Break The Curse – A 100 Baby Challenge (Backstory)

the letter.png

My name is Gaston. I was the butler for the Whittington Family. Do you know of them? No? Well, sit down and have a glass of nectar, for I have a fantastical tale to tell you, one of treachery, deceit and love.

Did you know that today is a special day? It is Emilee’s 18th birthday and the day that she becomes a young adult. A day of celebration? Perhaps. Or it could be a day that she will remember with dread.

This morning, an envelope and a small box were delivered.  The envelope was simply addressed Emilee. What is inside will change Emilee’s life forever. [See the Rules for the 100 Baby Challenge HERE]how happy they are.png

The letter was written a long time ago, by her mother, Claire. Emilee never knew her mother, as Claire had died shortly after giving birth to Emilee. In the letter, her mother describes the story of how she met and fell in love with Emilee’s father, Phillipe and why today is a special day. [Look at the picture of Claire and Phillipe, such a lovely couple].

How do I know these things, you ask? Because I witnessed everything first hand that night so long ago and promised Claire that I would look after Emilee until she was of age.

Ahhhh….but let’s start at the beginning……


Claire had just started working as a barista at the Village Café in Champs Les Sims, when a loud burly man came over and started shouting at her for making a poor café noisette.  He wanted the manager, he wanted her fired, and he wanted a free café! [The poor girl, it was just her first day,,,give her a break!] Claire was so taken aback by the loud, vulgar man, that she couldn’t say anything and just felt the tears well up in her eyes. All of a sudden, a young man came over and told the burly man to apologize to Claire. The burly man cowered before the young man, but Claire was so distraught and wanted to get out of there, she just ran out the door. The young man came after her and asked her if she was alright. He said his name was Phillipe. Claire lifted her eyes to look at him, and it was like a lightning bolt jolted them together. It was love at first sight.carmela fell into a rage.png

Ahhh…doesn’t it sound so perfect? Two young sims in love? But, oh no, there was someone else who wanted Phillipe’s affections, and she wasn’t very happy when she saw the two of them batting their eyes at each other. Ummm…that would be Carmela. Principessa Carmela of Simonia to be exact. [Yes, Carmela, the one in the green dress having the hissy fit]the castle.png

Unbeknownst to Claire, Phillipe was the heir to the throne of Whittington. Phillipe had so many adoring fans, so many young ladies vying for his attention, and he was to choose a bride at the Spring Ball, a few week’s away. Carmela had somehow schemed and weasled her way into Phillipe’s heart and was smug about being named the chosen one. She was not going to let a commoner, like Claire, get in her way.i hate u.png

No-one ever understood what Phillipe saw in Carmela. Phillipe was so kind and good, and family-oriented, whereas Carmela was a jealous, materialistic hot-head with a horrible mean streak. She was NOT going to be denied the throne or Phillipe, and she would let nothing stand in her way. a witch

There was a rumor that Carmela had secret powers and used them to weave a spell on Phillipe, so that he would love only her. But no-one could ever prove that this was true.never sure of how she got a hold on him.png

Carmela just had to have a little chat with Phillipe in private to remind him that she was THE ONE he really wanted. He was like putty in Carmela’s hands, or so she thought.u are bethrowed to me.png

But her hold over Phillipe didn’t seem to work anymore, for her spell did not work on “true love”. Carmela knew that she had to brew a much stronger potion in time for the Spring Ball, to make Phillipe hers forever. So, she bid him farewell and hastened home. [Oh good riddance, no one likes you anyway!]kissy poo

In the short time they were together, Phillipe had fallen deeply in love with Claire, and Claire with him. They were inseparable. Phillipe had surprised Claire with a weekend away at his woodland cabin. That night, Claire never looked more beautiful and under the twinkling stars, Phillipe professed his undying love to her and she to him. Phillipe planned to ask Claire to be his bride at the Spring Ball. He could never imagine life without her.i want to marry claire.png

The next day, Phillipe went to talk to his father, the King. Philippe told him that he was going to propose to Claire. He had fallen in love….”With a commoner!” bellowed the King, “I will not have it!” But when King Leon met Claire, he thought that she was the most perfect, delightful creature he had ever met. He knew by the way Claire looked at Phillipe that she did indeed love him. He gave his blessing to his son and Phillipe’s engagement to Claire would be announced at the Spring Ball.picture of phillipe and claire.png

The night of the Spring Ball could not have been more perfect. There was music in the air, tasty food to eat, and everyone was smiling and chatting and having a great time. [Of course, the free food and drink helped…how could they not have a good time?]

