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Survive the Insanity: Criminal Career Vote


Your chance to participate:

As part of the asylum challenge, two non-playable sims can have jobs in the Criminal Career.  Please vote on who should get these jobs. Both asylums need your votes.

Two votes for Happy Hollow Asylum and two votes for The Circle Asylum. Thanks for voting and reading. Poll Closes on Friday, March 24, 2018 at midnight.

Vote Here for Happy Hollow

Vote Here for The Circle


Survive the Insanity: The Case Files

In our last chapter, Louis Reid read about another asylum, The Circle Asylum and found out that it is a high security asylum. Viviana Painter, who is insane herself and the Art Therapy Instructor for both the Happy Hollow Asylum and The Circle Asylum, is in charge. He finds out that the residents of this high security asylum will be meeting for Art Therapy at the Happy Hollow Asylum. Louis is worried about this. He continues to read the other files.

Author’s Notes: The following files are the bios that everyone submitted for their sim. I had a third party person (aka my husband) randomly draw names out of a hat and select which sims would live in which house. Other than the insane trait, which everyone has, the next most popular trait is the kleptomaniac trait, with 4 sims having this trait! Oh my word, bolt the valuables down!


asylum house.png


happy hollow residents.png

Krysta Dickerson ~ Created by EuphorialQueenkrysta pic.png

  • Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast ~ Traits: insane, loves outdoors, geek
  • A notepad of pictures inscribed with the name Krysta inside the front cover. That was all she had to go by to trying to remember her past. The person in the pictures did look like her so she must be Krysta … right?


Rocky Kowaltzski ~ Created by vanpelt81rocky k

  • Aspiration: Chief of Mischief ~ Traits: insane, childish, goofball
  • Rocky Kowaltzski looks like a caveman, walks like a caveman, and has the stench of one. He also has the IQ of a particularly stupid one too. If these traits weren’t enough for people to try to avoid the missing link that is Rocky Kowaltzski, he makes up for it by being an escaped mental patient who believes that giant cheeseburgers are trying to eat him.

Midge Neverest ~ Created by karababy52midge.png

  • Aspiration: The Curator ~ Traits: insane, kleptomaniac, snob
  • Midge has explored jungles & ruins worldwide and acquired many treasures from her adventures. Chief among these the feather she wears in her cap she swears comes from a rare, exotic parrot. Most believe it’s really from a cardinal, but only she knows the truth. The HUGE black diamond that never leaves her finger is very real though. She says it’s from a dig site in Peru. In reality she probably stole it from a museum. She’s quite insane, nevertheless, she’s a very skilled archaeologist… maybe?
  • By the way, her last name describes her personality perfectly. Midge never rests, she’s always off on some mission to collect more loot. Classmates nicknamed her the “Energizer Bunny” as a result. Unfortunately, Midge took it wrong when she heard someone whispering about it and thought they were being cruel about her buck teeth.
  • She’s thought about using some of her spoils (or five finger discounts) to have a dentist fix that, but never bothered. She’s just too busy to take the time to bother with it. Besides, she’s high class and loaded, they’re probably all working at McDonald’s or digging ditches. They’re all beneath the nose she holds high in the air and not worth getting upset about or changing anything about herself for them! Hmpft, the very idea!
  • Midge rarely wears make-up everyday, only for special occasions. She’s very fit from being so active. And as mentioned in her profile, she always wears her black diamond ring and wouldn’t be caught dead without her pearl earrings. A lady might be required to wear camo and boots (very cute, high heeled ones are a must in her eyes) in the jungle to blend in and avoid attracting wild animals that might think she’s a tasty snack, but that doesn’t mean she can’t look elegant too, right? Combat boots are just so low class dahling!

Veta Ramey ~ Created by superkyle221veta.png

  • Aspiration: Party Animal ~ Traits: Squeamish, Perfectionist
  • Veta Ramey does what she wants, and most of what she wants to do is wear her nightgown all the time, and occasionally run around barefoot. She remembers being locked up. She doesn’t remember why. She doesn’t remember anything about her life outside the bars… but every now and then she thinks of a nice, cleansing fire, clearing up all the disgusting things and making everything nice and peaceful and perfect once again…

Randall Sharpe ~ Created by NextTrickAnvilsrandall.png

  • Aspiration: Party Animal ~ Traits: insane, hot headed, bro
  • Randall was far from the best student of Simcity University. He did well enough to graduate but that was not why his name was recognized by the entire student body. The reason for that, was the parties he threw (also his nasty temper but mostly the parties.) Whether it was a birthday party, costume party, or even just a weenie roast, Randall was the ultimate host. At his graduation party, Randall announced that he would “keep the party going” and even “bring it around the world.” Which is how he found himself on that fateful flight to Salvadorada. He now no longer remembers anything before the crash besides some vague idea of “giving everyone a good time.”

