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CH 5 – Retail Wars – Work, Work, Work

simple hank.png

Every time I have Hank green up, I only let him get something from the fridge from the quick meals. Poor Hank doesn’t know how to cook and hasn’t used his stove yet. Saves money this way, and today he autonomously selected a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. See? He has simple layout.png

Wednesday already, I can mark-up the products 25%. I also found that sims were congregating near the cash register and table with the tv and boom box, so I did a bit of a store renovation. I know, just day 3 and I am already moving things around. I also purchased 2 more windows for more light in the store. Moved the cash register and bought a chair and rug for Hank. I also purchased another outdoor sign to get more customers. Hank’s store now has the same number of advertising signs as Hallie’s store.moira buying.png

First sale of the day was Moira Fyres who purchases The Wavescatter $300. Then sales are everywhere, Krishna Gupta, a new customer, purchased a Goldibox Gaming Console $498.nancy and geoff outside smooching.png

Look out the window at the lovebirds! Hank you need to get some blinds!

oh nancy landgraab insulted his attire.png

Then this happens. Oh my gosh! Nancy Landgraab insulted Hank’s wardrobe. Nancy, your husband has this exact same shirt!

Then Marcus Flex purchases a Wabbit Tablet $625, followed by Geoffrey Landgraab with The Slablet $1,250. I think Geoffrey felt bad about his wife’s look at those sales today.png

All of a sudden, everyone is buying and wanting to be rung up. Hank is so busy, he doesn’t have time to restock, and he has to pee! I hope he doesn’t have an accident! Katrina Caliente buys the Penguin television $343 and Advaith Parikh buys a Wavescatter $300.another long day

This was a great day with 6 sales with a profit of $3,076! Yes! However, Hank worked 13 straight hours. (Goldibox Gaming Console-1; Wabbit Tablet-1; The Slablet-1; Penguin Television-1; Wavescatter-2; KaBoom Box-0; Digital camera-0; Flower Power Lite-0)  He earned 880 perk points.

Wednesday – Week 1: $236.61 simoleons/hour

hank's living room.png

Hank sitting in his living room skilling on handiness skill. I looked at what skills they wanted for sales staff and it looks like charisma, handiness and fitness skills?hank celebrating his new double door after hours.png

Hank is celebrating after hours on the purchase of his new double door.

~~~End Wednesday, Day 4 – Hank~~~

auonomously shouts forbidden words.png

I spring the news on Hallie that she has to be open 13 hours today. She just woke up and is sitting on her couch in her pjs eating cheese crackers. She is not happy and autonomously shouts “forbidden words” at me! Well, sorry, Hank stayed open that long. I promise we will change the hours next week.dancing with manequin.png

Her fun level is down and she is complaining that she has no computer, no tv, nothing! Another interaction you can do with the mannequins to get your fun up is “dance with mannequin”, so I send her off to do that. This seems to put her in a playful mood. I just hope she won’t be a grump puss all day today! Sheesh!

trying on outfit.png

Today, she dressed the mannequins in some party outfits with the playful pose. Hallie designed these herself. Yes, really she did! She just wonders if she’ll ever be able to get a day off to go and party. She literally spends all her time at the retail store. Oh look! Anne Hooker is trying on her new outfit, which she buys $218.katrina buys the outfit.png

Katrina Caliente also loves this outfit. Another sale $218. Yes!cheer up mortimer.png

Mortimer Goth came in a bit sad today, so Hallie went over and tried to cheer him up. “Have you ever heard of retail therapy, Mortimer? Buy something and make yourself happier.”

shes right im rich im famous why not splurge.png

Mortimer seemed to perk right up after Hallie spoke with him, and I heard him say something about being rich and famous, so why not splurge? Sounded good to me!

mortimer you look so young.png

Mortimer headed right over to the male mannequin and tried on the outfit. Hallie also designed this outfit herself. Anne, who was standing right beside him, told him he looked so young and stylish.youre a stud morti.png

Look at these women flocking around him. I think I heard Jazmin call him a stud muffin! Of course after that comment, Mortimer, ummm…Morti as he calls himself now…bought the outfit $218. That retail therapy really worked for him!finally sims sitting down.png

Finally I have some customers sitting down on the chairs I placed in the store! But not too long…keep shopping sims.look at that look lily is giving her.png

Hallie is almost finished ringing up the children’s dresser $562 for Derrick Huerta and Lily Feng comes in. Lily gives Hallie such a look! Hallie is not going to lose that sale today and I keep an eye on Lily in case she wants to buy something. ty for coming back.png

But all is forgiven about yesterday as Hallie rushes over to ring up Lily’s sale. Lily buys a Wall-Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf $200. Lily seems more impatient than other shoppers.mortimer told geoffrey about the great outfit for sale.png

Our last 2 sales of the day. Mortimer Goth must have told Geoffrey Landgraab about the “rad” outfit that Hallie had for sale, so Geoffrey bought one, too! Mila Munch is back with her magic card and buys the Lucky Man Folded Laundry $118.wednesday sales stats threads.png

Hallie got 10 sales (Children’s Dresser-2; Male Outfit-2; Female Outfit-3; Coat Rack-0; Globetrotting End Table-0; The Sincerity (mirror)-0; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-2; Lucky Man Folded Laundry-1. She was open 14 hours. She earned 1,210 Perk Points.

Wednesday – Week 1:  $183.71 simoleons/hour

decided to stock tonight versus tomorrow.png

I have Hallie stock tonight versus tomorrow morning as there are only 2 items to stock.

ouch knives are sharp.png

Hallie treats herself to a garden salad and learns that knives are sharp. Heck, she has no cooking skills. Poor Hallie.

