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Hank and Patches Doggone Diggins’ – Birds of a Feather

Hank is here to tell you all about collections. Well, not all the collections, just about one. The feather collection. The one that you need to complete for the Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge. You have probably been wondering, where the heck do you find feathers?finding feathers.pngSometimes, you get lucky and you just find them. That is what happened to Hank the first time he went jogging. There they were just lying on the ground. But then he couldn’t find anymorepatches found some feathers.pngBut, the best thing to do is to get your pet to find feathers. Since Patches has the hunting trait, Hank sent her out to hunt. And being the good dog she is, she came back with feathers. Yes, it’s that bush on the beach where squirrels and skunks hang out. But also birds. and feathers.

Now, no offense to Patches, but Hank has heard that cats are better feather collectors than dogs. Sorry, Patches. stray followed them  home.pngWith that said, Hank adopted a cat. This is Bruno. Bruno’s traits are Clever, Skittish and Friendly. Let’s hope he will also be a good collector of cn  have your pet chase birds.pngAnother way your pet can get feathers is to “Command to Chase Birds”. Look at Patches go! And look at all those feathers! But sadly, Patches didn’t collect any feathers.good patches.pngBut Patches did bring back a gift for Hank. Good Patches!oreo not chasing birdsLet’s see if Bruno has more luck. Well, it seems that since Bruno has the skittish trait, there is no interaction to “Chase Birds”. Obviously, there are certain traits that are better than others to do some feather collecting. Ok, well, Hank still loves Bruno, but he has to adopt another cat!oreo at the beach.pngLuck is with Hank today and he sees a lovely black and white cat….hank and Oreo at the beach.pngMeet Oreo, a stray that Hank decides to adopt. Oreo has the frisky, aloof and curious traits. Let’s hope that Oreo can find us some feathers.these birds are bigger than oreo.pngHank commands Oreo to chase birds and it works. And my, these birds are bigger than Oreo…sure enough she got some feathers.pngAnd sure enough, Oreo gets some feathers! Good Oreo!

collection of feathers

Here is what Oreo got! Although it is tempting to sell the feathers, keep them.12 FEATHERS TO COLLECTThere are 12 feathers to collect for the Feather Collection. Some of the rarer feathers, like the parrot feather, Hank found on Deadgrass Isle.WHEN YOU COLLECT ALL THE FEATHERS

Once you get all 12, you can construct a feather trophy! Isn’t this an amazing sculpture? Worth $2,500 simoleons.

After Hank got The Sum of All Birds statue, he didn’t keep the feathers anymore. He just sold them. Did you know that selling feathers is profitable? Feathers are worth $25 simoleons for the Pigeon feather all the way up to $200 simoleons for the rare Spotted Sixam feather. Beats digging rocks and harvesting! Hank can make a fortune in no time.turns out that Geoffrey Landgraab has really taken to Bruno.pngAnd an interesting thing also happened at the beach. While Hank was there, his old buddy Geoffrey Landgraab came by and absolutely fell in love with Bruno…geoffrey landgraab fell in love with bruno.png…and it seemed that Bruno really got on with Geoffrey. Geoffrey had never seen a more beautiful cat. In fact, I think Bruno liked Geoffrey better than Hank (I know, hard to believe!) So, being the good buddy that Hank is, he asked Geoffrey if he wanted Bruno for a pet. Geoffrey didn’t hesitate to answer, Yes!

[To do this, just go to Manage Worlds, click on the household you want that has the pet, and bring up the family that you want the pet to move to in the second window. No horrible putting pet up for adoption again with all the sadness associated with it. Just a mere click, and Bruno is now part of the Landgraab household].bruno will be very happy with his new family.pngSo now the Landgraab family have a pet, and let’s just say that Bruno will be a very spoiled cat at the Landgraab residence. I think Geoffrey bought out an entire pet supply store just for Bruno. Ahhh….Geoffrey really does love his furball.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Want to add more pets into the pre-made households? Check out this youtube video by MyInnerSim.


CH 11 – WK1 Day 6 (Friday) – Purrfect Bonz

realized i didnt have an outdoor trash can.pngWelcome back! It’s Friday and I realized that Cameron didn’t have a garbage can on his lot and there was garbage in the waste bin in the reception area. Who knows…maybe that is what all those sims were complaining about. But no more, because Cameron does a quick clean-up.

