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100 Baby Challenge #2 -The Contract

noe dear everything will be fineMelissa woke up with a start. She looked around in panic and couldn’t remember where she was. And then she remembered. She was at the Fengs. Last night Victor had brought her back to the apartment where two police officers were already waiting for them with an anxious Lily. When they arrived, Lily brought Melissa over to the couch to sit down and had Paxton bring her a cup of tea.we have called the police.pngLily told her that she had already spoken with her family and had let them know that she would be spending the night with them. One of the officers wrote down Melissa’s statement, and several times Melissa  broke down in sobs. The other officer took evidence samples from Melissa, such as fingernail scrapings, and put them in a kit to be examined later. The officer also took a photo of her arms, which had bruising from being forcibly held. They also interviewed Victor, while Lily had the first aid kit out attending to some cuts on his face. After the officers had left, Lily then brought her upstairs to spend the night in their butler’s the fengs apartment.pngMelissa got up slowly and made her way to the bathroom to wash up. She couldn’t find her clothes, so she headed downstairs in the dressing gown that Lily had given her. As soon as they saw her, Lily rushed over and led Melissa to the dining room table.

“How are you feeling, Melissa?” asked Lily with a look of concern on her face, “We didn’t want to wake you dear, you looked so exhausted when you arrived last night.”

Victor came over and sat beside her and placed a cup of tea in front of her along with a small wrapped package.

Melissa looked from Victor to Lily confused, “What’s this?” Melissa asked.something you lost.png“Just a little something to replace something you lost…” replied Victor with a smile. Melissa opened the package slowly and inside was a brand new cell phone. She looked at the phone and felt the tears well up in her eyes again.

“Now, now…it’s just a phone. A rather nice one, but nothing to cry over. And, see, I’ve already programmed our phone numbers in it for you,” said Victor jokingly, trying to cheer Melissa up.have paxton prepare some breakfast.png“Paxton, let’s get something for Melissa to eat. The poor girl is probably starving,” said Lily trying to lighten the mood, “And are her clothes ready? We can’t have her walking around in a dressing gown all day….” Turning to Melissa, Lily said, “I had Paxton wash your clothes so they are all clean now and he’ll set them out upstairs for you when you’re ready to change.”victor taking the call.pngAs Paxton went about making pancakes, scrambled eggs with toast and more breakfast items, Victor’s cell phone rang and he excused himself to take the call.

Lily heaved a sign and patted Melissa’s hand, “You know, Melissa, Nancy Landgraab called last night and I told her what had happened to you. Nancy was shocked. We had just discussed this at our ladies luncheon the other day about how dangerous it can be for surrogates going on these interviews. It’s just so sad how some sims can be. I am just glad that Victor showed up when he did and that everything turned out all right,” Lily said pointedly as she took a sip of her coffee.listenting to lily.pngMelissa sat there clutching her tea cup as Lily continued, “And Nancy just wonders why you went on that interview anyway when she so desperately wanted to have you as her surrogate. Don’t let on when you see her, but she told me she has been having a terrible time with the fertility treatments, she is just so desperate to have another child. They just wish they could find a surrogate as good as you. Oh they just adore you. In fact, everyone at the dinner party adored you and told me how lucky we were to have found you.”

“Yes, they were all very nice to me, Lily. They really welcomed me with open arms,” answered Melissa thinking back to the dinner party.lily talking to melissa.png“….And Nancy confided in me that she wishes that you would be her surrogate. But, of course, I told her that you wanted to go through the surrogate agency. It’s just too bad because with all our friends, it would be so easy for us to match you up with someone. And there wouldn’t be any horrible interviews to go through. And a lot of their husbands have already placed specimens in the donor bank, so it’s just so easy to pick and choose who would like to use you first…” Lily paused a moment to take another sip of her coffee.

Melissa took a bite of the pancake that was set in front of her, chewing thoughtfully as she listened to what Lily was saying.morning coffee.pngLily continued talking, “And as you know, our friends are all well-off and would be inclined to ensure that you and their child would be well taken care of. But, alas, I told Nancy that it was out of the question…and you would never go for that….” Lily trailed off and picked up a piece of toast and buttered it slowly.melissa in deep thought.pngLily rambled on, but Melissa was lost in thought dwelling on what Lily had said. It was true, all of the Fengs’ friends at the party had welcomed her like she was family. They were all so friendly towards her and wanted to feel the baby. They were genuinely interested in her and wanted to get to know more about her. In fact, she and Nancy and Geoffrey had talked alot during the evening. Melissa made up her mind.ill do it.png“Lily, you’re right,” interjected Melissa, “all of your friends were all so happy and positive around me, not like what happened…what happened last night. I don’t think I can go through another couples’ interview again with sims I don’t know,” Melissa took a deep breath and steadied herself at the thought of last night, “So, I’ve made up my mind. If Nancy still wants me, I would be more than happy to be her surrogate,” Melissa said smiling at Lily with determination.

Lily looked at her and pursed her lips, “Are you sure, dear? I don’t want you to feel that I was pressuring you…” Lily said uncertainly.

Melissa shook her head and knew this was the right choice, “Yes, I’m sure. I want to have a baby for someone who truly wants ME to have their baby. Could you set up a meeting for me with Nancy?”

Lily seemed very pleased with Melissa’s decision and smiled warmly at Melissa, “Oh Melissa, Nancy will be so thrilled. And a meeting is unnecessary. All you have to do is go to our private fertility clinic and Geoffrey’s sample is already on file. In fact, a lot of the husband’s have done that when the government mandated that virile males give donor samples.”the hug.pngVictor came back into the dining room and Lily gave him a welcoming smile, “Victor, I have some wonderful news, darling, Melissa has decided to be Nancy’s surrogate. Isn’t that fantastic?” Victor beamed warmly at Melissa and went over to give her a hug.

“Oh and Nancy wanted the same contract that you have with us. I kind of let that slip out at the luncheon. Oops. She thought it was a wonderful idea as she and Geoffrey both have busy career schedules. I didn’t see a problem with that. Do you Melissa?, Lily asked sweetly, running a finger over the rim of her coffee cup.

Melissa shook her head and said that it would be fine. Lily clapped her hands together and conferred with Victor. Victor smiled at Melissa before he headed to his office to prepare the dont mind.png“Melissa, dear, I know that when my other friends find out that Nancy is having you as her surrogate and won’t have to worry about actually raising the child, they will want that, too. So, if it’s okay with you, why doesn’t Victor just do a “carte blanche” contract, so anyone who wants to take advantage of the special contract can do so. They all have busy schedules and they will just want to have that child when the child becomes a young adult. I mean, most of them want another heir or heiress to carry on their business. What do you think, Melissa?” Lily said soothingly to her.

Melissa thought about it for a moment. It was not what she had planned to do, but her mother had liked the idea of keeping the children longer, so she readily happy to sign contract.pngLily sighed contentedly, “I would ask Paxton to get out the champagne to celebrate, but under the circumstances, I think we’ll just toast with orange juice,” Lily said laughingly.

When Victor came back with the contract, Melissa had changed into her clothes, and after signing the contract, they all toasted with orange juice. Lily was telling Melissa how she would be the surrogate to the elite and would be so sought after. Melissa looked at Lily and Victor smiling at her and couldn’t believe how happy she felt. Even Paxton came over and raised a glass to Melissa. It was almost like last night had never happened.officer parker.pngA sudden loud knocking on the door quelled the celebration a bit and Lily wondered who was at the door. Paxton went to answer the door while Victor explained that his earlier call had been from an Officer Parker who was coming over to discuss some facts about the case. Officer Parker had not been there last night, but apparently was the lead detective.MAD AT OFFICER PARKER.png“Well, I don’t want this Officer Parker getting Melissa all upset again. She still has to go to see the doctor this morning to ensure that the baby is fine…..” Lily said in an irritated tone.

