Chapter 1.3 – Little Miss Mess Maker


Did you know that Oriana’s name was not always Oriana? Nope. When Leia picked her up from the “agency”, she was AFT 27. Leia figured that stood for Alien Female Toddler, but wasn’t sure if Oriana was the 27th female toddler or just the the 27th toddler from the 100 who had crash landed. Leia wondered what happened to the other toddlers. “There must be more alien toddlers in this neighborhood,” she mused, “I wonder if we will ever find them.” Anyway, Leia couldn’t keep calling her adopted child AFT 27, so she remembered the Orion race* from Star Trek, changed a few letters, and chose Oriana, which means “dawn”.ready to go.png

Oriana – the name seemed to suit the toddler, since Oriana was up at the crack of “dawn” the next day.needed coffee to start her day.png

It didn’t seem like Leia had slept much last night, after having to clean up the kitchen (oh that highchair was so gross!), and mopping the floor in the bathroom. Then finally, she was able to fall into bed exhausted. Thank goodness for coffee! Leia quickly got her cup of Joe, and hastened to take a speedy shower before Oriana woke up.are u hungry.png

And just in time, too, for when Leia got out of the shower, there stood Oriana. “Good morning, Oriana, did you sleep well?” Oriana seemed to peep a response. “You did! Well, come on, we’ll change that diaper and then have some breakfast. Does that sound good? You want grilled cheese for breakfast? Oh that sounds yummy.” Another peep peep from Oriana. Leia wasn’t sure if Oriana understood her, but Leia felt that she needed to keep talking out loud to the child, and maybe some words would get recognized. (author’s note – they both have the same grilled cheese thought bubble! Maybe they do understand each other!)oops someone doesn't like animal crackers.png

After changing a REEKING, wet diaper, Leia put Oriana in her high chair and gave her some animal crackers….which ended up on the floor….one of those days.png

Then some milk….which also ended up on the floor….“Oh my”, Leia thought, “What happened to that angel child from yesterday? I guess it’s going to be one of those days!”grilled cheese for breakfast.png

Finally the grilled cheese was done and Oriana seemed content. Well, for now at least. Leia’s cooking skills weren’t the best since Leia had preferred to eat out when she lived in the city, and had never really cooked before. So, although the grilled cheese was of poor quality, Oriana didn’t seem to mind.teaching manners and looked what popped up.png

Leia spent the morning teaching Oriana manners. Please and thank you were very important words, and Oriana was a smart child and was learning very quickly. Leia really felt that she was connecting with Oriana. (authors’ note – look at Oriana’s thought bubble! So cute! Does that mean she likes manners or she likes Leia? I have no idea)oh we have a creative toddler

Leia went off to fix a snack for Oriana and she came back to this! Oriana was a little mess maker! “Oh my!” thought Leia, “Something else to clean. I need to hire a maid at this rate!”picnic lunch.png

After cleaning the mess and having lunch with more messes, Leia packed a picnic for their trip to the park. And it wasn’t too soon, because Oriana wanted to go! Now! “Hmmm….”, thought Leia, “Oriana can be quite demanding!”oriana making a mes.png

And as soon as they got to the park, Oriana made a mess. Leia figured it was alright since they were outside anyway. Plus, Oriana seemed so happy, and Leia wanted to encourage any creativity that Oriana might have. That’s a good thing, right? Messes outside are ok, right?met a littl girl at the playgroundThere weren’t a lot of children at the park today, but she did meet a little girl named Anita Quick. She was quite the self-assured little girl on those climbers.hamburgers.png

Someone had made some excellent hamburgers and so they ate those instead of the picnic that Leia had brought. Oriana really liked those burgers!definitely creative child on my hands.png

After supper, Oriana went back to her messes, and Leia looked on smiling and thinking that she definitely had a creative child on her hands.that can't be a good sound.png

Oops! That can’t be a good sound….diaper change.png

By heavens, it was getting late, and they had to head home. But not before Leia had to change the stinky diaper! “Oh my plumbobs! That is stinky!” said Leia, “Why are you laughing Oriana? This is NOT a fun diaper!”Oriana decided she didnt want to be in her clothes anymore.png

As Leia turned to throw the diaper in the garbage, Oriana decided that she didn’t want to be in her clothes anymore, and before Leia could stop her, Oriana was a nakid nudie running around the park.not a happy child.png

Leia finally caught up with Oriana and put Oriana’s clothes back on. She told Oriana it was time to go home. She thought she almost heard Oriana say a definant “No!” And then the temper tantrum hit. Oriana screamed and screamed and screamed and stomped her little what a temper tantrum.png

“How can one tiny alien toddler have such big lungs to scream like that?” thought Leia, “Oh why won’t she stop? Poor Oriana, she must be tired.” It was sure making Leia tense and she didn’t know what to do. So, she soothingly spoke to Oriana to try to calm her down, which didn’t help very much. With no other choice, Leia gave Oriana her sippy cup, and carried the screaming child home.she was so tired either the poo tired her out or her outing at the park.png

When they got home, Leia placed Oriana in her room and Leia headed off to “go” to the bathroom. When she came back, she found Oriana asleep on the floor. She wasn’t sure if Oriana was tired from her big “poo”, the tantrum, or just tired from the outing. “She looks so small and helpless,” whispered Leia, as she picked Oriana up and tucked her into bed.rex trex

Oriana was still a bit restless, so Leia read her a story about “Rex Treks”, but even before the first word was uttered, Oriana fell fast some video games to relax.pngLeia had so many things on her mind, she couldn’t settle down to go to sleep, so she decided to play a multi-player video game. She just needed to relax and think . Leia had planned to do so much today and the hours had just flown by. How did parents do it when they worked? She could barely even take a shower without Oriana wanting something. Leia’s funds were dwindling and she had to think about some type of job she could do from home. But when would she have time when her whole day revolved around this tiny alien? She really wished she had someone to talk to about all this. “Oh my word,” she said shocked, “It’s 3AM! Oh, that’s gonna cost me tomorrow”, Leia quickly shut off the video game and went to bed. “But then, maybe Oriana will sleep in…..” Yah, right, that was wishful thinking!

alien disguise


*The  Orion race was first introduced in “The Cage” (and also “The Menagerie, Part II”), the pilot for Start Trek featuring Captain Pike. They are green-skinned humanoids from the Orion Constellation.

The name Oriana means to rise, sunrise, dawn and golden.


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