~~~End Wednesday, Day 4 – Hallie~~~

Author’s note:

Winner of Wednesday Sales is Hank Western and Wild West Electronics! Way to go Hank!

As I said at the beginning of this chapter, I was trying to keep the store hours the same between the two stores. When I was playing Hallie’s game, I had checked the store hours and they were at 13 and Hallie was just ringing up Mila’s purchase and then I went back to close and it had changed to 14 hours. But, even if I had calculated Hallie’s sales by 13 hours, Hank was still well above Hallie today. I wish there was a way you could set the store hours so that they would automatically open and close when you scheduled it.

Poor Hank being scorned by Nancy Landgraab for his outfit, but don’t worry, a trip to his sister’s store may be in his future.

Is Retail Therapy for real? Yes! Read about it HERE in a Psychology Today article.

CH 4 – Retail Wars – Customer Complaints & Lost Sales

eeling good about his story.png

Tuesday arrives and I get Hank “greened up” and also send him for an energized jog.added a few more items.png

Since, it’s Tuesday, I can mark-up the products 15%. I also bought another sign for outside the store. [I had placed too many items, and deleted them to get to 8 items only before the store opened]

simoleon placard.png

Before I open, I hang the little placard that I got with my store perks.think he's flirting a bit w katrina.png

I get a lot of repeat customers coming in. And Katrina Caliente is the first sale of the day, and she buys The Wavescatter for $276.ctor had to bring his wife.png

Then Victor Feng comes in with his wife. I guess he had to consult her on the sale before he made the purchase.that microwave is so'll cook your chicken nuggets in no time.png

Hank is doing a sales pitch on a customer, “Oh that microwave is the newest technology. It’s called the Wavescatter and it will nuke your chicken nuggets faster than you can say Why did the chicken cross the road?”going elsewhere.png

So, I have Hank greet everyone and ask them questions as soon as they come in, and then I get this notice. There is just no pleasing some sims!

WhatI asked him something right away.png

aybe retail is not for him.png

The store was packed most of the day. I had bought this couch for him to nap on, but when I placed it, 2 customers immediately sat on it. He’s pretty miserable at the end of the day and is questioning why I have put him in the retail business.

day 2 stats.png

Hank got 9 sales (Wavescatter-3; Goldibox Gaming Counsel-2; Penguin television-2; The Slablet-1; Wabbit Tablet-1; Kaboom Box-0; Digital camera-0; Flower Power Lite-0). He was open 13 hours. He earned 670 perk points.