Sonny Sopranoski ~ Created by LegacySims2017sonny.png

  • Aspiration: Public Enemy ~ Traits: insane, kleptomaniac, evil
  • Sonny is the protege of infamous Tony Corleonesi. He looks up to Tony in hopes to one day be like him. He is fresh behind the ears in the criminal industry by doing odd jobs of beating people up and stealing anything worth making money off of. He has a low fashion sense. He likes solid colors of any kind. On the outside, he has his pretty looks and charm. On the inside, he’s a devious young man set out to be the next Tony Corleonesi.
  • On his latest job, Sonny was sent undercover as a tourist to Selvadorada. He was missioned to bring back anything valuable that could be sold at high value. It was said Selvadorada carried many treasures. Sonny was on a charter (assuming) plane with nine others.
  • But something went wrong with the plane and it crashed within the jungles of Selvadorada. He was lucky to survive the crash. Two didn’t make it and the others end up wandering the jungle to find a way out. However, Sonny couldn’t remember anything. Not even his name. Can he remember who he is and what he does? Only time will tell if he can… Survive The Insanity!

Deirdre Tique ~ Created by Darkuromarumis t.png

  • Aspiration: Musical Genius ~ Traits: insane, gloomy, squeamish
  • Deirdre Tique beliefs herself to be the offspring of a vampire and a banshee… and acts accordingly. She is very old fashioned, avoids the sun, claims to only suck blood and souls and life from others to survive (while she is clearly eating a sandwich and drinking a juice) wails and weeps and ‘foretells’ the death of others. She is very gloomy and seems very mystic, seeming to know all the answers … but is just as confused and delusional, if not more as everybody around her. Or is she? Maybe some of her jabbering hold the truth and clouded behind her craze she knows more what is happening than you imagine?
  • In her free time Deirdre Miss Tique likes to write fiction and compose music. maybe it is something she has done before, in another life?_______________________________________________________________________________________

circle finished


cir res rev

Sunny Cloud ~ Created by bmit04sunny cloud

  • Aspiration: Friend of the World ~ Traits: insane, loves outdoors, self-assured
  • Sunny was raised by wealthy very successful parents who barely had time to spend with her growing up. Her parents couldn’t seem to keep a nanny for her either, going thru 50 new ones and she suspected that her parents were very difficult to work for. It definitely had nothing to do with her, although she heard whisperings otherwise between the other household staff.
  • Sunny finished school, barely and decided to travel the world. Her goal was to live out of her backpack and meet as many people as she could along the way. Her parents were appalled, although somewhat relieved it seemed. But in a last ditch effort to fix their daughter of her “strange behaviour” they sent her off to an asylum to correct her people pleasing ways and her insanity. What insanity, she would scream at them. I’m normal, you are the ones that are all insane.

Barbie Doll ~ Created by Onyeka001barbie

  • Aspiration: Party Animal ~ Traits: insane, romantic, jealous
  • Barbie never really felt in control of her own life. It was always as if someone else was making all the decisions for her; like what to wear and how many tea parties to attend in a day. She had a boyfriend named Ken but apparently he disappeared (on the day he was to marry Barbie!) during a mission with the famous G.I. Joe never to be seen again. The lack of control and the loss of her boyfriend has left Barbie feeling a bit besides herself lately.
  • Barbie was determined to get Ken back so she went to the jungle to find him She wasn’t 100% sure he had really vanished – she was in fact rather certain that he and G.I. Joe were having an affair.
  • Barbie does not have a single piece of adventure gear – Pink skirts and high heels will have to do (and it does make her look quite stunning). She even brought her wedding dress – because once she finds Ken he’s not getting away again!
    On a side note – Barbie likes to party. All the time – I guess all those tea parties rubbed off on her somehow.

Toby Hoyt ~ Created by Lisabee2toby.png

  • Aspiration: Angling Ace ~ Traits: insane, kleptomaniac, clumsy
  • Toby has been contacted by the Lizardmen who told him he has been chosen and to wait because they would be back for him. Toby is fearful that the government will discover his secret & brainwash him until he betrays his scaly green friends. He has donned a protective hat to keep his brain from being probed. He knows that there are government agents in disguise all around him. He uses his magical glasses to help identify those imposters.

Hannibal Lecter ~ Created by Styxxiaxlecter.png

  • Aspiration: Renaissance Sim ~ Traits: insane, glutton, gloomy
  • After fleeing from jail, Dr. Lecter spends his time in Brindleton Bay, enjoying the good views and the freshness of the meat … but Clarice has followed his trail and finally manages to stop him, however, she doesn’t want him to return to jail, and will fight for him to be accepted in the insane asylum.
  • Author’s Note: Hannibal was impersonating a doctor in the Mistaken Identity chapter.

Mowgli The Mancub ~ Created by Charlii-Maimowgli mancub.png

  • Aspiration: Jungle Explorer ~ Traits: insane, loves outdoors, slob
  • “Look for the bare necessities those simple bare necessities forget about your worries and your strife” The young man opens his eyes and glances around the room.
    “Help me Baloo, Bagheera How did I get in the man village? Noooo Nooo the jungle is my home!” 
  • Having no other memory other than that of living in the jungle with the animals as his family Mowgli (Last name unknown) as he is known has woken and is convinced his memories are real. Who knows if he’s right or if its a side effect of memory loss combined with a vivid imagination and memories of his favourite story as a child only time will tell.

Erik Sigmundsson ~ Created by Munter_Baconerik.png

  • Aspiration: The Curator ~ Traits: insane, hot headed, kleptomaniac
  • Erik claims to have come from another world, one filled with Elves, Orcs and Magic, one where dragons soar through the skies and the dead come back to life. He claims that we are all “Milk Drinkers” and that he must return to the Dwumuner (I probably misheard him there) ruins so he can return to his world. The only ruins that we found him in were the ones in the jungle, along with the others.