Everything is neat and tidy. Oh…you’re wondering where Rudy is? Oh…well….rudy saying hes sorry.pngAfter giving Cameron such a hard time yesterday, Rudy tries to make amends, and behold, he finds a little gift for Cameron. Ok, so Cameron forgives Rudy. I guess there are more things in that bush besides squirrels and skunks. Good doggo.geoffrey landgraab buying something from the vending machine.pngCameron opens the clinic. Today it’s a 200% mark-up. Cha-ching! Let’s hope he makes lots of simoleons. While he is filling up the food bowls, Geoffrey Landgraab stops by to buy something from the vending machine. I didn’t know the Landgraabs had a pet!see the glowing paws of our 1st patient.pngCameron spies the red paws of his first patient walking across the lawn. Yes! You guessed it. Catarina and one of her cats. She just looooves this clinic.doc and catarina hotfoot 5 symptoms.pngWasting no time at all, as soon as Catarina checks in, I disallow new patients and get Doc up on the exam table. 5 symptoms to find out that Doc has HotPaws. Catarina remains at a 3-star, but still has that hysterical “what are you doing to my cat” look about her. Indeed, she has that look when the cats come in for a mere check-up. All cured!abby post and woofers.pngOur next patient is Abby Post and Woofers. Ummm….Woofers, did you carry that bowl in here? Who ate all the food?woofers checking chart.pngUp on the exam table, Cameron checks Woofers chart. 4 symptoms and Woofers is a really good dog during the exam.squirrel scratch fever 148 pm.pngWoofers has Squirrel Scratch Fever! Look at Woofers expression! Like, what? I have what? Rewind. Nothing that a little feelgood serum can’t fix. All cured.a moments peace and now everyone shows up.pngIt is now 1:48 in the afternoon. Only 2 patients cured so far. It takes forever to diagnose a pet sometimes. A moment’s peace and then everyone shows up at once!javon zuniga and tofu and blue.pngJavon Zuniga and Tofu show up first, and Cameron gives Blue a pat on her head.pyrotoes antifungal spray.pngTurns out that Tofu has Pyrotoes and some antifungal spray cures him. Everyone seems happy with the clinic today and Javon leaves with a is tired and rests on the bench.pngAhhh…Blue is so tired, she is having a nap on the couch.4 symptoms stressed calmn pet.pngCome on Blue. Time to see what ails you. Justin Delgato comes in and Cameron has the calm Blue down twice during the exam. Another patient cured.2 more patients and blue is asleep.pngCameron takes a bit of a break, or tries to…but two more patients arrive at the same time would never guess that cam just cleaned the waiting room.pngOh look at the waiting room. You would never know that Cameron cleaned it up 5 mins. ago! It’s a mess again.farrah ramos and cleo.pngFirst up is Clara Ramos and Cleo. Cleo is drooling and has green goo coming from her mouth. And Clara isn’t the happiest with a 2-star over her head.super dooper swamp mouth.pngIt looks like swamp mouth….but even worse….it’s Super-duper swamp mouth! There is only one cure for that, and it’s surgery, and unfortunately, Cameron doesn’t have a surgery station. Another reason to do a renovation this weekend. And so, unable to cure poor Cleo…dreaded cone of shame.png…Cleo leaves with the dreaded Cone of alexander and tanner.pngThere is only one more patient, and Cameron tries to clean up a bit before Teresa Alexander and Tanner come in the exam room.cute cat but sick.pngTanner is a cute, but sick cat. And Tanner’s eyes are almost criss-crossed.did i make a mistake taking my cat here.pngTeresa is sitting patiently in the waiting room wondering if she had made a good choice in bringing her precious Tanner here. A 2-star is circling her head.squirrel scratch fever i love this doc.pngBut thank goodness Cameron is quick with his diagnosis, and Tanner has squirrel scratch fever. Tanner is totally in love with Cameron now.rudy gift bearer.pngWith the clinic closed, Cameron heads out to find Rudy. And there he is, bearing another gift. Umm….Rudy did you get sprayed by another skunk? Rudy doesn’t seem to be the only one smelling like a skunk…my new dancing patner.pngBut Cameron doesn’t care. It seems that Rudy wants to be his new dance partner. And their one dance pretty much tires Cameron out….and so ends the day.pngAnd so ends another day at the clinic….friday wk 1 last dayPurrfect Bonz was open for a tiring 18 hours today. Cameron had 6 patients. Because of the use of allow and disallow new patients, Cameron got excellent in his wait time! Yes! He made $1,885 from patient visits and $125 from treats for a total of 2,010 simoleons. Cameron’s best day yet!

Author’s Comment:

At the end of week 1, Cameron has $4,527 simoleons was open for 52 hours and had 23 patients. His average hourly rate was $87.05 simoleons/hour.

~ Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge Progress ~

  • Purrfect Bonz is at 2-1/2 stars
  • Cameron is at vet level 7
  • He has adopted a dog
  • He has planted all 4 varieties of the “nip” plants. Some have evolved and are at “Nice”
  • Rudy is a Simstagram Influencer
  • Cameron found 3 feathers towards the feather collection

