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CH 17 – Retail Wars – Sunday – Victory Dinner – A New Idea

hank standing in an empty store.pngIt’s Sunday morning and Hank is eating a ham and cheese sandwich looking at his empty store. The moving truck came this morning and hauled all the Halloween paraphernalia away. The lot looked so empty now with all the lights and fun props taken away, and Hank had to admit that he really liked doing themes for his store. Last night had been such fun!

He hadn’t had a chance to put his regular merchandise back on the shelves….but he had been thinking….and he wanted to talk to Hallie about his idea when he took her out for dinner. Who knew she would sell more stumps than he would? I wonder what restaurant she had in mind….sundaymorning threads empty.pngHallie surveyed the store and thanks to Genji helping her last night, the last of the Halloween props had been put away. Hallie still hadn’t put out her regular stock, but she would do that after her dinner with Hank. Oh she was so looking forward to that dinner! She was the memory stump sales champion and she was not going to let Hank forget it!

Even though she was excited about that victory dinner, Hallie couldn’t help but feel a bit down. All the fun and excitement of last night seemed far away…and as she looked around her empty store, she couldn’t help but wonder….hmmm….she had an idea…and she wanted to talk to Hank about it. Maybe they could meet earlier….oh yah, that’s it….oh Hallie was going to call him right now!lunch at a railroad rest.pngHallie called Hank and said that they should meet for lunch instead of dinner. Hank was free and hungry, so said that was a good idea. Hallie had picked a great restaurant and Hank really liked her choice.really neat rest.pngIt was an old train station that had been converted to a restaurant. The place was crowded, but they managed to get a table.steak.pngEverything looked so good, it was hard to decide what to order. But, they were all set and Hank ordered a burger and coffee and Hallie ordered some white wine and a spinach quiche. Afterall, Hank was paying, so Hallie was going to splurge a bit.i can see it now.pngWhen the waitress left, Hank congratulated Hallie on selling the most memory stumps and for winning the “outdoor” theme day. He still couldn’t believe it himself! They both talked about last night’s sales, which were phenomenal, and they both knew, although they didn’t say anything as the accountants were still adding up all the sales, that Hank had definitely won the Spooky Special sales night last night.maybe she should give hank more credit.pngTheir lunch arrived and everything looked so good, and they wasted no time in digging into the feast.i have an idea hank.pngIt was almost like Hallie and Hank wanted to both talk at once and they had a good laugh.ll me crazy hank.pngHallie started to speak…but she was acting a bit crazy. Hallie told Hank that she was selling her store, and thought that Hank should sell his store, too!what.pngHank almost choked on his burger when he heard her say that. What? I thought you liked your store. And why would he sell his store? His store was successful. Hallie smiled widely. Because Hallie thought it would be a great idea to have a store together, selling fashion and electronics.hank enthusedf.pngHank couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Could Hallie read his mind? I mean Hallie was his twin and all, but, sheesh, he had thought about the same thing. In fact, he had looked at some larger properties this week because his store was a bit small and he wanted to expand.sett;ed sett;ed.pngBut what about the sales staff? Hallie told Hank that she had gotten a call from Maki that morning and she and Lamont had gotten engaged last night. Hallie further went on to tell Hank that Maki and Lamont had been saving up to purchase a store of their own. Hallie was thinking of selling them Threads.

Hank couldn’t believe what he just heard, because he had gotten a similar phone call from Bobbie this morning. Bobbie’s cousin has just graduated from business school and they were looking for a store to open themselves. Hmmm…maybe they would be interested in purchasing Wild West Electronics.hallie said yes to the plan.pngHank told Hallie that this was the best idea ever! He even applauded her! They were both so giddy and excited all of a sudden that Hallie started laughing hysterically and Hank just couldn’t stop grinning.i wont brag too much sis.pngOver dessert, Hank thought that they should look at some places together to see what they liked and didn’t like about some retail stores. Hallie was for this idea and figured since they had the day off, why not do it together after lunch? They both agreed and decide to head over to Magnolia Promenade, the premier shopping district.lots of choice.pngwindow display.pnghank could see great potential.pngthis is what they were looking for a combo store.pngthey have changing rooms never thought about that.pnga small staff lounge.pngwe could do this.pngAfter making up a checklist of things they wanted in their store, and after touring almost all the stores, Hank and Hallie sat down exhausted and chatted. They could do this! Hank told Hallie that he even had a perfect location in mind. He had seen an Old Salt Factory for sale in San Myshuno, and thought it would be perfect for them. Hallie thought that was a fantastic idea and they both headed off for a look.we did it.pngIn a little over a month, Hank and Hallie were standing in front of their new store, Circuit Threads. Today was their grand opening. It was the most amazing store that you’re ever seen!AN AMAZING STOREthis was a store.pngNDOM OUTFITS.pngVIEW OF STORE.pngINSIDE HANKS SIDE.pngA perfect combination of urban fashion and electronics in a renovated store. Just perfect!HALLIES AREA.pngHANKS ROOM.pngThere was even an upstairs area with 2 bedrooms with much more comfortable beds.HANK ADDED AN OUTDOOR AREA.pngank this is amazing.pngAnd outside the store, Hank had set up some items for sale. It was truly a unique store. Hank and Hallie were excited about having a successful business together. They knew that no matter what happened, that they would be there for each other.

Having two stores and trying to outdo each other was just ridiculous. They should have been working together all along. And who knows, maybe Genji and Kaye would join in the family business. Yes, that’s what it was….a family business. Hank and Hallie’s family business.WE DID IT FIRST DAY.pngBefore getting too sentimental, they both gave each other a hug and wished each other luck on their opening day. Sell! Sell! Sell!

Hank, “Ummm…so are we only going to be open 9 hours today?”

Hallie, “Oh sure….but you know, if I get a last minute sale…..”

Hank, “Yah, I can understand, Happened to me all the time. Last minute rush as the store is about to close.”

Hallie, “And Hank….I have this idea for another theme…”

Hank, “Oh my plumbobs!”gorgeous is this.png

~~~End Retail Wars~Hank & Hallie~~~

Author’s Notes:

I just wanted to say what a fantastic time I had playing this challenge. I can’t believe I have actually completed this, I just didn’t want it to end. Even though I am happy at completing the challenge, I am a bit sad that I won’t be up-dating Hank and Hallie’s stores anymore. It was so much fun! I never knew from day to day who would win the day or even what would happen in the store! It was certainly random that way.

My thanks to Airis6962 (and also BreeMiles) for creating this wonderful challenge. I highly recommend it! Here is the link again, for those who are interested The Retail Store Challenge

I also wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog on Retail Wars! It really kept me motivated, as did MyInnerSim and Dexter’s Delights Bakery. Please visit her YouTube site and have fun watching Dexter’s bakery hi-jinks Let’s Play Dexter’s Delights Bakery

Now, to wrap up Saturday’s sales and give you the final tally from the accountants on who actually won Retail Wars, but I am sure that you have probably guessed.


Hallie’s final numbers once she transfers the additional $7,000 simoleons needed to complete her house and the challenge. She is left with $25,480 simoleons! Hallie’s # 1 selling item (combining both weeks) was tied between the Wine Bottle Holder and Vanity, and the #2 selling item was the Male Outfit. Congrats Hallie!


Hank’s final numbers once he transfers the additional $7,000 simoleons needed to complete his house and the challenge. He is left with $29,237 simoleons! Hank’s # 1 selling item (combining both weeks) was the Wabbit Tablet and tied at #2 was the Slablet and the Goldibox Gaming Console. Congrats Hank!

Yes, it’s Hank Western and Wild West Electronics. Hank is the Grand Champion and winner of Retail Wars! Hurray for Hank! Who knows….you may see Hank and Hallie again…or their children…in another challenge!

~~~End Retail Wars~~~

Many thanks to 1meins for creating the Old Station Restaurant, where Hank and Hallie had lunch. Available for download in the gallery.OLD STATION REST.png









CH 16 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Spooky Special – Part 2 – Hank’s Store

Welcome to Part 2 – Hank’s Store. Do you know that when I sold the football field outdoor area in Hank’s store that it was almost $8,000 simoleons? I think most of that cost was the tv. So, here it is Halloween night (in real life), I am handing out treats, and trying to get this blog written. Now that is spooky!front halloween.pngHank has certainly outdone himself decorating for Halloween. In front of his store, he has a graveyard of spooks with a creepy spider crawling down the wall. The Parlor Trix Graveyard Lantern, Grim Reaper and Cauldron o’ spirits light show are set for sale. front 2.pngRiding in under a full moon is the headless horseman. Do you know the legend of Sleepy Hollow?outside halloween.pngWhat better way to celebrate Halloween than with a party! The Lo-Fi Mobile DJ Booth and Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar are sure to have everyone doing the “Monster Mash”. Need a little mood light? The Plant o’ Lantern is also set for sale. Oh look! Even the scarecrows are dancing!

