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Chapter 1.4 – GeekCon Festival

princess in training.pngThe next morning, Leia was up early, in fact she had barely slept. She had wanted to try on some costumes and decide if she wanted to wear one to the GeekCon Festival. It was today! She could hardly wait! She really loved the Princess Leia costume. It had special meaning to her since she had been named after Princess Leia by her father.good morning alien child.png

No sooner had she taken a sip of coffee than she heard the pitter patter of tiny feet waddling out to greet her. Oriana was up and ready to go!mambo jangi

But first things first, Leia had to change the poopie diaper. “Oriana, it’s time to change out of that stinky diaper,” said Leia. Well, it seemed that Oriana was in the same mood she was when she went to bed. Defiant. Oriana didn’t want her diaper changed. Nope, nope, nope. Leia was starting to feel the tension build. She didn’t want to have to go through this again.potty training again.png

Leia tried another strategy. “Does Oriana want to go potty?” asked Leia hopefully. Yes, Oriana did want to go potty and then Leia could change the diaper. That worked well!knock on the door oh it is bella

As Leia was giving Oriana her breakfast, there was a knock on the door. It was Bella Goth! How wonderful! Leia had taught Bella’s children, Cassandra and Alexander at the Windenburg Academy. “How did Bella know I lived here?” wondered Leia.dont know what to do bella.png

Leia invited Bella in and they sat down to chat. “I heard that you had moved to Newcrest and wanted to see how you were settling in,” chimed Bella when she came inside, “And this must be one of THE toddlers…” Leia could not hide her shock that Bella knew about the alien children. She thought that it was a secret. “I was summoned for jury duty, too,” said Bella quietly, “apparently, the “agency” had confused me with another Bella Goth. I really don’t know much else, but it was rumored that the other Bella had been abducted by aliens*. Since I was not her, they dismissed me, but I was sworn to secrecy. When I was leaving, I saw you enter by a side door, and knew that you, too, had been selected. I’m also good friends with Mavis Barfield, the real estate agent, and she told me where you secret, of course.”*bella.png

“Oh Bella, you have no idea how happy I am that someone else knows. And you being a mother…well, I have so many questions to ask about parenting”, Leia blurted out, almost in tears.i dont think i am cut out for being a mama.png

“I don’t think I am cut out for this…for being a mother…”, said Leia sadly.bella is feeling for Oriana so sad.png

Bella looked over at Leia and the screaming Oriana. “Leia”, Bella said, “You were one of the best teachers at Windenburg Academy. All of the children adored you. You were so calm and understanding and recognized gifts in each one of them. You are just tired. Toddlers will do that to you. I brought over some books to help you on parenting. I also found a website…a special website, Leia, for parenting the alien toddlers. There are others like you, so don’t despair.”LEIA U WERE ONE OF THE BEST AT THE ACADEMY.png

As Leia quieted Oriana and gave her a sippy cup, she listened to all Bella had to say and it cheered her up. What a great friend Bella was. Right then and there Leia decided she was going to be the best parent ever. A Super Parent! She was going to read every book, visit every website…everything she ever wanted to know about raising a toddler. “Now, go get ready for GeekCon, Leia,” Bella laughed, “I will read a story to Oriana and get her ready.”browse parenting methods

While Leia was getting dressed, she was curious about the website that Bella had given her, so she took a moment to search the web for it…hmmm…. bizoopagoto…I wonder what that means? I will have to look at it later. Right now…GeekCon awaits!i think this toddler is in love with Bella lol

Leia decided that she would wear normal clothes to GeekCon. She thanked Bella again, and Oriana peep peeped at Bella, too. Bella waved a farewell and told Leia that if she ever needed her help, to just give her a call. Leia couldn’t thank her enough. (author’s note – Look at Oriana’s thought bubble. Does she love Bella, or does she love the butterfly? I think Oriana is star struck by Bella.)leia bringing oriana to geekcon.png

Leia and Oriana arrived at GeekCon and explored all the exhibits….a new festival

game play.png

…Leia even tried her hand at some gaming…but didn’t win…all kinds of interesting.png

They met lots of people and even chatted with some interesting cosplayers…orianna one day we will ride in a rocker ship.png

…they even saw a giant rocket ship…“Oriana, one day we will ride in a rocket ship,” proclaimed Leia.

blast off go.png

Yes, together, one day….

dfinant chld.png

…they had some delicious veggie burgers to eat….and Leia even bought a Geekcon t-shirt for herself. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any in Oriana’s size. When it came time to change the diaper…Oriana was being her defiant self again.stinkiest toddler on the planet.png