CH 10 – WK 1 Day 5 (Thurs) – Caring Paw

bernce trying to teach buttercup to fetch.pngBernice and Buttercup are up early on Thursday morning, and Bernice plays with Buttercup a bit. She is actually trying to train Buttercup to fetch, but Buttercup isn’t co-operating and kind of just looks at the ball wondering what to do.feel the love.pngJust two more days until the weekend, and then Bernice can spend all her time with Buttercup exploring more of Brindleton Bay. She has also hired a construction crew to do some much-needed renovations on her clinic. But for now, she just wants to “feel the love.” Ahhh….good doggo.checks her garden.pngBernice waters and weeds her “nip” plants and they are doing well.tate wanders by.pngAs she is heading over to a dig spot, Tate wanders by, so she stops for a chat. Maybe this weekend, Tate would like to spend some time with them, too. He is single afterall.davon chatman and prissy.pngWhere has the time gone? It is already afternoon when Bernice finally opens the clinic. She sits down to eat a bowl of peas (she randomly chose this from the fridge), when Davon Chatman & Prissy arrive as well as Catarina Lynx and Doc. Time to get to work!just mopped up the drool from prissy and now doc is using the kitty bin not great rating for reception area.pngBernice talks to both Davon and Catarina, bantering about their pets. But Catarina seems in a rush today, and soon her 3-star turns to a 2-star. Better look after Prissy, since they were here first.definitely have to move the kitty litter box.pngOh Doc! What a putrid smell coming from that litter box. That can’t help the reception area star rating. Ugh! Bernice will have to attend to that after she checks Prissy.prissy what have you done now.pngDear, dear Prissy, what has happened to you? Davon looks pretty sad, but Bernice reassures him that Prissy will be fine. Prissy’s disease has 4 symptoms.4 symptoms.pngBernice goes through all the checks for Prissy and discovers a case of Squirrel scratch fever. A shot of feelgood serum cures Prissy.goes to a 4 star.pngWith Prissy cured, Bernice tries to clean up all the drool that Prissy left behind before she sees Catarina and Doc.

Well, here we go again. With a 2-star over her head, Catarina huffs out the door with poor Doc trailing behind her. Gone. Again.  I didn’t think that Bernice took that long with Prissy, but obviously Catarina wasn’t waiting around, so Bernice lost a patient. This happened in the last chapter, too. Sheesh she is impatient.

With some time on her hands, Bernice empties the kitty litter box and places it outside.someone came in clinic to buy a treat.pngWhile Bernice is finishing mopping the reception area, Catarina comes back with another one of her cats.

Someone also came into the clinic and bought an item from the vending machine. (She was too fast, so wasn’t able to click on the name)catarina is steamed and so we give josie a relaxation shot.pngEven though Bernice greets Catarina right away, Catarina’s star drops to a 2 almost immediately. With Josie on the exam table, Bernice uses the relaxation serum on Josie and gets right to the exam. She does not want to lose Catarina again.this is a new one.pngI am not sure why Catarina went to talk to Bernice’s catnip plants, but while she was doing this, Bernice discovers that Josie has Prismatic Poop Plague. No worries. Bernice knows that a biscuit with Medicine X will cure the disease. Another patient cured.kent higginbotum and sage de la cruz.pngTwo more patients come in at the same time. Sage de la Cruz and her dog, Kona and Kent Higginbotham and his cat, Furball. If you recall, the last time Kona was here, Bernice tried to mate Buttercup with him, with no success.2 patients waiting and buttercup wants to be taken for a walk.pngFirst up is Kona, and Buttercup is having a thought bubble of going for a walk. Sorry, Buttercup, have to take care of these two patients first.while examining kona reached level 7 of the vet skill.pngWhile Bernice is treating Kona with magmafied organs, she levels up to Level 7 in the Vet skill. Yeah Bernice. And yes, Buttercup still has that walk thought bubble over her head. Just one more patient and she can close the clinic.furball  has mad quite a mess in the reception area.pngThe reception area and most of the clinic is a mess from Furball drooling everywhere, so Bernice takes a moment to do a mop-up.doesnt look too happy about wait time.pngKent is not happy about the wait and is now at a 2-star. Furball is not happy, either, and keeps getting on and off the exam table.furball got off the exam table and is obsessed with my fridge.pngFurball seems to be obsessed with Bernice’s fridge and keeps running over to it. This happened twice and it was very irritating.i have had it with this cat giving napnip.pngSo, the third time this happened, I had it with this cat. With no relaxation serum left, I thought I would try the napnip again. So, I had Bernice give Furball napnip. Look at poor little Buttercup, so sad, all she wants to do is go on a walk.fianlly furball is cured.pngYeah, Bernice finally got Furball on the exam table to discover she had mild repugnitis. A spray with some parasite killer spray has her cured. Finally! Davon is excited, too and leaves with a 3-star. Bernice closes the clinic.

I guess poor Buttercup didn’t think she would be going on that walk and has a quick nap.furball is hanging around for some food.pngWow! Did Bernice work through the night? Is that the sun coming up already? Furball wants to hang around. I guess she was hungry, but Buttercup beats her to the food bowl.FINALLY BERNICE CAN TAKE BUTTERCUP FOR A JOG.pngAfter an exhausting night, Bernice can finally take Buttercup for a nice jog to the beach.BUTTERCUP IS SO HAPPY.pngButtercup is one happy dog when they get back, and Bernice is thankful that she can finally get to bed. For a few hours at least.thurs clinic closedCaring Paw was open 15 hours and Bernice had 5 customers. 1 lost patient and 1 customer bought a treat from the vending machine. Service profits are $973 and with the treat sales, $1,073 simoleons for the day. The clinic remains at 2-1/2 stars. Her bedside manner was excellent, but there are still problems with wait times and the clinic ambiance. Bernice levelled up to Vet Level 7. She has 3,930 perk points.

