assured look of concentration. Midge thinks that Krysta is too flippant in her confidence. Will Krysta win?

llama cries tonight

Nope. Midge wins again! Krysta didn’t stand a chance. Poor Krysta. There is just no stopping Midge. She has not lost one game yet!

[Author’s Note: Believe it or not, Midge has not lost one game of Don’t Wake The Llama. I looked at Midge’s traits again, and they are insane, kleptomaniac, snob, so that can’t be it. And she beat out Krysta, who has the geek trait. I think that Midge may have another secret trait. Yes, most definitely, the lucky trait.]veta was watching the whole thing.pngVeta, who was watching the game, just can’t believe it herself. How can Midge win all the time? Veta is determined to oust Midge from her throne.deirdre has a queasy nauseous feeling in her stomach.pngDeirdre, who is sitting in the living room eating, wonders how Midge wins all the time as well. There must be some trick. Deirdre sees a premonition. Yes, something’s going to happen, and it’s not a good thing.deirdres feels sick.pngSuddenly, Deirdre’s stomach doesn’t feel too well. Oh why did Deirdre try that mac and cheese that Randall made. Oh she is feeling so sick.deirdre may be sick.pngIn fact, she may have to run to the bathroom…she feels so nauseated…she may up-chuck at any moment… oh my! Yep, another premonition coming true.

And now seems like a really good time to leave Happy Hollow Asylum for today.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

*Thanks to Munterbacon for coming up with the hilarious loo-scapades name to describe Rocky’s hijinks from the last chapter.

Day 2 Random Lot Traits: Mean, Grody and Quake Zone.

The Grody Lot Trait states that “sims have a chance to get nauseous when eating, drinking or using the bathroom” The Mean vibe lot trait “makes it easier to get other sims angry with mean or mischief interactions”.

So perhaps the Grody lot trait could account for why Deirdre was feeling sick. Maybe it wasn’t Randall’s cooking afterall. And the Mean vibe lot trait could account for what happened between Sonny and Midge. Thankfully, there were no earthquakes.

And what is up with Midge and the Don’t Wake The Llama Game? She seriously has not lost one game yet. She is becoming the Don’t Wake The Llama champ. I have a feeling, though, that Veta is not happy with Midge’s winning streak. In fact, I think that all of the residents, are not happy with Midge’s winning streak.

And poor Krysta. Today was just not her day. First, she gets the embarrassed moodlet by walking in on Midge taking a shower and then she loses in Don’t Wake The Llama.

I checked everyone’s friendship bars and surprisingly there is no red among any of the residents. In fact, the residents have made a few friends on their own.

Veta is friends with Krysta & Sonny

Deirdre is friends with Midge & Sonny

Midge is friends with Deirdre

Krysta is friends with Veta & Sonny

Sonny is friends with Krysta, Veta & Deirdre

So far, Louis, Rocky and Randall have not formed any friendships, but they are green with all the residents. Workwise, both Rocky & Sonny brought home $63 simoleons each and Louis earned $135. No promotions yet.

The Happy Hollow Social Club gathers from 7am – 11pm daily. There were 580 boost points, so I purchased the cooking skill boost

Build-n-Share #91 – Back to Basics

the right angle house

CHALLENGE #91 – Back to Basics
FORUM ID: SoulGal7
LEVEL: Established
LOT: The Right Angle
LOT COST: 1,500
LOT NAME: Pebble Burrow, Oasis Springs

BUILD COST: 73,123
TOTAL COST: 74,623

One level living in modern 3-bedroom house with all the right angles. Open concept. Tastefully decorated in neutral tones, the living , kitchen and dining area enhance the family togetherness. Enjoy life in Oasis Springs with your own pond for fishing within walking distance. Good schools for the kids nearby. Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Two bedrooms for the kids separated by the family bathroom. Bedroom currently resided by teen boy, who loves sci-fi and sports, and the other bedroom, for a young girl who loves everything pink. Spacious, enclosed backyard, perfect for entertaining. Bar-b-q and outdoor bar with eating area and pool to relax and swim. Chess under the stars and a fountain with low-maintenance flowers complete the backyard retreat. Child’s painting area is outdoors as well. Lots of windows.
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Author’s Notes: Thank you to BuildnShare. This was my very first entry. I won 1st place in the Established category House build for The Right Angle. And today, April 19th, I got a Maxis fav for this. I am so excited! To do the roof, I watched a YouTube video from The SimSupply on how to do an angled roof (I seriously am not good at roofs).