As she said that, Officer Parker entered the dining room, “I promise I won’t take much of your time Mrs. Feng, but I felt the news I have uncovered needed to be said in person.”

Lily turned around speaking to the officer, “I’m sorry, Officer Parker, but this ordeal has just been upsetting for all of us, and I care about Melissa’s welfare and that of the baby.”

“Of course, I totally understand,” replied Officer Parker.ASKING MELISSA SOME QUESTIONS.pngVictor asked Officer Parker if he would care for a cup of coffee and Officer Parker accepted. With that, Lily told Paxton to fix a fresh pot of coffee and tea and bring it into the living room. Once they were settled on the couch and the coffee and tea were served, Officer Parker opened his notebook and turned to Melissa, “Miss Collins, I’m sorry if I have to go over some questions from last night and don’t want to upset you, but there are some things I do need to clarify,” Officer Parker said calmly.

Melissa glanced at Officer Parker and said she was feeling better now and would help him with anything he needed to know.  She also told him to call her Melissa.WATCHING MELISSA.pngAs Melissa answered the questions that Officer Parker asked, Officer Parker couldn’t help but notice how striking Melissa was. He didn’t understand why she had chosen the life of a surrogate when she could have been easily matched with someone. She talked with her hands, and he noticed how long her fingers were and wondered if she played the piano. When she was nervous, she would use one hand to put a stray hair behind her ear and when she laughed, it was with a kind of lilting warmth. He noticed that her eyes were a soft grey and he found himself gazing at her a bit too long. He cleared his throat and forced his head down to look at his notes, only to realize that he’d been doodling heart shapes on the pad. He quickly crossed them out so she wouldn’t see them.

Officer Parker closed his notebook shaking his head, “I am afraid that you have been a victim of foul-play, Miss, er…Melissa. We went over to 101 Llama Lagoon Drive and it is not a run-down shack as you described. In fact, it is a renovated house at the edge of Newcrest with a lovely “chosen” couple who are expecting their first child.”BUT I SAW THE ADDRESS.pngVictor spoke up, “But I saw the address of the house, Officer Parker, it was indeed 101 Lllama Lagoon Drive…”

Officer Parker nodded his head, “Yes, yes, you’re quite right Mr. Feng. But, in fact, the address that Melissa was taken to was 666 Freezer Bunny Way, not 101 Llama Lagoon Drive. Officer Long, who was here last night, found the house that you described. It is an abandoned house. No-one has lived there in years. We did see a sign at the front with the numbers 101 on it. So, it looked like it was 101 Llama Lagoon Drive, when in fact, it was not.u cant stay there.png“But how could the surrogate agency driver drop Melissa off at the wrong house? And these sims…from what Melissa described, they were expecting her. I don’t understand….” Lily said shocked.HERE ARE THE FACTS MELISSA.png“Well, maybe because it wasn’t an agency car that picked Melissa up, Mrs. Feng. In fact, Officer Long called the surrogate agency and they had not scheduled another interview for Melissa yesterday. They knew she was expecting and they don’t normally schedule interviews so close to the birth of a baby. They like to wait awhile.” Officer Parker explained.

Melissa looked at Officer Parker not quite comprehending what she had heard, “So if the surrogate agency didn’t schedule that interview, who did?”

“We are still trying to uncover that evidence, Melissa, and Officer Long is following up some other clues,” Officer Parker said cant go back there.pngMelissa felt the tears start to well up in her eyes again, but she resisted the urge to cry. She had been duped. How could this have happened? For what purpose? She could have been in danger if Victor hadn’t shown up. She didn’t understand it. “Who were those sims?” Melissa asked, her voice quavering slightly, “They seemed to know I was coming, and the woman seemed rather nice and seemed to really want a baby…”WHO THEN.pngOfficer Parker said that they did not know the identity of those sims, but thought that maybe it was a plan to harm Melissa and the Fengs’ unborn child. It was a well-known fact that Victor would be running for mayor of San Myshuno could he hit uLily was almost hysterical, “I can’t believe this! Who would do such a thing! It’s preposterous. Why would someone want to harm an innocent unborn baby and our surrogate?”

“I really don’t have any answers to those questions, Mrs. Feng, and was hoping that you and Mr. Feng could give us some clues. Are there any threats that you may have received or any bad dealings with associates, perhaps?” queried Officer Parker.NOONE WE CAN THINK OF.pngLily and Victor looked at each other, but no-one came to mind. Victor looked over at Melissa then and she looked like she was in a daze, taking deep breaths and staring off into space.

“Melissa….” Victor called, “Melissa….are you alright?” asked Victor with concern. Both Lily and Officer Parker turned to look at her.I THINK THE BABY IS COMING.pngMelissa looked at them all and said in a bit of a panicked voice, “I think the baby is coming…..”

* * * * *













100 Baby Challenge #2 – Couples Meeting #2-The Phillips


(trigger alert – domestic violence)


TEA TIME.pngThe next morning, over a cup of herbal tea, Melissa mulled over the events of last night. The Fengs certainly had a lot of rich and powerful friends. She had heard about the Goths and Landgraabs before, but had never met them. The Goths lived in Willow Creek in a house that had been passed down through the generations, and the Landgraabs lived in a modern mansion in Oasis Springs.

Then, there was Diego Lobo, a famous art critic. Apparently, Lily was a patron of the arts and was one of Diego’s most avid fans. Whenever she was contemplating a new piece of art, she consulted Diego first.

The Altos were an interesting couple, although Nick didn’t seem too happy with Veta when they left. Melissa also felt a bit of tension between the Altos and the Landgraabs, but everyone seemed pleasant last night. The Altos lived in San Myshuno in their own Alto Apartments, and they also knew Diego Lobo, who was their neighbor.

All of them had been so excited to meet Melissa and welcomed her warmly. It was a very pleasant evening and thinking back on it now, it almost felt like a dream.BABY FOOD.pngWell, enough daydreaming and reminiscing for one morning, thought Melissa, as she grabbed a recipe book. Melissa had things to do starting with trying to cook some of those baby food recipes.


the only thing she could afford.pngThat afternoon, the surrogate agency car came to pick Melissa up for her interview with the new couple. The drive was quite far, farther than she was told it would be and soon they were at the outskirts of Newcrest in an area that Melissa hadn’t been to before.

When the driver dropped her off at the front door, Melissa thought she was at the wrong house. This didn’t look like any of the houses she had seen in Newcrest. All of those houses were clean and modern and welcoming. This house was rather run-down and the yard was littered with debris. It didn’t look like a very good place to raise a child.picture of front of propertyMelissa hesitated and wasn’t sure what she should do. She thought about asking the driver to double check the address, but as she turned around, the car was driving away. Melissa stood there for a moment and then decided that if the surrogate agency had sent her here, then she shouldn’t judge the surroundings. Perhaps the agency hadn’t been here as yet to get the house ready and the couple had been moved in early.

Melissa took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Afterall, she thought, the couple would have been checked by the surrogate agency, so they must be a wonderful couple.yah hey liked we want a boy.pngMae Phillips answered the door and ushered Melissa into the house. As Melissa stood looking around, Mae was busy picking up newspapers scattered on the floor and scraping some hardened residue from a plate into the garbage.