Author’s Notes:

It is very frustrating when you have a pet patient and they get on and off the exam table. I have had this happen one other time, and not sure why this is. Maybe the pet is scared of being examined. Thank goodness the napnip seems to work to calm the pet down.

And Catarina Lynx is becoming one of Bernice’s most impatient customers. Twice now she has huffed off with a 2-star over her head.

These two issues, other than mopping up after pets, are very frustrating. Some activity to do in the waiting room may help with Catarina’s impatience, but not sure what to do about the pet getting on and off the exam table. Need to make more relaxation serum and give it to them right away to relieve the pet’s stress.

Other than these issues, I think that Bernice is doing really well in the clinic and is already at Vet Level 7.

Hank and Patches Doggone Diggins’ – Runaway Pets

hNK dopts kiaHank is here to tell you about the heart-wrenching story of his runaway pet, Kia. After the puppies were born, Hank might have been spending too much time with them and somehow Kia was feeling sad and lonely.

Yes, dogs and cats can run away. It can be a random act, or it can happen because your pet’s needs aren’t met. When Hank got this notice, I was in a panic state. Kia had run away!

oh no running away

If anyone ever played The Sims Online, then you would remember when you put a “rare” pet on the lot, they would sometimes run away….but, they never did come back. I thought that this would happen to poor Kia.

Hank scanned the entire area with no sign of Kia what-so-ever. I thought she was gone for good. But rest assured, your runaway pet will come back.alert for kia.pngTo help the whole simworld look for your beloved runaway pet, you can post a “lost dog/cat” alert using your phone (or computer).why did kia run away

Even with this done, it doesn’t stop Hank from searching everywhere for Kia.runaway feelingWhen you have a runaway pet, you get the sad moodlet. But after 6 hours, your pet does return.welcome back kia.pngAnd here is Kia back again. Hank tentatively gives her a treat and tells her how sorry he is for neglecting her.reunitedSo, 6 hours of sadness that Hank experienced over Kia’s running away is replaced with 6 hours of happiness on her return. Hank is sure happy she is back!smelly pet.pngHank wonders what adventures Kia had when she was away. She is certainly smelly and needs a loves hank.pngSo, if you have a pet, know that a pet takes responsibility and if your pet is sad, they could runaway, and you could be in the same, sad situation that Hank was in. So, feed, bathe, play and love your pet.fighting a squirrel.pngAnd soon they will be back to their old self, saving the simworld from squirrels.


don't  be a runaway.png~ LOST ~

Have you seen this dog? Last seen running along beach in Cavalier Cove wearing shark fin life-preserver. Please return our Daisy to us.

So if you think you see a stray and think it’s a runaway, report it to your local SimsASPCA and help a family find their furry friend again.

CH 9 – WK 1 Day 5 (Thurs) – Purrfect Bonz

thank goodness for coffee.pngCameron is sure thankful that there is lots of coffee this morning. Last night, Rudy was quite a handful.

After bathing and feeding Rudy, Cameron thought that Rudy would be tuckered out from his excitement of being adopted. Uhhh….noooo…. Rudy decided to explore his surroundings.default bush.pngIt all started with this innocent looking bush. Yep, it attracts those pets, especially Rudy. All night, Rudy kept going in and out, in and out of that bush chasing something. And always coming out fine.oh no rudy has been hitten by a squirrel.pngBut then it happened, Rudy tangled with something in that bush and that something bit back. A squirrel. Rudy got bitten by a squirrel. Now Cameron has to treat Rudy at the pet rudy has green gool coming from his mouth

rudy is sick.pngRudy the adopted dog is now the patient. Oh, it’s 2 am in the morning? No problem. The clinic is open day and night, especially if you live on-site. Cameron drags himself out of bed to treat poor Rudy.4 symptoms take temp first.pngRudy has 4 symptoms and lets Cameron check him.examining fur.pngCameron thinks he knows what this disease is, especially since it involved a squirrel.squirrel scratch fever level 5 vet.pngYep, just as Cameron thought, it’s Squirrel Scratch Fever. Cameron gives Rudy a Feelgood Serum shot. All better. Now, Rudy, get some sleep!since cam was up might as well make treats.pngSince Cameron was awake anyway, I had him craft some treats. Earlier in the evening, he had a brand new….cam bought a vending machine.png…vending machine delivered. Ok, well, a slightly dented, nearly new version. Now Cameron can sell treats at the clinic. I’m excited!

Cameron makes quite a few treats and a relaxation serum and I realize it’s almost morning. Ahh…who needs sleep? Cameron prepares himself for the day and opens the clinic. Mark-up is 150%.first patient thurs bart jr.pngCameron also hung a few “environment 1” pictures in the reception area. It must have worked because Catarina Lynx thinks that Cameron’s clinic is a great looking clinic.


