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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 12 – Winterfest

#SAA100babychallengeblizzard outsideToday is Winterfest and it’s a blizzard! Brr…and it’s also Cameron’s birthday. Yeah! Similar to Harvestfest, there are certain activities that you have to do to complete the Winterfest goals. They are: Decorate, Festive Spirit, Open Presents, Grand Meal, and Father Winter. Melody already decorated, so she’s partway there. Let’s hope she gets them all done.and the mail comes again.png And the mail comes again. Ah, come on! Melody just got the bills. How can they come again? The mail carrier has other problems, I guess, and heads back out into the blizzard. Can someone please purchase a coat for this poor guy?

Melody then heads out to the mailbox and she gets two choices, check for Winterfest gifts and mail. She does both, and the only mail she got was for the kids! There is a gift for Fiona from Morgan Fyres, a gift for Felicity from Dominic Fyres and a gift for Elise from Victor Feng. No bills! Yeah!melody planting the money tree.png To start the day, I looked at Melody’s aspiration points and she has 7,585 aspiration points. The first thing I buy for her is the Frugal Trait (2,000 points) to get her bills reduced, and the second is the Money Tree (5,000 points). The money tree takes 7 days to grow and she has to plant it in a separate pot indoors. I kept getting the pop-up that the plant failed to germinate and realized that the house walls had to be on tall. So, I just changed them and it worked. In the spring, Melody will move it outside as it will produce in all seasons. Grow little money tree! Grow!running inside from the blizzard.png I check the plants to see if there is anything for Melody to harvest. And, yes, there are lemons on the trees. So, I send Melody out into the blizzard (I know, I am heartless), to harvest them. She gets this funny moodlet like “What am I doing out here in a blizzard?” and runs really fast back inside. It is quite funny to watch.feeding felicity.png Melody heads to the bedroom and gives Fiona and Felicity some attention. Sometime today they are supposed to age up, too. And see behind her, I had to place one of the children’s beds in Melody’s bedroom. The house was getting crowded and needed an expansion.ana and brittani are up early on winterfest morning.png Brittani and Ana are up first. Ana was complaining about the cold, so I changed her into her winter outfit. Here is Ana doing the pee-pee walk to the bathroom.melody had cooked a grand meal for breakfast and the kids were hungry.png Melody has enough simoleons to make a Grand Meal (Breakfast) for the kids, a meal she has to prepare for Winterfest. She has to pay the full price of $60 simoleons, as she sold the lemons. And yes, they’re all wearing their winter clothing because Melody still has the thermostat turned off. In fact, can someone throw me a blanket? I’m getting cold just thinking about it.ana and brittani join sscouts

There is no school today, so I have Ana and Brittani join Scouts, which is an after-school activity. You can join by using the phone. They each get a free Scouting Badge Board. So, when they do things, like take out the garage, or entertain a toddler, they get points towards a badge.brittani telling cameron a goofy story.png I have Brittani work on a badge but am not sure how the entertain a toddler works, but I have Brittani tell Cameron a goofy story. He doesn’t look too entertained to me, so she plays dolls with him instead.

Of course when Melody comes in and does a “Belly Laugh”, Cameron thinks it’s funny. Melody also asks Ana and Brittani if they have been “Good or Bad?” These are part of the interactions for the Festive Spirit.very sad deja.png Deja seems sad and is trying to get Ana’s attention, but Ana is absorbed in her book, My Pizzi-Cat-o-Polka. Look at Deja’s face!cameron ages uip Melody decides to have Cameron’s birthday party early before they open the presents. She bakes a chocolate cake and invites Cameron’s Dad over, Marcus Flex. Make a wish! Time to blow out the candles!

Cameron Coffey-Flex rolled Social Butterfly and the Active trait.openng presents.png It was now time to open all those presents under the tree. It was a small pile, but there was a gift for everyone. Here is what everyone got from the present pile: Brittani: Romance Festival Bubble Bottle; Cameron: Lump of Clay; Deja: A set of Nesting Blocks; Elise: Amateur Hour child-sized violin; and Melody: A pro-quality knife Block Set. Such great gifts. But what about Ana?excited about presents.png Well, Ana, the toddler who destroyed dollhouses, got the best gift of all. A lump of coal. And she was so excited about getting it and said she would treasure it always! I had a good laugh over that gift.windy out With the birthday party over and the presents opened, everyone knew that Father Winter would arrive soon. To say that they were overcome with excitement was an understatement. Brittani even braved the blizzard to see if she could see Father Winter anywhere outside. She didn’t and ran back inside quickly.father winter magically appeared at 8pm by the fireplace.png As if by magic, Father Winter suddenly appeared by the fireplace just after 8 pm. The children were excited! Melody told everyone to talk to Father Winter first and then they could ask him for a present.all hoevered around father winter.png Ana had no problem at all talking with Father Winter and asking him all kinds of questions, like how was his day, what his interests were and on she went. She was a real chatterbox around him. Cameron is quietly opening the gift that Father Winter gave him.she was kind of shy.png On the other hand, Deja came over to have a look at Father Winter and was getting the “stranger danger” moodlet. She was a bit shy. But Father Winter brought a gift to her and she was much happier.givign a gift to elise Elise, though, was a bit braver (and dirtier) and went right up to Father Winter to get her gift.for me.png Oh, look what’s in this box! A special gift for Brittani from Father Winter. It’s magical!everyone was there and he was giving them all presents.png After all of the children finished opening their gifts, everyone relaxed with Father Winter and ate some sugar cookies that Melody had made. Father Winter gave some good gifts! Here’s the loot round-up: Ana: Wafflekone the Llamacorn talking toy; Brittani: Hilariously Tiny T-rex Arms fossil; Cameron: PenguinVision Children’s television; Deja: a turquoise stone (said to bring protection and good fortune); and Elise: hopper statue

And then…“there arose such a clatter” that Melody sprang from her chair ” to see what was the matter”* The noise was coming from Melody’s bedroom. It was the twins! They were aging up! I guess they didn’t want to miss out on getting a gift from Father Winter, too.

[Author’s Note: A line from Clement Clark Moore’s poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas. The actual line is “When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter”. More here.]not something you see everyday.pngUmmm…yah….not something you see every day! Where did that extra baby come from? fiona with blonde hair felicity with red hair.pngAnd here they are! Fiona Coffey-Fyres on the left with the blonde hair rolled Clingy. And on the right, Felicity Coffey-Fyres rolled Fussy.father winter with the new toddlers.png Father Winter with the aged up twins. Fiona is sitting right next to Father Winter. She is not shy at all about asking for a present. But why is Father Winter giving Felicity this strange look? Is Felicity on his naughty list already? Nah….he must be wondering where Felicity got that red hair!getting a gift.png Look at the excitement on Fiona’s face! She gets a Humor and Hijinks Festival Bubble bottle.felicity getting her gift And Felicity is babbling to Father Winter. I think she is trying to say that she’s not peeking. She gets a train set-cargo car.melody couldnt belive she was getting a gift.png Then, much to Melody’s surprise, Father Winter turns to Melody and tells her he had a special gift for her, too. She couldn’t believe she was getting a gift from Father Winter!microscope gift

Melody was speechless. It was huge! It was expensive and it was hers! Where would she put it? Would she gain skills with it? So many questions, Melody’s mind was whirling.

And now for a bit of magic….