Author’s note: Another thing I found out is that you can’t set a dance floor for sale. Too bad because that would have been perfect.fireplace.pngOn the back wall, you can even cuddle up with your ghoulfriend in front of the fiery register view.pngInside, Hank has decorated his walls with some creepy wallpaper, and he has a new Spacekeeper tv for sale. Maybe this one will sell better. Plastered on his windows are scary movie posters.inside 2.pngHank wants everyone to have lots of fun at his party, so he introduces the Button Masher 9001. On a side table near the door, he has the Sugar and Spice Candy Dish and Unorthobox Gaming Console in Green.hank asa day of the dead.pngTo complete his theme store, Hank has dressed up as a very scary Day of the Dead celebrant. If there had been an adult skeleton costume, I would have chosen that for him. But this one looks pretty good.

Light the pumpkins. Hank is open. It’s Saturday with 100% Mark-up. I also had Hank purchase some short-term web advertising for $250 simoleons, and also purchased the same perk that I had purchased for Hallie, the Superfluous Surplus for 300 perk points.

Hank is also giving out free treats with every purchase. He knows how these sims love candy.First customer is Katrina.pngFirst customer to the store is Katrina Caliente and in the back is Dominic Fyres looking at the fireplace.boobie as a zombie.pngAnd here comes Bobbie! She is dressed up as a zombie. Weren’t Maki and Lamont from Hallie’s store dressed up as zombies? Is there a zombie party going on tonight? Hank heads over and praises Bobbie before they begin and assigns her to answer customer questions.hank having a dance off with the headless horseman.pngI think Hank is having a dance off with the headless horseman! Look at those moves!i think she is going to buy the guitar.pngIt certainly had Katrina come over to take a peek. She is our first sale, and she buys the ghoulish guitar $1,480.lots of sims around the tv.pngOh! And look at all the sims admiring the new tv! Now that is more like it! Buy! Buy! Buy!what is tetsu going to buy.pngTetsu came to the store with his blue sales bar almost full, and he buys the Cauldron o’ spirits light $920. Hank reassigns Bobbie to restock.

After the store was open for a few hours, I had to rearrange it. Yep, just like in the last chapter with the big screen tv and memory stump. I had placed the fireplace outside on a side wall, and no-one was looking at it. There also seemed to be a problem with the Button Masher. So, I replaced the Button Masher with Jumpin’ Joe’s Jukebox, and put the fireplace inside.rearranged halfway through the sale.pngI also had to replace the scarecrow with a Catrina doll. Sims kept hovering around it wanting to try on the outfit, but they kept giving me the waving arm over the head. It was annoying, and it really wasn’t for sale, so just fixed that, too. It still looked pretty good. Poor Hank, I always seem to have to re-arrange something on his lot.think hank sold a fireplace.pngI think it was a good idea to place the fireplace inside, because within minutes, Hank has one sold! $1,829! Yes!bobbie doing a great sales pitch on bjorn.pngBobbie is doing an exceptional job tonight and Hank sees her giving Bjorn a sales pitch. Bobbie has now maxed on her sales skill and has reached level 3 in maintenance from all the stocking she is doing.

bobbie you get a raise.pngHank calls Bobbie over to have a chat with her. Of course, he praises her first. Then, the big surprise! He gives her a raise. She now makes $40 simoleons an hour. Bobbie is speechless and tells Hank he is the Boss of the Year! Since it is nearly at the 9 hour mark, he also lets her clock out early so she can go to her zombie party.raise for bobbi

new customer tpdau.pngOh we have a new customer today, Conor Costa. Hank heads over to greet him.2 more sales baskets.pngOh no! Right after Bobbie leaves, everyone wants to be rung up. I think maybe I should hire another employee and maybe they will start tonight, but Hank doesn’t have enough perk points to purchase an Additional employee. What else can he do? Ok, so I quickly purchase faster check-outs (small) for 450 perk points. I hope this helps, because he is ringing up a sale, and he has 3 others waiting (one also inside). No time to stock. He is going to sell out tonight at this rate!moira buying something.pngHank did it in record time, and got those sales. Moira purchases the gaming console $1,598.buying grimmie.pngWe have our last run on sales. I didn’t get a screenie, but Bjorn bought the Jumpin’ Joe’s Jukebox $2,960! I think I saw Hank do the Thriller dance after that sale! Colton, above, is buying Don’t Fear the Reagnomper $420.kaye is buying the plant of light.pngKaye decides she needs to add a little pumpkin light to her decor….$300marcus is the last customer buying the candy dish.png…and Marcus is our last sale of the night with the candy bowl $350.screenie sat.png

Hank knows he did really well on his sales tonight. It was a frightfully fun night and a spookily good time for all.holy moly hank.pngScreenie 1 with hours worked. Screenie 2 below with wages and candy with every purchase.pngUm…..Hank….we’re all going to do that Thriller dance now! Will you have a look at that total? I think I hear some howling going on! Aaaoooooo…… Do you think it was the free treats with every purchase?

Hank was open 15 hours. 12 sales (Ghoulish Guitar-3; Candy Bowl-1; Plant O’ Lantern-1; Dj Booth-0; Spacekeeper television-0; Jukebox-1; Gaming Console-1; Parlor Trix-1; Grim Reaper-1; Fireplace-1; Cauldron Lightshow-2) Perk Points 700.