Tuesday-Week 1: Total Sales $3,071 divided by 13 hours = $236.23 simoleons/hour

~~~End Tuesday Day 3 – Hank~~~

Today for Hallie, I am going to try to align her store opening hours with Hank’s. So Hank was open 13 hours, and I will have Hallie open 13 hours. This may not work too well in Hallie’s favor, but we will see how it goes.restock.png

Before Hallie can even begin her day, she has to restock the entire store. I get her up at 5am to do this. Re-stocking takes a long time. I read that you could delete the out of stock sign and then just buy that same item in Buy Mode and place for sale again. This would save time for sure. But, then, the sales figures wouldn’t be correct at the end of the day, because there would be less on the re-stocking charges. So, no, won’t do that. Stocking takes almost 2 hours for the whole store.hangs her little sign.png

I hang the first simoleon sign that Hallie got with her store perks. She is so proud of herself for all her sales yesterday.out for a jog.png

A few times yesterday, Hallie was getting the “bored” moodlet. She has the “loves outdoor trait”, so wanted her to get outside before the start of her day. Poor Hallie looks longingly at the fishing pond.halie eating ham and cheese sandwich.png

I have her “green up” and choose a ham and cheese sandwich for her. The same thing that Hank had yesterday. She absolutely loves the choice! lolpsyching herself up.png

I get her psyched up to get the confident moodlet. She is ready for her big day ahead. It’s 15% mark-up today. No changes have been made to the store.male mannequin neutral pose

I did change the outfits on the mannequins. The male mannequin, is in a casual outfit in the neutral pose.female mannequin

The female mannequin, is also in a casual outfit in the business pose. It looks like my first customer, Anne Hooker loved the new outfit. Let’s hope she likes it enough to buy one. Outfits today are $201 simoleons.don lothario wants her to come and play.png

Just as Hallie opens her store, she gets a call from Don. As much as she’d like to go to GeekCon, she needs to run her store. Sorry, Don! I forgot to mention that he called yesterday, too, and wanted to go to a crazy party at the Chalet with Hallie. He is persistent!yep she loves it.png

Oh yes, Anne loves the outfit and is my first sale of the day! Cha-ching $201 simoleons.and the craziness starts again.png

Almost immediately, the craziness begins! Three customers have the shopping basket over their head. Take a number….I’ll be with you shortly! Katrina Caliente purchased the children’s dresser $ i have too much to do.png

Then a new customer arrives, and Hallie doesn’t have time to greet her, nor does she have time to restock. She is in jeopardy of losing a sale – see the red shopping basket over a sim’s head. Don’t lose that sale Hallie!now lily feng.png

I x’d out what I was planning for her to do to go over and get the sale. Jeremiah Kaplan purchases The Sincerity $109. And now Lily Feng has the red shopping basket over her head! Sheesh! I need to clone Hallie!she lost lily's sale and luly is not happy.png

Oh no! I think Hallie lost Lily’s sale. Ummm….Lily is not very happy. In fact, I think that Lily is using “forbidden words”!got her in time.png

No, but wait! Hallie did get it in time. But, no, Lily storms out the store with the red shopping basket over her head. So, Hallie lost the sale. Ahhh….sorry Hallie. You have to be speedier on “ring up sale.”

Later in the day, Lily comes back with the red shopping basket over her head, but there is no interaction for Hallie to ring up sale, and then Hallie gets this notice. Oh my plumbobs!

take my bus elsewhere

not sure what is going on with Mila...maybe doesn't have enough simoleons to buy this fantastic outfit.png

Our new customer Raquel Huerta purchases the Globetrotting End Table $126. Hallie is not sure what is going on with Mila Munch. Maybe she doesn’t have the simoleons to buy this perfect outfit.mila buys the dress.png

Hallie goes over to console her, “Mila, hun, have you heard of our store magic cards? Yes, I can open one up for you today! Perfect, just say charge it!” This seems to perk Mila right up and she purchases the dress.tired very tired.png

Hallie has now been open 9 hours and her energy level is in yellow. She still has 4 hours to go to be open the same as Hank’s store at 13 hours. I had to stop her from taking a nap on her couch. No, no, no. Make those sales! I really need to buy her a coffeemaker. No, that won’t work either because she has no time to make coffee!take a moment to take a brisk shower.png

I take a chance and send her to take a brisk shower. Maybe that will help with her energy, but when she is finished I really don’t see an improvement. I hope she can make it to the end of the day. 2 hours to go! You can do it!anne you purchased this earlier today.png

She has a repeat customer, Anne Hooker, on the same day, buying the exact same outfit as she did first thing this morning. Maybe it’s for a friend, or maybe she really, really likes this outfit! A new customer, Lacy Kaplan purchased a Wall mounted Clothes Rack with Shelf $184geoff buying an outfit.png

Geoffrey Landgraab has decided to up-date his image and buys a new outfit $201.  I am thrilled for him, although Hallie absolutely loves the shirt he’s wearing now.mila making use of her magic card.png

Mila Munch is sure making use of her store magic card. Another sale! Mila may be the last sale of the day and maybe that’s a good thing. Hallie is now worried that Mila may secretly be a shop-a-holic.absolutely exhausted.png

I see the 13 hour mark and look around the store. There are no more shopping baskets over anyone’s head, so Hallie closes the store. As soon as she closes her store, she heads to bed. No stocking, no cleaning up, nothing. Just sleep. She isn’t talking to me right now.

a long 13 hours.png

I almost close my eyes when I look at the sales because I was worried about that lost sale. But, oh my gosh, she made $3,128 simoleons. I really can’t believe it! Hallie – you go girl!

Hallie got 14 sales (Children’s Dresser-3; Male Outfit-3; Female Outfit-5; Coat Rack-0; Globetrotting End Table-1; The Sincerity (mirror)-1; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-1; Lucky Man Folded Laundry-0. She was open 13 hours. She earned 875 perk points.

Tuesday-Week 1: Total Sales $3,128 divided by 13 hours = $240.61 simoleons/hour

~~~End Tuesday, Day 3 – Hallie~~~

Author’s Note:

Winner of Tuesday Sales is Hallie Western and Threads! This was a close day in sales with only $57 simoleons separating the two stores. But I wasn’t sure Hallie was going to make it because her needs, especially her energy, were very much in the red. I thought for sure she was going to keel over while ringing up a sale. Both Hank and Hallie are mad at me right now for working them so hard.