Finn Wright ~ Created by Xantheanmarfinn.png

  • Aspiration: Friend of the Animals ~ Traits: insane, unflirty, childish
  • Finn Wright is an adventurer. He’s got the best success rate of any at getting through deadly temples. Some call it luck, some call it skill – he calls it the help of his trusty animal companions, plus the voice of the Watcher in his ear guiding him. Unfortunately, not everyone is convinced that the Watcher is real, let alone that they would talk to someone like Finn – and Finn’s insistence on supernatural assistance may have gotten him into hot water this time.

~ Who Will Survive The Insanity? ~

Survive the Insanity: The Circle Asylum Tour

In our last chapter, Louis mistakes an insane patient, Hannibal, for a doctor. He is left alone in an office with all the confidential patient files and decides to read them. He discovers that there are more than 8 files in the pile. How can this be when there were only eight of them?  Apparently, his group was not the only group that went missing in the jungle. He reads on about some patients in a place called The Circle Asylum. He opens the top file labelled with several warning stickers and reads the file on Viviana Painter (Note~This is the sim I will be controlling in the second asylum, The Circle Asylum).

____________________________________________________________________________________________tour of The CircleViviana Painter entered the front door of The Circle Asylum and shivered. Maybe it was from the lack of heat coming from the cold, hard concrete walls or maybe it was from the glare of the two armed guards at the entrance. But, no, that wasn’t it at all. Viviana knew what it was.

How could they do this to her? It wasn’t enough that she was sent here because some sim tried to remove her treasured graffiti art from the cement. It was art! She was making a statement! No-one understood artists anymore. But to be sent here. There was no art on the walls! She couldn’t believe it! They had sent her to a place where there was no art. How could she live?one eyed watcher.pngOkay, so she saw a few paintings when she came in…if you could call them paintings. One painting she had glanced at in the entryway was named One-eyed Watcher. How appropriate with all the security cameras watching your every move. Viviana heard that they have them everywhere. Yes….she heard rumor that they even had them in the bathroom. I mean what were they watching for? Making sure you didn’t take more than your 2 squares of allotted toilet paper? Sheesh! There was just no privacy in this place.maybe you should have a drink before we start.pngViviana surveyed the round room. Not much here. Ahhh, but there was a bar. How convenient. Viviana figured she better make herself a drink before she continued exploring. A bar and kitchen all in one. It was a rather dilapidated kitchen, but at least there was a fridge and a stove. She hoped the residents liked mac and cheese because that’s all she knew how to cook. Oh, that and grilled cheese. Oh and cheeseburgers. She had a thing for cheese. If it had cheese in it or on it, she ate it. She kind of had a cheese obsession…shhh…better not say that too loud.our computer room.pngSipping her drink, Viviana looked around…chess anyone.png…and around……..and around… Oh my. She was getting dizzy. And it wasn’t because of the drink she made. The drink turned out to be nothing but water. no tv cant afford oneWho would build a round house for an asylum? It was enough to drive you “round the bend”. Oh great! And no tv either. So much for keeping up with her favorite shows. Viviana decided to see what was behind the doors.a room with 3 beds.pngAs Viviana opened the first door, she let out a heavy sigh. Three beds ran parallel to each other. There was a weathered, green nightstand between two of the beds, with a lopsided lamp that barely emitted any light. On the far wall was a row of dented steel lockers.2nd room not much better.pngThe second room didn’t look much better. There were two more doors, and Viviana pulled the handle of the first door.the bathroom what were you expecting.pngViviana wasn’t sure what she was expecting, but certainly not this dank shower area. And where was the toilet? Oh, right that must be the other door.the toilet stall with jump up toilet paper.pngHere it is! The water closet, as it was sometimes called. And indeed it was a closet. A toilet with a “jump up” toilet paper holder. This was some type of twisted, practical joke of the builders. That was it. No sink here or in the shower area.laundry area rev.pngViviana saw a back door and decided to head outside to see if there was anything out there. On her way through, she passed a laundry area with a newer looking washer and dryer. Well, thank goodness something was new around here. And an ironing board? Seriously? Who actually ironed anymore? She would have to find her “I hate ironing” button and pin it on. No way she was going to do any ironing.

Above the ironing board, was a rather large sign. She moved closer and read it. “Clean the lint trap”. Oh come on, they don’t need to be told that!no kidding around here.pngShe pushed open the door to the backyard and saw two more guards standing there! Viviana realized they weren’t kidding when they told her it was a high security asylum.