Mae invited Melissa to sit down and told Melissa to excuse the mess. Mae had been out all day and her husband wasn’t the best housekeeper.

Melissa looked around and noted that it was a small house, and could be quite a nice house with a touch of paint and some cleaning. She was sitting in the living room and sharing the space was a small kitchen on the other wall. There was an alcove that was overflowing with “stuff” and down the hall was a bedroom and the bathroom. How curious that the house only had one bedroom. Where would the baby sleep? Had the agency even inspected this house? Before Melissa had a chance to ask, Mae let out a whoop.oh ive always wanted one.png“Oh, honey, you’ve got a bun in the oven!” whooped Mae, “That sur-gate agency said they were sending us someone real special, but I didn’t know that they were sending us someone who was preggo. Trevor is gonna be stoked!”

Melissa looked around for Trevor and Mae said that he was having a nap, but would be up soon. Mae sat down beside Melissa and started telling Melissa how she and Trevor had wanted a baby for a long time.invited to sit down by mae.png“….and you see, well, Trevor, he’s very manly…yah, virile…so it’s really me that can’t have a kid. But we want one, see, and we just applied to that sur-gate agency. And we lucked out, like we won the lottery I guess, ’cause they sent you our way, so, you and Trevor can have a kid together…” Mae rambled on.

Melissa tried to explain to Mae that she and Trevor wouldn’t really be doing anything together and that it was all done in a lab. But before she had a chance to say anything, the bedroom door opened and in sauntered Trevor.the couple interview 2.pngMae introduced Melissa to Trevor and told Trevor that Melissa was “with child”. Trevor laughed heartily and said that the agency had sent them a good one.

Trevor looked Melissa over and gave her a knowing wink, “So knocked up already, huh? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait ’til the kid is born and then we can have a go. Did Mae tell you I had a bit of the old mojo?”

Mae laughed and told Trevor that she had indeed told Melissa that he was a manly man.  Mae suddenly looked around exasperated and said “Oh where are my manners…would you like something to drink, Melissa?” asked Mae politely, “I can make some tea.”

Melissa nodded and said that would be nice if it wasn’t too much trouble.

Trevor yawned and gave Mae a wink as she walked by, “Hey babe, make me a sweet and spicy drink while you’re up. Actually, make that two, so you won’t have to get up again.” Mae smiled sweetly at him as she went to the kitchen.

“Yah so Lisa…has Mae been telling you we want a kid? Me and Mae we’ve been trying everyday, and then she got tested and well, she ain’t gonna be giving me no kid anytime soon. So it’s up to you and me, Lisa. You gonna give me a boy?” asked Trevor.

“It’s Melissa”, said Melissa, “and as much as I would like, I really have no control over whether you will have a male or female sim baby.”

“What?”, bellowed Trevor, “Mae, you know about this?”mae broght over some tea for everyone.pngMae came over balancing the teapot and two glasses of sweet and spicy in her hands. “What, Trevor, what did you say?” Mae asked.

“She ain’t gonna give me a son, Mae. We spent all those simoleons to sign-up with that sur-gate agency, and she ain’t gonna give me a son!” shouted Trevor.melissa was nin the middle of some argument.png“Now Trevor, calm down. We talked about this,” said Mae smoothly, “Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a baby. Right?”

Trevor grabbed the drinks from Mae’s hands and mumbled a response that Melissa couldn’t why not.png“But I’ve heard that sur-gates know all kinds of tricks to have the baby you want to have. Like, I heard mention that eating carrots can give ya a boy. Is that true, Melissa?” questioned Mae.

“Well, there are certain things that you can do to try to influence the sex of the baby, but it’s not guaranteed”, replied Melissa truthfully.melissa had to get out of here.png“You holding out on us, then, Lisssa….so you can give me a son….but you just don’t want to…is that it? I told ya Mae that them sur-gates are uppity. They don’t want to have a baby for poor folks. They just want to be in with the rich folks. It’s all about the simoleons…I told ya Mae…she ain’t gonna help us…” Trevor shouted sloshing some of his drink on his shirt.

Mae went over and spoke to Trevor in a soothing manner and told him that there was still a chance that they would have a boy. Trevor seemed to settle down a bit and went over to the kitchen area and fixed himself another drink.

Melissa was beginning to feel uneasy and thought that maybe she should leave. Mae told Melissa to “never you mind Trevor” and said that everything was fine.

“He’s just grumpy when he first wakes up…know what I mean?” explained Mae as she put two chipped mugs on the table and happily started pouring the tea.what was she going to do.png“If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I just need to use the restroom.” Melissa said. Mae smiled at her and showed her where the restroom was. As soon as Melissa latched the door, she searched for her phone. She needed to call her driver and leave. She would call the surrogate agency in the morning and tell them that this was a mistake and she did not want to be matched with this couple.

Melissa searched her pocket. Nothing. She searched again. Where was her phone? Oh my gosh, it must have fallen out in the car. How was she going to get out of here? Maybe she could ask Mae to use their phone to call her driver. Alright, that is what she would do. Melissa took some deep breaths and tried to calm down.

As Melissa exited the restroom, she didn’t see Mae in the living room or kitchen. She sat down on the couch opposite Trevor.

“Where’s Mae?” Melissa asked Trevor looking around.well welll welll.png“Oh, she had to go to work, so just you and me now. What ya sitting way over there for? Come here and sit beside me on the couch and we can get to know each other better.” said Trevor leering at her.

Melissa stayed where she was. “Suit yourself,” said Trevor as he got up and came over to sit beside Melissa.left alone with trevor.png“Um…well, actually, Trevor, I was hoping to use your phone.” Melissa said slowly. She really didn’t want to be in this house alone with Trevor.

“We ain’t got no phone… Mae has our cell phone on her. I don’t like her driving without it in case that ole truck breaks down. Gotta keep her safe, like.” Trevor smiled broadly.

Melissa started thinking about what she was going to do. Well, she would have to walk home, somehow.nned to leave.png“Soes…you want a drink…I can fix ya a sssweeet and spicy…I just made one for myself….” offered Trevor inching closer to her on the couch.

Melissa shook her head, “No thank you. I really don’t think alcohol is good for the baby.” Melissa said firmly almost gagging at the smell of his alcohol breath.

“Hey there…no need to get so bent out of shape about it…juss wanna give you some hosss-pi-tality is all…” slurred Trevor as he took another swig of his drink.

Melissa looked around and saw seven empty glasses where Trevor was sitting and realized that he had drunk a lot more than just two drinks while she was in the restroom.

“I really think I need to leave, Trevor. It was nice meeting you and Mae,” Melissa said quietly as she was about to get up off the couch.wirst interview of her life.png“Hey, hold up there…we ain’t got to talking about having the kid together. How much longer ya got to go with that one?” Trevor pointed to Melissa’s stomach, “…I wasss hoping we’d get together real soon….ya got a house ’round here…I can come visit ya…” said Trevor as he gave her a lascivious wink.

“Um, Mr. Phillips…I don’t think that you understand. There won’t be any actual physical contact between us, it’s all done in a lab….” Melissa explained as clearly as she could.started yelling at Melissa.png“What ya saying? That we’re not good enough for ya? Ya make my Mae right sad if she hears that she won’t get that baby she’s been hankering after. If it weren’t for those infernal blasts, my Mae, she would have had a bunch of kids by now. But no, we have to go through this sur-gate agency and pay to have a kid. And now you are being so uppity with me, telling me that you know ways of having a boy, but maybe you don’t. You think we ain’t good enough for ya…huh? Is that it? Not rich enough. Thatisit…” Trevor shouted pointing an accusing finger at her.