This time, Leia decided to employ some new parenting skills and she calmly told Oriana not to be so defiant and that Oriana really needed to have her diaper changed. Leia gave Oriana a big hug and Oriana complied. Thank goodness, because Oriana was certainly the stinkiest toddler on the planet! As the festival was ending, Leia and Oriana went home. Oriana certainly needed a bath!oriana giving herself a bath.png

When they arrived home, Oriana immediately wobbled her little legs into the bathroom…and when Leia came in, saw that Oriana was giving herself a bath…in the TOILET! Oh my plumbobs! She just couldn’t get mad at Oriana because it was so funny! “Oriana, let’s have a bath in the BIG tub!” Leia said laughingly.oriana loved bath time.png

So, after a nice hot bath….“Oriana certainly loves her bath time,” thought Leia…teling a story.png

…some yummy food in her tummy….and a bedtime story, Driving to Mars...and just like that she was asleep.png

…Oriana was in bed and asleep in good time. “She really is a cute toddler, even when she has her defiant moments…” thought Leia, “Nite Nite, sweet Oriana.”alien night

Just then her cell phone rang. It was Bella asking her if she wanted to go to Aliens Night at the bar! She declined, but Bella certainly had a sense of humor! Ha! Now why would I want to meet an alien..then she thought of Oriana…wait, maybe I should…maybe it would be good to have an alien friend….maybe I need to call her back…leia is sick.png

As she picked up the phone again, she caught sight of herself in the mirror. “Oh my plumbobs! What are those spots on my face? I can’t be sick. Oh I hope Oriana doesn’t get what I have”, she said worriedly. No Aliens Night at the bar for Leia.needed to stay strong and healthy.png

Leia quickly took some medicine from the medicine cabinet and drank it down. “I need to stay strong for Oriana’s sake,” she thought, and she fell asleep on the couch in her GeekCon clothes restlessly tossing and turning throughout the night…dreaming of spaceships, and aliens, and rocket building, and bizoopagoto, and love…and stinky diapers…

alien disguise

Credits & Author’s Notes:

For those doing the Alien Adoption Challenge, Charlimaii created a website for participant sims to post letters to each other to discuss issues involved in raising alien children. CathyTea has also a link set up in forums Collab for the Alien Adoption Challenge

Below is the wesbite for those who were chosen for fake jury duty. Leia’s username is PrincessLeia.

alien disguise

When Leia and Oriana first moved into their new home, they met Bella Goth on the sidewalk. I wanted to tie in the conspiracy theory of Bella Goth’s mysterious disappearance (supposedly alien abduction), into my chapter, so decided to have Bella be “in the know” about the alien toddlers and also someone whom Leia could get parenting help from. Just to be clear, the Bella Goth in Sims 4 is in an alternate timeline with no reference to the other Bellas in the other Sims games. But, I just love all the videos and blogs about the conspiracy theory, and had to include it. Plus the Alien Adoption Challenge mothership crash landed in Strangetown, which is a reference to Sims 2.

So, if you didn’t already know….here is the mystery.

*The Mystery of Bella Goth’s Disappearance. Conspirary Theory by Chrillsims3


Chapter 1.3 – Little Miss Mess Maker


Did you know that Oriana’s name was not always Oriana? Nope. When Leia picked her up from the “agency”, she was AFT 27. Leia figured that stood for Alien Female Toddler, but wasn’t sure if Oriana was the 27th female toddler or just the the 27th toddler from the 100 who had crash landed. Leia wondered what happened to the other toddlers. “There must be more alien toddlers in this neighborhood,” she mused, “I wonder if we will ever find them.” Anyway, Leia couldn’t keep calling her adopted child AFT 27, so she remembered the Orion race* from Star Trek, changed a few letters, and chose Oriana, which means “dawn”.ready to go.png

Oriana – the name seemed to suit the toddler, since Oriana was up at the crack of “dawn” the next day.needed coffee to start her day.png

It didn’t seem like Leia had slept much last night, after having to clean up the kitchen (oh that highchair was so gross!), and mopping the floor in the bathroom. Then finally, she was able to fall into bed exhausted. Thank goodness for coffee! Leia quickly got her cup of Joe, and hastened to take a speedy shower before Oriana woke up.are u hungry.png