Well, at least there was a basketball net. Viviana waved at the guards. She sure hoped she didn’t have to go “one-on-one” with them because she lacked any type of athletic ability.have a campfire and music corner.pngViviana glanced around. To the right, there was a campfire area with a rock for a seat. Oooh….and a guitar! Viviana wondered if she still remembered how to play. She picked up the old, scratched wooden guitar and plucked a few strings. Oh, that sounded bad. With a little tuning, she strummed again and started to sing…“You drive me right round baby, right round…” Viviana liked this area. It was almost like a 60s coffeehouse. There was even a campfire coffee pot. She nicknamed the area the Hard Rock Cafe.*sculpture.pngAfter playing that song for awhile, Viviana looked at the other side and saw a woodworking bench. At least they had some way to make art here. Perhaps if she did some sculptures, it would spruce the place up a bit. Nah…who was she kidding? This place needed more than just cosmetic surgery, it needed to be sandblasted. No…demolished was a better word. But, maybe she could sell some of her work and make some simoleons to get stuff fixed. Now, that was an idea!i can spray grafitti to my hearts content.pngVivana walked the perimeter of the fence and looked to see if she could find anything else. Nope. She had hoped that there would be one, but alas, no easel. Viviana looked around some more, and spied some spray paint cans beside the tree, and she had a thought…

No easel? No problem! It didn’t stop Viviana from doing what she loved best and this time no-one was going to remove it. Plus, it would be a nice welcome for those seven sims who would be arriving soon. Afterall, she was the Art Therapy Instructor. Yep, for this place and for another place called Happy Hollow Asylum. It was supposed to be some luxury asylum.

Well, no, the position of Art Therapy Instructor wasn’t exactly a paid position. She…ummm…she….umm….ok, ok, so yes, she lived here too, but, it was a mistake, really. It was all a mistake. She was not insane…she was just a little…well…confused. She shook her head sadly. She should never have gone on that Art in the Jungle expedition.

Viviana shivered again at the memory and whispered the name slowly …S..a..l..v..a…d…o…r…a…d…a!

Patient 13 ~ Viviana Painterviviana painter.png

  • Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire ~ Traits: insane, creative, clumsy
  • Observations: Not much is known about Viviana. Rumor has it that she was an up-and coming painter who went a little “insane” after an incident over the removal of some sidewalk grafitti.
  • Survivor of the ill-fated “Art in the Jungle” expedition to Salvadorada
  • Prone to outbursts and protests
  • Diagnosis: Spraypaintitis Phobia and Cloud Delusions. Sanity Questioned.
  • Recommendation: Since Viviana claims she “can’t live without art”, it would be beneficial for her to help beautify the asylum and help the other residents. With the latest budget cuts, the art therapy program was cancelled. However, as a resident at The Circle Asylum, it was suggested that Viviana might be able to get this program started again. With no compensation, of course. She is to look after the seven other residents in The Circle Asylum. She has been given the title, Art Therapy Instructor for The Circle Asylum and Happy Hollow Asylum.READ THE FILE

Louis looked up from reading Viviana’s file. They’re coming here? Residents from a high security asylum? Oh my plumbobs!

 * * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Read more here about the beginnings of the Hard Rock Cafe.

The Circle Asylum was renovated and modified from a build created by Viszay called the Wasteland Egg.

wasteland egg

I wanted a round asylum, and was inspired by the song “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive (1985). Enjoy the original song below. You may have also heard a rap version of this song sung by the Treble Makers in the movie Pitch Perfect.


Survive the Insanity: Mistaken Identity

In our last chapter, Louis is dropped off on the sidewalk of the asylum before the others, and tries to find a sim to convince them that he is sane and doesn’t belong there. He wanders the asylum, and explores the grounds. Standing in a padded white room, he suddenly hears a sim calling his name and goes out to investigate…ive been waiting for u.pngLouis rounded the corner in the front hall and almost collided with the sim standing there. Louis apologized and the sim introduced himself as Dr. Lecter. Yes, Louis was right. It was a staff member. Dr. Lecter politely asked Louis his name.

“It’s umm….it’s ummm…well, the staff call me Louis Reid, but I don’t think that’s my real name…” Louis replied.

Oh that sounded lame and not sane at all. If Louis was going to convince this doctor that he was sane, this didn’t start very well.

“Oh yes….the delirious one”, chuckled Dr. Lecter, “I read about you in the…err…in the case files. You are the one I have been looking for.”i am sane.pngLouis decided to just get to the point with Dr. Lecter and spoke in a rambling voice, “Well, Dr. Lecter, I was actually looking for you. I wanted to talk to you. You see, this is all a mistake. I don’t belong here…”looking 4 u.pngDr. Lecter looked at Louis and shook his head in agreement, “Of course not. But where do you belong? Do you know?”

Louis shook his head, no.incredible.pngDr. Lecter continued, “That is what I thought. We can’t let you go wandering the streets in a fog, not knowing who you are or where you live. Plus, you are probably the sanest one here. And that is why I was looking for you. I am putting you in charge.”

“In charge? asked Louis incredulously, “In charge of what?”

“Well, more like in charge of whom….the other 7, they really need your help, and a fine, upstanding sim like yourself could help them. You could stay here, live rent free, and sort of help them stay safe. You and I know that THEY have problems, and of course, you don’t really. You just have had a shock…is all. Take care of them and work on your goal, and you’ll be fine…it will all come back…” Dr. Lecter talked on.files.png“Come into the office here and you can have a look at their case files. Get to know them better. I have been reading them day and night waiting for everyone to arrive to come and…err…make my escape…err….visit here.” Dr. Lecter said.

Louis followed him into an office off the main entrance. Dr. Lecter told him to sit down and make himself comfortable and read the files. Maybe put on some classical music. As Louis sat down at the desk, he heard a commotion at the front door.