Did you like the outfits the mannequins were wearing today? Do you recognize them? No? They are from the official Get to Work Still Life trailer. You can watch it here! Enjoy!





CH 3 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Grand Opening – The Retail Store Challenge

Monday arrives bright and early for Hank. There is another twist to this challenge on the mark-up of items for the retail store. I am going to try this idea as well. Since, it’s Monday, I can mark-up the products 5%.WILD WEST ELECTRONICS.png

As per the rules, you can only start out selling 8 items, then each week on Friday you can add one more item for sale. Until you reach the Maxis limit on how many items you can mark for sale!

So, here we go! Hank’s Grand Opening of Wild West Electronics. I placed 8 items for sale (on 2 tables and a kitchen counter). No employees hired. I have 3 signs to draw in customers, one plumbob sign on the wall, one high impact standing sale sign, and a neon open sign on the window. Let’s hope he does well today. I also locked the doors to the house.getting hank ready.png

Before I have him open the store, I have him “green up”. Eating a ham and cheese sandwich here. Since he’s the only one running the store, he will be working hard all day.soon as the store opens 3 customers.png

As soon as his store opens, in walks 3 customers, 2 of whom he met last night. He quickly greets everyone.4 customers.png

Soon, another customer joins. He continues to do the retail interactions, asking price range, and answering questions and making suggestions.all of a sudden 2 sales.png

I guess it works because…suddenly, he has his first sale! Fatima Gherda. Yes!ringing up 1 person waiting.png

The day continues pretty well. Victor Feng had a shopping basket over his head, but he didn’t purchase anything and left. I guess Hank was too slow ringing up Fatima’s sale.2 sales and has confident moodlet close the deal.png

From his first sale, he gets the confident moodlet and gets the “close the sale” interaction, which he does with Karson Kincaid. It works and another sale. In fact, every customer, except 1 person made a sale at the store. malcolm has the same taste in clothes.png

Geoffrey Landgraab and Hank have the same taste in clothes! Too funny!everyone wants the camera.png

Nichole, who was the first to arrive, was the last to leave, and finally, FINALLY made a sale. Hank had to restock The Slablet because he had just sold it and Nichole got upset. Then he re-stocked and she purchased it, too.LOTS OF BUSINESS.png

Three sims have shopping baskets over their heads. The wild rush before he closes. Do you see Hank looking at me, like, can you come and help me? Pleeeaasse?


Six sales the first day. (The Wavescatter (microwave)-1; Wabbit Tablet-1; The Slablet-2; Penguin Television-1; Goldibox Gaming Console-1; Kaboom Box-0; Digital Camera-0; Flower Power Lite-0) However, he was open 16 hours because he got a rush just as he was about to close. Not sure that is good or bad, but Hank did make a profit. Also got 350 in perk points and I purchased the “Placard – My first simoleon” for 50 perk points.