And just in time, too, for when Leia got out of the shower, there stood Oriana. “Good morning, Oriana, did you sleep well?” Oriana seemed to peep a response. “You did! Well, come on, we’ll change that diaper and then have some breakfast. Does that sound good? You want grilled cheese for breakfast? Oh that sounds yummy.” Another peep peep from Oriana. Leia wasn’t sure if Oriana understood her, but Leia felt that she needed to keep talking out loud to the child, and maybe some words would get recognized. (author’s note – they both have the same grilled cheese thought bubble! Maybe they do understand each other!)oops someone doesn't like animal crackers.png

After changing a REEKING, wet diaper, Leia put Oriana in her high chair and gave her some animal crackers….which ended up on the floor….one of those days.png

Then some milk….which also ended up on the floor….“Oh my”, Leia thought, “What happened to that angel child from yesterday? I guess it’s going to be one of those days!”grilled cheese for breakfast.png

Finally the grilled cheese was done and Oriana seemed content. Well, for now at least. Leia’s cooking skills weren’t the best since Leia had preferred to eat out when she lived in the city, and had never really cooked before. So, although the grilled cheese was of poor quality, Oriana didn’t seem to mind.teaching manners and looked what popped up.png

Leia spent the morning teaching Oriana manners. Please and thank you were very important words, and Oriana was a smart child and was learning very quickly. Leia really felt that she was connecting with Oriana. (authors’ note – look at Oriana’s thought bubble! So cute! Does that mean she likes manners or she likes Leia? I have no idea)oh we have a creative toddler

Leia went off to fix a snack for Oriana and she came back to this! Oriana was a little mess maker! “Oh my!” thought Leia, “Something else to clean. I need to hire a maid at this rate!”picnic lunch.png

After cleaning the mess and having lunch with more messes, Leia packed a picnic for their trip to the park. And it wasn’t too soon, because Oriana wanted to go! Now! “Hmmm….”, thought Leia, “Oriana can be quite demanding!”oriana making a mes.png

And as soon as they got to the park, Oriana made a mess. Leia figured it was alright since they were outside anyway. Plus, Oriana seemed so happy, and Leia wanted to encourage any creativity that Oriana might have. That’s a good thing, right? Messes outside are ok, right?met a littl girl at the playgroundThere weren’t a lot of children at the park today, but she did meet a little girl named Anita Quick. She was quite the self-assured little girl on those climbers.hamburgers.png

Someone had made some excellent hamburgers and so they ate those instead of the picnic that Leia had brought. Oriana really liked those burgers!definitely creative child on my hands.png

After supper, Oriana went back to her messes, and Leia looked on smiling and thinking that she definitely had a creative child on her hands.that can't be a good sound.png

Oops! That can’t be a good sound….diaper change.png

By heavens, it was getting late, and they had to head home. But not before Leia had to change the stinky diaper! “Oh my plumbobs! That is stinky!” said Leia, “Why are you laughing Oriana? This is NOT a fun diaper!”Oriana decided she didnt want to be in her clothes anymore.png

As Leia turned to throw the diaper in the garbage, Oriana decided that she didn’t want to be in her clothes anymore, and before Leia could stop her, Oriana was a nakid nudie running around the park.not a happy child.png

Leia finally caught up with Oriana and put Oriana’s clothes back on. She told Oriana it was time to go home. She thought she almost heard Oriana say a definant “No!” And then the temper tantrum hit. Oriana screamed and screamed and screamed and stomped her little what a temper tantrum.png

“How can one tiny alien toddler have such big lungs to scream like that?” thought Leia, “Oh why won’t she stop? Poor Oriana, she must be tired.” It was sure making Leia tense and she didn’t know what to do. So, she soothingly spoke to Oriana to try to calm her down, which didn’t help very much. With no other choice, Leia gave Oriana her sippy cup, and carried the screaming child home.she was so tired either the poo tired her out or her outing at the park.png

When they got home, Leia placed Oriana in her room and Leia headed off to “go” to the bathroom. When she came back, she found Oriana asleep on the floor. She wasn’t sure if Oriana was tired from her big “poo”, the tantrum, or just tired from the outing. “She looks so small and helpless,” whispered Leia, as she picked Oriana up and tucked her into bed.rex trex

Oriana was still a bit restless, so Leia read her a story about “Rex Treks”, but even before the first word was uttered, Oriana fell fast some video games to relax.pngLeia had so many things on her mind, she couldn’t settle down to go to sleep, so she decided to play a multi-player video game. She just needed to relax and think . Leia had planned to do so much today and the hours had just flown by. How did parents do it when they worked? She could barely even take a shower without Oriana wanting something. Leia’s funds were dwindling and she had to think about some type of job she could do from home. But when would she have time when her whole day revolved around this tiny alien? She really wished she had someone to talk to about all this. “Oh my word,” she said shocked, “It’s 3AM! Oh, that’s gonna cost me tomorrow”, Leia quickly shut off the video game and went to bed. “But then, maybe Oriana will sleep in…..” Yah, right, that was wishful thinking!

alien disguise


*The  Orion race was first introduced in “The Cage” (and also “The Menagerie, Part II”), the pilot for Start Trek featuring Captain Pike. They are green-skinned humanoids from the Orion Constellation.