Father Winter also told her that he had another gift for her. But she had to follow what he told her carefully. He told her that at the stroke of midnight, everyone in the household must leave the house and walk down the roadway until they couldn’t see the house anymore. At 12:05 pm, they could return, but not a moment sooner.he was gone up the chimney.png Melody didn’t understand, but before she could say another word or thank him for the gifts, he was gone in a poof of smoke. Winterfest was a success and all the children were thrilled with their gifts.ventured out into the snow.png Melody looked at the clock. It was almost midnight. She called the children to her and said they had to leave the house together at midnight and walk down the road. She had no idea what would happen, but she somehow felt it would be a good thing.mommy i love u And there they waited. The children didn’t know what was going on, but they all just stayed in place. Cameron thought this would be a good time to do his homework, and Ana came over and gave Melody a loving hug. Even though they were outside in the cold, Melody felt so warm surrounded by her reno house.png When the five minutes were up, Melody led them back to the house. Melody was the first to arrive. She looked around and everything looked the same. But, wait, no, it was different. It was bigger! She had a bigger house! She couldn’t believe it!her house gone foreverf.png Just yesterday she had thought about a house renovation and had made a little wish. But alas, she had no simoleons and just had to make do. This truly was the best Christmas gift she had ever received. Melody looked as if she was about to cry.

“Thank you Father Winter!” she said out loud. And as if by magic, the snow gently swirled around Melody and the children. It was as if Father Winter was there with them, too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


[Spoiler: In reality, I enlarged the house and sold off a lot of her furnishings, including her bed to pay for walls. Playing ahead a few chapters, I am happy to report that everyone has a bed by New Year’s Eve (2 days away). Pictures of the reno in the next chapter. So, yes, she’s still broke.]

Tips & Tricks:

Need some simoleons? In the new Seasons pack, there are two items worth purchasing. The Attic Stack Decoration Box for $100 simoleons (already mentioned), and the Pile of Presents for $45 simoleons or the Large Pile of Presents for $150 simoleons. These items can be used anytime. For The Attic Stack Decoration Box, you can “rummage for decorations” and random seasonal decorations come out. If you want, you can then sell them for simoleons. For either of the pile of presents, you can “open present” and you receive a random gift, which again you can sell for simoleons. These two items can be used over and over again. So if you’re low on funds, these items are great to have. Why wait to use that pile of presents for a holiday, use it for birthdays, too! The buy mode items that just keep giving, and giving, and giving…

Link to Ch 13 – School Daze



Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 11 -Ana & Brittani’s Birthdays

#SAA100BabyChallengemailman delivering mail in a blizzard.pngWhat a fun day they all had yesterday at the Windenburg Tree Lighting Event. Melody wished she could spend more days like that. It’s still dark out as Melody peeks out the window to see the mail carrier delivering the mail. He is certainly not dressed for the weather!pay the bills.png Melody heads out to the mailbox to get the mail. There is a toy from Victor for Elise and there is an envelope with the bills in it. When she opens the bills, she (and I) nearly faint! Are you ready for the amount?

um what are those bills

What the heck? $3,587 simoleons! How could they be this much? Melody now has 48 hours to pay these bills and she has nowhere near this amount to pay for them. I decide to shut off the thermostat and everyone will just have to wear their winter attire until we get the bills under control.found more holly bushes for her to plant.png I devise a plan to try to have Melody make some simoleons starting with harvesting. She does have some holly in her inventory but she is unable to plant any outside as she gets a notice that it is too cold to plant.look how much snow has fallen but harvest lemons.png Even though there is snow on the trees, there are lemons to harvest.HOW WAS SHE GOING TO PAY THE BILLS.png Back inside, Melody sends the bees to fetch a gift and she rummages for winter decorations and sells them. She also breeds frogs in her inventory. Still not enough. Well, she would worry about that tomorrow because today was Ana and Brittani’s birthdays and she had to have a great party for them. She was having the party at 1pm, so still plenty of time to get them working on their skills.trying to make a flower arrangement and cut the flower to bits.png Melody decides to make a flower arrangement because she has bluebells in her inventory and it will cost her nothing to make. She is not paying attention and snips a flower to bits. Oops. She continues to make a few more arrangements since everyone is still asleep.on her birthday Britanni misbehaving Or are they? Brittani is up early on her birthday and has decided to make a mess in the living room. Unfortunately, Melody has to discipline her and Brittani is not too happy with the high chair.png Melody does a bit of last-minute clean-up of the house. That high chair is a mess! I have Ana and Brittani work on shapes to get their thinking skill up and also Brittani to go potty. These are two skills that they don’t have level 3 on yet (except Ana who leveled up in potty skill yesterday), and I don’t think they will get them before they age in coffey house.png And then it happens! I had saved up until here and when I went into my game, I am greeted with this. It’s a fire! The table that I moved near the fireplace has caught on fire!soon her house will be cinders.png I try to click on extinguish the fire and I don’t get that interaction. All it keeps giving me is Fire. Melody just stands there while the fire is spreading. If she doesn’t do something soon, the house will be in cinders and she will be on fire. Then, the toddlers start coming to the front to see what is happening.

I could have just exited at this point, but I figured if I had Melody move somewhere else, maybe she could still extinguish the fire.grabbing all the children.png Now, she has to grab the kids and get them outside. She can only carry one at a time.another toddler.png And Elise is safely out. And what about the babies? I can’t go into build mode while a fire is on the lot to move them. And look at Melody’s face. She is not happy either.extinguish the fire.png I have Melody go back inside and now I get extinguish the fire. Melody blasts those flames with the fire extinguisher.all crying and sad.png Meanwhile, outside, the toddlers are all crying and sad. I had the sound off but I could just imagine all the noise they were making. Ahh, poor little toddlers.everyone was fine.png But Melody gets the fire out and brings everyone back inside. She reassures everyone that they are ok. What a disaster!super parent glow.png Elise needs an extra hug, and then Melody gets this “glow” around her. It’s the Super Parent Glow. For sure, she was a super parent getting those kids to safety.TELLING A STORY TO SNOWPAL.png Outside, Deja is telling the whole story to the snowpal.felicity and fiona asleep Melody quickly goes in to check on Fiona and Felicity, and they are fine. Not bothered at all, like nothing happened.

Back in the living room, I replace the table and chairs and rearrange the living room a bit so the table is farther away from the fireplace. Melody mops the floor clean. There is now no time to work on skills with Ana and Brittani anymore. Melody has to make a cake for the birthday party, which is almost ready to start!time to get the birthday kids.png Well, Melody made it! She baked a hamburger cake for the birthdays and invited Gunther Munch, Mila Munch, and Gavin Richards to the party.elise and gavin richards.png Elise is excited to see Gavin and gives him a hug. She is filthy and in need of a bath, but no time now.ana and gunther.png Gunther gives Ana a loving hug. Ana’s face looks so sad here.ana aging up.png What a great family portrait. Totally by accident that Mila happened to be standing there. You can almost hear the conversation in this photo:

Mila: “Gunther, Ana is becoming a child today.  It brings back happy memories. I’m so proud of you, son.”

Gunther: “Yes, she is getting so big so fast. I want her to stay little forever. Where did the time go? I feel so old.”


Ana Coffey-Munch aged up and rolled the Social Butterfly Aspiration and Bookworm trait. And now it was Brittani’s turn, but Melody wasn’t fast enough to re-light the candles and one of the kids (I think it was Elise), grabs a piece of cake. She then has to bake another cake, a chocolate cake this brittanis turn.png It looks like Gavin is helping to blow out the candles, too! Make a wish!