Into the office burst a swat team and a hospital staff member pointing and shouting.

“There he is!” one of them said.

Louis looked around worried and stammered ,“Who me? I just got here.”

“Not you…HIM!” they shouted.

“Dr. Lecter? “ Louis was confused.come with me.pngA female FBI agent, named Clarice came into the room smiling, “Dr. Lecter…you are in the wrong place. Come with me. We’re taking you somewhere else. To a better place.”

Louis managed to ask, “Where are you taking him? He’s the doctor here.”

Clarice turned to face Louis, “He is not the doctor here. He is a patient. A genius, really, but quite insane. He escaped, but we’re taking him back. We’re taking him to an asylum for the criminally insane.”they found me.pngHandcuffed and led away, Dr. Lecter shouted to Louis, “I really like it here Louis. I like you. But the place needs some work, some refinement. Remember what I said, Louis, be in charge…they need you. I’ve read all the files..I know…”LEADING DR LECTER AWAY.pngLouis looked at the closed door. Then he looked down at the files. No-one was who they seemed to be. Maybe he should read the files and find out who he was living with. Oh great! Now he was taking advice from an insane sim…and even worse, a criminally insane sim.OK SO NOW WHAT.pngTHINKING ABOUT IT.pngREADING THE FILES.png“Oh what the heck!” Louis shrugged and opened the first file…

~ Patient 1 ~ Louis Reid ~ louis reid sky.png

  • Aspiration: Master Chef ~ Traits: insane, goofball, romantic
  • Observations: Patient was delirious from a poison dart in his neck when found. Poison antidote administered, but patient suffered blow to the head in plane crash and has suffered substantial memory loss and trauma. Exposure to the elements, dehydration, hallucinations, hears “voices”. Patient does not know who he is or what he was doing as part of the archaeological team.
  • Asylum staff have given patient the name Louis Reid (anagram for the word delirious)
  • Diagnosis: Llama Trauma with Igottogetoutofhere Syndrome. Sanity questioned
  • Recommendations: Patient is encouraged to participate in cooking therapy. Has sense of humor and is a bit of a romantic, mumbling about watching “Simancing the Stone” when he was a teen. Shows compassion and leadership qualities and is therefore put in charge of other survivors. If no change, inevitable to return to the scene of the trauma, Salvadorada.

who me.png

Louis didn’t exactly like what he read in his file….

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

I had written this chapter thinking that I wasn’t going to get any more sim submissions and was going to have Hannibal constantly escaping and re-appearing throughout the story. However, I had more sim submissions, so we now have two asylums.

The Case Files chapter will introduce all the sims in the two asylums.



The following sims were downloaded just for this chapter:


police squad.png





Survive the Insanity: Happy Hollow Asylum Tour

Our story begins with Louis Reid, (the sim I will be controlling), being dropped off ahead of the others. He wanders the asylum looking for a staff member and thereby gives us a tour of the Happy Hollow Asylum. Louis and the other sims will be introduced in The Case Files chapter.


DROPPED AT THE SIDEWALK.pngLouis stood staring at the Happy Hollow Asylum. He was the first one to be dropped off  at the asylum, while the other seven sims that had crash landed with him in the jungle, were still being “processed.” Yes, he had literally been dropped off. Just like that, dropped off on the sidewalk in front of the house. Apparently Happy Hollow is a low level facility, meaning that life here is supposed to be as normal as possible and the residents living here are no threat to themselves or society.