The name Oriana means to rise, sunrise, dawn and golden.

Chapter 1.2-Couch Surfing

reading apartment notice board.png

The next morning, Connor woke up on the floor. His back ached, his head hurt, and he felt so grungy. He remembered seeing a restroom downstairs in the square, so he decided to go there and use the facilities. Too bad they didn’t have a shower, because he could sure use one!

While waiting for the elevator, he glanced at the apartment notice board and saw a new posting! What’s this? Sweet! There was a festival tomorrow called GeekCon…but it was during work hours…maybe next time. In the meantime, he will have to phone the movers and find out where his furniture was.2 coffees.png

When he went to the square, he couldn’t believe it! He found two coffees! What luck! He was so thankful that he drank one in desperation.meeting someone new.png

While he was standing there drinking his free coffee, a friendly sim walked right up to him and started talking. Her name was Maki Maeda, and she was a Stay-at-home-Mom. They chatted a bit and then headed over to the food truck together…another plate of free food pufferfish nigiri these chopsticks.png

…and Connor spied a plate of untouched food sitting on the table. Yum! Pufferfish nigiri for breakfast…but he was still pretty clumsy with those chop sticks. Before he knew it, it was time for work, and he was off.calling tetsu.png

He came home from work earning $184 simoleons but still no furniture. He had been calling Rob Ber Movers all day and there was no answer. In fact the last time he called, there was an automated message saying the line had been disconnected. Something was going on, and he didn’t have a good feeling about it. He just couldn’t spend another night sleeping with chalk man on the hard floor. He decided to call his friend Tetsu, the street musician…maybe he could help him weas gorgeous.png

Tetsu didn’t have any room at his place as he was sharing a very, very tiny one-bedroom with a bunch of musicians who were coming and going all the time. But he knew of a place. He told Connor to meet him at Myshuno Meadows. There was a wedding rental hall there and Tetsu just happened to have a key. By the sounds of what Tetsu said, it was really swank and had bathing facilities, a kitchen, everything he would need until his furniture showed up.tetsu and conner.png

When Connor arrived, Tetsu was already there and Tetsu was right, the place was fantastic! “You just can’t stay here on weekends, because that’s when the weddings are. If your stuff doesn’t get here by then, there is a flea market on Sunday in the Spice District and you can buy some stuff there. Good luck man, stay in touch.” said Tetsu as he hurried off to a gig. Connor would really have to treat Tetsu to dinner or something because this guy was a lifesaver.there was no shower just and old tub but it was heaven.png

Connor went inside and hardly took in any of the surroundings, he was just so tired, and needed a shower. He went upstairs. There was no shower, but there was an old tub, and that suited him fine. He ran the water, hopped in and promptly fell asleep in the tub.huge catering kitchen.png

When he woke up , at least he was clean, but he was starving. So, he made his way back downstairs to the kitchen. This kitchen had everything. It was a huge catering kitchen. He opened the fridge and helped himself to some beds but this couch looked comfy.png

After cleaning up, he went upstairs and realized there were no beds here. But there were lots of couches, and he had spied a comfy couch that would work out fine.couch sleeping.png

He even lighted the fireplace and soon he was off to dream land.a guitar in the corner.png

He woke up a few hours later refreshed. He looked around and saw a guitar just sitting in the corner. It looked like an old one, almost like the one he had when he practiced his guitar lessons. He went over and played a few tunes.this wouldn't be so bad.png

In the morning, he was refreshed and ready to go to work. He made himself some coffee and thought that he could do this for a few days. It was nice here, but nothing like having your own apartment…your own space….this was just a temporary place, and he couldn’t stay here on the weekend. Well, it was Tuesday, and who knows, maybe he would go to karaoke and win again. Afterall, he had to defend his title tonight!Connor sang his heart out.png