Hank’s Sales: $11,615 – $350=$11,265/15 hours = $751.00 simoleons per hour

[Author’s note: I realized after I did the tabulations that I actually had 11 items for sale and not 10, so I will reduce the total by the last item sold, or $350 simoleons]

~~~End Saturday, Week 2 – Hank~~~

In our next chapter, the winner of our Spooky Special will be announced, along with the funds transferred to the house fund. Happy Halloween!

Dance the night away…Thriller dance sequence from the movie 13 Going On 30, 2004.

Many thanks to these simmers for creating the rooms for Hank’s backyard spooky theme.

Jamesonthesims – 4 x 4 room – Headless Horseman

lsanyati – 4 x 4 room – Jack O’Lantern

Although I didn’t use the Headless Horseman room, the inspiration for Hank’s backyard theme came from this build. I did use a horse, and just put a child mannequin with the pumpkin head costume on instead of this version.

headless horseman.png

jack o lantern.png


CH 15 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Spooky Special – Part 1 – Hallie’s Store

The witching hour is fast approaching and so I am going to post Saturday in two parts. Hallie’s store is finished and you can read all about her spine-tingling day below. Hank’s however, is far from done. Hopefully, I can get Hank’s finished tonight and then will be able to post tomorrow. So, I am grabbing my broomstick and flying off to re-vamp Hank’s store…..whooshh…..ugh….who put that tree there…now I’m stuck in mid-air….oh plum!model displayIt’s Saturday of Week 2 and today Hallie and Hank are going to be doing the seasonal challenge October’s challenge is to decorate your store and sell items that are spooky. These items are not part of the regular items that you sell. So, there are brand new items for sale in both the stores and each store has 10 items for sale.

Let’s visit Hallie’s store first. Her display area features two mannequins in costume attending a house party….a haunted house party! Ooohh…scary!trick or treatersBehind the cash register area, we have a little trick-or-treater running away from a haunted house. I think he got more than he bargained for when he went to to that house. Ahhhhh…..Yikes….spooky! Grab your candy and run!side wall with tableOn one side, we have a table displaying a Sugar and Spice Candy Bowl and a Future Cube (fortune telling cube). Hallie also has a Weathered Wonder Dresser in green in the window. And what little simmie child can resist the Skelly Bear? Won’t you take one home?other wallOn the other side, we have a new Coiffeuse de Champs Les Sims vanity in green and the Robe of the Believer Wall Hook in the window.front wallOn the front wall, we have a new mirror, Reflection of a Vampire, and underneath, a Buyer Beware chest where you can place all your candy loot.front of storeHallie even decorated outside, and, yes, her three carved pumpkins are on the front lawn. She also kept the memory stump as a keepsake of her win yesterday.and what is Hallie wearing todayAnd Hallie’s Halloween theme just wouldn’t be complete unless she was in costume, too! She looks so bewitching! Today is Saturday, so we have 100% mark-up. All of Hallie’s advertising had expired, so she purchased some short term web advertising for $250 simoleons.

I also checked her perk points, and decided that she should purchase the Superfluous Surplus perk for 300 perk points. This is a temporary perk, but I thought I would give it a try.


For the next 12 hours, all restocking is 25% cheaper, meaning more profit for your Sim. This can be purchased again and again after it has worn off. Combined with advertising and a strong sales day, it can greatly boost your business profits by reducing overhead. Do NOT waste your valuable points with this Perk if you’ve already bought Cheaper Restocking. They don’t stack. (From Carl’s Guide)maki is the first to arriveHallie opens the store and Maki arrives looking quite straggly in her zombie costume. Hallie praises both Maki and Lamont when they arrive and assigns them to “pick the customer’s brains”….get it…brains…they’re zombies!”Maki getting a good view of Mila trying on a costumeAs soon as Maki clocks in, she heads over to the display area to get a better look at Mila trying on a costume.lamont is doing a sales pitch on lilyLamont is doing a sales pitch on Lily telling her how utterly boo-ti-ful she would look in that costume. The way she looks, I think she is imagining it. What a smooth talker Lamont is, even if he is a zombie.after 3 hours we have our first saleAfter three hours, we get our first sale! Mila Munch buys the Weathered Dresser $1,230.maki and lamontAh how cute! Maki and Lamont are taking a photo together. They think this is the best theme ever!another sale and hallie switched lamont to restockWe have another sale! Nancy Landgraab is buying Reflection of a Vampire mirror $470. Hallie reassigns Lamont to restock.jeremiah trying on outfit.pngJeremiah Kaplan is trying on the pirate outfit. Oh he should buy one! I see that both Lily and Patricia think he looks good in that outfit, too.jeremiah kaplan cant take his eyes off of Hallie.pngOh my! Jeremiah seems to be under Hallie’s spell. Just look at how he is looking at her! Oh wait! Jeremiah is just buying the weathered dresser. No wonder he is looking so intently at Hallie. Yep, that’s it.funny thought bubble.pngI saw Lamont’s thought bubble and thought it was funny. Not sure if he is telling vampire jokes, or thinks that a bat is flying loose in the store. Of course, Hallie is thinking she is a pretty butterfly, and Patricia is thinking about finding a good couch to lay down on.two sims looking at skelly bear.pngTwo sims are looking at Skelly Bear, and Derrick Huerta ends up buying one $610.can i vampire see themselves.pngMarcus Flex is a new customer and Hallie has heard all about him from her brother, Hank. She hopes there won’t be any fighting in her store.

It’s the 9 hour mark and Maki and Lamont tell her they are in overtime. Plus, Hallie hears them whispering about heading to a party together! Oh? Are they a couple now?

Khloe Burger is looking intently in the mirror and wonders if vampires really do exist. Well, she wouldn’t see one in the mirror if they did. Legend has it that mirrors cast back the image of the body and the soul, and since vampires are the undead, they don’t have souls anymore, and therefore have no reflection.another sale with khloe.pngKhloe is rather drawn to mirrors and purchases the Coiffeuse de Champs Les Sims $1,650. She kind of looks mesmerized by this mirror doesn’t she?new customer marcus.pngJeremiah is trying on that pirate costume again. Oh, Jeremiah, just buy it! You truly look swashbuckling! Where is Hallie? There is a “red” shopping basket over Patricia Keener’s  head…..toilet has sprung a leak.png…oh, Hallie went to use the toilet and it’s broken. No time to fix it, so I just replace it. Now go ring up Patricia’s sale!13 hr mark last sale.pngIt is now at the 13 hour mark, and this is when I wanted to close the store. I look around and we have another shopping basket over Lily’s head. Our last sale of the night and she buys a Skelly Bear.

[Author’s note – the witching hour is really midnight, but the number 13 is often associated with superstition, so that was my reasoning for choosing to be open 13 hours. But as you will see below, that plan flew out the window.]hallie grabbing a candy.png Hallie is so happy with her sales tonight, she reaches into the candy dish to grab a candy and arrgggg…..out pops a ghost! Oh….ha….she forgot it was a trick candy bowl. Who knew candy could  be so scary? That’s one way to cut down on the calories.screenie sat wk 2Screenie 1 with the hours open, and screenie 2 with restocking and wages below.screenie 2 sat wk 2

Hallie got 8 sales. It seems that Hallie has put a spell on all her customers this Halloween with the amount of sales she had. No bones about it, she made a cauldron full of simoleons.

Candy Bowl-0; Prediction cube-0; Weathered dresser-3; Male Outfit-0; Female Outfit-0; Vanity-1; Chest-0; Vampire Mirror-2; Believer Robe-0; Skelly Bear-2

[I can’t believe she didn’t sell any Halloween costumes! Shocking] Hallie was open 14 hours. She earned 1,475 perk points.

Hallie’s Sales: $5,327/14 hours = $380.50 simoleons per hour

~~~End Saturday, Week 2 – Hallie~~~

Enjoy some spooky music with Bette Midler, from the movie Hocus Pocus, 1993.

CH 14 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Theme Day Rivalry

are u ready hank.pngIt’s Friday! Theme Day! On Wednesday, Hallie wrote down all of Lamont’s and Maki’s ideas for the theme day. Lamont had some terrifically creative ideas and Hallie incorporated some of these into her theme. Are you ready Hank?

Oh, wait, you don’t know what the theme is? Well, both Hank and Hallie love the outdoors, so it’s an outdoor theme challenge. Oh, let me show you the displays. Hallie had ordered some things right after that brunch that she and Hank had on Sunday. And yesterday before her dinner with Genji, Hallie register area.pngThe cash register area just got some sprucing up. I mean the counter was already green, so that worked so well with the theme. Hallie rented some cute lighted branches, a jackalope stuffed toy, a wooden log lamp, and some lovely wooden hearts to decorate the back wall. She then rented some new artwork from her friend, Jaheem Rafiq, who has a nearby art and photography studio. Isn’t he a gifted artist?side area.pngThe side area features a replacement dresser, a hand crafted “Pine Perfume Dresser”. Ahhh….Hallie loves the smell and she hopes her customers will, too. This replaced the children’s dresser that she had. Also, the Vainglorious Vanity and the Globetrotting End Table remain the same.other side of store.pngThe small waterwall was moved to a side wall. Hallie rented a Pack Cube Table which now holds the wine bottle holder and a new item, Eww the toilet (for those stinky outdoor restrooms). The sincerity mirror has been replaced with Capt Chaz MacFreeling Porthole Mirror. The wall-mounted coat rack with shelf remains the same.outdoor display.pngAnd our mannequins are all decked out in camping outfits. Here they are enjoying a lovely camp-out, and then, out of the woods – oh no! Run! Eeeek! It’s a bear! The items for the display are all rentals, of course, and not for sale.memory wood stump challenge item.pngAnd Hank sent over the “common” item that they will both sell. A lovely memory stump, which is actually a great table. The thing weighs a ton! Sims will have to roll it out the door. I had some lovely flowers on top of it, but I don’t think it will sell if something is sitting on it, so I removed them. The memory stump’s sales will be deducted from the final sales, as this is not part of the “official” challenge. Whoever sells the most “stumps” today, will have to buy the other one lunch on Sunday. Hallie hopes she will sell at least one. It’s a fashion statement for the yard.purchasing advertising.pngHallie is also wearing a new sales outfit just for today to fit in with the outdoor theme. She also bought some new sales outfits for the staff. Just wait until you see them! To further increase sales for her store today, Hallie buys some short term web advertising for $250 simoleons. Her television advertising is still in effect, so this is double advertising!hallie getting ready sitting in her display.pngHallie gets ready and eats some fruit salad and decides to sit in her display! She could live like this, in the outdoors, well….except without the bears.lamont is the first to arrive.pngWe’re open! Mark-up is 50% today. Lamont is the first to arrive and he looks pretty impressed with the store.maki fri.pngHere comes Maki with our first customer of the day, Mila, right behind her.hallie chats with both of them.pngHallie praises both Maki and Lamont and tells them what an important day this is. Plus, they are going to be super busy!the store is quickly packed.pngThe store gets quickly packed. She has both Lamont and Maki answer customer questions until they get out first sale

Mila is the first sale and she buys the new Capt Chaz MacFreeling Porthole Mirror $1,462. Sell a few more of these and Hallie will have the simoleons for her house in no time!ILA BUYING.pngOh, Mila isn’t finished shopping, and she also purchases our new pine perfume dresser $937.assign restocking.pngI reassign Lamont to restock sold items, and he gets right to work!