Sure. Right. You believe that? So how come everyone is wearing one of those ankle monitors? You know, one of those ” You can run, but you can’t hide” trackers. And the patients are only allowed to leave the lot daily between 7am and 5pm (unless it’s for work), and then the doors are locked? Yes, locked. And this is not an inaudible locking, click sound. Oh no! These are automatic locks with a deafening sound. Click. Kerchunk. All at once. And then silence. Yah, right, totally normal.the doctor.pngLouis thinks that the doctors just didn’t know what to do with them and just admitted them all together here. Like Louis, most of the patients can’t remember who they are or what they did before the crash. But others…well, Louis thinks that they had problems before the crash. He heard some of the staff whispering about a few of them, but then, they were whispering about Louis, too, so who knew what to to stay.pngAt least here he’d have a place to stay, have some food and a bed to sleep in. And maybe with a few days’ rest, it would all come back. He would remember who he was…his life…why he was here…why he was on that expedition….arrival louis.pngBut no, this was a mistake. This was not just some normal house that he was entering. This was an insane asylum. He did NOT belong in an insane asylum. Louis decided to head inside and look for someone in charge and convince them to discharge him before the others arrived.creepy entry way.pngHe opened the front door and oh my plumbobs! When they had said it was an older house, they forgot to tell them that it was also run-down. Really run-down. The place was deplorable. Louis was sure it was great in it’s day, but now all he saw were wispy, dusty spiderwebs hanging in corners, moldy, faded wallpaper and cracks in the walls. The only bright spot in this dark entryway was the picture hanging on the wall. Louis looked at the label of the painting’s name, “Beauty in the Madness” It seemed fitting. And it was so dark…what was with all the candles? Didn’t they have any power?lit fireplace.pngHe entered a door to the right which opened up to a living room area. The walls were covered in an oppressive, red striped wallpaper, which was moldy and peeling in places. The carpet was covered in dirt and grime with a worn pathway leading to the next room. There was a stone fireplace on the main wall, flanked by two massive bookcases. Atop the fireplace was an urn and an oil lamp. There was a stained couch and mis-matched chair facing the fireplace with a small, crooked table between them. An old, tattered floral rug lay in front of the fireplace. A scratched table holding a small television was angled in the corner, and the opposite wall held a chess table with two, unattractive wood chairs. The only modern item seemed to be a microphone. Louis had no idea if it even worked, but it did look new.GARDEN ROOM.pngLouis continued through the archway to a room off the living room. The room looked like an addition to the main house and the cement walls were painted over with some vile green-colored paint. There were certainly a lot of windows in this room. It looked like a solarium with various plants and garden paraphernalia on some rickety, wooden tables. A leafy picture hung on the wall and above it were the words “garden club”. An old antique phonograph …did these things really still exist…perched on a small table under the picture in the corner. Some wooden window boxes had something growing out of them. Maybe the former residents grew their own food.THE PAINTING AREA.pngTo the left in a dark corner stood a well-worn painting easel. Scattered underneath the easel were some yellowed, stained newspapers and pieces of paint-splotched cardboard. There was a painting of a clown on the wall, but Louis didn’t feel very happy when he viewed it. This room led to another area. There was also a door to the backyard so Louis decided to head out the door and see what the backyard looked like.OUT BACK.pngNear the back door were two planter boxes with some brown plants growing that hadn’t been watered in awhile. Louis didn’t know if they were weeds or actual plants. There was a small rock fire pit, and an old fashioned wash tub and clothesline. Surely they didn’t expect them to use this old washtub to wash their clothes? And in the middle was a swimming pool….ummm…a green, algae-filled swimming pool with a rusty ladder. This place needed a pool person badly.UNDERGROUND BUNKER.pngAnd what was that? Louis saw some sort of building on the other side of the pool. It was overgrown with vines. He went towards the secured door and tried to open it but it was locked. He wondered what this was. It almost looked like a bunker of some sort. He headed back inside. (Author’s Note: This area will be explored in a later chapter and not in the original asylum build. Oooh mystery!)AN AREA OFF THE SOLARIUM.pngOff of the solarium near the bathroom was a little alcove with a saggy looking bear with his stuffing falling out. There was also a table that looked like a craft table. A sim had fashioned a popsicle stick flower and left it on the table. Was this for the bear? Maybe this was where all bears went for a little recovery time…the intensely loved bear hospital. Love can sometimes tear us apart.SEPARATE TOILET.pngThe bathroom was divided into two rooms. One room held the toilet and a scratched, peeling counter. Some toothbrushes in a cup and white, folded towels rested on top of the counter. Strange that there was no sink. There was a tarnished mirror above the counter which reflected the flickering candles from the wall candle holder. Water leaked from the base of the toilet and hanging askew on the wall was 1 roll of toilet paper. Just 1. One roll of toilet paper for eight sims.OLD FASHIONED BATH TUB.pngThe other room held a very old fashioned, chipped bathtub/shower combo. The shower curtain was ripped in places and emitted a rather musty, mildew smell.  A few of the tiles on the shower wall seemed to have fallen off. Even the white towel hanging from the rack seemed to look rough. Both rooms were functional, but were bare of any frills or luxuries. But something seemed to be missing. Where was the sink? There was no sink in either bathroom.KITCHEN AREA WAS PRETTY BARE.pngThe next room was the kitchen with very old, 1950s or 60s-era green appliances and faded counters with cracked formica tops. There wasn’t even an exhaust vent over the stove. The cabinets held very basic, white dishes, most of them chipped and cracked from years of use. The walls were covered in yellow gingham wallpaper which would have been cheery, if not for the spiderwebs dangling from the corners. The floor was a checkered black and white linoleum littered with food scraps.  But there was a sink in here, although it constantly dripped water when not in use. There was a solitary metal chair at the work island, and an old whiskey barrel served as a garbage can. On top of one counter sat a medley of condiments, the ketchup bottle’s lid encrusted with hardened, ketchup remnants.KITCHEN BULLETIN  BOARD.png The opposite wall of the kitchen held a broom and dust pan, cork board, menu chalk board and a bulletin board with a single note on it. Louis read the note “Take the llama and run.” Oh, that was inspiring. There was not even a smoke detector in the kitchen. How could this place stay open? What was wrong with the management here? Couldn’t they fix the place up? Oh right, he forgot….they had a lack of funds.