He had a good day at work and made $184 simoleons and decided to head right over to the Karaoke Club so he wouldn’t miss the contest. He needed more simoleons. This afternoon, he had received a phone call from Detective Joe Friday about a fraud scam by a moving company called Rob Ber Movers. What? Connor’s moving company! All of Conner’s belongings that the movers had packed in their moving truck were gone, sold on the black market. Detective Friday had deciphered the moving company’s name and saw that their name was actually Robber Movers. So, all of Connor’s furniture, his guitar, his clothes, everything he owned…was gone! And he didn’t have any insurance, so he was out of luck in getting any money for those stolen items.

not this time

Unfortunately, Connor didn’t win the karaoke contest tonight. Ah shucks!he saw that pretty politcal activist at the bar.png

He did see that cute political activist named Summer at the bar, and decided to chat her up. It was getting late, though, so be bid her farewell, and decided to swing by his apartment and collect his mail before he headed over to the wedding hall for the night.ooh la la a hotie.png

When Connor arrived….he saw a hottie picking up her mail. Was this Connor’s neighbor? Wow! Well, hmmm….he decided right then and there that he wasn’t going to wait until Sunday to get some furniture and move into his apartment. Seiji, the bartender at the club, had told him about a 24-hour wholesale furniture warehouse in Magnolia Promenade. Connor figured he should go tonight and look around. Afterall, he was paying rent to live here, but he was living store

He headed over to the furniture warehouse and picked out a few items. Wow! The money he had won, plus his 2 days of pay didn’t buy much Oh well, he paid for his purchase and arranged delivery to his apartment tomorrow. At least delivery was free. He stood looking at the high end furniture and imagined this in his apartment. Well, not quite yet, but some day soon.drinks at the wedding hall.png

In the meantime, he returned to the wedding hall and practiced making some drinks. Who knows, maybe he would invite his new neighbor….uh, what was her name…Penny, over for a drink or even that cute Summer *wink* Things were looking up!one more night just one more night.png

One more night….just one more night….Zzzzz…

Chapter 1.2 – A New Home

what to do nexty.pngLeia was wondering what they should do first. She may have been a teacher, but she was not a daycare teacher, or even a Kindergarten teacher. In fact, all of the children she had taught at the Windenburg Academy were gifted children in grades 4 and 5. Gifted meaning they were highly intelligent and creative children. In a way, Oriana was gifted (she WAS an alien), although right now Leia was not sure what special gifts Oriana had.let's play.png

She loved children, yes, but she had never been a mother herself. She hoped she could handle the pressure of raising a child, and not just any child, but an alien toddler in diapers! Luckily for Leia, she was an avid reader and after securing her new accommodations with the Barfield Real Estate Agency, she had gone right to the library and read up on parenting strategies. Easy, right? NOT! There were so many views on what to do as a parent, her mind was boggled. What kind of parent would she be? She was just going to have to wing it and go with her gut intuition.such a good hug.png

So, first things first, Leia needed to show Oriana that she was happy Oriana was here and that Leia loved her. Best way to do that was to give Oriana a great big HUG!welcome littleone.png

Well, everything must be wonderful and strange to Oriana. Coming from another universe, another culture and speaking another language. What did Oriana’s world look like. What was it called? Were those other alien toddlers her brothers and sisters? So many questions with no answers. Leia decided that what Oriana needed right now was love and understanding…and maybe a few words of the Simlish language.teaching some words.png

So, right there on the sidewalk, Leia took out her learning flash cards that she had bought before she picked up Oriana. Little cards with pictures and words on them to help Oriana learn what things were called here on Earth.she got really excited when i shwed her the blocks.png

Oriana didn’t seem to like the flash cards too much until Leia showed her the card with blocks on it. Oh, then Oriana got really excited. “Hmmm…” Leia thought, “I wonder if she wants to play with blocks.”lets see your room.png

“This is your home now”, Leia said, as she picked up Oriana and brought her into the house. Oriana should have a chance to explore the house and see her new room. And thank goodness she had bought some toys for Oriana. And one of the toys was blocks — bonus! liked her room and played with bocks.png

Leia placed Oriana down in her room and sure enough, the first thing Oriana did was head to the blocks and sit down and play with them. With Oriana occupied, Leia thought that maybe Oriana might like a snack. She had read that toddlers need snacks during the day, so she went into the kitchen to fix something.applesauce and water.png

Leia just wasn’t sure what alien toddler’s ate, so she put out some applesauce and water for Oriana. “Oh, I hope she likes this,” Leia thought.what about a snack.png

Leia couldn’t tell if Oriana liked it or even knew what it was….