“I really need to go, I don’t think we are a match, Mr. Phillips, I’m sorry. I hope you find someone else….” Melissa got up to leave.

come here uTrevor grabbed Melissa’s arm and twisted her towards him shouting brusquely at her, “You ain’t going nowhere girlie. We paid for your services…and I ain’t wasting my simoleons…!”please dont hurt me

“Please….please…don’t hurt the baby….,” whimpered Melissa.


Victor drove up to the house and squinted in the darkness trying to make out the address. Yep, this was it. 101 Llama Lagoon Drive. He rolled down the window to take a closer look at the house….and then he heard the scream….victor coming over.png

victor heard a scream and he banged on the door.png

im calling the police.png

“Take you hands off of her!” shouted Victor.

dont get me mad.png

victor was shocked.png

no dont.png

get yiur hands off of her.png

vistor fought the bad guy

dont hurt the baby

running away.png


im ok vistor.pngVictor came running back inside almost out of breath.

“I couldn’t grab him, he fled down the street. Are you alright Melissa? Did he hurt you? Is the baby ok?” Victor asked as he walked over to where Melissa was standing.crying melissa.png“I’m…I’m fine….Victor….no, no….he didn’t…hu…” Melissa’s voice trailed off and she felt weak all of a sudden. Her hands were shaking, and her legs felt like they were about to give out from under her.

Victor sensed she was going to fall and caught her in his arms and helped her sit down on the couch.

“Rest here a moment, I’ll get you a glass of water…” Victor said in a comforting voice.melissa lets get out of here.pngMelissa looked up when he brought the glass to her, “How did you….how did you know I was here?” she asked on the verge of tears.

“You gave me the address at the party. Remember? I had heard some rumors about couples’ meetings going “bad” and Lily insisted I drive over here and make sure things were on the up-and-up….” Victor replied.if you hadnt come i dont know what would have happened.pngMelissa couldn’t believe how fortunate she was….“Oh Victor! I didn’t know what to do…I lost my phone….and if you hadn’t come when you did, I don’t know…I don’t know what would have happened…,” Melissa sobbed, her words almost indistinghuishable.

Victor got up and went over to Melissa and held her. “Oh Melissa, don’t cry. There. There. Everything’s all right now. I’m here now, everything’s fine. Shhh….it’s ok….” Victor said in a reassuring manner.melissa dont cry.pngMelissa looked up at Victor and saw the concern in his eyes. There was the sting of tears on her cheek, and Victor wiped away a falling for him.png“Melissa, don’t cry. Everything’s fine now. He’s gone. I’m going to call the police and have them meet us at the apartment. It’s already late and you have been through so much. I want you to stay at the apartment tonight. There might be some other matters to take care of in the morning. And I want a doctor to check you over and make sure the baby is fine.” said Victor as he dialed 911.

Melissa felt so weak and drained, all she could manage was a soft-spoken “Yes”.oh vistor ty.pngWhen Victor finished the call, he asked Melissa if she was able to walk to the car and she nodded that she could. Victor then took Melissa’s hand in his and guided her gently out the door. Their eyes locked for a moment and in that instant Melissa turned to Victor and hugged him.

“Thank you, Victor,” Melissa whispered, her voice cracking slightly as she fought to hold back the tears, “Thank you.”

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Many thanks to the following simmers for these great creations.

trevor phillips.png


cute blonde

A few changes and we have Mae Phillips.

run down shack

The house where Mae and Trevor Phillips live.


































100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – The Party

baby bump.pngWhen Melissa woke up the next morning and looked at herself in the mirror, it was as if the baby had grown in size overnight. She turned sideways and looked again. Yes, she definitely had a baby bump now! She just hoped that the new dress she was supposed to wear to the Fengs’ party still fit her. Everything Lily wanted her to purchase was tight around the waist. Melissa really would have preferred looser clothes, but since Lily had paid for everything, she really couldn’t say no. Well, with the next pregnancy, she was definitely getting some looser, more comfortable clothing.

It had been two days since her house hunting with Alexa, the real estate agent. Melissa hadn’t heard from Alexa as yet, so they must still be working on the house. Melissa hoped the house would be ready before she had the baby. She was anxious to start her garden and get the baby’s room ready. Melissa knew that once the baby was born, she wouldn’t have time to do much of anything. Her brother, Martin, had offered to help her move and make sure everything was where Melissa wanted it. Martin didn’t want Melissa to do any heavy lifting while she was expecting.reading parenting book melissa.pngOnce Melissa got dressed, she decided to read some of the parenting books that her mother had left for her. She was also hoping to head out again and collect more wild seeds for her new garden. Her mother and Reagan had already left to visit the new neighbors in Newcrest and her brother had left for work, so she was alone in the house. As she read about how often a baby needs to be fed, every 2-3 hours, she realized that her life was definitely going to change.i want everythign to be perfect.pngPromptly at noon, the private car came to pick Melissa up. Melissa had decided to wear her surrogate dress and bring the evening gown in the protective bag it came in. Melissa had also slipped the shoes and jewellery in a bag and placed it at the bottom of the protective bag with the dress, so everything would be together. When Melissa arrived at the Fengs’ apartment, Lily was giving some instructions to their cant go to the party like that.pngLily was pleased to see Melissa and told Melissa that Victor was already changing upstairs. Lily said that she will help Melissa get ready and then head upstairs herself to change. She wanted to see Victor’s expression when he saw Melissa in her evening wear.u cant wear that dress dear.pngMelissa moved sideways to get her bag, and Lily let out a little squeal, “Melissa, do I detect a baby bump?” Lily said surprised looking at Melissa’s bump, “It wasn’t there yesterday!”

Melissa smiled and said that it sort of just appeared overnight. Lily and Melissa laughed together about it. In no time at all, Lily had Melissa ready for the party and had gone up to change.she looked at herself in the mirror.pngMelissa was left alone in the restroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t believe how different she looked. The dress made her almost glow. melissa you look....beautiful.pngMelissa headed out to the dining room and Victor was ensuring things were running smoothly with the caterer in the kitchen. He stopped when he saw her.

“Melissa! You look…well…just so…just so…” Victor was quite speechless as he gave Melissa an admiring look lovely.png“Just so stunning! Isn’t that what you meant, Victor? Doesn’t she look stunning in that dress? I am so glad that I bought it. The dress really is the winning touch,” Lily interjected as she entered the dining room, “All our friends will be so jealous that she is our surrogate. And that dress shows off her baby bump so well. I have never seen an expectant mother look as radiant as Melissa does. It’s definitely the dress…yes…the dress. Ahhh….here is Paxton with your drink, dear. Now Melissa it is a non-alcoholic drink, it’s better for the baby….and if you need anything during the evening, if Victor and I are busy, just let Paxton know and he will cater to your every whim.”

Lily moved to the living room with Paxton and the caterer discussing champagne, champagne glasses, candles and other things she wanted them to do.

Victor and Melissa were left alone in the dining room and Victor had not stopped gazing at Melissa since she came into the room. Lily called to Victor suddenly and Victor headed towards the living room. As he passed Melissa, he whispered to her, “Lily is wrong. It’s not the dress. You look stunning all the time….”

Melissa didn’t know why, but she felt herself smiling and blushing from Victor’s comment.first to arrive geoffrey.pngPretty soon, the party was underway, and the Landgraab’s were the first to arrive. Lily, of course, made all the necessary introductions.everyone wanted to feel the baby.pngSoon, all the guests had arrived, the Landgraabs, the Goths, the Altos and their neighbor, Diego Lobo.