Brittani Coffey-Richards aged up and rolled the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and the Neat trait. Having the neat trait is kind of hilarious considering she was making a mess this morning!ana and brittani child.png What pretty girls! Ana snaps a pic of the two of them.enjoyng some birthday cake.png Ana and Brittani enjoying some birthday cake. Melody got a bronze for the event and a charisma book reward.mila still here.png Everyone has left except but Mila. Ana and Brittani are doing their homework.deja asleep on the floor.png Elise eating a piece of cake on the couch and Deja asleep on the floor. Dirty plates line the counter.cameron is getting a bath.png Elise and Cameron are filthy and both need a bath, but Melody is pretty tired from the events of the day.filthy cameron.png So, I have Melody give Cameron a bath before bed to get him all clean for his birthday tomorrow. Then, Mila finally heads home and all the kids are now in bed.she has to sell the bar so i get her to make drinks first Just as Melody was going to head to bed, she gets a notice that she has 24 hours to pay the bills. Ugh! What more can go wrong today? I have to have Melody sell more stuff. Before she sells her bar, I have her complete the Milestone in Mixology to make 10 drinks and get those aspiration points. She makes water, which costs nothing. Then, bye bye bar and bar stools. I tell you, trying to get the funds to pay this HUGE bill is rather stressful. But luckily, before the next day, Melody manages to get all the funds to pay the bills. She then has $23 simoleons left.

melody aftr paying the billsAs you can see, she is in desperate need of simoleons and it’s Winterfest tomorrow. Well, more harvesting, frog breeding, selling decorations and sending those bees to fetch a gift. She will make it (crossing my fingers).

Melody’s skills: Cooking and Parenting-Level 10; Gardening-Level 7; Charisma-Level 5; Flower Arranging, Comedy, Gourmet Cooking & Hardiness-Level 3; Singing-Level 2; Logic, Video Gaming, Mixology, Photography, Dancing-Level 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Well, the only trick I can give you today is to save on those utility bills! In winter, shut the thermostat off and have them all wear their winter clothing indoors. And purchase the Frugal Trait (2,000 points) with your aspiration points to get the bills down.

Beth from the Facebook group had a tip about storing the birthday cake in the Come and Get it Street Store table (City Living pack-$400 simoleons) and re-using it for each birthday. Apparently, the cake will not decay. Great tip. But watch out for those hungry toddlers who will just grab a piece of cake once the candles are blown out! If you have the Jungle Pack, the Salvadorian Craft Sales Table costs $300 simoleons. I  believe this should do the same thing, although haven’t tried either. When Melody gets some more simoleons, I will give this tip a try.



Survive the Insanity: Day 5 – Happy Hollow Asylum – Seasons In The Mix

In our last chapter, Louis was going stir crazy and needed to have a breather, so decided to take everyone to GeekCon. While Louis launched himself off to space, Sonny decided to sing some karaoke and had a few groupies. Meanwhile, Randall decided to practice some jokes with the toilet. Deirdre tried her hand at karaoke and Sonny was giving her an appreciative look. He must have thought she sounded pretty good. Later, Randall made his karaoke debut, too. Krysta, later joined by Veta and Deirdre was building a rocket. Perhaps she was planning some sort of escape. Midge…well, Midge was rather obsessed with the gaming area and stayed there for the entire festival. Sonny and Rocky went to the computer area and were trolling the forums until they heard the announcement to enter the hackathon. And after being “nudged”, Sonny won the contest. Yes, Sonny now had an ill-gotten computer, but the masses decided he should keep it…hidden in the asylum house’s inventory, of course.

Author’s Notes: 

Some changes before we begin our story. Well, we are back! I checked my save file and realized I hadn’t played since June! In the meantime, I now have the Seasons pack, so decided that we will start with Summer season. I looked at the outfits that the game had randomly generated for them for Summer and Winter outfits, and most were fine, but some I had to change. Just like I left it, it is Wednesday, and the next day they will have the dinner party. I put that on the calendar. I also added a few other holidays to the calendar and changed the season length to 14 days. I also decided that it was too hard to have two save files, one for The Circle Asylum and one for The Happy Hollow Asylum, because of relationships, so they are all now in one save file. Stats: $1,054 house funds; club perks 822; Louis aspiration points 1,900.

And so it begins…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

happy hollow calendar.pngToday’s Lot Traits: Bracing Breezes, Homey, Penny Pixies. Summer, Day 4. Happy Hollow Social Club in progress.garlic noodles.png Louis really had to hone up on his gourmet cooking skills. He had just today to figure out what culinary delight he would be serving tomorrow for his dinner party. Here he made garlic noodles. He really wanted to make an impression on Viviana to make it up to her for Veta nearly burning their asylum down. He wondered how many sims could attend the party. He had read some rules posted in the kitchen that only 15 sims could come to a house party. Of course, everyone here at Happy Hollow Asylum, so that’s 8, then Viviana, 9….so who else to invite? Well, he would come up with a solution to that, but right now, more reading and experimenting with gourmet dishes. And drinks…oh right, he had to practice making drinks, too.upgraded the stove to a cooking u pro.png To have Louis complete a milestone in the Mixology aspiration, I sold one of the living room chairs and replaced it with another bar stool. Louis now has 2,175 aspiration points. I also upgraded the stove to a Cooking U-Pro. Food quality is 4 and reliability is 5. Unfortunately, couldn’t upgrade the fridge as well, but that is next. I also purchased the water balloon bucket for the backyard. They are now down to $269 simoleons.

purchased the stoves and grills aspiration reward.png

With the aspiration points, I purchased the Stoves and Grill Masters reward. Hopefully, this will help with his cooking skill.

While Louis is experimenting in the kitchen, let’s see how everyone else is doing…sonny and rocky zonked out.pngRocky and Sonny are zonked out upstairs. I guess all the hijinks of yesterday was too much for them. Sleeping is good, though, because they have to work later on.deirdre is making some dire prediction.png Deirdre is making some dire prediction and Veta seems non-pulsed by the drama. Is the prediction for today? For tomorrow? Who really knows what Deirdre is talking about half the time.midge swimming.png Midge is swimming by herself in the pool. She seems to be smiling while swimming. Is she happy? Is she thinking about a new tactic for Don’t Wake the Llama? Splish-splash…well, we really don’t know what she is up to.swimming in the pool together.png Well, Midge isn’t alone for long, because then Randall and Krysta join her. See that water balloon bucket in the corner…dum da dum dum…while inspired I get louis to paint.pngSince Louis is inspired I have him start a painting, but he tells himself a story instead.louis off to work.png And then Louis heads off to work. And now they are left alone in the house.watching vita and deirdre play dont wake the llama.png Midge seems to be training some new Don’t Wake the Llama recruits. Is this her new strategy? What is she really up to here? Midge did not play Don’t Wake the Llama during the entire day, but just stood and watched others play. I thought this was rather weird because she is obsessed with that game. I decided I had better check to make sure she was ok, and she still had the “recovering from a cold” moodlet. So, maybe that is why she didn’t play.rocky rushed right over when he heard that a game was in progress.png Rocky and Sonny decide to come down and join in the fun. Rocky doesn’t even change and sits down in his heart underwear. He really wanted to play.sunny having an erratic moment.png Sonny thinks he hears strange voices and wonders what is going on with Midge training these two? He is not sticking around to find out and decides to head for a swim instead.what is going on.png I had changed the Happy Hollow Social Club activities to include summer activities and was hoping that someone would autonomously use the water bucket to have a water fight. But, I don’t think that will happen…so…with a little nudge *wink*…wter balloon fight.pngI have Randall and Krysta have a water balloon fight. Look out, Randall! Once this starts, all the actions during the water fight are autonomous. Oh Krysta, what a shot!i think krysta got sunny instead oops.png Oh no! Krysta’s shot is heading right towards Sonny’s head! Oops!ah nah didnt get me.png Krysta totally missed Randall, and Randall gives an expression like “Nah, nah, you missed me!”oh yah try to hit me.pngAnd this is Krysta’s response. Not sure who it was meant for, though, Randall or Sonny! Krysta, don’t get on Sonny’s bad side. There is no winner or loser in a water balloon fight, they just get the playful moodlet which lasts 3 hours.

