Chapter 1.1 Bright Lights In The Big City*

Meet Connor Dodge — active, music lover and family-oriented. Connor had always dreamed of living in the city, becoming a musician and making it BIG!  He had always wanted to be a City Native. Fresh out of college, Connor had read about an exciting job opportunity in the big city of San Myshuno, and he just couldn’t pass it up. Without thinking twice, he bid goodbye to his folks in the country and was off to the city. Yep! He was ready to undertake the Movin’ On Up Challenge by ImaginingMystic. Read more about the challenge heremoving truck calling

Before he left home, he had rented an unfurnished 2 bedroom, 1-bath apartment (sight unseen) for only $300 simoleons a week. He could hardly believe his luck! The address even sounded great — 1313 – 21 Chic Street.1313 21 chic street

The landlady had asked him if he was handy, which was odd, but living on a farm, you had to be. So, he paid the $600 simoleon deposit and hired a moving truck to haul his furniture to the city. With the last of his simoleons, he bought a new outfit. He thought he looked pretty suave. But, with all these expenses, Connor was flat broke, not even one simoleon to his name.arrival of connor

He arrived at his apartment but his furniture hadn’t arrived yet, so he arranged with the landlady to let the movers in. The landlady agreed but was not too happy about it. And, all she said to him was that he needed to pay his rent on time! Ummm….he just got there…rent wasn’t due for a month!the city

Without even glancing inside his apartment, he zipped right back down in the elevator. He was so excited to get out and explore the city! It was a bright and sunny day, and outside his apartment building, there was a small plaza with a food stand. There were lots of people milling about.INTERESTING CITY PPL

Connor had heard strange tales of the city, about how city folk were rude, and that the city was dirty, and that people even dressed differently. Well, that last part might be true. He just had to snap a pic of this sim to send to his folks back home!cool ppl in city

He had some time before he had to be at the club for his orientation, so he explored the area a bit more. He met a living statue…what luck a coffee to go

…and found some coffee just lying on the street. Thank goodness for that, because he needed a bit of caffeine.protestors

He watched a protest about “save the trees”….a cut girl hands me a sign and I find myself in a protest

…and before he knew it, a pretty sim named Summer had handed him a sign and he was joining the protest. Save the trees! Save the trees!someone just left this on the table.png

Saving the trees worked up quite an appetite and he looked around and found a plate of untouched food on the picnic table. Imagine that! He couldn’t pass up such great grub and it smelled delicious. But eating with chop sticks…well, that was a challenge. He couldn’t quite get the hang of that locked.png

He arrived at the club where he was to start work as a musician in a rock band …and found it LOCKED! What? He asked a sim who was wandering by and was told that the club had closed overnight. Bankrupt. Repo man took everything and changed the locks.closed what to do.png

What was he going to do? He had no job, no money. How could he afford to stay here?listen to music

Suddenly, the sound of music filled the air, and he saw a street musician and introduced himself. Connor loved music and this guy rocked! He chatted with Tetsu and told him how he admired his violin playing.  He also told Tetsu what happened with his job and Tetsu told him that there was a job opening at the club around the corner. Wow! So close to where he lived…that was great! He couldn’t thank Tetsu enough…karaoke singer

He felt pretty confident going to his job interview and aced it. He was now an official….umm… entertainer…you know telling jokes and stuff. In between acts, he also had to help wait tables and wash dishes. Not exactly the the job he wanted, but it paid $23 simoleons an hour and he started tomorrow at 9am. chatting with bartender

Plus, the club was hopping! Connor went over to chat up the bartender, Seiji, who gave him a drink “on the house”. Connor confided in him that he didn’t have any simoleons, and Seiji told him there was a karaoke contest tonight at The Karaoke Bar in the Spice District. Ooohhh! So Connor decided to head out and try his luck.PRACTICE RUN

It was crowded when he got there, so he decided to enter the contest right away. He had never sung karaoke before. Well, imagine his surprise when he won! $500 simoleons! This was his lucky day!


cant believe i won the contest

But not everyone was thrilled that he won, especially Anaya, who was a bit stunned at the view

It was getting dark, and he figured he needed to head back to his apartment and get it a bit organized. Afterall, he started work tomorrow and he didn’t want to be late. no furniture

When Connor got to his apartment, he opened it up expecting to see moving boxes piled high. But to his surprise…nothing. What? No furniture? He immediately called the landlady and asked if the movers had shown up. Nope. No movers.what is this on the floo

And oh my plumbobs! What was this on the floor? It looked like a police chalk outline of a body…maybe even the body of the last tenant! He would have to talk to the landlady about…about…yeah…that!but the view was awsome

Well, at least the view was great! But, what was he going to do? No bed, No food, no toilet, no shower, no change of clothes. No place to sleep! He was just so TIRED! He couldn’t think anymore. ZONK!asleep wit the chalk line

…And before he knew it…he had fallen asleep beside chalk man…..

*Lyrics from Bright Lights Bigger City (2010) by CeeLo Green

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