Chapter 1.2-Couch Surfing

reading apartment notice board.png

The next morning, Connor woke up on the floor. His back ached, his head hurt, and he felt so grungy. He remembered seeing a restroom downstairs in the square, so he decided to go there and use the facilities. Too bad they didn’t have a shower, because he could sure use one!

While waiting for the elevator, he glanced at the apartment notice board and saw a new posting! What’s this? Sweet! There was a festival tomorrow called GeekCon…but it was during work hours…maybe next time. In the meantime, he will have to phone the movers and find out where his furniture was.2 coffees.png

When he went to the square, he couldn’t believe it! He found two coffees! What luck! He was so thankful that he drank one in desperation.meeting someone new.png

While he was standing there drinking his free coffee, a friendly sim walked right up to him and started talking. Her name was Maki Maeda, and she was a Stay-at-home-Mom. They chatted a bit and then headed over to the food truck together…another plate of free food pufferfish nigiri these chopsticks.png

…and Connor spied a plate of untouched food sitting on the table. Yum! Pufferfish nigiri for breakfast…but he was still pretty clumsy with those chop sticks. Before he knew it, it was time for work, and he was off.calling tetsu.png

He came home from work earning $184 simoleons but still no furniture. He had been calling Rob Ber Movers all day and there was no answer. In fact the last time he called, there was an automated message saying the line had been disconnected. Something was going on, and he didn’t have a good feeling about it. He just couldn’t spend another night sleeping with chalk man on the hard floor. He decided to call his friend Tetsu, the street musician…maybe he could help him weas gorgeous.png

Tetsu didn’t have any room at his place as he was sharing a very, very tiny one-bedroom with a bunch of musicians who were coming and going all the time. But he knew of a place. He told Connor to meet him at Myshuno Meadows. There was a wedding rental hall there and Tetsu just happened to have a key. By the sounds of what Tetsu said, it was really swank and had bathing facilities, a kitchen, everything he would need until his furniture showed up.tetsu and conner.png

When Connor arrived, Tetsu was already there and Tetsu was right, the place was fantastic! “You just can’t stay here on weekends, because that’s when the weddings are. If your stuff doesn’t get here by then, there is a flea market on Sunday in the Spice District and you can buy some stuff there. Good luck man, stay in touch.” said Tetsu as he hurried off to a gig. Connor would really have to treat Tetsu to dinner or something because this guy was a lifesaver.there was no shower just and old tub but it was heaven.png

Connor went inside and hardly took in any of the surroundings, he was just so tired, and needed a shower. He went upstairs. There was no shower, but there was an old tub, and that suited him fine. He ran the water, hopped in and promptly fell asleep in the tub.huge catering kitchen.png

When he woke up , at least he was clean, but he was starving. So, he made his way back downstairs to the kitchen. This kitchen had everything. It was a huge catering kitchen. He opened the fridge and helped himself to some beds but this couch looked comfy.png

After cleaning up, he went upstairs and realized there were no beds here. But there were lots of couches, and he had spied a comfy couch that would work out fine.couch sleeping.png

He even lighted the fireplace and soon he was off to dream land.a guitar in the corner.png

He woke up a few hours later refreshed. He looked around and saw a guitar just sitting in the corner. It looked like an old one, almost like the one he had when he practiced his guitar lessons. He went over and played a few tunes.this wouldn't be so bad.png

In the morning, he was refreshed and ready to go to work. He made himself some coffee and thought that he could do this for a few days. It was nice here, but nothing like having your own apartment…your own space….this was just a temporary place, and he couldn’t stay here on the weekend. Well, it was Tuesday, and who knows, maybe he would go to karaoke and win again. Afterall, he had to defend his title tonight!Connor sang his heart out.png

He had a good day at work and made $184 simoleons and decided to head right over to the Karaoke Club so he wouldn’t miss the contest. He needed more simoleons. This afternoon, he had received a phone call from Detective Joe Friday about a fraud scam by a moving company called Rob Ber Movers. What? Connor’s moving company! All of Conner’s belongings that the movers had packed in their moving truck were gone, sold on the black market. Detective Friday had deciphered the moving company’s name and saw that their name was actually Robber Movers. So, all of Connor’s furniture, his guitar, his clothes, everything he owned…was gone! And he didn’t have any insurance, so he was out of luck in getting any money for those stolen items.

not this time

Unfortunately, Connor didn’t win the karaoke contest tonight. Ah shucks!he saw that pretty politcal activist at the bar.png

He did see that cute political activist named Summer at the bar, and decided to chat her up. It was getting late, though, so be bid her farewell, and decided to swing by his apartment and collect his mail before he headed over to the wedding hall for the night.ooh la la a hotie.png

When Connor arrived….he saw a hottie picking up her mail. Was this Connor’s neighbor? Wow! Well, hmmm….he decided right then and there that he wasn’t going to wait until Sunday to get some furniture and move into his apartment. Seiji, the bartender at the club, had told him about a 24-hour wholesale furniture warehouse in Magnolia Promenade. Connor figured he should go tonight and look around. Afterall, he was paying rent to live here, but he was living store

He headed over to the furniture warehouse and picked out a few items. Wow! The money he had won, plus his 2 days of pay didn’t buy much Oh well, he paid for his purchase and arranged delivery to his apartment tomorrow. At least delivery was free. He stood looking at the high end furniture and imagined this in his apartment. Well, not quite yet, but some day soon.drinks at the wedding hall.png

In the meantime, he returned to the wedding hall and practiced making some drinks. Who knows, maybe he would invite his new neighbor….uh, what was her name…Penny, over for a drink or even that cute Summer *wink* Things were looking up!one more night just one more night.png

One more night….just one more night….Zzzzz…


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