“Food”, Leia said, “Yummy in the tummy”, she explained as Leia patted her belly and smiled.not sure she liked it.png

Oriana certainly liked playing in it…oriana seems happy with the choice appllesauce and water.png

And eventually, Oriana figured out that this was something good to eat. Yum! Leia kept repeating the words “food” “water” “applesauce” in the hopes that Oriana would understand the words. Oriana just looked at Leia and smiled. Oh well, Leia was hopeful.potty time.png

After cleaning up the dishes, Leia thought that she would check Oriana to see if she had a dirty diaper. Not yet. So, she decided to try and teach Oriana potty training and placed her on the potty. Potty is so much better than having to change diapers. Yes!good job for your 1st potty time.png

“Oriana, you did such a good job for your first potty time,” encouraged Leia and she gave Oriana a hug to tell her she did a good job. Ok, well Oriana did have a little accident, but she still did a good job. Talking about potty, Leia realized that she needed to “go” too, …so she left Oriana to play in her room.escape artist.png

However, unbeknownst to Leia, Oriana decided that she wanted to explore outside, and so off she went out the front door and down the steps. Oriana sure climbed down those steps fast!galaxy gnome meet oriana

Oriana is an inquisitive toddler and first stopped to say hi to the little galaxy gnome outside their house. Ahhh…she likes him, look at that smile!oriana says hi to Mortimer Goth.png

Then Oriana saw a stranger (Mortimer Goth), and waddled up to him babbling the whole time…oriana where are u.png

Meanwhile, back in the house, Leia had been frantically calling Oriana’s name and looking all around for her. She just happened to look out the window and saw her…“Oh, my gosh, there she is!”, thought Leia, “How did she get outside? Oh….that was my fault, I forgot to lock the front door. I will never forget that again. What if something were to happen to her, I would never forgive myself.”oh my gosh i need to lock the front door.png

Leia ran outside, thanked Mortimer, and scooped Oriana up in her arms. “There you are, you little escape artist,” she said to Oriana, “I was so worried about you.”fly fly.png

But everything was fine now. Oriana was safe. “Do you want to play airplane?” Leia asked. Leia swung Oriana around like an airplance and even though Oriana didn’t speak any Simlish, the giggles and laugh sounds that she made said it all. She loved it! “You like to play? So do I, Oriana, so do I. Tomorrow we will go to the park and you can explore some more”, said Leia.alien dance.png

They went back into the house and this time Leia locked the front

They spent the afternoon together, playing blocks, dancing, and just having fun. Leia discovered that Oriana really liked to dance and listen to music. As a teacher of creative children, Leia knew that music played an important role, so Leia decided to play a different type of music every day so that Oriana would hear all types of music. Today it was “world” music. SHE LIKES PB AND J.png

Soon it was time for dinner, and this time, Leia made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and gave her some water. Another good choice, and Oriana ate it all up. She was such a hungry little alien toddler!BATH AFTER A LONG DAY.png

It was soon bath time, and Leia tried to scrub all the dirt and grime and caked on food (how the heck did that get in here?) off of Oriana. It was a challenge!OH U GOT ME.png

Oriana really enjoyed her first bath, especially the bubbles, and was happily splashing Leia, herself and everything else. “Oh, you got me, Oriana!”, Leia laughed.MOST OF THE BATHROOM AND ME GOT WET

Bath time was over and it was time for bed. Leia was soaked and as she looked around, she realized that the whole bathroom was covered in water! That was some bath!good nite sweet oriana.png

 Leia had planned to read Oriana a bedtime story….but Oriana was just so exhausted…she fell right to sleep. “Good night Oriana. Sweet dreams”, whispered Leia as she tucked her in and gave her a good night kiss.

alien disguise

Author’s Notes:

Although not clearly explained in Chapters 1 or 2 on why Leia had been chosen for “fake jury duty”, I wanted to provide some background info. Leia was a teacher, but not just a regular teacher, a teacher of “gifted” creative and highly intelligent children. She was single and loved all things sci-fi, so she was open to the unknown. Her favorite color was green, and she had the “geek” and “childish” traits, as well as being a bookworm. Her name was Leia, after Princess Leia in Star Wars, and she owned a Princess Leia costume. As far as the “agency” was concerned, she was a “perfect fit” for the Alien Adoption program. I hope they were right. What do you think?

Chapter 1.1 “In a galaxy far, far away…”*

tizzy tizzy

Leia was in a tizzy. All her well-laid plans had just gone awry. After nearly 20 years of teaching at the Windenburg Academy for Gifted Children, Leia was looking forward to retiring soon and travelling. She just never expected this!