The Sonny and Rocky head off to work.midge teaching dont wake the llama.png Inside, Midge is still at it with Veta and Deirdre at the Don’t Wake the Llama Table. Look at her giving Veta some helpful hints. In this game, Veta got The llama almost fell tonight moodlet, so whatever Midge told her, worked. At least Veta didn’t lose that game.

what should rocky do

I get a pop-up notice from Rocky at work. You know, he does call me for advice from time to time. Well, I tell him to “Keep Walking” because she has a bodyguard with her. Rocky, you should have figured this out yourself. Thankfully he listens to me and walks on by and doesn’t lose any points in his job. krysta jivving.png With the water balloon fight over, Krysta jives to some tunes on the stereo.deirdre shows off her moves.png Deirdre, who actually won the game of Don’t Wake the Llama, decides to show off some dance moves to Krysta. “This is how it’s done, girl. Swing those hips!”shaping the bonsai got flower arranging skill.pngRandall decides the bonsai plant needs shaping. He gets the Flower Arranging skill for doing this.krysta and veta watchng a movie simder was chosen.png Krysta and Deirdre decide to watch Simder together. Oh boo hoo…such a sad scene. And during this, Louis comes home and got a promotion. Woot! Rocky and Sonny are still at work until 4am.promotion for louis

Louis’ skills at end of the day: Cooking-6; Gourmet Cooking & Rocket Science-2; Charisma, Comedy, Dancing, Fitness, Gardening, Handiness, Painting, Video Gaming-1 He still has no friends. Poor sim. Level 2 of Master Chef, Master Mixologist & Leader of the Pack.louis stargazing.png And so we leave The Happy Hollow Asylum for today as Louis stargazes and thinks about the dinner party tomorrow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Sneak Peek ~ Dinner Party Lot Trait Vote Results ~

So, it looks like the lot traits for the dinner party will be Party Place for sure. And then we have a 3-way tie for Romantic Aura, Cursed and Haunted. So, I made an executive decision and chose Romantic and ….. Haunted. I mean what’s a few more dinner guests? Louis can handle it. Right?

lot traits for dinner party





Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 10 – Snow Day

#saa100babychallengemelody woken up by deja having a nightmare.pngThe next morning, Melody was woken up bright and early by Elise, who had been woken up by a nightmare. The sun wasn’t even up yet! But Melody might as well get up and make breakfast.flipping pancakes for breakfast.png Here she is making breakfast. Look at her flipping those pancakes! Today is Winter Day 2 and they are going to head out to the Windenburg Tree Lighting Event which is being held in a park just down the road from where they live. They are also going to purchase their Christmas tree.the call to dinner stampeded.png Melody calls everyone to breakfast, and the stampede begins. I did have a chance to change Deja and Elise’s hairstyles because Ana, Deja, and Elise all had the same one. Deja is in the green and Elise is in the orange. So they all have different hairstyles now. I also made an extra cold weather outfit for them, as this was the one they had by default.

After breakfast, Melody gets everyone ready to head outside. But first, she checks on Felicity and Fiona and gets them ready to head to daycare. I know, just born, and she already sends them off to daycare!snow angel fun.png Melody heads outside with the toddlers and they play in the snow. Melody decides to make a snow angel.playing in the snow.png I then have Melody finish the snowpal she started yesterday. Ana wants to help.snowpals.png In fact, she makes two. They turned out great!melody on the snowy road.png Melody waiting for everyone on the snowy road.everyone was ready to go.png And they head off down the road to the Christmas park.just down the toad.png Melody can see it as they get closer.beautiful day beautiful park And soon they are there! The park has been decorated for the holidays and there is a huge tree at the center of the park. At the back of the park is a Christmas tree lot and Melody wants to head there first.super duper diaper bag.png But before she can, she has to change Ana’s stinky diaper. Luckily she brought her super duper diaper bag with ws the higgest tree he ever saw.png Cameron had already run to the back of the lot and looked up and sees the biggest tree he has ever seen.cameron had found the perfect tree.png Cameron actually runs around the entire lot. I was exhausted just watching him! He now has movement level 4, so he is pretty fast. He then settles beside this tree. I think the Coffey family has found their Christmas tree! (I actually just purchased one from buy mode for their house, but when Cameron stopped beside this one, it looked like he was picking it out.)park was lit up.png

PLAYING GAMES.pngBrittani and Elise are playing Simshape on the Wabbit Tablet. Lucas Munch is playing beside them.DEJA GOING TO THE BATHROOM ALL BY HERSELF.png And, surprise, Deja autonomously went potty all by herself!THERE WAS A WONDERFUL CUPCAKE MACHINE.png Melody makes some cupcakes at the cupcake machine.CUPCAKES FOR EVERYONE.png And heads into the little kitchen hut. Now, this is a kitchen!melody love this kitchen.png One day Melody will have a kitchen like this, too. She calls everyone in to have a cupcake, but they all seem too busy playing in the park.bjorn watcing them play.png Melody sees they are being well taken care of. One of her Baby Daddy Club members is keeping watch over them. Ana is playing with blocks while Elise is playing dolls in the castle dollhouse.JACQUES DIDNT LOOK DRESSED FOR THE WEATHER Melody makes herself a cup of coffee and Jacques Villareal comes in and helps himself to a cupcake. He doesn’t look like he’s dressed for the weather. Melody hopes he doesn’t freeze out there.tree lighting event.png Soon, it’s time for the tree lighting. It was spectacular! What a beautiful sight!group shot.png One more group shot before they head home. Well, trying to take a group shot. It’s not easy getting these toddlers to pose.TIME TO GO HOME And the tired bunch trudge back home.AND IN THEY ALL CAME.png They all come in at once and Melody gets everyone ready for bed.deja running to the bathroom.png But first, they need a potty run. Here is Deja wobbling her way to the potty.THE KIDS WERE TUCKERED OUT.png Come on Elise, you can make it. EVERYONE GETTING TUCKED IN.png Melody tucks everyone into bed. Then goes over to help Ana go potty.FINALLY ANA IS POTTY TRAINED.png And yes! Ana achieved Level 3 in potty training. No more diapers for her!felicity and fiona asleep.png Melody peeked in on the twins and Fiona was sound asleep. Melody lifted Felicity from the crib and cuddled her until she fell asleep again.AND THERE SAT THE TREE READY TO BE DECORATED With all the children tucked in for the night, Melody has a chance to put the tree up.MELODY STAYING UP TO DECORATE THE TREE.png She wanted to surprise everyone and stays up until 1:43 am to finish decorating the house for the party tomorrow.143 AM FINALLY SITTING DOWN TO EAT CUPCAKE.png And finally, with everything done, Melody has a chance to sit down and enjoy one of the cupcakes she made at the park. Yummm! Only sweet dreams tonight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

town tree liighting event pic.png

Thanks to Gypsybarko for this lovely lot. I added the cupcake machine and some toddler items, but otherwise, everything was the same as the build.

Tips & Tricks:

~ A word about the Get Together Clubs ~

Well, I had this great idea to have a Club with all the Baby Daddy’s in it to help look after the toddlers. But, according to the rules, that is a no-no:

  • There are no restrictions on who can father children in this challenge but none of the donors can move into the household or provide any aid to your household whatsoever apart from impregnating your matriarch once.
  • Your matriarch may join and create clubs as long as the club rules don’t violate any other challenge rules.

The word here is “any aid”. I took that to mean financial aid, but, it could also mean aid in helping to care for the kids. So, I still have my Baby Daddy Club but have filled it with non-Donor Dads, plus Ana’s Grandma, Mila Munch. Once someone in that club becomes a Donor Dad and their baby is born, they are then ousted from the club and replaced with a new member.

Now, if a Donor Dad comes over or asks to come over or sends their child a gift or autonomously helps a child, then that is fine. I also feel you can invite a Donor Dad over for things like birthdays and holidays.

