Chapter 1.2 – A New Home

what to do nexty.pngLeia was wondering what they should do first. She may have been a teacher, but she was not a daycare teacher, or even a Kindergarten teacher. In fact, all of the children she had taught at the Windenburg Academy were gifted children in grades 4 and 5. Gifted meaning they were highly intelligent and creative children. In a way, Oriana was gifted (she WAS an alien), although right now Leia was not sure what special gifts Oriana had.let's play.png

She loved children, yes, but she had never been a mother herself. She hoped she could handle the pressure of raising a child, and not just any child, but an alien toddler in diapers! Luckily for Leia, she was an avid reader and after securing her new accommodations with the Barfield Real Estate Agency, she had gone right to the library and read up on parenting strategies. Easy, right? NOT! There were so many views on what to do as a parent, her mind was boggled. What kind of parent would she be? She was just going to have to wing it and go with her gut intuition.such a good hug.png

So, first things first, Leia needed to show Oriana that she was happy Oriana was here and that Leia loved her. Best way to do that was to give Oriana a great big HUG!welcome littleone.png

Well, everything must be wonderful and strange to Oriana. Coming from another universe, another culture and speaking another language. What did Oriana’s world look like. What was it called? Were those other alien toddlers her brothers and sisters? So many questions with no answers. Leia decided that what Oriana needed right now was love and understanding…and maybe a few words of the Simlish language.teaching some words.png

So, right there on the sidewalk, Leia took out her learning flash cards that she had bought before she picked up Oriana. Little cards with pictures and words on them to help Oriana learn what things were called here on Earth.she got really excited when i shwed her the blocks.png

Oriana didn’t seem to like the flash cards too much until Leia showed her the card with blocks on it. Oh, then Oriana got really excited. “Hmmm…” Leia thought, “I wonder if she wants to play with blocks.”lets see your room.png

“This is your home now”, Leia said, as she picked up Oriana and brought her into the house. Oriana should have a chance to explore the house and see her new room. And thank goodness she had bought some toys for Oriana. And one of the toys was blocks — bonus! liked her room and played with bocks.png

Leia placed Oriana down in her room and sure enough, the first thing Oriana did was head to the blocks and sit down and play with them. With Oriana occupied, Leia thought that maybe Oriana might like a snack. She had read that toddlers need snacks during the day, so she went into the kitchen to fix something.applesauce and water.png

Leia just wasn’t sure what alien toddler’s ate, so she put out some applesauce and water for Oriana. “Oh, I hope she likes this,” Leia thought.what about a snack.png

Leia couldn’t tell if Oriana liked it or even knew what it was….

“Food”, Leia said, “Yummy in the tummy”, she explained as Leia patted her belly and smiled.not sure she liked it.png

Oriana certainly liked playing in it…oriana seems happy with the choice appllesauce and water.png

And eventually, Oriana figured out that this was something good to eat. Yum! Leia kept repeating the words “food” “water” “applesauce” in the hopes that Oriana would understand the words. Oriana just looked at Leia and smiled. Oh well, Leia was hopeful.potty time.png

After cleaning up the dishes, Leia thought that she would check Oriana to see if she had a dirty diaper. Not yet. So, she decided to try and teach Oriana potty training and placed her on the potty. Potty is so much better than having to change diapers. Yes!good job for your 1st potty time.png

“Oriana, you did such a good job for your first potty time,” encouraged Leia and she gave Oriana a hug to tell her she did a good job. Ok, well Oriana did have a little accident, but she still did a good job. Talking about potty, Leia realized that she needed to “go” too, …so she left Oriana to play in her room.escape artist.png

However, unbeknownst to Leia, Oriana decided that she wanted to explore outside, and so off she went out the front door and down the steps. Oriana sure climbed down those steps fast!galaxy gnome meet oriana

Oriana is an inquisitive toddler and first stopped to say hi to the little galaxy gnome outside their house. Ahhh…she likes him, look at that smile!oriana says hi to Mortimer Goth.png

Then Oriana saw a stranger (Mortimer Goth), and waddled up to him babbling the whole time…oriana where are u.png

Meanwhile, back in the house, Leia had been frantically calling Oriana’s name and looking all around for her. She just happened to look out the window and saw her…“Oh, my gosh, there she is!”, thought Leia, “How did she get outside? Oh….that was my fault, I forgot to lock the front door. I will never forget that again. What if something were to happen to her, I would never forgive myself.”oh my gosh i need to lock the front door.png

Leia ran outside, thanked Mortimer, and scooped Oriana up in her arms. “There you are, you little escape artist,” she said to Oriana, “I was so worried about you.”fly fly.png

But everything was fine now. Oriana was safe. “Do you want to play airplane?” Leia asked. Leia swung Oriana around like an airplance and even though Oriana didn’t speak any Simlish, the giggles and laugh sounds that she made said it all. She loved it! “You like to play? So do I, Oriana, so do I. Tomorrow we will go to the park and you can explore some more”, said Leia.alien dance.png

They went back into the house and this time Leia locked the front

They spent the afternoon together, playing blocks, dancing, and just having fun. Leia discovered that Oriana really liked to dance and listen to music. As a teacher of creative children, Leia knew that music played an important role, so Leia decided to play a different type of music every day so that Oriana would hear all types of music. Today it was “world” music. SHE LIKES PB AND J.png

Soon it was time for dinner, and this time, Leia made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and gave her some water. Another good choice, and Oriana ate it all up. She was such a hungry little alien toddler!BATH AFTER A LONG DAY.png

It was soon bath time, and Leia tried to scrub all the dirt and grime and caked on food (how the heck did that get in here?) off of Oriana. It was a challenge!OH U GOT ME.png

Oriana really enjoyed her first bath, especially the bubbles, and was happily splashing Leia, herself and everything else. “Oh, you got me, Oriana!”, Leia laughed.MOST OF THE BATHROOM AND ME GOT WET

Bath time was over and it was time for bed. Leia was soaked and as she looked around, she realized that the whole bathroom was covered in water! That was some bath!good nite sweet oriana.png

 Leia had planned to read Oriana a bedtime story….but Oriana was just so exhausted…she fell right to sleep. “Good night Oriana. Sweet dreams”, whispered Leia as she tucked her in and gave her a good night kiss.

alien disguise

Author’s Notes:

Although not clearly explained in Chapters 1 or 2 on why Leia had been chosen for “fake jury duty”, I wanted to provide some background info. Leia was a teacher, but not just a regular teacher, a teacher of “gifted” creative and highly intelligent children. She was single and loved all things sci-fi, so she was open to the unknown. Her favorite color was green, and she had the “geek” and “childish” traits, as well as being a bookworm. Her name was Leia, after Princess Leia in Star Wars, and she owned a Princess Leia costume. As far as the “agency” was concerned, she was a “perfect fit” for the Alien Adoption program. I hope they were right. What do you think?


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    • Thanks for reading EQ. Oh congrats to you! Yes, I thought that was such a cute pic as well. Oriana climbed down those stairs was I thought she was going to run off, but, no, she stops to look at the little gnome statue. Maybe memories of home?

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