She had never had any children of her own, and for that matter, never met anyone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She was content to spend her hours watching sci-fi movies, playing space invaders on her computer and gardening. The only place she went every year was to Sim Vegas for the annual “Trekkie” Convention.mavis office

But all that has changed now. Just like that, in the blink of an eye, her life changed. So, here she was in the Barfield Real Estate Office looking for a house. And she had to get one in less than 24 hours! Yep, she had to give up her apartment and even quit her job! She didn’t have much time to get ready.

It had all started yesterday when she got a summons for extended jury duty and arrived at the court house and was “selected”. Right, jury duty…that was NOT what she was “selected” for. Here is the confidential letter she received (shhh….keep it a secret).


Greetings citizen and welcome to government program H9110. As you can see, this summons of “Extended Jury Duty” is a false one, but it needed to maintain secrecy. Everything you do or see from this point on is highly classified.

1 week ago an alien mothership crash landed in the desert of Strangetown. And when I say “Alien Mother Ship” I mean that extremely literally. The craft was piloted by a single alien mother and had over 100 alien infant passengers. Some sort of strange fertility or breeder ship, we’re not sure. What we DO know is that the mother did not survive the crash…but all of the infants did. While we work to figure out what caused this crash…these offspring are going to need care…and study. This is where you, citizen, come in.

We have provided you a plot of land or house on which to found your new home. [Please go to the Barfield Real Estate Agency in Windenburg to choose your housing option]. You will be provided with one of the orphaned alien children for which to care. You might think you are experienced in parenting human children…but these aliens are extremely difficult to understand, I don’t just mean speech…they don’t know how to talk yet. Figuring out their body language is a mystery too. And getting them to do what you want them to do is even harder than it is with human children. You will be placed in a housing complex with others in your situation, though we ask that you not co-habitate with them. We also ask that you quit your job and not to live in an apartment. We wish you luck!

(See below for the link for the Alien Adoption Challenge.)mavis.png

“Miss Green”, the sound of her name interrupted her thoughts, “We have some lovely homes in Quadrant R2D2 Newcrest. All modern, like you wanted, 2 bedroom, backyard with room to expand. Although nothing I see here has a fenced yard. Let me get you a cup of tea, dearie, while you browse the virtual tours. But you know, there is nothing like seeing a house up close…just walk in that house and connect with it.”lets go then.png

As an elder, Mavis Barfield was ineligible for the Alien Adoption program, but she had been hired by Government Project H9110 to help the “selected” be assigned to their plot of land. Of course, Mavis had been sworn to secrecy. It was fortunate for the “project” that Mavis was a super achiever and a house matchmaker. With only a few words from her client, she could match them with their dream home.


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Leia looked at the virtual tours and they all looked so wonderful. But maybe Mavis was right, she needed to tour these homes. “Mavis…” Leia said, “I think you’re right, I would like to tour some of these houses.”let me take this call.png

“Oh that’s great Leia,” beamed Mavis. Suddenly, Leia heard Our House by Madness playing and realized it was Mavis’ phone signalling an in-coming call. “Oh, pardon me, let me just take this call…”, Mavis replied. After a few moments, Mavis said, “Leia, you are in luck, a hot property just became available, and it will be perfect…perfect…just PERFECT!  Come on, let’s head over there, but I have to warn you the last owners liked the color green. That is why it’s now part of the “project”, no-one wants a completely green house.”leia.png

“It’s green? My name is Green and it’s my favorite color. I think this is destiny Mavis,” Leia said with a we are

Which is where we meet Leia today ready to start her life with her adopted alien toddler. She really hoped that the child loved the house as much as she did. Well, I guess we will find out!home sweet home.pngHome Sweet Home for Leia and Oriana.

alien disguise


The Alien Adoption Challenge created by Pinstar and ImaginingMystic.

*The opening crawl from Star Wars (1977) “A long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away”


Thanks to these simmers for creating these sims and builds. Real Estate agent Mavis Barfield, and the lovely home (slightly modified to be all green) that Leia and Oriana live in.