lamont reached work ethic 4

And then I get this notice. Way to go Lamont! Now Hallie has to work on Maki!hallie tells maki to ring up sales.pngHallie knows how Maki likes to ring up sales and there are two sales waiting. So, she lets Maki ring up some customer sales. Ooohh….another mirror sale!do you think that nancy landgraab wants to buy a mirror too.pngDo you think that Nancy Landgraab is thinking about buying a mirror, too? Or maybe she needs to check her make-up?ore customers ann trying on outfit.pngOh, someone is trying on an outfit. It’s Ann Hooker. She looks so cute in it. I hope she buys one.hen we sell something it needs to be restocked.pngIt is really getting busy now, so Hallie has Maki restock as well.

broken sign

Oh no! Hallie’s Open sign has burned out! She will have to fix it later.NANCT COMPLAINING.pngEveryone is excited and the sales are rolling in. Jeremiah buys an outfit $262 and so does Jazmin $262. Everyone loves the new theme today, but, as usual, Nancy Landgraab has something to complain about.SO MANY LOOKING AT STUMP.pngSo many sims are looking at the memory stump, and you won’t believe who buys the first one! Yes, Lily Feng buys a memory stump! Way to go! One memory stump sold $75. Right after this sale, Derrick Huerta also buys a memory stump! Yes! Two sold! Hallie can’t believe it!acked store.pngMaki and Lamont are chatting up the customers.hllaie praises lamont.pngHallie takes a moment to praise Lamont for restocking so fast. Both Maki and Lamont are in overtime, so they have to head out.mila is buying up the store today.pngHallie stays open a bit longer as the store is still packed. More sales! Mila is buying up the store today! She buys a Bottle Holder $780. Hallie feels so great about today and knows that she did really well.WOW FRI SALES HALLIEThe screenie showing hours worked. And below with the wages and restocking.HALLIE FRI SALE GREAT.png

Hallie got 16 sales. Wowzers! Look at her total sales for the day! Hallie, you go girl!

Small Waterwall-1; Wine Bottle Holder-2; Pine Perfume Dresser-1; Male Outfit-1; Female Outfit-1; Vanity-1; Globetrotting End-1; Porthole Mirror-4; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-1; Eww the toilet-1 She was open 15 hours. She earned 1,330 perk points.

Memory Stump Sales: 2 @$75 each

Hallie’s Sales: $8,254/15 = $550.26 simoleons per hour

~~~End Friday, Week 2 – Hallie~~~

NK THE HOTDOG.pngYou may be wondering why Hank is dressed up like a giant hot dog. Yes, certainly, Halloween is right around the corner, but, no that is not the reason. It’s Friday! And theme day! Hallie already told you that the theme today was an outdoor theme challenge, and what better way to celebrate the outdoors, than to attend a sporting event! Hank has done an extreme make-over of his back yard, well, he and several movers with rental equipment. Hank and I have to admit that he nearly spent all his retail funds on this renovation, but Hank feels it is worth it. Are you excited? Do you want to see what he’s done?main wall.pngLet’s have a look inside the store, first. Hank has some wonderful sports posters on his windows, He moved the 3-tier display case, which holds The Slablet, the Wabbit Tablet and the digital camera, which remain the same. Replacing the Microscatter, is a popcorn maker. He has some other sports themed items, which are just for show.the half time special.pngNext, we have our locker room special, the low key karaoke machine, which replaced, yes, the flower power light. Now, on your way to the restroom, or to get some munchies, what better way to kill time than to sing your favorite song? Practice enough and you may be a half-time performer some day.from cash.pngHank up-graded the kaboom box to the next level and replaced it with the HiFive High Fidelity Stereo. The Goldigame gaming box remains the same, Hank just changed the color. He has a great soccer rug at the door, but, unfortunately, I found out that you can’t place rugs for sale in the retail bar b q.pngFor all that tailgating that you’ll be doing, Hank up-graded the Grillwise bar-b-q to the Incendiator – a new propane bar-b-q. Oh yes! I can smell the charred remains now! And …drum roll please…now for the really, really big area …..are you holding your breath? Ok, not too long…breathe in…breathe out….ummm…you’re turning blue….quick breathe…ok, here it is!hank and the sporty backyard.pngOh, there is a football field in the backyard….and some chairs….and a cooler….are they going to be playing some sports? There even seems to be a patio heater, which is a brand new item for the store. No, no. It is the ultimate sporting area alright, with a brand new…..big screen tv.png….. outdoor big screen tv! Oh yah, now this is what Hank calls a sporting event! This is the ultimate backyard sports zone! What sim can resist? This HDCurV Anti-flat screen tv replaced the Penguin tv.

(Author’s note – if I see anyone waving their arms not able to buy this tv, I will have to do a quick wall to place the tv on. It is sort of suspended in space right now. Isn’t this just the joy of playing and writing your blog at the same time? Sort of a Let’s Play in written form).our stump.pngAnd the common item that he and Hallie will sell today, the memory stump. He will even help customers roll it to the curb. Hank is ready to do battle.GAME ON.pngWe’re open at 50% mark up and Hank also buys more advertising. Double advertising. He is going all out. Let the games begin!hank is doing a locker room talk with Bobbi.pngBobbie arrives and Hank gives her the locker room talk. Go! Go! Go! Sell! Sell! Sell! Isn’t her uniform cute today? She’s the mascot for the Llamas. Go Team!i had changed the music to backyard and that was a mistake....back to classical..pngFirst one in the store is Nancy Landgraab. I had changed the music to backyard…and, I guess that was a mistake since she started dancing right away….back to classical. What can Nancy possibly be dancing to? Crickets? Bird songs? Coyote howls? What?back in high school.pngAnd what about these two? Clara and Bjorn enter the store and immediately go into the corner. They must be re-living their college days in the locker room…smoocheroo…store is packed.pngThe store starts getting packed.bjorn is first sale.pngBjorn is our first sale! What do you think? Last Friday Bjorn bought the charcoal bar-b-q. Will be buy the propane bar-b-q? Yes he does $1,950. You can never have too many.

I take a peek at Hank’s perk points and realize he can purchase the Serious Shopper perk for 1,300 perk points. I was holding off until he got enough perk points for the Sure Sale, but decided to get this one today.

Serious Shopper makes customers more likely to want something when first entering your store by starting their bars at around 1/3 full. Overall one of the best Retail Perks for making sales, and that’s what running a business is all about! Given that the higher the bar, the more likely they will buy something without you doing anything, this will ultimately lead to more sales and cut back on the time you need to interact with the customers you do choose to pursue. (From Carl’s Guide)new customer in store today.pngWe have a new customer in the store today, Sai Ramesh. He seems to be interested in the patio heater.take a number because caterina is buying it.pngWell you better take a number Sai, because Katrina Caliente is buying this one $592.2ND NEW CUSTOMER.pngInside I see another new customer! Wow! Two in one day. Hank heads over to chat with Hugo McDonnell who is seriously eyeing the memory stump.  But it turns out that Hugo is really interested in….what do you think.png…the karaoke machine. Hugo even wanted to buy the lockers, but Hank said they were just rentals. One singing legend to go $1,3423rd new customer.pngAnd while Hank is ringing up Hugo, another new customer enters the store. Ruby Bishop, and on the top screen, it states that she is receptive to a sales pitch. Oh hurry up Hank, go and sell something to Ruby. I just can’t believe it, three new customers in one day! His advertising worked!2 more sales hurry up hank.pngBut, unfortunately, there are 2 more sales to be rung up, and Hank is in jeopardy of losing one. Ugh! How did these sales all just come up at once? By the time Hank finishes ringing up all those sales, Ruby has left the store. Ah shucks! But, Hank was so happy that his advertising did work today. Plus, he did sell Sai a digital camera $1,005, and Krishna a Slablet $1,500.bobbie hard at work stocking.pngWith that run on sales, Bobbie is furiously stocking. And then I get these two notices. Yeah for Bobbie! She is working so hard today!


making sims at homeEveryone seems to really like the backyard sports zone. In fact, Advaith feels so at home that he helps himself to some yogurt from the cooler.

(Author’s note: Apparently a few more sims made themselves at home because at the end of the day, there were empty bowls everywhere.)working on marcus to buy that tv.pngHank heads outside again and is trying to work on Marcus to buy that big screen tv. But no luck so far. He will keep trying to sell him on it.bobbie has all the guys listening intently to her.pngInside, Bobbie has all the guys surrounding her. They must be attracted to that Llama costume, or she is doing a super-awesome job of promoting the merchandise. But, the notice comes up that she is in overtime, and she heads out.

After Bobbie left, the toilet broke and the open sign went on the fritz. Hank was too busy ringing up sales to fix the toilet and customers (along with Hank), were doing the pee pee dance, so I just replaced it.he rolled the stump inside.pngI had to do a bit of a store re-model after this as no-one had even looked at the tv or the memory stump, so I figured something must be blocking it. So, I had Hank roll the memory stump inside the store, and I built a wall to put the tv on.bobbie comes back to shop.pngAnd it worked. Here is Bobbie back in the store shopping. And she’s looking at the memory stump! And she buys one. This is too funny! I guess she felt bad that Hank hadn’t sold one all day and came back to buy one. I mean, the memory stump was Hank’s idea, and it would be pretty awful if he didn’t have even one sale on that item. Thank you Bobbie. Definitely putting her in for a raise!3 sales.pngIt’s getting pretty late, and Hank is in the red in almost everything. I had some carrots in his inventory and had him eat one of those instead of his usual sandwich to keep his hunger from getting too red. Thankfully, Hank gets all the sales. Hank feels really good about his day and knows his sales were good.hank cleaning a bit while he pops some popcorn.pngHank does a bit of a clean-up while popping some popcorn. He then changes out of his hot dog costume, and freshens up a bit. It is still early and he has a game plan for tonight…kaye and hank.pngAll of these items and his big backyard game zone will be gone tomorrow. So, Hank decides to make use of it and invites his number one fan over, Kaye. Oh? Looks like Hank’s game plan is working….snuggle-up buttercup!friday sales wk 2Screenie 1 with hours worked. Screenie 2 (below) with wages, restocking and grand total! Yes!restocking and wages screenie

Hank was open 19 hours. 10  sales (Bar-b-q-1; Popcorn maker-0; Wabbit Tablet-1; The Slablet-1; HDCurV television-0; Goldibox Gaming Console-1; HiFive Hi Fidelity-0; Digital camera-1; karaoke machine-2; Patio warmer-2) Perk Points 760.

Memory Stump-1 @$75 simoleons

Hank’s Sales: $7,746/19 hours = $407.68 simoleons per hour

