Chapter 1.5 – “You Must Be My Lucky Star…”*

yeah no spots

The next morning, Leia woke up on the couch and immediately looked in the mirror. She was relieved. No more spots! She quickly hurried and checked on Oriana. Still sleeping but no spots either! Thank goodness.checked on oriana.png

After Bella’s visit yesterday, Leia had decided that she was going to create an action plan and do some things everyday to be a good parent.started a journal.png

The first thing she decided to do was to write down everything that was happening with Oriana in a journal. Foods she liked and didn’t like. Big achievements, like potty training (oh we are going to have a party when that happens!) Leia started writing…

“My adopted alien child, Oriana loves grilled cheese. Grilled cheese for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, grilled cheese for dinner. I have to admit that my cooking skills are not the best, ok they are non-existent, but I am going to watch some cooking shows…Oriana also loves bath time, and she loves to play with blocks. Yesterday, we went to our first festival, GeekCon…..and….”started reading the parent bks.png

After Leia wrote a few notes in her journal, Leia decided to start reading one of the books Bella brought over. She read that it was ok if a toddler ate only one thing, but that she should introduce new foods, and sometimes it may take 15 tries for a toddler to try a new food. Also, to watch the milk and juice consumption because that can fill them up so they’re not hungry for other nutritious food. “Wow!” thought Leia, “I really like the advice in this book.”USUALLY SO HAPPY WHAT WAS WRONG.png

All of a sudden, Leia heard Oriana screaming. “Oh my plumbobs! What’s wrong? Oriana usually wakes up in a good mood. She must have had a nightmare,” contemplated Leia.TRIED TO COMFORT HER BUT SHE WAS NOT HAVING IT.png

“Maybe when Oriana saw that rocket ship yesterday, it reminded her of the crash. Oh my poor Oriana, let me give you a hug,” said Leia lovingly.calling for help.png

After changing her diaper and doing potty training, Leia sat Oriana down for some breakfast. Leia had surprised herself and made an excellent meal of scrambled eggs and bacon. Who can resist bacon? But what a mess Oriana made. So, the next thing Leia decided to do was hire a maid. “Maybe even once a week, that way I can spend more time with Oriana,” thought Leia.1st maid

The maid that Leia hired didn’t even come in the house, and hung around the bushes outside. (Author’s note – this was one weird maid. She mopped up puddles on the grass and hung out at the bushes, but never went in the house. Strange.)fired.png

So, unfortunately, Leia had to fire her, but was still charged for her services! $57 simoleons! She called the service back and said she needed a real maid as she had an active toddler. They didn’t have anyone that day, but would work on her request. So, for now, she had to clean up herself.dancing toddler.png

Leia and Oriana spent the day together, dancing….aughing.png

…laughing…oh that was a funny….sorry.png

…and learning manners….“You say you’re sorry when …”, taught Leia.drawing under the watchful eye of drago

Leia let Oriana play by herself in her room while she fixed a cup of coffee.  No sooner was her coffee ready when she heard a knock on the door.and there he was

It was their new neighbor, Cleibbarfa. “They call me Cleib for short”, he said in an upbeat voice, “I recognized you from GeekCon and thought I would come over and say hi.” When Leia told Cleib her name, she thought she heard him take a deep breath.felt like a school girl.png

“L-e-i-a,” he pronounced slowly, “what a gorgeous name, just like you.” Leia didn’t know what to think, but she felt her cheeks getting a bit hot. She just stood staring at him speechless. “Oh, ummmm….please come in,” Leia said trying to gain her composure.GOT ALONG SO WELL WITH ORIANA.png

Just then little Oriana decided to come out of her room. Leia wasn’t sure how Oriana was going to react to Cleib or how Cleib was going to react that she had a child, but she was in for a surprise. “Oh, you have a small one….how wonderful…what’s it’s name?” Cleib asked.