Right now the club activities are Clean, Dance, Watch TV, Be Friendly, and Cook. Since you are allowed to hire a maid, I figure that clean would be fine. Even though you can’t hire a caterer except for parties, you can hire a butler (from Vintage Glamor pack) who just can’t look after the kids, but they can cook. So I figure this is the same thing as what the club would do. Plus, unlike the butler, who you can ask to prepare a meal, I can’t really control those club members to cook if one of the toddlers was hungry. If a club member does anything to interact or help a child, then it is an autonomous action.

I also have another club called the Family Club, which will be just for Melody and the children. Unfortunately, toddlers can’t belong to any clubs, so she has to wait until they reach the child life stage to have any members.

Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 9 – Double Trouble

#SAA100babyChallengestarting to snow 1st day of winter.pngIt was Winter Day 1 and with it came the snow. Look at it falling gently to the ground. The first snow! Oops. That leaf pile is still sitting there as Melody never did get a chance to finish raking it. Oh well, it will soon be covered so we won’t see it anymore.melody now level 10 cooking'.png Melody was up early making some breakfast. Watch out! She is wild with those knives! Melody is playing the waiting game today waiting for the baby to be born. Any time…any time.crying and cold.png Poor Deja woke up crying and cold. It’s freezing out, and cold in the house, so Melody uses the thermostat for the first time.outting up the temp everyuone is cold.png Then everyone is happy and gets a happy Central Heating moodlet.

central heating.png

However, Melody’s bills will go up by 10% by using the thermostat. Well, she can’t have the toddlers be cold. There is a Frugal Trait that you can purchase with the aspiration awards for 2,000 rewards which will help lower the household bills. Right now, Melody has a total of 7,460 aspiration traits and I am trying to figure out which traits to get her. I will probably wait and do this next chapter. rummaged for winter decorations.png Since it was Winterfest in just two days, Melody decided to rummage in the decoration box and see what she could find. She also decorated the house with lights. They still needed a tree, though, and Melody was planning to take everyone out tomorrow to purchase a tree at the market (an undecorated Christmas tree costs $190 simoleons from buy mode), and then attend the Windenburg Tree Lighting Ceremony. Melody was pretty excited about this and hoped the toddlers would be, too.the ground is white.png Melody looked out the window again and snow had covered the ground. It was a winter wonderland.

Melody gets a pop-up notice that Victor sent Elise a gift.

Gunther called and asked if he could come over, and Melody said yes. Gunther was the only Donor Dad who ever wanted to come over.BIT OF A RENO.png In anticipation of the birthday parties and Winterfest coming up, I decided Melody needed a bit of a house renovation. I knocked down some kitchen walls and built a little expansion. This was all she could afford. I put out some items that had been in the house inventory, and it looked nice and cozy.ANOTHER VIEW OF RENO.png I also knocked down the hallway wall and moved the couches against the wall to give a bit more room. Eventually, I hope to do a reno so she can have a dining room, another bathroom, and a room for every child. But not today, as she is broke, as usual.elise playing in the snow.png At the sight of the first snow, Elise runs out the door and plays in the snow.gunther teaching flash cards to ana.png Ana is warm and comfy inside and Gunther is teaching her flashcards.BAAKO COMES FOR A VISIT LOOK AT FROSTY BREATH.png Baako comes for a visit. Look at how frosted the window is and you can see Baako’s breath in the picture. So realistic. Burrr….. Just close that door please to keep the heat in!STINKY DIAPER ELISE.png Stinky diaper time. Melody helps Elise with potty training. Melody is feeling pretty tired today and calls the Baby Daddy Club over.GUNTHER AND BRITTANI.png Brittani and Gunther having some “babble” time.WHAT IS HAPPENING.png What the heck is happening here? Ok, well one of the toddlers with green feet is tearing up a book from the bookshelf. Hmmm…I wonder…looks like green boots or green foot pajamas. And there is only one toddler who has both! Elise! I guess she decided to play in the bookcase.TODDLER TELING A STORY.png Deja seems to be telling a story or joke. Look at that expressive face!C;UB TIME.png And she has quite the audience listening to her. It must be a good story!melody trying to build a snowpal.png It was almost the end of the day, and I send Melody outside to make a snowpal. She doesn’t finish it and passes out beside it. When she wakes up, she was in labor. I figure that she has some time before she needs to go to the hospital, so I try to have her plant some holly berries beside the house, but she is just too uncomfortable and passes out again. But, when she wakes up again, I get the following notice.

free cribWhat baby on the way? Oh nooo…..MELODY DOESNT MAKE IT TO THE HOSPITAL.pngOh my gosh! It is too late to go to the hospital! And she’s outside in the freezing cold! Do you see her looking at me, like, “I told you I was in labor, but you said no problem. Melody has time….NOT!”HAVING THE BABY OUTSIDE.pngAnd as soon as I get that pop-up notice, Melody starts those deep breathing exercises ready to give birth.U CANT HAVE THE BABY POUT HERE Of course, Dominic Fyres comes running outside in a pre-parental panic. Can you just hear him shouting, “Melody, what are you doing? You can’t give birth in the snow!”in the freezing cold she gives birth to twins.pngWell, too late Dominic, she did. Welcome, Felicity Coffey-Fyres, but wait….Oops, she does it again! Welcome, Fiona Coffey-Fyres. TWINS! Melody gave birth to her first set of twins!

coming to see the new babies.pngAnd here come the toddlers to see their new twin sisters. I wonder if they will like them? (Front L-R:  Ana, Brittani, Deja; Back L-R: Cameron, Elise)everyone is happy about the new siblings except ana.pngWell, it seems like they are all happy about having new siblings. Ummm…wait! No, it seems that Ana is very unhappy about it. Look at her face!passed out again.png And with her job done giving birth to twins, Melody once again passes out in the living room. The good news is that Melody does not have to get pregnant again until Ana is ready to move out. The Coffey household now has 8 sims and is a full house.

5 toddlers and 2 babies full house.png

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Melody’s home birth was not planned.  I was planning on having her have all her babies at the hospital as her needs all go green afterwards. Well, they don’t do that when you have a home birth.

Now, if you don’t do anything and let the home birth happen naturally, Sim Social Services will provide a free bassinet. If you click “Have Baby”, then the game will say, you need to have a bassinet. So, just let your sim go into labor naturally to have the baby without prompts from you, then the free bassinet will appear. You also get a free bassinet when you deliver at the hospital. And, the good news is that when the baby ages up to toddler, you can sell the bassinet for $150 simoleons. And then repeat the above for home birth without any prompting from you or a hospital birth, and voila, another free bassinet.

She does have the On Ley Line lot trait (from the City Living pack), and it was mentioned that you can get multiple births if you have a home birth. All the time I thought it was when she did the “Try For Baby” interaction that sealed your fate to singles or multiples. But I may have been wrong, or, who knows, it may all be random. There has been much discussion on the forums about the On Ley Line lot trait and the fertility trait (which you get from aspiration rewards). Not always 100% multiples.


Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 8 – Are We There Yet?

#SAA100BabyChallengeelise is supposed to age up today.pngIt’s the last day of fall today and Elise is supposed to age up to toddler. Didn’t Melody just have her? And, Melody is expecting to give birth anytime. Time is just flying.

Looking at the next few days, on Winter Day 3, there are two birthdays on the same day, Ana’s and  Brittani’s. On Winter Day 4, it’s Cameron’s birthday and Winterfest on the same day. Then the very next day is Deja’s birthday. Melody has her work cut out for her to get those toddlers’ skills up.

I have already made Winter Day 3 an event day and will be inviting the Donor Dad’s over to help celebrate their birthdays. Let’s check to see how the toddlers are doing on their skills. Melody really hasn’t had a chance to help them with any skills, except potty and reading them one story, so this is all their own doing.

Ana, the wild child, needs a bath right now. Melody has to work with her on Potty, Imagination and Thinking to get them all to Level 3.