One other thing that I learned is that you can “allow” and “disallow” patients throughout the day. This way you don’t get a waiting room full of patients with their star level deteriorating. This does not close the clinic for the day, just temporarily puts a hold on any new patients. Cameron is trying this out today to see if the star level will be better. bart jr is healthy.pngCameron meets Bartholomew A. Bittlebun Jr. Catarina just wants to have a check-up for Bart Jr. There are 5 symptoms and Bart Jr. is indeed healthy. To keep him that way, Cameron gives him a preventative shot.she leaves with a 4.pngSo, the “allow/disallow” on the check-in podium seems to work, as Catarina leaves with a 4-star. Next up is Brent Hecking and his dog, Rosie. Cameron “disallows” new patients while he is tending Rosie.give rosie the big relax shot.pngRosie is already pretty stressed, so Cameron decides to use a relaxation serum shot. Three symptoms to the disease.rudy seems to be affected by the shot he keeps getting up and falling over.pngWhile Cameron is examining Rosie, in walks Rudy and sort of slumps down on the carpet beside them. Rudy was acting strangely and went to get up and then fell down again. Maybe it was a glitch in the game, or perhaps that serum Cameron gave him was really strong and Rudy is kind of woozy.

Cameron diagnoses Rosie with Swamp Mouth and calms Rosie down again before administering an essence of placebo treat. Cameron also “allows” new patients when he has the correct pleasing catarina today.pngCameron has to do a bit of a mop-up from all the icky stuff left behind from swamp mouth disease. Yuk! His next patient arrives. Catarina Lynx and her cat, Josie. First visit, she loves the place, and now, she’s not happy with how the place looks. There is no pleasing her does an eye exam.pngThree symptoms and Cameron starts with an eye exam. Yum! Yum! Treat, good kitty. Josie looks a bit woozy and Cameron thinks it might be Woozykittyitis. And he is right! A shot of eudomonia concentrate should cure it. Catarina is very happy now and leaves with a 4-star. Cameron looks around and wonders where Rudy has gone.who needs a water bowl when you have the toilet.pngBefore his next patient, Cameron has a chance to fill up the pet food dishes and heads to the back to the restroom. Ahhh……that’s where Rudy is…. Who needs a water bowl when you have a toilet to drink from. Right? I guess this is bad behavior, so Cameron lectures Rudy about drinking from the toilet bowl.there he goes again.pngRudy wanders off to his favorite place. I hope he doesn’t get into another squirrel fight.wasn't fast enough with the allow checkin.pngAs Cameron rounds the corner, there are two patients waiting. Oh darn!  I wasn’t fast enough with the disallow patients on the check-in podium. First up, we have Justin Delgato with his cat, Bartholomew A. Bittlebun Sr. who has very red looking paws. Cameron tries to get Bart Sr.’s fun up a bit by using a laser pointer.

I wonder if there is any relation between Bart Sr. & Bart. Jr. Did the Delgato’s sell a kitten to Catarina?look at catarina cat it is scared.pngHave a look at Catarina’s cat. The poor thing jumped when it entered the reception area and the cat’s thought bubble had a speaker with a red line through it. I think it is afraid of music. Poor kitty.why is catarina in the exam room.pngStep right up Bart Sr. Ummm….why is Catarina in the exam room instead of the waiting room?

Bart Sr. has 3 symptoms to the disease and Cameron is quick to diagnose Blazing Tootsies. Parasite Killer Spray to the far everything looks good.pngThe clinic has now been open for 8 hours, but Cameron has been up most of the night. He is starting to get really tired. Catarina just wants a check-up for Cleo and Cameron finds that Cleo is healthy and just needs a preventative shot. Catarina leaves with a 3-star and Cameron closes the clinic.

Now to find Rudy. Cameron figures that Rudy is in his favorite spot. The bush.this cant be good.pngThis doesn’t look or smell good…..rudy sprayed by a skunk.pngAhhh….Rudy….you look really dirty….and, well….you stink buddy! Like you’ve been sprayed by a…..oh no! Rudy has been sprayed by a skunk!

skunk spray

taking my stinky skunk pet for a walkCome on Rudy. Cameron takes his stinky, smelly, skunky Rudy for a walk. Rudy looks quite happy about that, leaving a skunk cloud in his wake. Ahhh….Rudy….what next? Let’s hope that Cameron gets some sleep tonight. Until tomorrow.thurs eod.png

Purrfect Bonz was open 9 hours and Cameron had 5 customers.  Service visits were $1,010 simoleons and with treats sold Cameron made $1,135 simoleons. The clinic has excellence in the wait time due to the allow/disallow of new patients. Clinic is at 2 stars. Is it possible the clinic went down 1/2 star?

Author’s Note:

I think that Rudy’s middle name is trouble. First he gets bitten by a squirrel, then he drinks from the toilet bowl, then gets sprayed by a skunk. I am finding out all kinds of things that can happen in the game with the “troublemaker” dog trait. Rudy sure does keep Cameron on his toes. Cameron will have to find a way to keep Rudy out of trouble, if that’s at all possible.