~~~End Friday, Week 2 – Hank~~~

Author’s Note:

Congratulations to Hallie Western and Threads for winning Friday’s Sales!

Wow! Hallie really did well today. Even though Hank had some expensive items to sell (the tv would have sold for $6,000+ with the 50% mark-up), he didn’t sell any.  There could have been a problem with how the tv was displayed, but I think that sometimes having expensive items in your store is not the way to go. Who knows? Sims are fickle.

And Hallie won the Memory Stump sales, too! I wonder where Hallie will want Hank to take her for lunch on Sunday?

Now, technically, according to the rules, on Friday, Hank and Hallie are supposed to transfer simoleons to their house fund; however, they will be doing the Seasonal Twist for October (Spooky Week), and re-vamping their store (yet again), for tomorrow’s sales. So, they will be transferring their funds on Saturday for this week only. October is nearly over, and I did want to get at least one blog written with the Halloween items displayed.

And for the true sports’ fans out there….I know, I know…Hank’s backyard football field is technically not a football field. I think it’s a soccer field. But, hey, it’s football season, and it has AstroTurf, so be happy. To make Hank’s backyard, I combined 2 rooms from the gallery. Many thanks to those simmers who created these amazing rooms. Both builds available for download in the gallery.

JessieMI3007 for the 8 x 6 room Football Dream :   )

Dumonde91 for the 12 x 9 room Backyard Theater

football dream room

backyard theater.png

Funny Outtake blooper:

When I was combining the 2 rooms I had to work on, I did it on an empty lot. I forgot that I had left some bits and pieces on the lot once I had finished. So, when I went to map view, I noticed that there was a sim living on that lot! This is Advaith’s house. loladvaiths house.png



CH 13 WK 2 – Retail Wars – And Then There Was None

so much to get ready for tomorrow.png

It’s Thursday! Hallie rolls the randomizer and her store is closed today. But that’s okay. Because Hallie has so much to do to get ready for tomorrow. Plus Genji invited her out for dinner tonight, and he was taking her to a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin for Halloween. She could hardly wait.what an amazing place.pngThe day flew by and soon it was time to meet Genji. What an amazing restaurant. She had to tell Hank about this place!and look who is here maki and lamont on a date.png

As Hallie was admiring all the beautiful flowers and carved pumpkins, she spied Lamont and Maki. Were they out on a date?genji ordered a table for us.png

Genji ordered a table for two while Hallie admired even more carved pumpkins.look at all these amazing pimpkins.png

While they waited to be seated, they headed outside and Hallie picked a pumpkin…or well, she tried to. There were so many. It was so hard to choose.with that we say good night.png

Genji was telling Hallie ghost stories and Hallie was just having the best time.

“You know…”, Genji says, ‘this restaurant is haunted…yes…every Halloween, you can see the “Great Pumpkin” rising up from the pumpkin patch…”look at this great table.png

They were seated outdoors and one of her customers, Derrick, came by to say hi. And look who their waitress is, Cassandra Goth. Doesn’t she look all grown up and so pretty?great table.png

Genji told Hallie they had a pumpkin carving station in the back, and once Hallie decides on a pumpkin, she can carve one.what do you think of my idea.png

Hallie loved fall and Halloween and thanked Genji for bringing her here. In fact, it had given her an idea for her store.GENJI WAS LAUGHING WATCHING HALLIE CONCENTRATE ON HER PUMPKIN.png

Hallie made it back to the pumpkin carving area and Genji was laughing at how hard Hallie was concentrating. It takes a lot of work to get just the right look for your pumpkin, you know.definitely tell hank.png

Plus, you needed the perfect pumpkin….working hard on her pumpkin.png

lil ghost.png

Oh my gosh! Where has the time gone? It is already pretty late by the time Hallie finishes her carving.genji says he will help carry her pumpkin home.png

It was time to head home, and Genji said he would be happy to help Hallie with her pumpkin….errr…make that….3 perfect pumpkins….genji will carry her pumpkin home.png

How could she say no? What a perfect day….haloween.png

~~~End Thursday, Week 2 ~ Hallie~~~

sign no fighting.png

Thursday started bright and early for Hank. Yesterday, Hank had a fight break out in his store. He really didn’t want this to happen again, so he had to make some rules for his store. After a quick call and some quick thinking on Hank’s part. He came up with a solution.

A new sign at the entrance of the store said “Peace”. It also said:

hanks store sign.png


ya wanna brawl follow me.png

There was another sign in the yard that said “War”. If they wanna brawl, Hank says to follow off the anger.png

Work out your anger here, not in the store. That should solve that problem.

Ok, so with that taken care of, Hank could start his day. Today is Thursday, and we rolled the randomizer and yes, Hank is open with a 50% Mark-up. Last Thursday, Hank was open, but he didn’t make any sales. Let’s hope today goes better for him. STORYTELLING SKILLS.png

Hank practices his story-telling skills in the mirror before he opens the store. This helps get his charisma up, and he is already at skill level 6.

retail ad over

While he is skilling, he gets this notice. Ahh….shucks…Hank pays a lot for advertising, but it sure doesn’t last long.long term advetising.png

Hank decides to purchase some long term web advertising for $750. We’re open! No other changes today.BOBBY DOESNT LOOKS TOO HAPPY TODAY

Bobbie clocks in, but, wait…oh no! Why is she so sad? Must still be upset about yesterday.when things are sold restock

Hank chats with Bobbie and tells her what he did and she is super happy about that. Hank assigns her re-stocking as he didn’t get a chance to finish last night. Bobbie heads off with a smile on her face.packed store in no time.png

Hank’s store is packed most of the day, but no sales as yet. Hours drag on….and on….and on. He is being his charming self and yakking up a storm with the customers. But, still nothing.close the deal try.png

Dominic Fyres’ blue sales level is almost full, and he gets the “close the deal” interaction. So, I figured, why not? Let’s see if it works this time. Go on, Hank, close the sale. Dominic does look a little taken aback, and then….leaves the store i guess that was a no.png

…Dominic heads out the door. What? I guess that was a “No” to the sale. Sheesh!someone is taking advantage of the get your anger out zone.png

Hank wanders outside and sees that Tetsu is taking advantage of the “war” zone, or maybe he just wants to work out. Well, that’s fine, too.hank gets bobbi riled up.png

Hank is having a déjà vu about today, and it’s not a good one. He lets Bobbie know all about tomorrow’s theme day and she is super psyched and can’t wait. Bobbie then tells Hank that she is in overtime and needs to leave.thansk for coming.png

Hank decides to stay open a while longer in hopes that he gets a sale. But with the clock ticking….and still nothing, he decides that he is going to close. Hank waves everyone goodbye. Grrr…..Hank is beginning to hate Thursday. And what about that sales ad? Obviously, it didn’t work.thursday.png

Hank was open 12 hours. No sales. But, of course, even with no sales, you have to pay the staff. He is in a negative balance for today ($217). I totally agree with Hank, Thursdays are not a good day for him. Poor guy.