And look at Brittani’s skills! It’s that independent trait at work. She just needs to work on Potty skill and Thinking.

Cameron, our inquisitive child, just needs help with Potty and Thinking.

And Deja, the clingy child, needs help with Communication, Movement, Potty, and Thinking. But her birthday is on Winter Day 6, so still time to get those done.

Melody has to concentrate on the two who will be having a birthday first, Ana and Brittani. The Thinking Skill seems to be low with all the toddlers. Thinking Skill can be learned through flash cards, nesting blocks, and the tablet. The Wabbit Tablet costs $500 simoleons, which Melody doesn’t have right now. She will also have to spend time with them on flashcards, but I don’t know how she’s going to do it. Flashcards take time.

When a toddler has Level 3 in all their skills when they age up to the child stage, they get the Happy Toddler Trait and they get a jump start on skills for the child stage. Well, we’ll see how they do.she gets up early.png I have Melody get up early to start cooking food for the toddlers. As she does this, she reaches Level 10 on her cooking skill! Yes! Melody also has a chance to clean up all the plates in the house.

Since the toddlers are still sleeping, I figure that this would be a good time for Melody to do some harvesting and make some simoleons.vaccuming the weeds.png So I have her start indoors, umm….vacuuming the weeds, collecting honey and harvesting. I get this pop-up that she found a frog in her flowerbeds while weeding. Bonus!why are these bees after me in the house She gets attacked by her bees on the way to the restroom. Why are these bees attacking her in the house? Oh she got stung! Ouch!

Maybe it’s because she took all their honey! Since tomorrow is winter, the bees will be sleeping (dormant) and won’t produce any honey either.cold outside.png After having a bite to eat, Melody heads outdoors to harvest everything and get the outdoors in order. It is cold and cloudy, so she bundles up.last day of fall and cloudy.png While weeding outdoors she finds another frog! Yes! She harvests everything and I re-arrange the trees in the yard so they are at the back of the lot.tired leaf raker.png Melody is very tired from all her yard work and falls asleep in a leaf pile. I guess the leaves won’t be raked today, so I have her head indoors ana a bath.png Ana is awake and leaving green stink trails all over the house, so Melody decides it’s time to give her a bubble bath. I then have Melody change into another outfit.cameron in a cloud of dust.png Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Cameron is playing in the cupboards autonomously.ana destroyed the dollhouse deja making a mess.png As soon as Ana was out of the bath, she destroyed the dollhouse again. Ana is the only toddler who destroys the dollhouse. I really don’t know why. And here is Deja making a mess. I was so fed up with Ana destroying the dollhouse, that I temporarily put it into the house inventory and re-arranged all the toys. It gives all the toddlers a sad moodlet when the dollhouse is destroyed. Melody disciplines Deja and Ana calmly. teaching to stack.png Melody teaches Cameron to stack blocks while Deja does some dance moves. I also placed some toddler books on the floor so they can look at a book. This also helps with the Thinking Skill. I figured that it might be safe to take the dollhouse out of inventory again and repair it, so I re-arrange things again and have Melody repair the dollhouse.super efficient baby care

Well, it was worth it, because she got to Level 10 in Parenting. I tried the Super Efficient Baby Care interaction on Elsie, and it is so funny. Melody basically threw the baby up in the air and boom, everything was done. I don’t know much about the Full Parent mode, but it can help with Melody’s needs. So that’s a good thing.they grow up so fast.png Melody and Elise – they grow up so fast.elise aged up angelic.png Yes, they do! And just like that Elise Coffey-Feng is now a toddler and she rolled the ANGELIC trait.ana and elise.png Ana, who wasn’t happy with Elise’s arrival, ran over and gave Elise an autonomous hug. They look like twins here! I will probably change Elise’s hairstyle later.maybe ana needed someone to play dolls with.png Ana and Elise playing dolls together. Ahhh…..maybe Ana just wanted to have someone to play dolls with and nobody would and that’s why she smashed the dollhouse all the time. She seems happier now.5 toddlers and preggers

Melody is still pregnant as the day draws to a close, so hopefully tomorrow she will give birth.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

~ Gardening winter preparation ~

If you have the Seasons pack and you have outdoor harvestables, don’t forget to harvest any fruits, vegetables or herbs on the last day of the season they grow in. For instance, any fruits, vegetables or herbs that only grow in other seasons (summer, fall, spring), will not bear fruit in the winter, unless they are under shelter in a greenhouse. When the harvestables are in a greenhouse, they are not affected by the seasons and will continue to produce.

Luckily for Melody, she has Lemon trees and holly outdoors, which will produce in the winter.

Also, if you have bees, whether they are indoors or outdoors, bees will go dormant in winter and they won’t produce any honey. So harvest that honey on the last day of fall. You can still collect the swarm and have them bring you a gift, though. A good thing because Melody can sell those gifts and get simoleons.


Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 7 – Harvestfest


Have you ever played the game Nanny Mania where you control a nanny working against the clock to complete so many duties during the day, all the while a toddler is destroying the house after she cleans it?nanny mania real one

Well, that is how Melody is feeling today. Melody is trying to be super Mom trying to beat the clock to get all her toddlers’ skills to level 3 AND find a new Donor Dad. Time to call the Baby Daddy Club over for help. The house is a mess! fixing the dollhouseWhen Melody arrived home from the hospital, she repaired the dollhouse and it seemed all the toddlers were awake. Here they are in line, (well, almost, Brittanni is making her escape), to see the new baby. And, both Ana and Deja have the moodlet that they are sad about having a new sibling, while Cameron and Brittani are happy about it. Melody then puts everyone to bed.a neautiful day in windenburg.png The next morning was Harvestfest, which is a set fall holiday on the calendar. Harvestfest goals are decorating, Holiday Gnomes, Grand Meal, and Thankful Spirit. The day before she had decorated the outside of the house. What a beautiful day.the gnomes have arrived Well, it was beautiful until the arrival of the gnomes! They woke up the kids!its harvestfest the gnomes are here.png There were three of them, one inside and two outside. Apparently, Melody had to appease them by giving them something. When you clicked on the gnome, you had a variety of items to choose from to give them, like coffee, toy, pie, etc. It didn’t seem so bad.gave some pie and he was pleased.png Melody decided to tackle the one in the house first and gave him some apple pie. Oh yeah! He liked it and got this angelic circle around his head.gave a salad and he didn't like it.png Melody then went to the one near the front door and gave them some salad. Oops! Wrong choice! A red fire comes out of the gnome’s head and her stereo cracks and needs to be repaired. Oh no! These gnomes can break things.gave a toy and he liked it.png The third one, Melody gave a toy and they were happy. Hmmm…maybe she could go back to gnome #2 and get a second chance.pleads for forgiveness.png Melody decided to plead for forgiveness. That might have been a mistake.this was his anwer.png This was the gnome’s response. Well, fine then. I won’t have Melody go near these things again today. I went into build mode and moved them out to the lawn, but they move around to different places and eventually end up in the house again. Aside from the stereo, the gnome also broke the bathroom sink. I have watched Let’s Plays and it could have been worse. The good gnomes leave seed packets.melody and the chicken hat.png So forgetting about the gnomes, Melody carries on with the day. Now that the toddlers were up, Melody needed to make some food for them, but she needed to get inspired. I decided that I would change one of her outfits and have her wear the chicken hat with that outfit. I could then simply change into that outfit when I wanted her to get inspired. It was way faster to do it like this, rather than cloud gazing or star gazing.

Here’s a link to the other hats and their emotions.