Chapter 1.1 Bright Lights In The Big City*

Meet Connor Dodge — active, music lover and family-oriented. Connor had always dreamed of living in the city, becoming a musician and making it BIG!  He had always wanted to be a City Native. Fresh out of college, Connor had read about an exciting job opportunity in the big city of San Myshuno, and he just couldn’t pass it up. Without thinking twice, he bid goodbye to his folks in the country and was off to the city. Yep! He was ready to undertake the Movin’ On Up Challenge by ImaginingMystic. Read more about the challenge heremoving truck calling

Before he left home, he had rented an unfurnished 2 bedroom, 1-bath apartment (sight unseen) for only $300 simoleons a week. He could hardly believe his luck! The address even sounded great — 1313 – 21 Chic Street.1313 21 chic street

The landlady had asked him if he was handy, which was odd, but living on a farm, you had to be. So, he paid the $600 simoleon deposit and hired a moving truck to haul his furniture to the city. With the last of his simoleons, he bought a new outfit. He thought he looked pretty suave. But, with all these expenses, Connor was flat broke, not even one simoleon to his name.arrival of connor

He arrived at his apartment but his furniture hadn’t arrived yet, so he arranged with the landlady to let the movers in. The landlady agreed but was not too happy about it. And, all she said to him was that he needed to pay his rent on time! Ummm….he just got there…rent wasn’t due for a month!the city

Without even glancing inside his apartment, he zipped right back down in the elevator. He was so excited to get out and explore the city! It was a bright and sunny day, and outside his apartment building, there was a small plaza with a food stand. There were lots of people milling about.INTERESTING CITY PPL

Connor had heard strange tales of the city, about how city folk were rude, and that the city was dirty, and that people even dressed differently. Well, that last part might be true. He just had to snap a pic of this sim to send to his folks back home!cool ppl in city

He had some time before he had to be at the club for his orientation, so he explored the area a bit more. He met a living statue…what luck a coffee to go

…and found some coffee just lying on the street. Thank goodness for that, because he needed a bit of caffeine.protestors

He watched a protest about “save the trees”….a cut girl hands me a sign and I find myself in a protest

…and before he knew it, a pretty sim named Summer had handed him a sign and he was joining the protest. Save the trees! Save the trees!someone just left this on the table.png

Saving the trees worked up quite an appetite and he looked around and found a plate of untouched food on the picnic table. Imagine that! He couldn’t pass up such great grub and it smelled delicious. But eating with chop sticks…well, that was a challenge. He couldn’t quite get the hang of that locked.png

He arrived at the club where he was to start work as a musician in a rock band …and found it LOCKED! What? He asked a sim who was wandering by and was told that the club had closed overnight. Bankrupt. Repo man took everything and changed the locks.closed what to do.png

What was he going to do? He had no job, no money. How could he afford to stay here?listen to music

Suddenly, the sound of music filled the air, and he saw a street musician and introduced himself. Connor loved music and this guy rocked! He chatted with Tetsu and told him how he admired his violin playing.  He also told Tetsu what happened with his job and Tetsu told him that there was a job opening at the club around the corner. Wow! So close to where he lived…that was great! He couldn’t thank Tetsu enough…karaoke singer

He felt pretty confident going to his job interview and aced it. He was now an official….umm… entertainer…you know telling jokes and stuff. In between acts, he also had to help wait tables and wash dishes. Not exactly the the job he wanted, but it paid $23 simoleons an hour and he started tomorrow at 9am. chatting with bartender

Plus, the club was hopping! Connor went over to chat up the bartender, Seiji, who gave him a drink “on the house”. Connor confided in him that he didn’t have any simoleons, and Seiji told him there was a karaoke contest tonight at The Karaoke Bar in the Spice District. Ooohhh! So Connor decided to head out and try his luck.PRACTICE RUN

It was crowded when he got there, so he decided to enter the contest right away. He had never sung karaoke before. Well, imagine his surprise when he won! $500 simoleons! This was his lucky day!


cant believe i won the contest

But not everyone was thrilled that he won, especially Anaya, who was a bit stunned at the view

It was getting dark, and he figured he needed to head back to his apartment and get it a bit organized. Afterall, he started work tomorrow and he didn’t want to be late. no furniture

When Connor got to his apartment, he opened it up expecting to see moving boxes piled high. But to his surprise…nothing. What? No furniture? He immediately called the landlady and asked if the movers had shown up. Nope. No movers.what is this on the floo

And oh my plumbobs! What was this on the floor? It looked like a police chalk outline of a body…maybe even the body of the last tenant! He would have to talk to the landlady about…about…yeah…that!but the view was awsome

Well, at least the view was great! But, what was he going to do? No bed, No food, no toilet, no shower, no change of clothes. No place to sleep! He was just so TIRED! He couldn’t think anymore. ZONK!asleep wit the chalk line

…And before he knew it…he had fallen asleep beside chalk man…..

*Lyrics from Bright Lights Bigger City (2010) by CeeLo Green