I am not sure what happened with the star rating and how it dropped. Oh well. Rudy is planning a reno of the clinic this weekend, once he cashes in all the treasures he has found. He heard rumor that the Caring Paw already has a surgery station and has used it somewhat successfully on one of the patients. Cameron can’t let anyone else win Dr. Paws’ contest. He will have to work harder if he wants to become the new vet at Brindleton Pawspital. What to do….what to do….



CH 8 – Wk 1 Day 4 (Weds) – Caring Paw

Before Bernice opens her vet clinic, she decides to head over to her “home” lot. The lot traits here are cat hangout, dog hangout and breeding ground. There are so many strays in Brindleton Bay. Who cares for these strays? Who feeds them? Bernice decides to leave out 2 bowls of food for the strays. Who knows. Maybe they will come here.ANOTHER CAT.pngAnd then all of a sudden, it happens. Dogs…dogs…dogs…they are all coming to the lot. And even some cats. They are all strays. And the poor dogs are sick. How can she treat these dogs? Bernice may just have to adopt them all. Ummm….she may need a bigger house.

She tries to comfort the pets as best she can and fills up the pet bowls before she heads back to the clinic.maybe leah needs a bath.pngBernice brings one of the strays, Leah, back to the clinic with her. But, Bernice is unable to get Leah on the exam table to cure her. Maybe a bath will help. So, unless you adopt a pet, you can’t bring it to the vet to cure it. That’s sad. Those poor strays. Bernice wished there was some way she could open a foster care shelter for them, and then sims could come and adopt them. For now, she will do the best she can.1st patient for thurs.pngBernice opens her clinic. Mark-up is 100% and there are 4 treats in the vending machine for sale. Bernice has prepared 2 relaxation shots for the exam table. She is at vet level 5.

First patient is Davon Chatman and his dog Prissy. What a nice looking dog, except for the drool coming from the dog’s mouth….no time to mop up that mess.png..and dripping everywhere on the floor. Before Bernice even has a chance to think about mopping, another patient arrives. So, no time to mop up the mess.just started exam and she sees catarina at a level 2.pngPrissy hops up on the exam table and has 3 symptoms. Egads! Bernice notices that Catarina, who is waiting in the reception area, now has a 2-star over her head. Time to take action. Bernice decides to take a guess at Mild Repugnitis and guesses at the parasite killer spray treatment, and eureka, she is right! Oh yeah! That saved time.catarina where are u going.pngCatarina? Where are you going? Ugh! I think Bernice just lost a patient….catarina is here with cleo.png…but wait, Catarina is back again. She is signing in at the check-in podium and in comes Cleo.bernice is right on cleo and sees another patient in the reception area.pngBernice ushers Cleo in quickly before Catarina decides to leave again. And just in time, as another patient has just entered the reception area.cleo is sick.pngCleo is sick….green goo coming from the poor cat’s mouth, and it looks like fleas jumping about. Cleo has 4 symptoms. Looks familiar. Yes, it’s repugnitis. Nothing that a little organic disinfectant spray can’t cure.nancy landgraab comes in angry.pngWhile Bernice is attending Cleo, Nancy Landgraab comes in the clinic and looks in the vending machine, but then huffs off again. I guess she didn’t find what she was looking for. Oh no! And our next patient is at a 2-star.meeting cheeby.pngBut thank goodness Cleo is all done. Next we have Patrick Juarez and Smeagie. There are 3 symptoms to the disease, and Smeagie is pretty tense, so Bernice gives him a relaxation serum so she can start examining him right away. There is a rash of repugnitis at the clinic and Smeagie has a mild version.parasite spray.pngBernice sprays poor Smeagie with parasite killer spray. Another cured pet!bernice has got to do something about the mess.pngJustin Delgato and his dog, Blue arrive. Bernice has no time to clean the reception area and it is a mess. Look at it. Maybe she can hire a maid. I have no idea if you can hire a maid on a clinic lot, so I give it a go. Maybe the maid will show up at the home lot.maid mop already.pngThe maid does show up at the clinic. Mops one thing and then stops. You know, typical maid behavior. Maid…..mop already! $62 simoleons later and it’s still dirty. Sheesh! Another customer and everyone has 2-stars over their head.

Bernice shouts to Buttercup….”don’t drink that drool!”oh lord everyone has a 2 star.pngWith Blue finally up on the exam table, Bernice discovers that Blue has 4 symptoms. A new disease. Oh no! Squirrel scratch fever. How did Blue get scratched by a squirrel? Poor Blue. Bernice administers a feelgood serum. Bernice is now level 6 vet level 6

we have bart jr in the waiting room.pngBernice lets Jayden McBride and Cutie know that they are next. She sees Catarina Lynx with another one of her cats in the reception area. Bernice is getting tired and decides to “disallow new customers” after Catarina.has to give cutie the relaxation shot.pngAs soon as Cutie is on the exam table, Jayden’s star turns to a 3-star. There are 5 symptoms to Cutie’s disease, and Bernice wastes no time and gives Cutie a relaxation serum.slurry fur off to surgery.pngAnother new disease, and this one requires surgery. Sorry Cutie. Cutie has slurry fur. Cutie looks a bit in shock with the news. Ruh Roh!slurry fur surgery.pngLuckily Bernice has a surgery machine, or she would have no other treatment available for Cutie. Bernice is kind of nervous as this is her first surgery. Shhhh…don’t tell Cutie.

