Chapter 1.4 – GeekCon Festival

princess in training.pngThe next morning, Leia was up early, in fact she had barely slept. She had wanted to try on some costumes and decide if she wanted to wear one to the GeekCon Festival. It was today! She could hardly wait! She really loved the Princess Leia costume. It had special meaning to her since she had been named after Princess Leia by her father.good morning alien child.png

No sooner had she taken a sip of coffee than she heard the pitter patter of tiny feet waddling out to greet her. Oriana was up and ready to go!mambo jangi

But first things first, Leia had to change the poopie diaper. “Oriana, it’s time to change out of that stinky diaper,” said Leia. Well, it seemed that Oriana was in the same mood she was when she went to bed. Defiant. Oriana didn’t want her diaper changed. Nope, nope, nope. Leia was starting to feel the tension build. She didn’t want to have to go through this again.potty training again.png

Leia tried another strategy. “Does Oriana want to go potty?” asked Leia hopefully. Yes, Oriana did want to go potty and then Leia could change the diaper. That worked well!knock on the door oh it is bella

As Leia was giving Oriana her breakfast, there was a knock on the door. It was Bella Goth! How wonderful! Leia had taught Bella’s children, Cassandra and Alexander at the Windenburg Academy. “How did Bella know I lived here?” wondered Leia.dont know what to do bella.png

Leia invited Bella in and they sat down to chat. “I heard that you had moved to Newcrest and wanted to see how you were settling in,” chimed Bella when she came inside, “And this must be one of THE toddlers…” Leia could not hide her shock that Bella knew about the alien children. She thought that it was a secret. “I was summoned for jury duty, too,” said Bella quietly, “apparently, the “agency” had confused me with another Bella Goth. I really don’t know much else, but it was rumored that the other Bella had been abducted by aliens*. Since I was not her, they dismissed me, but I was sworn to secrecy. When I was leaving, I saw you enter by a side door, and knew that you, too, had been selected. I’m also good friends with Mavis Barfield, the real estate agent, and she told me where you secret, of course.”*bella.png

“Oh Bella, you have no idea how happy I am that someone else knows. And you being a mother…well, I have so many questions to ask about parenting”, Leia blurted out, almost in tears.i dont think i am cut out for being a mama.png

“I don’t think I am cut out for this…for being a mother…”, said Leia sadly.bella is feeling for Oriana so sad.png

Bella looked over at Leia and the screaming Oriana. “Leia”, Bella said, “You were one of the best teachers at Windenburg Academy. All of the children adored you. You were so calm and understanding and recognized gifts in each one of them. You are just tired. Toddlers will do that to you. I brought over some books to help you on parenting. I also found a website…a special website, Leia, for parenting the alien toddlers. There are others like you, so don’t despair.”LEIA U WERE ONE OF THE BEST AT THE ACADEMY.png

As Leia quieted Oriana and gave her a sippy cup, she listened to all Bella had to say and it cheered her up. What a great friend Bella was. Right then and there Leia decided she was going to be the best parent ever. A Super Parent! She was going to read every book, visit every website…everything she ever wanted to know about raising a toddler. “Now, go get ready for GeekCon, Leia,” Bella laughed, “I will read a story to Oriana and get her ready.”browse parenting methods

While Leia was getting dressed, she was curious about the website that Bella had given her, so she took a moment to search the web for it…hmmm…. bizoopagoto…I wonder what that means? I will have to look at it later. Right now…GeekCon awaits!i think this toddler is in love with Bella lol

Leia decided that she would wear normal clothes to GeekCon. She thanked Bella again, and Oriana peep peeped at Bella, too. Bella waved a farewell and told Leia that if she ever needed her help, to just give her a call. Leia couldn’t thank her enough. (author’s note – Look at Oriana’s thought bubble. Does she love Bella, or does she love the butterfly? I think Oriana is star struck by Bella.)leia bringing oriana to geekcon.png