~~~End Thursday, Week 2 – Hank~~~

Author’s Comments:

No winners today. Hallie had the day off. Poor Hank, even though he was open, had no sales, but he had wages to pay, so he actually made less than nothing, he is in the red for today! Oh no! Not good! That is two Thursdays that he has been open with no sales. Sigh!

Thanks to CyberdollYT for the amazing restaurant build where Hallie and Genji had dinner. And…do you know who was waiting for the “Great Pumpkin” in the pumpkin patch? [Answer: Linus from the Peanuts gang]pumpkin patch rest.png

Here’s some inspiration for Hank. Be strong, Hank! Be strong!

Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), 2011

CH 12 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Retail Chaos

hiring someone else.png

After her fiasco sales day without Maki, Hallie decided that she was not going to rely on Maki. Who knows. She may decide not to show up again. And Hallie was determined to be successful in her business.hiring 2nd employee hallie.png

So, after cleaning up the store and re-stocking, Hallie puts in an ad for an additional sales clerk. In order to hire additional employees, you need to unlock the Additional Employee #1 Perk, which I do for 350 perk points. Almost immediately, someone applies and she hires Lamont Haynes. He has only 1 skill level in Sales, but he does have a 3 in Work Ethic and a 2 in Maintenance. His pay rate is more than Maki’s at $31/hour. Let’s hope he’s worth it! Hallie’s plan is to use both Lamont and Hallie on the sales floor doing different tasks. One could answer customer’s questions and the other could do restocking. That is, of course, if Maki shows up for work today.maki shows up for work.png

The next morning (Wednesday), as Hallie opens the store, in walks Maki, all smiles and dressed in her new uniform. Ok, let’s forgive her this once. out new employee shows up.png

Hallie gives Maki some enthusiastic words of encouragement for today, and assign her to answer customer questions. And look, our new employee, Lamont, has also shown up for work. Yes!lamont go out there and greet customers.png

For now, Hallie assigns Lamont the same as Maki until we start to get busy. So, Lamont, please try to answer customer’s questions.morti trying on outfit.png

We’re open! We have our mannequins dressed in sports attire today. Price mark-up is 25% and outfits are $218 simoleons. Mortimer Goth is our first customer trying on the male outfit. Umm….Maki, shouldn’t you go over and see if Mortimer needs some assistance?3 hrs after open 1st sale weds.png

Three hours after the store opens, we have our first sale. Mortimer buys the small waterwall $600.lamont is stocking.png

Since we are starting to sell some items, I switched Lamont to do some re-stocking. And, look, he is doing it!maki what are u doing.png

And Maki? Well, Hallie has to berate her for slacking and checking her not check your phone when you are working.png

Maki, please do not check your phone while you are working! Then Hallie asks Maki how her day is going.

really are u going to show up tomorrow.png

Oh really? What a hilarious answer from Maki. Ok, Maki, please bring joy to the customers and answer their questions.mai stock already.png

The store is getting quite busy and more sales are made. Mila buys the Vainglorius Vanity $568 and Derrick buys the Honeycomb wine bottle holder $650.

In fact, it is getting quite busy with sims having shopping baskets over their heads. So, Hallie decides to take a chance on Maki. I mean she is the senior salesperson, so Hallie decides to give her some more responsibility and instructs Maki to ring up customer sales.maki making a sale.png

Maki seems to like this and rings up a sale for Geoffrey Landgraab who purchases a Vainglorious Vanity $568 (we sold 3 of these today!).maki i want you to ring up customers.png

Hallie makes sure she goes over to praise her when she finishes the sale with Geoffrey.continues to stock v good.png

Hallie then goes over to check on Lamont. Good, he is still stocking. She asks Lamont about his day.

creative person.png

Lamont has the creative trait. Oh, that’s good. Hallie might want some of his ideas for Friday’s theme day.lamont increased skills

And Lamont gets another skill point in Maintenance for all the stocking he is doing.i think this is the final sale.png

There are steady sales today and Hallie keeps ringing them up. Cha-ching! Derrick also buys a new outfit today $218, Ann buys the coat rack with shelf $200, and Nancy buys a Honeycomb wine bottle holder $650.gonna pull my hair out.png

Hallie glances around to see if Lamont is keeping up with the stocking, and….he is checking his phone. Oh my plumbobs! I think Hallie is going to tear her hair out! If it’s not Maki, it’s Lamont, her new employee, checking his phone. Umm….Lamont, do not listen to Maki, you cannot check your text messages or look at cute little cat videos while you are working.bye boss.png

Since it is at the 9 hour mark, she tells both Maki and Lamont to clock out early.2 more.png

And so Hallie finishes up the last sales without her sales help and is wondering if there is some type of training she can send them to to improve their customer service.closing to go out with Genji.png

And Hallie stays open another hour after letting the staff leave.2 employee wages.png

Look at the staff wages and re-stocking fees! Ouch!