And apparently a lack of staff, too. In fact, where was the staff? He hadn’t seen anyone. No-one greeted him when he entered. No-one showed him his room. Nothing. No-one. Louis thought he heard voices coming from upstairs, so he climbed the stairs to the upper level.SECURITY GUARD DESK.pngAt the top of the stairs there was a security guard’s desk. And off of this main area was a door to the left and a door to the right. These must be the sleeping areas.1 room with 3 beds.pngThe room to the right held a room with 3 single beds, some dented gym lockers and two sloppily hammered tables with an oil lamp on top of each one. There were also bars on the window.second room.pngThe room to the left didn’t look much better. It held 2 single beds, another set of dented gym lockers, and an uneven wooden table with an oil lamp on it. Again, the windows were barred. There must be another sleeping area. There weren’t enough beds. There were only 5 beds, but there were 8 people living here. Plus those beds didn’t look very comfortable. More like rock-hard mattresses.THE SCURITY GUARDS.pngThere didn’t seem to be any other rooms on this floor, but there were 2 security guards. A Cop and Llama. Louis decided to head back downstairs again.rubber roonLouis wandered the asylum aimlessly and came across a door off the kitchen. Oh, he missed this earlier. Maybe this room had more beds. He opened the door and there was nothing in this room. The room contained nicely padded white walls and a security camera and mirror. This was indeed a strange room. The other door opened to the living room area.

As Louis stood pondering the room’s use, he heard a voice call out in the front hall. It sounded like someone calling his name. Maybe it was a staff member. Finally! Louis stepped out of the white room and headed towards the front hall. He was now more determined than ever to talk to someone and get out of this place.

* * * * *


The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 12 Day 12 Thurs: Water Fun

brushing teeth am.pngRusty was up early again and determined to get his house done before his pack aged up. He wanted to do so much today, but felt he was running out of time to get the house completed. He made great progress yesterday, but there was still a lot of work to be done. SHREDDER COLLECTING.pngThank goodness for Shredder collecting those feathers so Rusty could assemble the bird statues or Rusty wouldn’t be where he was at this point. And speaking of bird statues, more feathers were collected and Rusty had enough for 2 more bird statues!time to water the garden again.pngOnce he had some cereal and sent the dogs out hunting, Rusty decided his first task of the day would be completing his walled garden. Well, that was after he watered his garden again.finishing the garden.pngHe had also ordered some more items from the mail order catalog and in a few hours, the walled garden was finished. Rusty thought it looked pretty good.rusty even made a pet toy holder.pngHe even had an excess of flowers from harvesting and decided to plant some in window boxes and flower boxes to brighten up the rest of the lot. From the left-over wood, he made a pet toy box, although that didn’t stop all the pet toys from being strewn about the thunder.pngRusty needed a break after all that work, so he decided to continue training Thunder.fifi is encouraging thunder.pngThunder did so well in his training and learned to “speak”. Now Thunder was trained, too. Look at Fifi behind Thunder encouraging him. These dogs have lots of personality.a bite to eat.pngAfter a bite to eat, Rusty was ready for the next task.stinky laundry.pngMaybe no one had noticed, but poor Rusty was stuck in the same clothes he had on when he came to the island. And they were looking pretty worn. No matter how he tried they never seemed to get clean. So, one of the things he decided to purchase was some laundry detergent and a wonderful wash tub and clothes line. Did you ever know someone more excited about doing laundry?so much laundry 2.pngHe had so much laundry to do he got the “washed-out arms” moodlet from using the wash tub.nothing like the smell of clean laundry.pngThere is nothing quite like the smell of clean, fresh clothes! Ahhhh…. Oh darn, what happened to Rusty’s other sock?instant raccooon shower.pngEven Shredder thinks this is a rather cool raccoon and laundry area.pngWith the garden and laundry area done, Rusty just had two more areas to finish for the house. Since it was a sunny day, he would tackle the outdoor one first which would take the rest of the day. But he knew it would be worth it.the dogs came and went from their hunting.pngThe dogs came and went from their hunting excursions…wondering what Rusty was making in the back yard….the cutest ones.pngRusty was digging and adding flowers and rocks. Maxie and Scotty helped dig up a storm. And then Rusty stood back and admired his new…..rusty stood back and admired his new garden pool.png…garden pond (pool)! Rusty had discovered a natural spring pond in his backyard and with a bit of landscaping and a ladder, it was a magnificent, cooling pool. Rusty wondered if the dogs would swim in it, so he called them all over.i am not going near that water.pngNothing like the present to try out the new pond! Oh it was great!pool party.pngAll the dogs loved the pond…well, all the pack except poor little Maxie…maxie is afraid of water.pngRusty thought that maybe Maxie was afraid of the pool. Oh well, he’d give her a nice bath later.thunder loved the pool.pngBut the dog who loved the pond the most was Thunder. He went in and out of that pond autonomously all day long.true to his word bath time for maxie.pngAfter some splashing fun with the dogs, he came out and true to his word, Rusty picked up Maxie for her bath.maxie getting a bath.pngMaxie seemed to like this much better. Oh she was a bubble girl.TRAINING TO FETCH.pngThe rest of the afternoon was spent playing with the pack.WHO IS FIGHTING.pngWell that was until Scotty decided to get in a fight with Shredder.THIS TIME IT WAS SCOTTY WHO STARTED THE FIGHT.pngYes, believe it! Shredder is the innocent one this time. Rusty had to tell Scotty not to attack, but he quickly gave both Scotty and Shredder a pet. He didn’t want any more pets running away after a fight.HE EVEN COOKED UP A SPECIAL TREAT FOR SHREDDER.pngRusty made a special treat for Shredder to cheer him up. A beef and chicken fishcake. Rusty had never made his own pet food before, but he had read this recipe in the home vet book he had purchased. It looked pretty good….let’s hope Shredder likes it.SHREDDER FELT BETTER.pngOh yes! As soon as Rusty called Shredder to come and eat, Shredder ran over so fast. Oh yummy in the tummy!tiring day.pngAfter filling up all the dog dishes and making sure all the pack was happy, Rusty fixed himself some mac and cheese. All the excitement today and splashing around in the pond made for some very tired doggos.reading a gourmet cooking book.pngThe house was almost done. He had ordered another mail order to finish the living room area which would be delivered tomorrow morning. He planned on inviting Ayaka for dinner and show her all the work he had done on the house. Now….what to make for dinner. Rusty had bought a book on gourmet cooking and the dishes looking really good. He hoped he could make a very special dinner for Ayaka. He wanted tomorrow to be special…very special.pngA special dinner, a special evening. Yes, very special…! *wink*