Melissa was the hit of the party and everyone wanted to feel the baby. There was even a line-up! Of course, Geoffrey Landgraab wanted to feel the baby first, and Diego congratulated the Fengs on their wonderful choice of surrogate and their new baby on the way.

Lily told everyone that Melissa had become pregnant the very first time she went to the clinic and Bella thought that was amazing.morty feeling the baby.png“I think I felt a kick!”, exclaimed Mortimer Goth. Everyone responded with oohs and ahhs and crowded around Melissa to see if they could feel a kick, too.lily feeling melissas baby.png“Oh, Mortimer, really? Melissa, do you mind if I feel the baby? I have been wanting to all night.” said Lily as she cautiously put her hands on Melissa’s baby bump.

Melissa smiled down as Lily tentatively touched her belly. Afterall, this was the baby’s mother-to-be. Lily must be so excited, it made Melissa happy to be carrying their child for them.looks like mortimer might be first.pngDinner was soon served and there was a lot of baby discussion at the dinner table. Bella told Melissa how lovely she looked and how she had always wanted another child.

“But pregnancy just ruins your figure, and I have worked so hard to get mine to how it looked before I was pregnant.” said Bella.

“Oh I agree, Bella, I always hoped to have another child, too. A girl this time…” said Nancy wistfully, “But, you’re right Bella, you and I will have to have a gym day after all this delectable food we are eating!” laughed Nancy and everyone laughed with was very successful.pngVeta Alto, on the other hand said she and Nick had always wanted another child, too, but they had hoped for a boy.

“Holly is just so different from us. We wanted an heir to carry on the business.” said Veta sadly.dont u agree mortimer.png“Oh Veta, I totally understand,” Lily replied agreeing, “And that is why we have Melissa. She is the perfect solution for us. We are just so thrilled that she is expecting. The answer to an heir for us. We can’t thank her enough.” Lily gushed.

“Yes, a surrogate is a great solution for having a child”, Mortimer replied thoughtfully.let's raise a glass to Melissa.png“Here’s to Melissa,” shouted Diego, and they all raised their glasses in a toast to Melissa.oh you are both interested.pngThe party was quite a success and everyone was in a good mood. Everyone was laughing, the food was delicious and the champagne was flowing.things were going according to plan.pngIn the kitchen, Lily surveyed the room. Melissa was indeed the star of the party.

Things are going according to plan,” Lily thought smugly.only the men left.pngIn the midst of a conversation, Nick Alto suddenly got up and cranked up the volume shouting that he loved this song. Pretty soon, everyone was up dancing and swaying to the beat. Geoffrey was even singing along to the chorus. Quite badly, but he was singing.everyone was there.png

veta and diego.png

veta had had too much to drink and was trying to pick up diegoUnfortunately, it seemed that Veta may have had a bit too much to drink and started flirting with Diego. veta was hoping they would have another child.pngNick thanked Victor and Lily for the lovely party and told Veta it was time to go. She didn’t look too happy about having to leave.nancy thought victor was so lucky.pngThe Landgraabs decided they were going to head out as well. Nancy told Victor that he was so lucky to have Melissa as a surrogate.she will be available.pngShortly afterwards, the Goths said their goodbyes, and Diego said it was time for him to leave as well. Victor thanked the last of the guests and walked them to the door.the agency had called.pngSuddenly, Melissa’s cell phone rang. It was the surrogacy agency. Melissa excused herself and answered the phone. She had been booked for another couples’ interview for tomorrow. Melissa couldn’t believe it. She hadn’t even had her first child yet, and she had another interview. How lucky was that. They would send a car for her tomorrow. Melissa thanked them and hung up the phone.they want you to go so soonMelissa told Lily who had called. Lily was in shock. How could the surrogacy agency have scheduled another interview for her so soon? This was preposterous. And why did Melissa have to go through the surrogacy agency anyway? All of her friends had told her they wanted Melissa to have another child for them. In fact, Nancy Landgraab had even texted her and told her they wanted to be next to have Melissa have their child for them. Melissa didn’t need the agency. All of Lily’s friends wanted Melissa.everyine wanted you.pngVictor had come back in the dining room and heard the conversation and asked what was going on. Lily told him about the agency calling to schedule an interview for Melissa and how Nancy had just texted her.

“It’s true, Melissa, you have had a profound effect on all of the guests. Everyone suddenly has baby fever. But they don’t want to have to go through the pregnancy themselves. They are thinking of going with a surrogate, and they were thinking that you would be the perfect choice.” said Victor agreeing with Lily.

“And you know, Victor could draw up a contract for…” Lily started.well ill think about it.png“Well, I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I really want to stay with the surrogacy agency. My reason for becoming a surrogate was to help sterile couples have a child, like yourselves. Of course, I’d love to help couples have another child, too. But I think I will stay with the surrogacy agency for now and see how things go tomorrow.” answered Melissa.

“Of course, dear, I was just so excited that all my friends wanted you as their surrogate, that I just got carried away. I should be happy for you that you have another couples meeting so soon.”, said Lily disappointed.

“Yes, Lily was just over-excited. I mean this is an exciting time for us. We just want others to be as happy as we are. It’s so wonderful that you have a meeting tomorrow. I hope it won’t be too far a drive. Is it close by?” queried Victor quietly.

“Oh, it’s close. It’s actually in Newcrest, 101 Llama Lagoon Drive…” replied Melissa.melissa so beautiful.png


she must sign that contract.pngOnce Melissa had left in the private car to take her home, Lily turned to Victor, “We have a problem…” said Lily forcefully.

“Not necessarily, Lily.” answered Victor.

“Didn’t you hear her? She wants to go through the surrogacy agency. Everything was going so well. Everything was going according to plan, and now this!” Lily said angrily.really what are u up to.png“This may work to our advantage, Lily,” Victor said calmly.

“How so?” asked Lily, curious about what Victor was thinking.only good interview.png“Well, Melissa has only ever gone on one couples meeting. With us. I’ve heard that some of these couples meetings can turn into…well…bad meetings…” Victor reported.

“Bad meetings?” queried Lily.plan was working.png“Yes, Lily, bad meetings. And, if Melissa should have a bad meeting, well, she may think twice about your suggestion of being a surrogate to our friends. Of course I’ve just heard rumors about these bad meetings, Lily…just rumors…” said Victor thoughtfully.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Well, the “power” families seem to have been invited to the party. The Fengs’ neighbor, Diego Lobo, esteemed art critic, the Goths, the Landgraabs and the Altos. If you played Sims 3, the Altos are a wealthy, nouveau rich family, from the “city”, known for their unscrupulous business practices. They have a business feud with the Landgraabs and are enemies with them. Perhaps that all got cleared up at the party, because everyone seemed to be getting along….or was it just for show? Read more about them here:  The Alto Family

Thank you to these simmers for their wonderful creations.