“HER name is Oriana”, replied Leia. “Oriana….oh what a celestial name! I bet she is smart, too!” And then Cleib proceeded to go over and introduce himself, and Oriana seemed to make an instant connection with of the 100.png

“She is not your biological child. Is that right?”, Cleib declared. “Biological child?” asked Leia confused. “Oh forgive me, Simlish is not my first language, so sometimes I say the wrong word. How do I say it….is she adopted?” Cleib asked again. “Why, yes, she is…”, said Leia quite astounded at his observation. “And she is special….like 1 in 100, I can tell, you are very lucky, Leia,” continued Cleib.knock on door new neighbor.png

“You must be so tired, Leia, why don’t you sit down and I will fix us some dinner”, said Cleib enthusiastically.” “Really? You can cook?” said Leia astonished. “Well, nothing fancy, just simple things like grilled cheese,” Cleib said laughingly.

“Hmmm….grilled cheese? That is Oriana’s favorite food! What a coincidence”, thought Leia.he understood what she said.png

And so, Cleib proceeded to make them a great dinner, and it even tasted good! They laughed and joked all night long. Leia didn’t want the night to end, but then Cleib got up and said good bye and whispered to Leia that she was a pleasure, and corrected himself and said he meant it was a pleasure to meet her. Leia just stood staring at the door when he left.oh shes funny.png

The next day, Cleib came over again…and then the next day…and the next day. It was so amazing how Cleib and Oriana were connecting. She had never seen anything like it….it was like he understood what Oriana said. Oriana was so taken with him. Cleib thought that Oriana was so funny…they seemed to laugh at the same jokes…teaching numbers.png

…he spent a lot of time with Oriana, and even taught her numbers…he always helped Leia and she certainly appreciated his help…instant connection.png

…Oriana loved Clieb giving her a bath and she would babble to him and he would laugh and tell her stories in some gibberish-like made-up language….cleaned up even cleaned the potty.png

He was the perfect guest and cleaned up…..he even cleaned the potty! …zoo story.png

One time, Leia thought she saw him reading her journal and saying “bizoopagoto” to Oriana, but when she looked again, he was just reading a zoo story to Oriana. She had heard that word before, but couldn’t place it now.oriana adored him.png

It was clear that Oriana adored him…and Cleib adored her.leia was falling for this guy

Oriana was not the only one who adored Cleib. Leia was quite taken with him, too. He didn’t talk a lot about himself and was rather vague about where he was from. But he wanted to know everything about Oriana and Leia. Especially Leia. He told her she was “the one”….then corrected himself saying that she was the one friend he could be himself with. Leia was so lucky that he entered her life, he made her feel so wonderful, so alive, so….so warm inside.she was falling for him.png

After Oriana was tucked in bed, Leia just couldn’t stop thinking about Cleib. He was so different from everyone else she had ever met. He was a geek, just like her, so they had a lot in common, and they could talk easily with each other for hours and hours. He even loved playing video games, and he especially liked space invaders, her favorite game.gave massage.png

He was understanding, and really listened to everything she said. She loved his phrases, and Cleib said she was his perfect “mate”, and then corrected himself and said she was his perfect friend. He was so funny.i think he is something special.png

Leia was so happy to have Cleib as a friend…but, maybe…well, maybe she wanted him to be more than a friend. There was a deep longing inside Leia, something she had never felt before. The way he looked at her sometimes….like, he…well…like he wanted to ask her something or tell her some secret. She was probably imagining it. She hardly knew anything about him, but there was something about him…something she couldn’t put her finger on. Plus, Oriana just adored him…they certainly had a special bond.falling for him too.png

As she wrote in her journal the next morning, it hit her. “Oh my gosh! I think I am in love with Cleib!” gasped Leia, “But, but does he love me? Does he even like me?”

Just then the phone rang and it was Clieb. Leia’s heart skipped a beat when he asked her if she wanted to spend the day at the park together….with Oriana, of course. Leia smiled and thought to herself, “Oh yah, I think he likes me.”

alien disguise

Author’s Notes:

“You must be my Lucky Star”, lyrics from Lucky Star by Madonna, 1983


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  2. I adore Cleib! I agree, I don’t think he’s human err Sim? Yeah. The part with the maid was so funny standing in the bushes all day. Brian is totally broke so no maids for them!

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