* * * * *Woof * * * * *

Author’s Notes:

I wanted to thank lisabeesims for the lovely Laundry Day Stuff Pack which I won on Facebook for creating a sim to attend a royal wedding (it was a random draw). Without this pack, poor Rusty would still be walking around in dirty clothes. And with some flower additives, his clothes are sparkling clean and he gets the moodlet “pristine clothes”. The laundry pack has some lovely items that are geared to eco-living.

The pool build I used (room) is made by sunshine007458 called Garden Pool.  Before the dogs could use it, I had to remove some of the rocks and flowers from one end. After that it worked just fine and there was just no stopping these dogs. I also changed the ladder to a more rustic ladder.

garden pool.png

I love that the dogs will swim autonomously and it is cool to watch them swim. Thunder, the adventure trait dog, loved the pool the most and was in and out of the pond all the time. I wish I had thought of doing this sooner. The dogs seemed to have a lot of fun and I really liked watching them swim. It does not work like a bath though, and they are still dirty when they come out.

Survive the Insanity – Casting Call

the bridge.png

Their plane crashed. A group of unlikely survivors. Together. In the jungle.

Ten went in. Eight came out.

They signed up for adventure. They got more than they bargained for.

They came from all walks of life, but they all ended up in the same place.

They were found wandering in the jungle, injured, dehydrated, starving and lost.

They were lucky to be alive.

Their expedition leader? Presumed dead.

Who are they? No-one knows and the sad truth is that they don’t really know who they are either.

Delirious with fever from a poison dart, one of them tells the tale of dancing skeletons, poison green gas clouds, plasma bats, spiders, fire and death.death.pngThe rescuers load them into the helicopter for transport shaking their heads. They are going to a more secure location. It was a fantastical tale, but no one believed them. The rescuers mumbled amongst themselves. Hushed whispers of  “insane” and “psychological trauma” are heard.

The delirious one shouts out and points, “The truth is out there! Believe me! The truth is there! It’s all true.”

Two hands pat the delirious one and try to calm them down. The delirious one is given some type of shot and reality slips away into darkness.

* * * * *

When you wake up…you are…somewhere…in a house with everyone else who was rescued. What is this place? Are you still in the jungle? The last you remember is someone calling you the delirious one.

The door swings open and a sim in a medical coat appears. They hand you a pile of folders with a name and photo on top of each folder. They tell you that you seemed the most coherent of the group, so you have been put in charge. They turn to leave…

Wait! In charge? In charge of  what? In charge of whom? Where am I? Umm…Who am I?

From downstairs you hear the faint strains of a song…a song that you know…the lyrics…you know them….you sing along…

“But I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell…”*

And so it begins.

Welcome to the Asylum Challenge.snakes.png

Casting Call:

As I am almost finished my current challenge, The Wolf Pack Challenge, I am ready to tackle something new. So, I’m looking for seven sims who are a little “unwell” to join the Asylum Challenge.

What is the challenge?

The asylum challenge has been updated for Sims 4 by @simswithcheese. As part of the asylum, only one sim can be controlled, which will be the sim I am creating for the challenge. Muhaha! Your sims will not be controlled, but left to do what sims like to do, happily setting fires and leaving garbage and laundry piles everywhere. Will your sim survive?

“You have been committed to a run down mental health facility against your will. In order to prove that you are fit to rejoin society and earn your freedom, you must achieve the goals your psychiatrist has set for you – your aspiration.

The catch? You need to achieve your goals as quickly as possible, while keeping 7 other patients, who you don’t know and are out of your control, alive and as happy as possible. Add to that budget cutbacks leading to a lack of decent furniture and limited supplies, and your task gets harder.”

Read all about it HERE

How to submit a sim:

  • Create a new unskilled sim in CAS
  • Can be young adult or adult
  • Male, Female or alien sim (sorry, no vampires, as I don’t own the vampire pack)
  • One trait must be the “insane” trait
  • Other traits and lifetime aspiration can be anything you like
  • Dress them in whatever you like, in however many outfits you like. Perhaps your sim wanders the halls in evening gowns…
  • No cc please

Create a post in this thread with the following:

Name of sim.

Background story:

Your Origin ID:

Be creative! For now, limit of 1 sim creation each.

If more than 7 sims are submitted, a random drawing will be done and 7 will be chosen by a vote.

Deadline is March 17th, so lots of time for creative fun!

Submit your sim on forums HERE


“Unwell” lyrics by Matchbox 20.