Sims Online Guide to Awesome Animal Hats & Emotions

cooking a grand breakfast

She had to make a Grand Meal to complete the Harvestfest goals. Since she doesn’t have a lot of simoleons, I decided that Melody should make the Grand Breakfast. And, she had some fruit, so she got a discount! Bonus 🙂harvestfest.pngI was going to have the feast out-of-doors, but then it started to rain, so had to move everything indoors. I temporarily put the couches in the house inventory so she would have some room.decorated for harvestfest.png I love that table, which is called “The One” for a mere $50 simoleons. You can change the tablecloth to reflect the different holidays. My thought here was that Melody would place all the toddlers in the highchairs and give them their grand meal that way and then get a family pic.

I also realized that she couldn’t complete the Thankful Spirit goal unless she invited a sim over because they had to talk about being thankful and of course toddlers only babble. So she invited Dominic Fyres *wink wink* over to share the day. Perhaps he would be Donor Dad #6? Dominic is a pre-made adult sim, who lives in Windenburg, and is married to Moira Fyres and they have two daughters, Siobhan and Morgan. He is a stay-at-home Dad who has the music lover, self-assured and neat traits.calling to breakfast.png Come and get it! See how those gnomes snuck in the house again! Sheesh!chaos land As I said, that was the plan. I think Melody got one in the highchair. Once Dominic came over, she called everyone to the meal, and they ran to get the food, left full plates all over the place. I was getting pop-up messages that they were all “hangry” and one was “ravenous” and Melody needed to feed them before they were taken away. Ana broke the dollhouse again, and they all needed baths. I thought any minute that the social worker would walk through the door and snatch the kids away.ana the terror child.png Needless to say, I called my Baby Daddy Club to help out. But just so you know they don’t help with the toddlers, just the baby. Melody’s needs were all in the red and she kept passing out, so she couldn’t make more food. It was crazy!

Finally, Melody made another meal and just set it on the table and called them to the meal. Forget about those highchairs. They ate their food in bed. She didn’t care about crumbs in the bed — at least they were fed.keeping them enthralled with her reading.png While the Baby Daddy club members cleaned the house, Melody gathered the toddlers and read them a riveting story. They were enthralled. Melody then put them all to daddy next.png With the house clean, and kids in bed, Melody ended the club meeting. They all went home except Dominic, who Melody invited to stay the night.

Melody: “Dominic, please stay. Don’t leave me alone with these toddlers!”

Dominic: “A sleepover? Sounds great.”yes lets have a baby.pngPretty soon, Melody and Dominic are discussing baby plans, and….yes donor dad # 6.pngYes, Melody is preggers with Dominic’s baby! Doesn’t it look like she’s winking here, like she’s saying, “Told ya so!” Now Melody needs to get some rest.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

My advice is to save your simoleons and not buy a highchair. You can just make some food, put it on the counter or table, and the toddlers can reach up and grab a serving. Of course, they leave the plates everywhere, but it is a lot simpler. It just takes too long to put them in the highchair, feed them and then take them out of the highchair again. And having more than one toddler and trying to put them all in a highchair can take most of the day!



Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch.6 – Where are the leaves?


In the last chapter, three of the four babies aged up to toddler and Melody is pregnant with Victor Feng’s baby.

Today, Deja is supposed to age up and it’s also the Lottery, a random holiday. Of course, Melody buys a lottery ticket. I mean she could win 1 million simoleons, so it doesn’t hurt to try.  To do so, just wait until the day of the lottery (you have to do it on the actual day), and choose to buy the lottery ticket from the phone or computer. Lottery tickets cost $100 simoleons each.lottery day of course she buys a ticket

this is the pop up

This is the pop-up she received after buying one. Hilarious!eating fruit salad.pngMelody having some fruit salad with Britanni. Doesn’t it look like Melody is balancing that fruit bowl on her head?camerons stinky diaper Changing Cameron’s diaper! It’s stinky.cameron working on potty skill.png Melody decides to start Cameron on potty training right away.britanni and cameron autonomous hug.png An autonomous hug between Cameron and Britanni. So cute!how nice

And Grandma Mila has sent Ana a gift. In fact, Gunther also sent Ana a gift, and Gavin sent Britanni a gift as well. They are coming in the mail (turns out they were all toys). Ok, what about the other dads? Show me the gifts!deja aged up.png And suddenly Deja Coffey-Yoshida ages up and rolled Clingy.almost the end of fall and there are leaf piles everywhere.png So while Melody waits for the birth of the next baby, she decides to take the toddlers outside. It is almost the end of autumn, and I wanted to find some leaves for her to rake, and maybe for the toddlers to play in. Then I see them. All these piles of leaves everywhere.raking leaves.png I have Melody rake up a pile of leaves. I also made a new club to enjoy the seasons. I was only going to add the family, but then Melody got a call from Gunther Munch applying to the club, and so he is part of it now, too.playing in the leaves.png Deja is the first one to discover a leaf pile and starts to play in it.leaves.png They don’t have a fenced backyard, but I figured they would be alright if Melody stayed outside.walking in the leaves.png I thought this was a nice fall picture of Melody walking down the roadway with the fallen leaves all around.burning leavs.png Leaf piles give you some choices. Woohoo, play in, rake leaves or burn leaves. I have Melody burn the leaves, and she nearly sets herself on fire.ffirey leaves.png Melody has had enough fun with the burning leaves. Time to head inside and see what the toddlers are up to.ana destoying the dollhouse.png Ok, well, inside Ana has decided to destroy the dollhouse. Not sure why, but here she is with Deja watching.and then she cries.png And then Ana starts crying. After calmly disciplining Ana, Melody gives Deja and Ana a snack. They now all have the sad moodlet from the destroyed dollhouse.cute but stinky.png Meanwhile, outside, Brittani is having a terrific time being on her own because of the Independent trait. Stinky but happy.huffing and puffing.png With all the excitement of the day, Melody goes into labor.victor at the sidewalk.png She barely makes it to the hospital in time, with only 30 minutes to spare. There is Victor on the sidewalk doing the pre-parental panic dance. Melody has no time to even say hi as she rushes past him into the hospital.will she make it to the delivery table in time.png Melody stops in the hallway of the hospital and I think she is going to give birth there. But, she makes it to the delivery room…with minutes to elise.png Baby # 5 It’s a GIRL! Elise Coffey-Feng.elise baby name

she didnt win thoughAlmost as soon as she gives birth, Melody gets the notice that the Lottery was over. now im hungry for a cupcake.pngI didn’t get any pop-up that she won, but she received a terrific gift anyway. Little Elise.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Once a toddler reaches level 3 in their skills, you can age them up. So, my advice is to work on those toddler skills right away. Especially, potty training, then they can go to the bathroom themselves. I love those toddlers who have the Independent trait because you can have them go potty by themselves. Potty training just goes to Level 3, all the other skills go to Level 5. There are four toddler skills, Creativity, Motor, Social, and Mental. We’ll see how Melody does with her houseful of toddlers and see if they can all reach Level 3 in all their skills. Toddlers auto age-up in 7 short days on normal lifespan, so Melody has to get busy.






Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 5 – Toddler Chaos


Ok, something is wrong. By now, some of these babies should have aged up to toddlers, but they are stuck in Babyland. No birthday notice, nothing. I could have just aged them up, but I didn’t want to break any rules. So, I figured that I should do a repair game to see if that might help, look at the settings, etc. I did that and sure enough, it worked. Their birthdays are now on the calendar, and horror of horrors, it’s like Melody had quadruplets, as they are all going to age up to toddlers on the same day! And today’s the day! Yikes!omg 4 babies aging up to toddlers today And where the heck did Summer go? It’s Day 3 of fall already. I did get a nice shot of Windenburg, though, with the fall colors. It almost looks like there are sheep grazing on the hill. If I did this again, I would make the seasons longer, perhaps 14 days.windenburg countryside Ok, back to the reality of babies aging up. I did a bit of a room reno so the toddlers would have some beds. At the time I did this, there were only 3 birthdays on the calendar, and then when I logged back in, there were four. Making up for lost time, I reno getting read for toddlers.png So right now just three beds in the room. another shot of the room.pngI also bought a dollhouse, 3 potty toilets, and some blocks.look at that dirty sink.png I upgraded the bathroom and bought a combo bathtub/shower. Will you look at that dirty sink!upgraded bed again.png And I up-graded her bed daddy club Because I thought I would need help with all these babies, I created a club. I named it the Baby Daddy Club. Originally, I thought of having all male sims in it, sort of have all the potential donor dads in a club, so I can summon them whenever and then replace them with new donor dads. However, I had some female sims who were just too helpful to ignore, like Mila Munch. Mila Munch has grandmother status to Ana Coffey-Munch, plus she is so good with those babies.made a club.png Anyway, the living room got another couch for all those club members congregating at the house.  With her club points, she bought a social skill boost and had enough club points to add another member. Well, with all that splurging done, Melody only has $141 simoleons left, and wouldn’t you know that the bills were delivered right after. So, she also has no funds for the $482 simoleon bill.collecting and selling honey.png Harvesting and selling honey netted her some more simoleons. She now has $621 simoleons, enough to pay the bills. Yes!the 3 dads jogging in the rain.png So I thought it would be nice to invite the four Dads over on the day the kids aged up to toddlers. Well, that didn’t work. As soon as they got to the lot, they all went jogging in the rain and never came back. I tried again later on, but they all left after a few minutes. In fact, Nobuya showered first and then in babysitters with the club members.png Well, I have my club members who help look after the babies. They are like built-in babysitters. I also put cleaning as one of the things the club members do, so free maids, too.victor feng baby daddy.png One of my Baby Daddy Club members is Victor Feng. Victor is an adult sim who lives in San Myshuno and works as a politician. His traits are materialistic, perfectionist and genius. Yes, new traits! He is married to Lily Feng, who has the “hates children” trait, but he loves them, it seems. He also cleaned that dirty bathroom sink (from a few pics ago). A keeper for sure. preggers again.pngSo, in no time at all, Melody used her charming ways on him, and she’s pregnant again. Here she is making a beeline for a piece of hamburger cake. Ahhh….cravings.2 babes.pngWaiting for these babies to age up….Ana on the left, Britanni on the right.2 babies.pngDeja on the left, Cameron on the right. waiting for the babies to age up.pngWait, wait, wait. Gee, it takes a long time waiting for these babies to age up. Might as well get some beauty rest.ana and britanni.png But, surprise! They do age up in the evening. Well, 3 of them do. On the left with the blonde hair is Ana Coffey-Munch who rolled Wild. On the right is Britanni Coffey-Richards who rolled Independent.cameron and stinky deja.png Cameron Coffey-Flex on the right rolled Inquisitive. And in the crib complaining and stinky is Deja Coffey-Yoshida.britanni making a mess cameron playing in toilet.png And as Melody is making some food in the kitchen, Britanni is making a mess on the floor in the living room. ana splashing in toilet.pngAna is splashing in the toilet.cameron passed out on the bed.png And Cameron is thankfully passed out on the bed (he takes after his mother!)the coffey clan Ahhh….such a lovely family! The Coffey Clan. I look at the calendar again, and it looks like Deja will age up tomorrow. So Melody changes Deja’s diaper and puts them all to bed.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

If you are ever unsure of when a baby or toddler or child or teen are supposed to age up, here are the stats:


(Courtesy of

Since the 100 Baby Challenge is played on normal lifespan, a baby should age up in 3 days, NOT 3 seasons like what happened in my game!

As per the rules, “Babies cannot be aged up until you get a notification saying that it is their birthday (not the one saying it is almost their birthday; it has to actually be their birthday).” Toddlers need to reach Level 3 in all their skills, and children and teens need to get an “A” before they are aged up.

Another tip, if you have the Get Together pack, make a club. Club members can help out around the house with the kids, help clean, and help with homework. You can create the club and cater it for what you want club members to do. When they have a gathering, you can earn reward points. Bonus!

Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 4 -Dinner Date


In the last chapter, Melody had her first boy, Cameron Coffey-Flex with Marcus Flex. Then Melody headed home in the rain and wasted no time in recruiting Donor Dad # 4. She had initially called Jacques Villareal, but he didn’t come over. I have no idea why. Hopefully, he’s still alive and kicking, so on to a backup plan.roast em party.png I checked out her relationships and saw a townie in there with a little pink. Oh, right, she met him at The Shreiking Llama. Wasting no time at all, she invites him over. And soon….the first kiss. Meet Nobuya Yoshida, an unemployed adult townie. Traits are neat, cheerful and creative. What is with all these creative sims that Melody is meeting? The only one who doesn’t have the creative trait is Marcus daddy 4.png So after a quick invite into the bedroom….and, some romance time, Melody tells Nobuya that she is expecting. Nobuya didn’t stay long after that. I wonder if it was something she said? *chuckle*melody and grilled fruit.pngNo problem. Melody has places to go, things to do. Like using the bar-b-q in the park for the first time and making some fruit kebobs. Yum!dozing off again.pngAnd more scavenging. Doesn’t it look like she’s going to sneeze here? But we know better. Nah, she’s going to pass out. AGAIN! But at least she’s not peeing herself because I bought her the steel bladder trait with aspiration points! Yes! Now, I have to save up her aspiration points to get the hardly weary trait.dont be around her in the kitchen.png I was trying to complete level 2 of the Master Chef aspiration and Melody needed to complete a dinner party at the silver level. So a nice pic of her preparing some dish for the dinner party. Whoa! Look at those knife-wielding skills.dancing while melody is cooking.png Maybe this was a mistake, but I did it through the calendar as an event. She did achieve the silver level getting a nice hanging Master Chef Pot Rack. But, when I looked at the Master Chef Aspiration, the dinner party is not completed. Strange! Anyway, I guess she will have to try again.

dinner rewards

hamburger cake.pngHer guests were Mila Munch and Nobuya Yoshida. She also asked him to be her boyfriend. Why? For those aspiration points, of course.pre-paretal panic.png Shortly after the event, she went into labor. Must have been from the excitement of getting that pot rack.

And here is Nobuya giving us the pre-parental panic look.this corridor looks familiar.png Melody doesn’t look too happy going down this hallway yet again. But her doctor looks absolutely thrilled.

“Now come on Melody, perk up, let’s have another baby, shall we?”baby deja.pngBaby # 4. It’s a GIRL! Little Deja Coffey-Yoshida. These are randomly generated names and when Deja came up, that was the one. I was thinking  dé·jà vu myself! (meaning: dé·jà vu: a feeling of having already experienced the present situation). Um, yah, Melody can relate to that! Here is a little tidbit about this name as well.

“It was a name popular in the US in the 1990s used by Southern Americans. It is a short form of the name Dejanira (from Greek mythology the second wife of Hercules). The name means “Already”. (From It’s Spanish and French and the meaning is “Remembrance” or “Remember”.” (From name

I think I will add a little note about the baby’s name meaning when they are born. I am going to backtrack and do that now.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

I just found this out today and had to share. For those simmers who have the Seasons pack, there is a money tree! A what? A money tree! Yes, you heard right. And you can get this money tree for a mere 5,000 aspiration points. To find it, when you click on the rewards, choose ALL, and it’s there. I would never have found it because I am always looking at the traits. There is nothing in the rules that says you can’t buy a money tree.

From the 100 Baby Challenge Rules: “Any other in-game rewards that you’ve earned by completing aspirations/whims and throwing social events may be used. You earned them fair and square, there’s no reason why you should not be able to enjoy the benefits that you’ve done the work to unlock.”

The money tree grows in all four seasons, takes 7 days to grow and with a normal plant can rake in $8,000 simoleons daily!

money tree