100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – Shopping Day

puttering in the garden.pngThe next morning, after breakfast, Melissa decided to head out to the garden to collect some seeds and cuttings as a starter for the garden at her new house. She wanted to have a huge garden like her mother had when Melissa was a child. Melissa had even thought about selling some of her produce to the local vegetable market. Her mother had said that having a garden was very profitable, and since Melissa couldn’t work away from home, this sounded like a good idea. Melissa was busy puttering away in the garden when all of a sudden her stomach decided to make itself known. morning sickness.pngOh she felt ill! Melissa knew what this was. Morning sickness! This is what her mother had talked to her about yesterday. But yesterday Melissa had felt fine. Melissa really hoped that this nauseous feeling would subside before she had to leave to go shopping with Lily. She remembered that her mother had told her that green tea would help, so Melissa went back in the house and made a cup.melissa collecting.pngOnce she finished her tea, she felt much better. So Melissa headed out again to do some more collecting. She collected all sorts of items, from frogs, to strawberries and lilies.greeting some neighbors.pngIt was a gorgeous, sunny day and as she went about collecting she took time to chat with neighbors…chatting with akira.png…and even some newcomers visiting from San Myshuno.reagan made lunch.pngBy the time Melissa got back to the house, her collecting basket was quite full. Reagan marveled at all the items that Melissa had collected and told Melissa that lunch was ready.sharing the news.pngOver lunch, Melissa shared her baby news with Reagan. Although Reagan seemed happy with the news, Reagan had been kind of quiet lately and a bit sad. Melissa knew that her brother and Reagan had tried for a baby every night since they were “matched” together, but still no luck. Reagan was still not pregnant. Her mother, of course, was putting Reagan on a natural fertility diet, and told Reagan that sometimes these things took awhile. Reagan always acknowledged this, but still looked worried. It would have been nice if Melissa and Reagan had been pregnant together, but maybe Reagan would be pregnant when Melissa was pregnant with her second child. Melissa was going to suggest that perhaps Reagan wanted to try the private clinic that she had gone to. But maybe not just anyone could go. She would ask the Fengs about it.lily happy.pngJust then there was a knock on the door and it was the driver picking her up for her shopping excursion with Lily. Saying a fast goodbye to Reagan, she got in the car and was whisked off to Magnolia Promenade where she was meeting Lily.

When she arrived, Lily was already there and told Melissa that she looked radiant. Lily told Melissa that she and Victor were so thrilled with the news of her pregnancy and they were already planning the party for her.

Lily enquired about Melissa’s house hunting and was happy that Melissa had found something so many choices.pngThey entered the store together and Melissa was at once overwhelmed. There were so many choices. Lily told her that she could try on anything she liked. Lily had already had a chat with the store manager and had picked out some suitable evening clothes for her for the party, which Melissa would try on for maternity clothes.pngWhile Melissa was browsing the racks, she recognized several other women from Newcrest who were also shopping for maternity clothes. It looks like a baby boom was on!

(Author’s Notes: Pictured above is Kyla from my Wonder Child Challenge)maybw this one.pngMelissa went though the store and picked out a few outfits that looked comfortable and headed to the change room. When she came out to model the first outfit, Lily had a frown on her face.

“Melissa, that is a cute outfit, but really not what you should be wearing carrying our child. I mean, an expectant mother doesn’t have to look dowdy. Plus, that color is all wrong for you. Let me see your next choice.”

Melissa returned to the change room. Obviously that was a no.lily didnt quite like that outfit.pngMelissa came out in the next outfit and again Lily frowned and said it wouldn’t do.

“Those stripes…are so last year…and that hat, it hides your lovely face, dear. The only thing going for that outfit is the top, but, not in that shade!” Lily said as she examined the outfit.melissa tried on many outfits.pngAnd another one….again, it was a no from Lily.

“Too pale, dear, too pale. You blend into the carpet.” chastised Lily.we want you to look more um fashonable.pngMelissa had tried on every outfit that she had chosen and Lily said no to them all. Melissa was getting tired, and Lily told her that she should rest and asked the manager for a glass of water for Melissa.

“Melissa, dear, those outfits you chose were very…ummm…charming, but not what Victor and I had in mind. We need you to look…ummm…more stylish. You are already looking radiant, and Victor and I will be bringing you around town and really want to show you off. No loose fitting clothes for you. Oh no! Show off that baby bump. We want everyone to know that this is our baby, Melissa, and we are so proud of you and our future child. Now, once you have rested, we will head upstairs to try on the evening wear choices that I have selected for the party tomorrow night.”

While Melissa rested on a nearby sofa, Lily went over to the manager and chose several clothing items and placed them on the counter. Lily came back and sat beside her.

“It’s settled then, I have selected several appropriate outfits for you.” said Lily with a smile. Melissa could hardly believe it because some of the items she had seen laid on the counter were rather expensive.

“Thank you so much, Lily”, replied Melissa amazed. Lily asked if she was ready to head upstairs and Melissa nodded her head that she was.

Heading into the changeroom, Melissa gasped in awe as she saw the choices that Lily had made. Lily really had good taste. These dresses were beautiful.she really liked this one.pngMelissa headed out with her first choice. When Lily saw her, she clapped her hands together and told her that this is how she should look. Melissa wondered about it being a bit tight, but Lily insisted that Melissa should proudly display her baby bump for all to see.oh she liked this one.pngMelissa really liked the next dress she tried on. It wasn’t as tight in the waist, and Lily agreed that it did look rather nice on her.gorgeos melissa.pngLily chatted non-stop to Melissa while Melissa tried on the dresses.

“All of my friends are so excited to meet you Melissa. This party is more than a party. There will be many influential sims there and what you wear and how you look is of the utmost importance to Victor and I. We are so excited, we want to show you off. Well, you and your baby bump!” Lily smiled at Melissa.melissa wast sure on this one.pngMelissa wasn’t sure of this next dress. Lily looked her over and liked the basic design but not the cut-outs on the side. The manager came upstairs and Lily discussed the dress and the manager said that there was a one-of-a-kind designer dress that had just arrived and he went in the back to retrieve it. When Lily saw it, she had to have it.sales staff a coming.png“Melissa, I think we found the dress that you will wear tomorrow night. Now go on, try it on. My friends will be green with envy when you show up wearing this new dress. You will look stunning, Melissa, just stunning.”