A Tum Tum Tickletangle Readjustment Surgery is needed. I mean how hard can it be? You just turn this knob….oops wrong button.pngOops! Wrong button. Bernice you turned Cutie into a topiary bush!bernice you turned cuties into a topiary.pngOk, take two….back in the surgery unit to see if Bernice can’t cure you this time…. Bernice crosses her fingers and turns another knob…bernice did it.pngYeah! Cutie is cured! Bernice you did it! Bernice deserves a medal for this one.ok next and last bart jr.pngLast patient of the day and Bernice is tired. She sits down for a moment to banter about pet with Catarina. This is Bartholomew A. Bitterbun, Jr. Bernice calls him Bart Jr. for short. Look at those paws and nose. Pssstt…..Buttercup….don’t get too close.come on get back on the exam table.pngBernice has quite a time with Bart Jr. who keeps getting on and off the exam table. He is not too happy about being at the clinic and tries to hide in Bernice’s bedroom.

Bernice doesn’t have anymore relaxation serum and it would take too long to make some. But if she is going to get Bart Jr. on the exam table….giving bart jr napnip.pngBernice has to do something. Suddenly she feels something in her pocket. This might work. She decides to give Bart Jr. some napnip.napnip induced bart jr.pngNapnip is supposed to calm the pet and even put them to sleep. Bart Jr. does seem a bit calmer so Bernice can conduct the exam and discover what the 4 symptoms are…one mean cat.pngBut even with the napnip, Bart Jr. is a mean and cranky cat. I guess I would be cranky too if I had a red nose and red paws.

Bernice diagnoses Bart Jr. with Magmafied Organs, and I think, oh no, not more surgery. But luckily this disease can be cured with an antiviral payload. Bart Jr. is cured! Now get your crank-pot self outta here. Bernice closes the clinic.


After taking a break, Bernice and Buttercup head outside. They wander next door and Buttercup sees Brant Hecking and starts barking. Bernice has had a long day, and really doesn’t want to hear all this barking, so she trains Buttercup not to bark so much. Success!


Good Buttercup. But, Bernice can’t stay mad at Buttercup for long, and they become companions. With that, Bernice has finished Level 2 of the Friend of the Animal Aspiration, which is:

  • Be friends with 5 animals
  • Become companions with a pet
  • Successfully train out 2 misbehaviors


level 2 completed.png


nice profit.png

Caring Paw was open 12 hours and had 5 patients. Bernice’s excellence was in calming the pets. Her clinic is now at 2-1/2 stars. She has 2,915 perk points. Her earnings were $1,973 in service and all 4 treats sold, netting her $2,123 simoleons.

Author’s Notes:

Bernice certainly had a great day at the clinic. Making the relaxation serum really seemed to help calm those pets. The clinic ambiance is still a problem with pets getting sick everywhere. Even though Bernice hired a maid, the maid didn’t stay very long after she cleaned. Bernice is going to think about how to increase her clinic ambiance and some way of better cleaning the clinic.

CH 7 – WK 1 Day 4 (Weds) – Purrfect Bonz

drinking some coffee.pngThe next day came early for Cameron, since he was up pretty late due to his visit to Deadgrass Isle. I decided to buy Cameron a coffee maker, or he may not be able to make it through the day today. He now has a 6 hour coffee buzz.

Yesterday, Cameron was undecided about what pet he should adopt, but with the votes tallied, it was voted that Cameron adopt Rudy. So, after Cameron finishes at the clinic today, he is going down to the beach to search for Rudy and adopt him. Cameron was super excited.1st patient for cam.pngI have Cameron skill charisma as he waits for his first patient, and, he doesn’t have to wait long because Kelli Haney and her pet, Axel arrive on the lot. Cameron heads out to greet them and another patient checks-in.waiting room is getting crowded.pngOh my Gosh! The waiting room is getting a bit crowded, Cameron may have to expand a is coming .and we have Axe  the red-nosed dog..pngCameron knows that Christmas is on its way, and this proves it. His first patient, Axel, the red-nosed ummm…dog. Three symptoms to this disease, and Cameron is quick to diagnose Axel with Winterfest Fever.calm down there kelli.pngKelli seems surprised that Cameron is so quick at his job. One fixitol treat for Axel should have him defrosted in no time.things are getting busy.pngNot even 4 hours into our day and look at the waiting room. Cameron had better be quick on the next patient.i have got it.pngNext up is Justin Delgato and his cat Batholomew A. Bitterbun Sr. Now that’s a mouthful for a pet’s name! We’ll just call him Bart Sr. Ok, so Bart Sr starts off a bit nervous, but Cameron is going to continue on with the exam, I mean, he has 2 other patients waiting in the reception area. Five symptoms for this disease. By the time Cameron finishes the exam and diagnoses Bart Sr. with Mild Cuteness Gland Blockage, Bart Sr’s stress level is totally in the red.Oh my gosh what is going on outside the clinic.pngSuddenly, Cameron hears a commotion coming from outside the clinic. What the heck is going on? It’s a fight. He sees a dog in that cloud of dust…oh gosh two patients got into a fight.png…two patients fighting outside. And then it’s over. Looks like the cat won. Yep, Cats Rule and Dogs Drool.