Hallie got 13 sales. (Small Waterwall-2; Wine Bottle Holder-3; Children’s Dresser-1; Male Outfit-2; Female Outfit-0; Vanity-3; Globetrotting End Table-0; The Sincerity (mirror)-0; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-2. She was open 10 hours. She earned 670 perk points.

~~~End Wednesday, Week 2 – Hallie~~~


After his sold out day yesterday, Hank is quite busy the next morning, stocking….and stocking….and more stocking. Hank was super happy that he sold out of everything in his store yesterday, but re-stocking takes forever. And it was so quiet in the store. He needed some music. Yes, that was it. Maybe he should have some music in the store.BOUGHT A LITTLE SPEAKER CUSTOMERS MIGHT LIKE MUSIC.png

Hank certainly liked music, and maybe his customers would enjoy some too. So, he installed a wall speaker. I know, I know…I know what you are thinking. All these sims will just want to have a dance party in his store. But, wait! If you choose classical, there is no dance option. So, just nice music, but no wild dance parties.HANK GETTING READ FOR HIS DAY.png

Once Hank is finally finished stocking, he cleans up a bit. “it har oo alk ill ushing urrr tee…!”THROWS AWAY THE GARBAGE

And he cleans up the lot. Where are all these empty or half-filled water glasses coming from? Sheesh! These sims!HANK IS MY TYPE OF GUY TAKES OUT THE GARBAGE AND WRITES A SONG ABOUT IT

This is what I like about Hank. He throws out the garbage and then pulls out his guitar to write a song about it! “…Take out the papers and the trash…”* This was an autonomous action and I just thought it was funny.

1 day of advertising 250

It seems that the short term web advertising only lasts a day.SHORT TERM WEB 250.png

So, Hank decides to purchase some more for $250 simoleons. The store is open. It’s Wednesday and mark-up is 25%.BOBBIE IS HAPPY.png

Bobbie arrives and she is in a good mood and starts chatting up the customers right away.PEP TALK.png

Hank gives her a pep talk and praises her to start the day. ALL OUR REGULARS.png

The regular customers invade the store as soon as it opens.LAST SALE.png

And soon, Hank gets his first sale of the day. Natasha purchases a Wabbit Tablet $625.NEW ASSIGNMENT.png

Hank praises Bobbie and changes her duties to restocking. She is doing so well, she even gains a skill point.



More sales. Marcus decides to purchase The Slablet $1,250.PEOPLE THINKING ABOUT BUYING.png

Another sale. I thought this was a good shot of what everyone was thinking about.ASSIGNING TASK.png

Next, Hank assigns Bobbie to clean the store.WORKING HARD.png

Bobbie starts by cleaning off those fingerprints from the glass shelving, and then….CLEANING THAT SINK.png

Wow! Bobbie is even cleaning that grimy sink in the restroom. She has really become a super employee. Keep up the good work Bobbie!I MADE THE BATHROOM SMALL BUT OH NO ITS STILL TOO BIG.png

As soon as Bobbie is done, we have a bathroom chatty party going on. I think they are admiring the sink that Bobbie cleaned. See how it sparkles and shines! Even though I made the bathroom smaller, they still want to hang out in there.  So, the question is…how do you get these sims out of the restroom and into the store to continue shopping? I found a way! Yes!WAY TO GET THOSE CHATTING SIMS OUT.png

I mean, er…..Hank found a way. Just pretend you need to use the toilet, and they all leave! Works like a charm. Or, you can lock the bathroom door and then many sims will be doing the pee-pee dance in the store…or even worse!PEP TALK

Once Bobbie is done that, Hank assigns her to ring up sales. The store is pretty slow right now, so he is leaving Bobbie in charge while he has a bite to eat. Bobbie seems really excited about this. Hank is not very far. I mean, what can happen on his break?SOME ANGRY SIMS.png

Hank leaves the store and hears a snippet of conversation between Marcus Flex and Advaith Parikh about Marcus in Colten’s Youtube gym in store on utube.png

Flashback ~ Remember this from the other day? The workout competition?HAVE A BIT OF LUNCH.png

It’s just so nice that Hank can take a little break from the store. Bobbie has really proven herself. He may have to give her a raise soon.MARCUS IS IN A HEATED ARGUMENT.png

While Hank is having his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, things are heating up at the store. It seems that the discussion between Marcus and Advaith has turned into some type of argument.I SAW THAT UTUBE VIDEO.png

Advaith: “Muscles? You call those muscles?  I bet I can beat you in push ups with one hand tied behind my back.”

Marcus: “Bring it on! At least I have some muscles. Where are yours, buttercup?”MAD MAD MAD.png

Oh no! Did Advaith just call Marcus’ mother a llama? Those are fighting words!HEY STOP SHOVING ME.png

Uh oh! Marcus just shoved Advaith.FIGHT FIGHT.png

Oh no! It’s a fight!OH MY GOSH ITS A FIGHT.png

A fist fight! Oh no! Where is Hank? Bobbie…go get Hank!JUST WAIT TIL NANCY HEARS ABOUT THIS.png

“Oh, wait ’til I tell Nancy what happened at the store today!” thinks Malcolm.HANK IS READING HIS HANDINESS 2 BOOK.png

Meanwhile, on his break, Hank is reading his handiness book. Hank, don’t you hear the noise? You may indeed have to put those handiness skills to use. You may not have a store left!FISTY CUFFS

Back at the store, the fight is in full swing…. it’s Marcus….no, it’s Advaith….ooohh…that’s gotta hurt….THE CUSTOMERS ARE SHOCKED.png

The customers are shocked! Bobbie is shocked too, and is just watching the fight like everyone else.WHERE IS HANK.png

Where is Hank? Natasha whispers to Kaye, “Can you post that pic on Facebook?”CUSTOMERS ARE CRAZY.png

Everyone in the store is watching the fight wondering what is going to happen. Bobbie is just too frozen to do anything. Plus, she doesn’t really know what to do. Hannnnkkkk…..we need you!I THINK MARCUS WON.png

And then suddenly just like that, it’s over. From everyone’s expression, it looks like Marcus won. Everyone is holding their breath. And then, a collective sigh of relief and everyone continues shopping as if nothing happened.OH WHAT WAS I THINKING.png

Colten can’t believe this happened because of his Youtube video. It was just a joke.SOMEBODYS CRYING.png

And this poor customer is so upset that she is crying.

[Author’s Note: At first, I thought she was cying and upset because of the fight, but then she went over to Colten and slapped him. I missed taking a screenie of that one because it happened so fast. I guess he broke her heart!]

This was some day at the store for sure!boss im sorry they just started fighting.png

Hank returns from his break and Bobbie tells him what happened. Well, nothing was broken and no one was hurt, thank goodness, and the police weren’t with advrait.png

Hank goes over to talk to Advaith to see if he is alright. He tells him that he doesn’t want any more arguing or fighting in the store. He also suggests that Advaith should apologize to Marcus.OH DUDE.png

Hank then talks to Marcus and tells him the same thing. No more arguing or fighting in the store. He also tells him to apologize to Advaith. Marcus reluctantly agrees. “Oh all right.”my boss is so cool.png

Bobbie watches at how Hank is handling the situation and thinks “Man, my boss is so cool!”


boss your so funny.png

Hank goes over to chat with Bobbie before she clocks out and gives her some words of encouragement. “Don’t you worry your head over today, I have a plan. Did I ever tell you about the brawl I saw in Texas? Ooohwee! Now that was a bruiser…it all started with a rodeo bull game…oh, and the bull won by the way…”apologize

It was getting dark and Hank saw Marcus and Advaith outside and went to make sure there were no more arguments.soon all laughing again.png

Pretty soon, all was forgiven and everyone is laughing again. Hank says goodbye to Marcus and Advaith and closes the store.hank thinks about what he is going to do about no fighting.png

Hank definitely needs to put up some type of sign about no fighting. Someone could have been hurt. Hmmm…if only…..Hank has an idea and places a call. He likes his idea. I like his idea. But, you will have to wait until tomorrow to see what he plans to do!OPEN 13 HOURS.png

Final sales with hours open.NOW ADVERTISING SHOWS.png

I guess there’s a little scroll down button on the right hand side that I didn’t notice before, so yes, indeed, it lists advertising, wages and restocking for the day.RESTOCKING.png

Hank was open 13 hours. 7 sales (Bar-b-q-0; Wavescatter-1; Wabbit Tablet-2; The Slablet-2; Penguin television-1; Goldibox Gaming Console-1; Kaboom box-0; Digital camera-0; Flower Power Lite-0) Perk Points 960.

~~~End Wednesday, Week 2 – Hank~~~

Author’s Notes:

Congratulations to Hank and Wild West Electronics for winning today!

I wish there was a way you could ban the employees from checking their phones every second when they are working. I guess there is no customer service training program for retail staff. The only thing that I saw was that you can purchase the mega manager perk for $1,100 perk points. So, that’s a possibility for Hallie since she now has 2 staff employees. Well, today she does. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

And look at what happened in Hank’s store! A fight and then a sim goes over and slaps another sim. It was sure exciting in Hank’s store today! And Bobbie thinks Hank is just so wonderful. Hank is so lucky that Bobbie turned out to be a good employee. We both had our doubts after that first day. I am thinking about giving her a raise, but I am holding off because I don’t want to incur more costs for the store. Ok, I’m cheap! lol

Now, what’s Hank going to do to prevent any more fighting in his store? He better let Hallie know, too, so it doesn’t happen in her store.

*”take out the papers and the trash”, lyrics from Yakkity Yak, sung by The Coasters, 1958.

YouTube video from Paul Blart Mall Cop, Victoria’s Secret scene, 2009.

CH 11 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Advertising Rush

great idea in her pjs.png

Hallie is up bright and early. She just couldn’t sleep, she was so excited! Today, she was going to purchase some advertising for her store.

And so in her pjs, she purchases a short term television ad for $600 simoleons. Oh, but that’s not all! She also decides to use some of her perk points to purchase the Serious Shopper perk (1,300 perk points), the faster checkouts (small) perk (450 perk points) and the stunning sign perk (150 perk points). She felt so good about today. With her great sales staff, Maki, she knows that today is going to be fantastic!ad choices.png

Serious Shopper perk makes customers more likely to want something when first entering your store by starting their bars at around 1/3 full. Overall one of the best Retail Perks for making sales, and that’s what running a business is all about! Given that the higher the bar, the more likely they will buy something without you doing anything, this will ultimately lead to more sales and cut back on the time you need to interact with the customers you do choose to pursue.

Faster Checkouts (small) “Boosts the rate your Sim and all other household members can check out customers by 33%, bringing the time down to 20 minutes from 30. Overall a great perk for the price, and one you should snag early – the pricier version of this perk brings it to 15. You can make up the lost points easily over time, while converting more attempts to check out into completed sales.” (both quotes from Carl’s Guide)pj day today.png

It’s pj day today and the mannequins are dressed in their pj best.male outfit.png

You can also see what the Stunning Sign looks like, which is the green $ sign on the wall. The one below is My first simoleon, which Hallie purchased after her first day. Tuesday mark-up is 15%. Outfits are $201 simoleons.pj day.png

We’re open! Almost immediately, we get a flock of gals heading over to the female mannequin and trying on pjs. Look at how cute Mila Munch looks in them. Buy Mila! Buy!male pjs.png

Derrick Huerta is trying on the male pjs. They really suit him.where is my sales clerk.png

It is really getting busy in here. Then I notice something. Where is Maki, the sales clerk? She hasn’t shown up yet. What has happened to Hallie’s great sales clerk?4 hours past hallie tues.png

Four hours have passed and Hallie gets her first sale. Khloe Burger purchases the Vainglorius Vanity $523. Oh, and now there’s a shopping basket over Mila’s head. Where is Maki? Why didn’t she show up today? Mila buys The Sincerity $109.lily feng looks so cute in pjs mila what the.png

More shopping baskets. Poor Hallie has to now stock and do all the sales by herself. And the store is so busy since she is running the television ad. Lily Feng looks cute in the pjs and look at the funny expression on Mila’s face. I laughed when I saw it.3 people have shopping baskets.png

Oh my gosh! It is super busy now and Hallie is desperately trying to get to all the sales before they go in the red, or she loses any. Thank goodness she bought the faster checkout (small) with her perk points. Hallie can barely keep up. Derrick does purchase an outfit as does Mortimer $201, and Anne purchases a small waterwall $551 new customer oh no.png

As Hallie is heading over to ring up Lacy’s sale, a brand new customer enters the store. Oh no! How can she greet a new customer and ring up all these waiting sales? Lacy purchases a honeycomb bottle holder $597. All great sales, but she could really use some help. And where is Maki? She thought she really was a great sales clerk. How could this happen? No notice. Nothing!maki laughing at me.png

And then I see her. There on the street. Do you see her, too? It’s Maki! Yes, Maki, the sales clerk, just standing outside the store. Look in the window of the store, Maki,  and see how packed it is in there. Why weren’t you at work today?cant believe my sales clerk.png

Oh my plumbobs! Maki actually comes in the store to shop! Hallie can’t believe it!