Melissa glanced at the price tag and it was a whopping $7K simoleon dress. She almost fainted. Lily was unfazed at the cost and was asking the manager about jewellery and shoes to go with the dress and pretty soon all the sales clerks and the manager were waiting on them. When they finally left the store, Melissa was exhausted and Lily was beaming. The final bill had been several thousand simoleons and everything was being delivered to Melissa’s house later with lily.png“Melissa, the driver will take you home. I have a few more items to purchase. Go and rest, dear, and tomorrow I will send my private car to pick you up around noon. I’ll help you dress and Victor is so anxious to see you. Oh I can’t wait! That evening dress is so divine. You will be the talk of the town Melissa. Yes, the talk of the town!” Lily said excitedly and waved goodbye to Melissa as Lily headed back into the store.

~~~~~~~~~~MODELLING THE NEW OUTFIT.pngWhen Melissa returned home, several packages were already sitting on her bed from the store. There were so many of them! As she carefully unpacked and hung up all her clothes, she decided to change into one of the new outfits for dinner. As she walked down the stairs and into the dining room, all eyes were on her. Reagan gave a little gasp and asked if that was a SimMiuMiuPrada top and Melissa said it was. Reagan, who was always well-dressed herself, said she definitely wanted to see all of Melissa’s other clothes that she bought.IM GONNA BE AN UNCLE.pngAs they sat down for dinner, Ruby and Reagan exchanged a look and turned to Martin and said that Melissa had something to tell him. Martin had been on a rotating shift at the clinic and hadn’t been home last night, and so didn’t know of Melissa’s news as yet.  With a smile on her face, Melissa told her brother that she was expecting. Martin couldn’t believe it.

“Didn’t you just go to the fertility clinic the other day? And you’re expecting already? That’s amazing, sis. I’m so happy for you,” said Martin smiling at his sister and giving her a hug.mofrllrf nre outfit.pngWith the baby news announced, everyone started talking at once, chatting about their day. Melissa told her mother how many seeds and plant cuttings she had collected. Ruby said that there were some new “chosen ones” who had moved into Newcrest, and she and Reagan were going to visit them tomorrow. Martin talked about preparations getting underway for the doctors-without-borders trip to the Wasteland, and some new interns who had just started at the clinic.

Ruby smiled at this and turned towards Melissa and asked, “So, who is going to delivery this baby? You know, a home birth is so much more relaxing, and we would all be there. Of course, Martin is at the clinic most days if you plan on having the baby at the clinic.”

Melissa really hadn’t thought that far ahead, but would discuss it with the Feng’s. It would be so wonderful if her mother could deliver the baby.ANOTHER PREGNANCY SOON.pngAs Melissa headed upstairs she spied her brother and Reagan embracing and her mother had a wistful look in her eye. Looking at them together reminded Melissa that she wanted to talk to the Feng’s about the possibility of Reagan going to the private clinic. It would be so wonderful if Reagan became pregnant soon.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

SimMiuMiuPrada – Not being a fashionista myself (nor could I afford to be), I was trying to come up with the name of a haute-couture designer who might have designed an embroidered jacket. I had already chosen a “designer” look that Lily had purchased for Melissa, and so when I did a google search, found the Miu Miu label, from Italian designer Miuccia Prada, which is a division of Prada. I mean how can you go wrong with Prada? Interestingly enough, there is a sweater in her current collection that looks a bit like the jacket. It’s a rose-embroidered mohair turtleneck jumper (pictured on left). All for the low cost of USD$1,600. Alrighty then, I’ll take a dozen! However, since the jacket looks Peruvian, it could also be from Peruvian designer Meche Correa (featured on right). Isn’t it amazing the things you learn playing the sims? lol



100 Baby Challenge # 2 – Melissa Collins – House Hunting

getting a call from victor feng.pngAlexa Valle was no ordinary real estate agent. With her multi-listing homes and multi-million simoleon sales, Alexa was one of the most sought after real estate agents in San Myshuno. She had the knack for matching her clients’ requests with the perfect house. So, when Alexa Valle got a call from Victor Feng, she couldn’t believe her luck. Victor Feng was a political representative and his wife was a CEO in San Myshuno. Alexa had a thrill go through her just knowing that he wanted to use her exclusively to find a house. She was already thinking of expensive listings for him and calculating the commission she would receive. When he told her the budget she had to work with, she almost dropped her phone.a few listings.png“Mr. Feng, I can’t possibly find you and Lily a house for that amount. You live at an exclusive address now in the Landgraab apartments and I have some listings that would make you the envy of everyone in town…”Alexa said as she pulled up some listings on her computer.

“Alexa, I know you are an important real estate agent and have many listings available, but the house is not for Lily and I. It is for our new surrogate. She doesn’t have a lot of simoleons to work with and she needs it right away. So naturally I want only the best for her and your name came to mind. I would certainly be willing to more than compensate you for your time and expertise.” Victor replied.listings of properties.png“More than compensate, Mr. Feng?”, asked Lily, looking around her office at the listings on the wall.

“Alexa, please call me Victor. Would you say that double your normal commission would be fair?” Victor questioned.

“Oh Mr….I mean, Victor…I think that would be a suitable compensation. I am, afterall, thinking of expanding my offices.” Alexa slyly added.

“I do have certain criteria that I would want met, and of course, it must be kept confidential.” Victor said confidently.

“Oh Victor, of course….and I would be happy to make sure they are all met….” Alexa replied almost purring into the phone. After a lengthy conversation where she jotted down several notes, she hung up.alicia bring those files in here now.pngThat was a few night’s ago and Victor had already sent a few rich clients her way. Well, she better get working on this listing as she was meeting this new surrogate this morning. Alexa glanced at her computer screen with the million simoleon listings and with a sigh closed that tab. She looked through the file folders on her desk, but shook her head. These wouldn’t do. She wanted Victor to be happy with her choice. If he was happy, it would mean more clients. More commissions. More simoleons.

Alexa buzzed her intercom, “Jessica, bring in the budget listing file. Yes, I want THAT file. Well, find it and bring it in here NOW!” Alexa shook her head at the incompetence of some of the staff. No wonder she had to do everything herself.


she was pregnant.pngMelissa was up bright and early the next morning. She had hardly slept at all last night thinking about her time at the clinic and waiting until she could take the pregnancy test. And when she did….eureka….she was pregnant! The Fengs would be so happy when she told them. i have some news for you.pngMelissa quickly went downstairs and called the Fengs’ number and told them the good news. They were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see her. In fact, Lily wanted to go maternity clothes shopping with her tomorrow and arranged a time for when a car would pick Melissa up.told her mother the good news.pngMelissa saw her mother standing in the library and she went over to share the news with her. Melissa wasn’t sure how she would react, but Ruby was overjoyed.They sat down together at the table and Melissa told her mother that she would be looking at some houses with the Fengs’ real estate agent today. Her mother was saddened to hear this, but she knew the rules of a surrogate dictated that a surrogate must live in their own house. Ruby hoped that Melissa could find a house close by so they could visit each other often. youll have the children longer.pngMelissa also told her mother about the contract she had signed with the Fengs. At first, Ruby thought it was a bit strange, but then her face lit up and she said that the Fengs were indeed smart. They knew they wouldn’t have time to care for a child with their busy schedules and knew that Melissa would do a wonderful job. And if the surrogate agency had approved it, then it most certainly was fine.

“And you get to keep the baby longer, Melissa. Watch the baby grow up to a young adult. How wonderful! And any time you need help, you know I will be there to help you. Oh this is indeed exciting news!”

Ruby gave her daughter a hug and they finished eating breakfast together. Ruby talked non-stop about all the things that Melissa would need for the baby. Ruby also suggested that Melissa start a new mother’s group with other new mothers in the neighborhood, just like Ruby had so long ago.

After breakfast, Melissa hurried off to get ready as Alexa Valle, the real estate agent, was picking her up shortly for their tour of houses.


1st property.pngAlexa Valle had several properties to show Melissa and the first was in Willow Creek. Situated near the waterway, it was a modular home with two-bedrooms that was a mere $13,663 simoleons.enthusing about house.pngMelissa toured the house as Alexa talked non-stop about the eat-in kitchen, nearby park with walking trails and lovely view of the creek. Melissa thought it was nice, but maybe a bit small.

“You’re so right, Melissa, this is just not the property for you.” said Alexa trying to mask her irritation. Apparently this was going to take a bit longer than Alexa thought it would.windenberg.pngThe next property they went to was in Windenburg, a lovely 2-bedroom Tudor-style house on a secluded lot.