Monday-Week 1 Sales: Total Sales $2,676 divided by 16 hours = $167.25 simoleons/hour.

~~~End Monday, Week 1 – Hank~~~

Hallie is awake early in anticipation of her Grand Opening of Threads. Her store has a bit more space than Hank’s store, but some of that is taken up by a sitting area in the middle. hard to get a shot of the entire store.png

As per the rules, there are eight items for sale in the store (this includes the outfit on each of the mannequins). No employees hired. There are 5 signs to draw customers in. 3 wall signs near the cash register, one standing sign outside on the walkway, and the store sign at the front of the building. Let’s see if having 2 more signs makes a difference.pan of store.png

I wanted to tell you about the mannequins. There are two types of mannequins that you can purchase in Buy Mode, Realistic or Abstract. Both are the same price at $350 simoleons.neat interaction with mannequins.png

A neat thing about the mannequins in that you can create 5 outfits per clothing group (casual, formal, athletic, sleepwear, party and swimwear) in either the create-a-sim where you are the designer of the outfit, or random outfit. I chose random outfit. It really doesn’t matter what you choose or how many accessories you add to the outfit, they are all the same price – starting at the 5% price mark-up, $183 simoleons. Once you “Dress Mannequin” that is the outfit that you will have on sale. Plus, you can change their poses from a choice of 6 options. Today, I have my lovely female mannequin, Vivian* set in the flirty pose. My male mannequin, Edward*, is set in the confident pose. And, so I lock the door to her apartment and open the store. Let’s hope she does well today.a lot of female sims congregating around our male mannequin.png

We have a lot of ladies when we first open and they are all congregating around our male mannequin. Maybe they are shopping for their husbands or boyfriends? Hallie is glad to help them out.1st sale of the day threads.png

Not long after, Hallie gets her first sale! Mila Munch purchases the Wall-Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf $168.customers buying like crazy.png

After that, we had a run on sales with so many sims having the shopping basket over their head. Ring me up! Ring me up! Lily Feng purchased the coat rack $89 and Geoffrey Landgraab purchased the Lucky Man Folded Laundry $99.more sales on a roll.png

Mortimer Goth came in and purchased a male outfit $183.takes time with each customer.png

Hallie takes time with each customer and really enjoys meeting everyone. Here she is ringing up Jazmin Hooker’s sale of a Kindermade Dresser $472.lily is last customer.png

Hallie even had a repeat customer in the same night! Lily Feng came back and purchased the female outfit $183. I found a quick way to restock the mannequins. Instead of doing restock outfit, all I did was dress mannequin. It saves so much time!hallie is very proud of herself after day 1

At the end of the day, Hallie is exhausted and everything was out of stock. But she was happy. And so she should be!day 1 sales threads.png

Hallie really worked hard all by herself for 17 straight hours. She had 23 sales! Kindermade Dresser-3; Male Outfit-3; Female Outfit-5; Coat Rack- 3; Globetrotting End Table-2; The Sincerity (mirror)-3; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-3; Lucky Man Folded Laundry-1(could have been more, but no time to stock) Also got 515 in perk points and I purchased the “Placard – My first simoleon” for 50 perk points.

Monday-Week 1 Sales: Total Sales $2,950 divided by 17 hours = $172.52 simoleons/ hour.

~~~End Monday, Week 1 – Hallie~~~

Author’s Note:

Winner of Monday Sales is Hallie Western and Threads! However, I want to say that Hallie had to sell 23 items versus Hank’s 6 items to get almost the same amount in sales. This tells me that Hank’s per item price is higher than Hallie’s per item price, which means I have to put more expensive items in Hallie’s store so she can sell less items but earn more profits. I will introduce a higher priced item for Hallie to sell on Friday. Hank had 3 slow mover items that didn’t make any sales at all. I will see how those do and may have to replace them on Friday. I am almost tempted to hire an employee for Hallie because the stocking takes a long time, but I am going to try to wait until week 2 to hire staff.

Did anyone get that romantic couple tie-in for the mannequin names? Vivian and Edward? No? It’s from the movie Pretty Woman.

CH 2 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Sunday – Leisure Day – The Retail Store Challenge

san myshuno art gallery.png

Since it’s Sunday, Hank has the day off. I first had him skill at the mirror to get his charisma skill to level 2. I just thought this would help when interacting with customers when his store opens tomorrow.playing guitar

Then, I sent him to San Myshuno. His aspiration is Musical Genius, and I wanted him to learn to play the guitar. So, I remembered there were guitars at the Casbah Gallery in the Arts Quarter in San Myshuno, so sent him there.little bar.png

After practicing for a bit and getting his Guitar skill to level 2, I thought he should meet some other sims. What better way than to go to the bar in the museum? Of course, his hunger was a bit down, so had him grab some free chips and chat away. Potential customers, you know. The place started to empty out.singing cowboy.png

So, I sent Hank to try his luck at the karaoke contest at Waterfront Warbler.e singing cowboy.png

And so here is Hank, the singing cowboy. And congratulations to Hank for scoring 22/100 and winning the karaoke contest. Ka-ching $500 simoleons. Now, I had asked this question in the forums if we could keep the $500 and also anything if we win at the festivals, so am awaiting word on this. If this is the case, I will just take out the $500 again. But, he did get a confident +2 hours moodlet for winning the contest, so that’s a plus! Up-date: You can use the $500 to upgrade the store. Yes!