Leia and Oriana arrived at GeekCon and explored all the exhibits….a new festival

game play.png

…Leia even tried her hand at some gaming…but didn’t win…all kinds of interesting.png

They met lots of people and even chatted with some interesting cosplayers…orianna one day we will ride in a rocker ship.png

…they even saw a giant rocket ship…“Oriana, one day we will ride in a rocket ship,” proclaimed Leia.

blast off go.png

Yes, together, one day….

dfinant chld.png

…they had some delicious veggie burgers to eat….and Leia even bought a Geekcon t-shirt for herself. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any in Oriana’s size. When it came time to change the diaper…Oriana was being her defiant self again.stinkiest toddler on the planet.png

This time, Leia decided to employ some new parenting skills and she calmly told Oriana not to be so defiant and that Oriana really needed to have her diaper changed. Leia gave Oriana a big hug and Oriana complied. Thank goodness, because Oriana was certainly the stinkiest toddler on the planet! As the festival was ending, Leia and Oriana went home. Oriana certainly needed a bath!oriana giving herself a bath.png

When they arrived home, Oriana immediately wobbled her little legs into the bathroom…and when Leia came in, saw that Oriana was giving herself a bath…in the TOILET! Oh my plumbobs! She just couldn’t get mad at Oriana because it was so funny! “Oriana, let’s have a bath in the BIG tub!” Leia said laughingly.oriana loved bath time.png

So, after a nice hot bath….“Oriana certainly loves her bath time,” thought Leia…teling a story.png

…some yummy food in her tummy….and a bedtime story, Driving to Mars...and just like that she was asleep.png

…Oriana was in bed and asleep in good time. “She really is a cute toddler, even when she has her defiant moments…” thought Leia, “Nite Nite, sweet Oriana.”alien night

Just then her cell phone rang. It was Bella asking her if she wanted to go to Aliens Night at the bar! She declined, but Bella certainly had a sense of humor! Ha! Now why would I want to meet an alien..then she thought of Oriana…wait, maybe I should…maybe it would be good to have an alien friend….maybe I need to call her back…leia is sick.png

As she picked up the phone again, she caught sight of herself in the mirror. “Oh my plumbobs! What are those spots on my face? I can’t be sick. Oh I hope Oriana doesn’t get what I have”, she said worriedly. No Aliens Night at the bar for Leia.needed to stay strong and healthy.png

Leia quickly took some medicine from the medicine cabinet and drank it down. “I need to stay strong for Oriana’s sake,” she thought, and she fell asleep on the couch in her GeekCon clothes restlessly tossing and turning throughout the night…dreaming of spaceships, and aliens, and rocket building, and bizoopagoto, and love…and stinky diapers…

alien disguise

Credits & Author’s Notes:

For those doing the Alien Adoption Challenge, Charlimaii created a website for participant sims to post letters to each other to discuss issues involved in raising alien children. CathyTea has also a link set up in forums Collab for the Alien Adoption Challenge

Below is the wesbite for those who were chosen for fake jury duty. Leia’s username is PrincessLeia.

alien disguise

When Leia and Oriana first moved into their new home, they met Bella Goth on the sidewalk. I wanted to tie in the conspiracy theory of Bella Goth’s mysterious disappearance (supposedly alien abduction), into my chapter, so decided to have Bella be “in the know” about the alien toddlers and also someone whom Leia could get parenting help from. Just to be clear, the Bella Goth in Sims 4 is in an alternate timeline with no reference to the other Bellas in the other Sims games. But, I just love all the videos and blogs about the conspiracy theory, and had to include it. Plus the Alien Adoption Challenge mothership crash landed in Strangetown, which is a reference to Sims 2.

So, if you didn’t already know….here is the mystery.

*The Mystery of Bella Goth’s Disappearance. Conspirary Theory by Chrillsims3



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  2. Thank Plumbobs for Bella Goth, Her pep talk seemed to work wonders for Leia. Hopefully Leia will find alien parenting less of a struggle now she has discovered the helpful folk over at the forums. Really enjoying your story 🙂


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