“Lots of room to expand here and lots of wide open space for those children to wander around in,” exclaimed Alexa, “And a bargain for only $15,404 simoleons.”near the water.pngAlexa brought Melissa to a small picnic area with a waterfall that was close to the house. “Isn’t this so beautiful? asked Alexa, “Imagine coming here with the children. The air is so clean, the view is marvelous….”

Melissa did like the house and the park was very convenient. But it wasn’t Newcrest. She would be away from her family.

“Melissa, not a problem at all, we shall concentrate on properties in Newcrest,” Alexa said while crossing off several properties on her list with a flourish. Alexa couldn’t believe that Melissa would pass up this prime property. Luckily Alexa had another buyer who was viewing this exact same house tomorrow.combo living area.pngWhen they arrived at the next house, Melissa held her breath. It was beautiful. It was a 2-bedroom ranch just on the other side of Newcrest. There was a combo living and kitchen area. It even had a fireplace.

Alexa told her that it was a bit of a fixer-upper and it was on the market for a very low price of $17,609 simoleons.but the best part of all.pngAlexa brought Melissa to the back yard. Melissa couldn’t believe it. A fenced back yard!  It was spacious. Alexa told Melissa that there was a park across the street and not too far away was a children’s playground.

Alexa knew she could clinch the deal on this house, she was almost sure of it. But then Melissa enquired if Alexa had any 3-bedroom listings. Melissa liked the house, but she really needed more bedrooms

“I have another property to show you, Melissa. It’s a bit secluded on the north side of Newcrest, but I think you will really like it.” Alexa said hiding her disappointment. But the more Alexa thought about it, the more she was positive that the next house would meet all of Melissa and Victor’s requirements.when they pulled up to the next house.pngWhen Melissa stepped out of the car, all she saw was flowers. The whole front yard was covered with flowers. And there was even a fishing pond on the lot. Melissa was excited even before she looked inside.she saw them the garden planters.pngAs Melissa walked up the walkway, she saw two garden planters. “Good things come from the earth”, echoed in Melissa’s ears. It was something her mother was always saying. This was a area 100 baby.pngAlexa went on to tell Melissa that it had 3-bedrooms, a park and playground nearby, good schools….the baby room 1.pngAs they wandered through the house, Alexa made sure that Melissa saw the baby room….

“…all this for only $19,878 simoleons!” enthused Alexa. Melissa sighed. It was almost all the simoleons she melissa looked at the backyard, she knew this was the place for her.pngAnd as Melissa went out to the backyard, Melissa thought that this was indeed her perfect house.ill take it.pngAnd so without hesitation, Melissa told Alexa that she would buy the house. Alexa was happy and knew that Victor would be more than happy with this house, too.

“Of course, Melissa, we need the place cleaned, and I noticed there were some loose tiles in the bathroom, and a stain on the carpet in the bedroom, all that has to be fixed. The Fengs wouldn’t want it any other way. When the house is ready, I will call you and you can come to my office and we will sign the papers. Congratulations Melissa, I am sure you will be very happy here.”Alexa calling Victor.pngMelissa headed out the front door to admire the garden again, and Alexa told her she would be right out, but just had to use the restroom first. When the front door closed, Alexa made a quick call.

“Victor…yes, she made up her mind…she’s in Newcrest…yes….I know her family lives here….but she is on the other side…a rather secluded lot. Yes….very secluded….the only house around. I told her I would call her when the house was ready. Oh really? Oh yes, I have many listings in San Myshuno…all apartments….so convenient…certainly, I can wait a day or two. Spare keys? …of course…all arranged. And the other matter of the security cameras…she’ll never know they are here….”


* * * * *

Many thanks to the simmers who made these creations:

alexas office.png

Alexa Valle’s real estate office. This is a room.

family starter.png

The first house they toured in Newcrest. The other two were in-game houses by Maxis, Crick Cabana in Willow Creek and Rustic Residence in Windenburg.

pond starter.png

Melissa’s new house. I expanded the kitchen and kids’ room and added a small fenced backyard. Built on Asphalt Abodes ($2,000 simoleon lot) in Newcrest. I was torn between the last 2 houses, but decided on the latter one as it had a pond and it could be easily expanded. I didn’t have some of the packs used in the other build, and items were missing when it was downloaded (like toilet, bath, sink, and wallpaper).

100 Baby Challenge # 2 & Wonder Child Challenge – Background Notes On The Society

My 100 Baby Challenge # 2 is a spin-off of my Wonder Child Challenge. Both take place in a futuristic, dystopian society. To better understand their society, I have outlined what it is like.


A war raged and sims were affected by the “blasts”. Newcrest and some other outlying cities were not affected by these “blasts”. The “blasts” made most of the sim population unable to have children. They are sterile.

To help re-populate the sim world, an agency composed of scientists developed a method for testing sims. The head of this agency is the Director of Scientists. Once a sim reaches young adulthood they are tested to determine if they are sterile or fertile. If they are  fertile, they are “banded” with a tattoo and they are known as a “chosen one”. The scientists then “match” random fertile sims together to have children. Sims do not have a choice to be matched with anyone, as the scientists have all the control. Scientists conduct computer-generated matching and this is how it is determined. Sims who are matched are each others “chosen one”.  Fertile sims normally have dark hair and eyes, but some have unusual traits, such as red or blonde hair. Sims with unusual traits, are very prized in the city.

In the Wonder Child Challenge, adult fertile sims are “matched” together by the scientists to produce a wonder child, which is the first born of the couple. As per the rules, they reside in Newcrest. As children are prized in this society, every whim and want of the child must be granted, and when the child reaches young adulthood, their score is tallied and it is determined if this child is the best Wonder Child yet. As a reward, the parents are made Ambassadors in the city.

For sterile couples or for couples who are “chosen ones” but can’t seem to have children, there is another way to have a child. There is an agency, called the surrogacy agency, which is a division of the same agency as above composed of scientists. Surrogates are fertile female sims who give up their right to be a “chosen one”, wear a designated surrogate dress and necklace. They are bound to the surrogacy agency by a contract. (They could be fertile male sims, too, but for the 100 Baby Challenge, they are female). They are very esteemed in the city in which they live and must live in their own house. (as per the 100 Baby Challenge rules, they start with $20K simoleons). The surrogacy agency matches a surrogate with a sterile couple and the surrogate (in a laboratory setting), produces a child for them. As part of the surrogate contract, when the baby is born, the sterile couple is given the child to raise as their own. A surrogate must bear children for different couples, and cannot bear more than one child (or twins or triplets), for the same couple twice. It is advantageous to have a surrogate in your city, as they offer parenting advice and are often trained as midwives and holistic healers.

Babies, children and teens are a rare occurrence and treated with the utmost care. Their every whim is catered to. When a baby is born, the whole city rejoices and normally there is much fanfare. It is unusual for a single sim to raise a child by themselves. In certain cases, if a single sim has the financial ability to raise a child themselves, or in the case of a surrogate, has the financial backing of a wealthy couple, then it is approved.

Not all sims have been tested by the scientists as a lot of sims still reside in the Wasteland. Teams of scientists travel to the Wasteland to try to find young adult sims who do not bear the tattoo and bring them in for testing. The Wasteland was the hardest hit by the blasts and is a barren expanse. Many of the survivors there band together in a colony. Their shelters are made from scavenged and found materials, but most are open to the elements. There is much hardship in the Wasteland, with little water and food. Most of the sims who live in the Wasteland are sterile, but not all.

As with any dystopian society, there is corruption, power and greed. Sometimes, knowing someone in power and calling in a favor, or simoleons changing hands, or other deeds, will grant a “chosen one” the fertile sim of his or her choice. Couples who neglect their child will have the child taken away from them by social services. They are then banished to the Wasteland for their neglect. Rumors run rampant in this society, and no-one really knows what is truth or fiction. It has been rumored that some fertile sims have been banished to the Wasteland when they do not produce a child. Rumors have been spread that some sterile couples are using multiple surrogates from the surrogacy agency in order to have as many children as possible. Other rumors are heard about wealthy sterile couples drawing up special contracts with their surrogate.

In the 100 Baby Challenge, Melissa Collins, our matriarch, is a surrogate who has a contract with the surrogacy agency. The surrogacy agency matches her with sterile couples who want to have a child. Pregnancy happens in a lab. Her first match is with the Fengs, who are a wealthy sterile couple, and she enters into a special contract with them to keep their children until the children reach young adulthood.

And so our story begins…