won the contest

more sims to get to know.png

Afterwards, he heads over to the bar and grabs some more free chips and chats up some more sims. It’s getting late, so I had him head home. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

~~~End Sunday, Day 1 – Hank~~~

hallie writing book.png

Hallie also skilled on her charisma skill before heading out, and reached Level 3. Since she has the Bestselling Author Aspiration, I sent her off to the Willow Creek Archives in Willow Creek to work on her writing skill.library writing.png

It was certainly a busy place and she chatted with a lot of sims, but didn’t get much writing done, only Level tonite.png

Not wanting to be outdone by her brother Hank, I sent her to Waterside Warbler in San Myshuno, to enter the karaoke contest.


And congratulations! Hallie wins with a score of 24/100. Two more points than Hank, but we all know that Hallie was always the better singer. Yes! $500 simoleons to put towards her store. Wow! This family is talented. Two singing champs in the family. They must do a lot of singing around the campfire or singing in the shower!

gys like her.png

She heads to the bar afterwards and has a lot of attentive male sims around her. Penny Pizzazz is wondering what perfume Hallie is wearing to attract all these guys? The perfume smells faintly of bacon.don sits right beside her.png

Someone in particular must really like Hallie’s perfume. Don Lothario was bartending that night and came around the bar and sat right next to Hallie. Hmmm….Don…..are you hitting on poor Hallie or do you want to get a discount on some clothes? Don wanted to show Hallie some drink tricks at the bar, but Hallie wisely said she had to leave. Yes, Hallie, wise choice, you do have a busy day tomorrow!

~~~End Sunday, Day 1 – Hallie~~~

Author’s Note:

Hank and Hallie’s games are two separate games, although I have another game save where they can interact together, which will happen in Week 2.

Do you think I jest with bacon-scented perfume? I kid you not. It really does exist!

bacon by fragginay.png

Article on Bacon-Scented Perfume.

CH 1 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Wild West Electronics vs. Threads – The Retail Store Challenge

hank on home lot.png

Meet Hank Western, our retail entrepreneur, ready to begin The Retail Store Challenge. Rules found HERE.

Hank starts off on his 20 x 15 empty home lot in Newcrest. But, he won’t be staying here long, so don’t get too comfy.

He is an outgoing goofball, who loves the outdoors. His aspiration is Musical Genius. Not sure if this is the best aspiration to have as a retail entrepreneur, but, let’s try it out. He’s a cowboy. I had made Hank when I first started playing Sims 4, but had never played him. I am always playing female sims, so thought I would change it up a bit.hallie.png

Meet Hallie Western. Hallie is Hank’s twin sister and is also opening a retail store. [Hallie is actually the female version of Hank Western]. Her favorite color is yellow. Here is the opening shot of Hallie on her home lot. A 12 x 15 empty lot in Newcrest.

Like her brother, Hallie is an outgoing, goofball who loves the outdoors. Wanting to keep Hallie’s aspiration in the Creative Aspiration area, I chose Bestselling Author for her. Who knows, once this is all over, she may write a “How to or How Not to Open a Retail Store”.hank's retail

From his home lot, Hank has now travelled to Oasis Springs to purchase a retail store on a 20 x 15 lot. Hank will be opening an electronics store. He also has to live on the retail lot. Until he earns $17,000 simoleons from the retail store, he won’t be able to build on his home lot. The pressure!

I am not a builder, so I saw a residential lot that I thought would work well for both a store and a house on the same lot. Just changed a few things, changed the lot to retail, and here you have a picture of it. It has a bed to sleep in, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The bathroom is actually part of the retail store.hallie in front of her store.png

Unlike her brother Hank, Hallie has decided to open her retail store in Newcrest on the lot beside her home lot, also a 12 x 15 lot. The store has a little apartment in the back, which will be convenient for work. Hallie aspires to run a successful clothing store.

I decided to try my hand at building this retail store, and I thought I did a pretty good job. Hopefully Hallie likes it, too. And, like Hank, she won’t be able to live on her home lot until she can make the 17,000 simoleons.

Both Hank and Hallie transfer all of the remaining funds to their store account. From the $20,000 less the cost of their home lot $1,500 and the cost of their retail stores, which leaves them both with zero in their personal bank accounts. They are both broke. Not a single simoleon to their name. Everything invested in their store.GOOD LUCK.png