Inside, Cameron quickly gives Bart Sr. a preventative shot and cures him.catarina does not look happy with cam.pngCameron takes a break and gets out another food bowl and fills them both full. Catarina does not look too happy with Cameron. Imagine! Her poor cat coming for vet treatment and getting into a fight with another patient. A dog and cat fight. What kind of clinic is this?calms dog down.pngCameron ushers in the poor loser of the fight, Dog. Yes, Kerry Magana named his dog, Dog. Cameron has to calm Dog down a bit before he begins the exam. Four symptoms to this disease. Cameron takes a guess at the treatment and gives Dog an essence of placebo treat and cures him! Go Cameron!DOG DOES NOT LOOK LIKE DOG THAT CAME IN.pngCan you believe this is the same dog that came in? What a nice looking dog, Dog is. i think that cam has lost his first patiet.pngCameron has to take a short pee break before his next patient, but Catarina is not waiting and storms out with a 1 star above her head with her cat following her. Poor Cameron just lost his first patient. Lost meaning that they left. Ah shucks!

In the meantime, it looks like someone else is waiting, and they are going to be the last patient that Cameron sees today.last patiet of the day.pngCameron has Brant Hecking and Rosie come into the exam room right away. Rosie is pretty stressed, so Cameron takes his time and calms her down. Brant is very happy and thinks that the wait times are short and sweet. Five symptoms to Rosie’s disease.rosie doesn't look too well.pngRosie doesn’t look too well, and Cameron thinks it might be something serious. He has to calm Rosie down again during the exam, and Cameron discovers that Rosie has Slurry Fur. Surgery is suggested, and Brant will have to take her to another vet office with a surgery machine.rosie hs slurry fur.pngSo, Rosie leaves with the dreaded cone of shame. Sorry Rosie. Cameron closes the clinic. He also changes his clothes and has a bite to eat before heading down to the beach. Oh, he  hopes he can find Rudy.adopting rudy.png Luck is with Cameron and he sees Rudy at the beach and immediately chooses the “adopt” interaction.


Yeah, Rudy is now Cameron’s pet. Rudy’s traits are loyal, troublemaker and hunter.what a dog.pngWith the adoption complete, Cameron completes level 1 of the Animal Lover Aspiration. Cameron then decides to test out Rudy’s hunter skills and sends him off to hunt.rudy on the hunt.pngLook at that concentration….yeah rudy get me those feathers.pngRudy runs off and chases the birds. Yeah Rudy, get me some of those feathers. But no feathers.having a fun time getting dirty.pngThen Rudy discovers a pile of fish and is just having a great time getting dirty.rudy and fiona have found boxes for me.pngOh but wait, it looks like Rudy has found something. And another dog, Fiona, has found something, too. Ahhhh…gifts for should just get in that tub with rudy he is stinky to.pngCameron decides to bring Rudy back to the clinic to give him a bath. Cameron has a wonderful “green” aura around him, too. Maybe Cameron should just jump in that tub with Rudy.ok rudy you are all clean.pngRudy is now all clean and shakes all the water off of him giving Cameron a shower, he is eating cat poop out of the kitty ltter box.pngWhile Cameron is toweling himself off, Rudy decides that he is hungry, and promptly heads to the kitty litter box to um….well…eat some cat poo. Oh gross! Cameron quickly empties the kitty litter box and calls Rudy over to eat out of the food dish.rudy is a happy dog.pngAhh….Rudy….what more mischief will you be getting into? I just have this feeling….

purrfect bonx end of day

That caffeine certainly helped Cameron to get through the day. He was open 10 hours, with 5 customers, and is at 2-1/2 stars. Even though he lost 1 customer due to a long wait time. Cameron’s bedside manner is excellent, but he needs to improve his quality of service and wait time. He has 2,495 perk points.

Author’s Note:

Cameron is going to have to expand his clinic, especially his waiting room. I almost want to build a cat and separate dog area, but I know that’s not possible. Expanding and re-decorating may also help with the star rating. And, he can make lots of treats, but without a vending machine, he is not getting any simoleons on them. So, a vending machine is needed at $950 simoleons. He also needs to have a surgery area, and the cheapest is $2,200 simoleons, so that might have to wait a bit. Where is a sim bank when you need it? He may have to sell his computer to purchase everything that he needs.

Cameron seems really happy to have adopted Rudy, and Rudy has certainly made himself right at home. Let’s hope that Cameron can train Rudy to be a well-behaved, friendly, clinic dog.