Hallie: “Maki, you were supposed to work today. What happened?”

Maki: “Oh, I was? I thought I was off today. I must have read the schedule wrong.”what the heck

Hallie: “Ummm…..ok….. Well, you only get Sunday off. Tomorrow is a work day.”

Maki: “Oh,, of course. Wouldn’t miss it.”walls are bare.png

The store is almost completely out of stock. Hallie has been so busy ringing up sales, she has had no time to restock at all. She goes over to talk to Maki again.look at her showing off.png

Hallie: “Maki, are you able to put in a few hours now? I could really use some help stocking.”

Maki: “Well, I’m not in uniform, plus I promised some friends I would meet them at The Solar Flare. I actually just came by to purchase a mirror with my employee discount.”taking all your money dear because you do not work here anymore.png

Hallie smiles sweetly at Maki all along thinking, “I’m happy to take all your money dear, because you might not have a job after today.”  But Hallie says nothing and rings up the sale. Maki is happy and waves goodbye saying “See you tomorrow, boss.”

yes entire store sold out

And then Hallie gets this notice. Every item has sold out in the store. Hallie should be thrilled about this, but she knows that if Maki had shown up for work today, that her sales would have been much better. Hallie closes the store.

horrible day.png

Hallie got 19 sales.  (Small Waterwall-3; Wine Bottles-4; Children’s Dresser-2; Male Outfit-2; Female Outfit-2; Vanity-2; Globetrotting End Table-1; The Sincerity (mirror)-2; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-1. She was open 14 hours. She earned 730 perk points.

The advertising is taken off right away and does not show in the final report for the day.

Sales: $5,507/14 hours = $393.35 simoleons/hour

~~~End Tuesday, Day 2 – Week 2 – Hallie~~~

cash counter.png

Tuesday and you guessed it, Hank has renovated. On Sunday, he had arranged for a construction crew to come over last night and they built a little extension on his entranceway. He had also ordered a new cash register area and some new shelves. Those arrived this morning before the store opened.built an extension.png

Now he can have all the outdoor items inside too.whole store.png

He had also asked the construction crew to put in a wall in the restroom because the restroom was just too big and it was an area where sims congregated to socialize. So, his restroom was now just a toilet and sink, and in another area was his shower. Hopefully that would solve that chatty problem area.

Hank’s store still seems small, but I really like the new shelving which features 3 shelves that you can put items on, and it takes less room. So, 2 of the glass shelving tables were sold for this 3-tiered shelf. I also up-graded the counter that the microwave sits on.u guessed it we renovated the store again.png

We still have 10 sales signs, but I purchased a larger one to place in front of the building out front and sold a standing sign. Since today is Tuesday, Mark-up is choices wild west.png

Another thing that Hank did today was purchase some advertising. Hank decides to go with the short term web campaign for $250 simoleons.purchasing some advertising.png

advertising for store

Our employee, Bobbie Vela returns, and she is dressed in the store uniform. I figured out that you had to “assign” the uniform to your sales staff. What a winning smile she has to start the day! Let’s hope this day is a good day for sales for Hank!winning attitude.png

I decide that Hank is going to use some of his perk points, and purchase the Slick Salesman perk for 2,100 perk points.

The Slick Salesman perk “Boosts the success rate of all retail interactions on customers, making it easier to fill their sales bars with repeat interactions and convert them more quickly. A very good perk overall, particularly when combined with Serious Shopper.” (from Carl’s Guide)store is full.png

In no time at all, our store is full of shopping sims. Hank assigns Bobbie to clean the good.png

And sure enough, Bobbie cleans all those fingerprints off the glass shelves.5 hrs passed 1st sales tues.png

Four hours after Hank opens, he has his first sale. Surprisingly Testu is his first and last sale of the day. His first sale is The Slablet $1,150.kiddo if u sell the flower u get a bonus.png

Hank periodically checks up on Bobbie and since the store is getting busy, he re-assigns her to “answer customer questions”. He also asks her about her day.

ok she really likes her job.png

Wow! Bobbie really likes her job here! Hank is so glad.2 more sales tues.png

Two more sales. Bobbie, if this keeps up, we may be hiring one of your friends! He re-assigns Bobbie to re-stock.stocking as ordered.png

And sure enough, Bobbie goes to restock. She is working out so much better today. Don’t let her know that Hank had his doubts about her yesterday.when things are sold restock.png

Hank takes a moment to go over and praise Bobbie for her hard work today.take a chance to ring up sales.png

They get a big rush on sales, and Hank decides to take a chance on Bobbie to also ring up sales. He certainly doesn’t want to lose any sales today with the ad campaign that he’s paying for.if this keeps up may have to hire friend.png

Hank is trying to restock, but only gets one item restocked. Everyone wants to be rung up and it takes both Hank and Bobbie to get all the sales in time. Just when we get a break in sales, I have Bobbie restock, and then get this notice.

when u work them over 9 hours.png

So, at the 9 hour mark, Bobbie leaves. So, it’s now up to Hank to finish off the sales by work but came back to shop.png

So, while Hank is trying to get all the sales, in walks Bobbie again, in her street clothes, coming to shop! I think she wants to take advantage of her store discount.

the entire store has sold out.png

The entire store is almost sold out. Hank does not have time to restock anything. And then it happens! The last item, the very last item, yes, the Flower Power Light is sold. Tetsu buys the last item. Finally, Hank sells a Flower Power Light $138.

yes entire store sold out.png

Once the last item is sold, we get this notice. Hank closes the store.go home sims.png

Go home sims! And Geoffrey, please flirt with your wife on your way home. Come back tomorrow everyone!yeah my flower power light sold.png

Hank wants to personally thank Tetsu for purchasing the Flower Power Light. He never thought he would ever sell one! Thanks Tetsu.

screenie 1 tues wk 2.png

Screenshot 1 showing hours open. And below, showing the wages. The advertising is taken off right away and does not show in the final report for the day.screen 2 tues wk 2.png

What a fantastic day for Hank! He sold out of every item in the store. Yes, including the Flower Power Light! He was open 12 hours. 12 sales (Bar-b-q-1; Wavescatter-2; Wabbit Tablet-1; The Slablet-2; Penguin television-1; Goldibox Gaming Console-2; Kaboom box-1; Digital camera-1; Flower Power Lite-1) Perk Points 710.

Sales: $5,301/12 hours = $441.75 simoleons/hour

~~~End Day 2 – Week 2 – Tuesday – Hank~~~

Author’s Comments:

Winner of Tuesday’s Sales is Hank and Wild West Electronics. Yeah Hank! So, even though Hallie had no sales staff wage to reduce her total, she still didn’t win the day. Poor Hallie. She really does work hard. Hallie sold 19 items versus Hank’s 12 items.

Good news for Hank is that Bobbie Vela really did a good job today. Whereas, poor Hallie, thought she had a great sales staff with Maki, but Maki never showed up for work. So, Hallie was run ragged trying to get all the sales by herself. And then, Maki had the audacity to show up at the store to socialize and shop! The nerve! Hallie is not sure what she is going to do now….she will think about that overnight.

Sales staff are so unreliable. One day they are great….and the next…not there. What is a sim retail owner to do? Especially when you need help on a sold out, crazy day!

~~~ Retail Wars ~~~

Confessions of a Shopaholic, 2009, Sample Sale clip.