So, the race is on between these two to see which store will be the most successful. Good luck to Hank and Hallie Western.

~~~Retail Wars~~~

original lot.png

Original residential lot – Agave Adobe – by SookieAnne

wild west.png

Converted lot of above. I changed the lot to retail and deleted a bunch of items on the lot. Cost: $16,965.threads

I built this lot myself. Cost: $16,709.

CH 1.3 – The Sands of Time – Treasure in the Sand

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The next morning, I lay in my tent listening to the sound of the desert wind softly blowing the sand against the tent. I faintly heard the peck, peck, peck of the gila woodpecker making its nesting hole in the spines of a saguaro cactus. And I heard the crying wail of a baby. A baby? What? Is someone visiting with a baby?baby beside mailbox.png

I quickly scrambled to get out of the tent. I looked around and there, beside the mailbox, is a bassinet lightly dusted in sand. I go over and peek inside. Yes, it’s a baby.rosa.png

I searched and looked right and left. No-one in sight.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” I shouted into the barren wasteland.

Where is the mother…or father? Who does this baby belong to? I look at the baby again. Oh my, she is so small, and she’s…she’s smiling at me. How could someone leave this incredible baby? My heart melted. Then I see a piece of paper on top of the baby blanket. It looks like a note. I reach in and take it out and start to read.

I saw you at the art gallery opening the other night and heard someone say you were rich an heiress. I watched you for awhile and you seemed very kind and smiled a lot. I am young, unemployed and homeless, and can’t look after my baby give my baby the life that I want for her. When I heard your name, I knew last night that you were the one. It was meant to be destiny. Her name is Rosa. Please look after her. Don’t let the bad people them take her away.  ~L~

hugh rosa.png

Oh my plumbobs! Someone left their baby here for me to look after! They abandoned their baby! I will have to call social services. I can’t keep this baby. I am not rich. I live in a tent for plum’s sake. How is this a life for a baby? And who is ~L~?

I dialed the number for social services and told them what on my lot.png

“Yes, that’s right. A baby. Someone abandoned a baby beside my mailbox. You’ll send someone over? In a few hours? Ok. Yes. I will be here.”how how how.png

I heard the baby cry again. Poor thing must be hungry. It was then that I noticed a small bag beside the bassinet. I peered inside and saw some bottles, formula, diapers, powder…what else was in here?

I picked the baby up and immediately the baby stopped crying.

“Hi Rosa”, I whispered, “Don’t be afraid. You’ll be in a new home soon.” I rocked and cooed the baby and soon Rosa was asleep.agnes crumplebottom.png

Just then, a car pulled up and out walked a rather stern looking woman. She walked over to me, and flashed some ID and said her name was Agnes Crumplebottom*. I said hello, and she didn’t seem very friendly. I showed her the note. She read it and grumbled through the whole can u look after a baby

“Is this the child?” she asked, impatiently looking at the this the child that is mine.png

“Yes, yes, it is”, I said. I took one last look at the sweet face and handed the baby to the social worker. The social worker took the baby and the diaper bag in one swoop. [Author’s note – oh my gosh, the baby definitely does NOT like Agnes!]ok baby your mine.png

“We’ll be in touch,” is all she said, as she started walking towards the car.what have i done.png

I thought of that warm bundle in my arms, and remembered myself long ago as I moved from one foster home to the next. Somehow never fitting in, always anxious to please, but never staying in one place for too long. Never feeling I had a home…a family.oh no i made a mistake.png“WAIT!” “STOP!” I shouted, as I ran towards the car. “What is gong to happen to her?”

The social worker explained that they would put her in temporary foster care and do a search for the mother or father.ward of the court.png

“She will be a ward of the state,” said the social worker matter-of-factly.

“She’ll be a what? A ward of the state?” Those words hung in the air and Rosanna was transported back to a time long ago. “I was a ward of the state once….” I whispered.

Then I remembered the note…“don’t let them take her away.” Yes, I had to do something.think we could arrange something.png

“But….but what if I wanted to keep her….ummm…adopt her? Could I do that?” I tentatively asked.

Oh my plumbobs! What had I just said? I was not myself, but I couldn’t let Rosa be a ward of the state. I had to do something to prevent it.doyou even have a job.png

“Well, this isn’t exactly the environment for a baby,” Agnes said harshly waving her hand at my lot looking around disapprovingly.this is a house.png

“Do you even have a job?” she snapped.mortimer goth.png

Well…..I…..yes, I do. I work at the art gallery. Mortimer Goth hired me. I inherited my great, great, great, great aunt’s estate…..” I started.

At the name of “Goth”,  Agnes Crumplebottom seemed to soften towards me.1000 simoleons.png

“Why, yes, I heard of you. Mortimer Goth hired you? You must have impressed him. We’ll still have to do some searching for the parents, and adoption does take some time and money. $1,000 simoleons to be exact. Do you have that kind of money?”yes.png

“Well, I have some things I could sell….I would really like to adopt this baby.” I said assuredly. I knew in my heart that I had made the right decision.

“Well, then, why don’t you come down to the office and we’ll see what we can do.”i hav a babe.png

Within a matter of hours, and thanks to the recommendation of Mortimer Goth, I was able to adopt Rosa. I was determined to provide Rosa with a happy, loving home. Standing there, looking at my lot, I knew I would work hard for her, for us.feed baby.png

Just at that moment, the sand swirled around us, and I thought of that cryptic note my great, great, great, great aunt had written. “Sand is your destiny”. It certainly was, and so was Rosa.


Author’s Note:

I wanted to bring a social worker into the story…and who better than to bring in someone from the infamous CrumpleBottom family? Read more about them HERE. In The Sims 3, Agnes Crumplebottom, is the aunt of Mortimer Goth

In writing the Art Walk chapter, I had not planned Mortimer Goth to be in the museum, nor had I planned ahead for this chapter. It all just happened. But, this all kind of worked out rather nicely with the Crumplebottom – Goth tie-in, and a great way to explain how Rosanna gets such a quick adoption. I hope you enjoyed that twist.


Thank you to Santaclausnm for creating the lovely Agnes Crumplebottom available for download in the gallery.




CH 1.3 – The Sands of Time – Hot & Spicy


The next morning, I was up early and headed off to work. It was a busy first day. There was so much to do! First, I cleaned palettes and organized all the art supplies. Then, I had to clean the “modern exhibit” and noticed that an exhibit label listed the incorrect artist.job.png

I really wasn’t sure if I should say something, as I was new, so I just finished mopping the hall. Luckily for me, I didn’t say a word, as it was indeed, the correct artist. That would have been embarrassing!painting art.png

I used my lunch hour to do some painting. A landscape this time. I was really enjoying my job.came over and wanted my number.png

I even had a surprise visit from Nobuya. He wasn’t in his mail carrier’s uniform and he looked ..ummm…really nice! I showed him around and he was impressed with the gallery. We chatted some more, and he even asked if he could call me sometime to go out. Oh yah??!!promo.png

Much to my surprise, the day flew by and before I knew it, I was home. And surprise, surprise, I got a promotion! Can you believe it, after my first day on the job? A promotion to Art Book Collator and a pay increase to $23 simoleons an hour. Sounds impressive, right? I had worked hard today and was really exhausted.spice.png

Well, that was until Nobuya called and invited me to go to the Spice Festival with him. Sure. Why not? I had never been to the Spice Market District in San Myshuno. It would be fun! Plus, I needed to eat and I heard they had free her way thru this.png

Look at all the food! And all free! I could not believe it. It all looked so yummy!new way to barbrq.png

As I sat down, I had to laugh at the person barbequeing. Ummm…must be a trend. lol I know that the food was hot, but really? A helmet?spicy.png

Nobuya told me about the spice contest and challenged me to enter! I wasn’t sure about this. I mean, these dishes were HOT! ON FIRE, really. Well, sure, I could do it! I better get a glass of water first though, in case my mouth is on fire and I have to douse it real fast.


Much to my surprise, it was only mildly hot, although it was marked the spiciest of spicy food! And, over the loudspeaker I heard that I was the new Curry Champion. Go me!won the spice contest.png

Look at the cool t-shirt I won!lily feng youre in my seat.png

After bragging about my win a bit, I overheard one of the festival goers yakking about the “bubbler”, so I decided to head over and try it. But when I went over, there was a horrid woman there who wouldn’t let me sit anywhere near it. So, I never got to bubble, but I heard it was fun. Maybe next time.eating more food.png

I caught up with Nobuya who was getting into the spirit! I hardly even recognized him! Umm….look at those muscles…Hubba…hubba!chnged tops.png

He told me where to go to get the greatest spices and told me to haggle with the vendors.

Never pay full price, Rosanna, haggle and try to get them to lower their price for you. And they should since you won the curry competition!” said Nobuya.the champ.png

I bought some spices and thanks to Nobuya’s suggestion, got them at a discount. After being crowned Curry Champion, it seemed that everyone knew who I was and wanted to talk to me.layne.png

Especially this guy named Layne. He just followed me around everywhere. And I have to say, he wasn’t half bad looking. *fans face* I was feeling a bit hot…must be the food!perfect cuple.png

Yep, this is Layne again…in disguise! lol We really hit it off. i ate the whole thing.png

I was really drawn to him. Ok, well, maybe it was his hat. The llama was so cute! We spent so much time together.and then there were 2.png

I actually think he might like me. *sigh* He’s such a hunk…for a llama, I mean.nabuyo is bummed.png

I was having such a fun time with Layne and then I saw Nobuya and he looked sad. Hmmm….I wonder why? I excused myself from Layne and went over to chat with Nobuya. I mean, afterall, he did invite me to the festival. He cheered up when I came over to sit with him. Do you think he might like me, too?make a wish.png

I was feeling really great about the day. A promotion. Being crowned Curry Champion. But there was still one thing I hoped for.  I saw a little fountain decorated with floating lillies. It was so pretty. I searched my pocket and found a coin and closed my eyes and made a wish. Oh, sorry, can’t tell, or else it won’t come true….you understand. i am the champ.png

The Spice Festival ws ending and I said good-bye to Layne and Nobuya. Wow! What a great day….I wonder if my wish will come true. Hmmm….I wonder…!!!


Author’s Note:

Yes, it’s true, there is a bit of “pink” in her relationship with both Layne and Nobuya. Lucky Rosanna!