Above all, everyone agreed that Philippe and Claire made a stunning couple, and that Claire was the sweetest and kindest person that they had ever met.claire and phillipe.png

It is such a wonderful saga so far….yes? Oh…I am the absent-minded host….let me fill up your glass with more nectar….because you are going to need it for this next part of the story.

Now I come to the most important part. The part where I saw with my very own eyes what happened that night. be mine

The King had called me to his side and told me that there would be a special announcement shortly and instructed me to go to the wine cellar and fetch a bottle of Goût de Diamants* champagne from his private reserve. While I was ascending the stairs from the wine cellar, I spied Phillipe and Claire together. I stayed hidden behind the door leading to the cellar so as to not disturb their private moment. Ahhh…yes… Phillipe was proposing…and that was why the King wanted this champagne. For the royal toast! I was so happy at that moment and strained to hear Claire’s response…nite of party.png

But before Claire could utter a response, there was an ear-splitting shriek. It was Carmela. Oh yah…she was back! When Carmela saw them together she flew into a jealous rage. She confronted Claire and told her that Phillipe belonged to her. That she was going to be the future Queen. Phillipe tried to calm her down and explained that he did not love her, but Carmela didn’t take that too well.the curse.png

Carmela screamed at Claire and vowed revenge on her and that Claire would never be with Phillipe. She took out the potion that she had brought with her and chanted some words into the air. In a jealous fit of rage, Carmela cast a spell upon Claire that she and her offspring would be cursed.cast a spell upon claire.png

“From the powers of Llamarama, I put a spell on you. 100 Bubbles for the 100 Babies that you must bear. You and Phillipe will never be together again. You will be the commoner that you are, made to bear babies with a different father each time. Until that curse is lifted, you and your offspring will never know love again.”put a spell on phlippe too.png

Phillipe begged her to remove the curse, but she was a mean and jealous woman. She asked Phillipe what he was willing to do for her to reverse the curse. Phillipe said that he would do anything she wanted, and that he would stay with Carmela if she would lift the curse on Claire. Oh but Carmela wanted more! She wanted Phillipe to profess his love for only Carmela and have Claire banished forever. Phillipe looked lovingly at Claire, his own heart breaking, but agreed to Carmela’s demands.she was so angry.png

Carmela believed none of what he said, and turned to Claire and told her that she would NEVER, ever lift the curse on her! Carmela laughed an evil laugh and muttered some words into the air towards Phillipe. “Stay with me you will…”, she cackled, for she had cast a spell on him and turned him into a statue.phillipe stands frozen in time.png

A knight in shining armor guarding the castle. Claire’s cries were of no use. It had already been done.WHAT HAVE U DONE.png

On hearing the screams, the King came running in to see what the commotion was, and saw Claire and Carmela together with a statue. Carmela, always cunning and conniving, saw this as an opportunity to rid herself of Claire forever. “Oh Sire,” Carmela cried through fake tears, “Claire has turned your son into a statue. She must be a sorcerer!”IM INNOENT.png

The King looked from Carmela to Claire with a dazed expression on his face, shouting, “What treachery is this? What have you done to my son?” Before Claire could defend herself, the King gasped and clutched at his heart and fell over and died in front of them.KILLED THE KIG.png

Carmela let out a banshee cry so horrible, so vile, that I still shudder when I think of that sound. [Have you ever heard the sound of nails scratching on a chalk board? Well, this was much worse!] Carmela knew that with the King gone, her hopes of becoming Queen had vanished. She was almost…ALMOST tempted to reverse the curse she had put on Phillipe so that she could force him to marry her. But, she remembered how Claire and Phillipe had looked lovingly at each other and Carmela could not bear to see that look between then again. No, this way, Phillipe was hers and hers alone. They heard the shouts and sounds of people approaching, and Carmela stood firm, pointing her finger at Claire and shouting, “This sorcerer put a spell on Philippe and turned him into a statue and killed the King! Arrest her!”FOLLOW MEC.png

At this point, amidst all the confusion, more people came running and I finally came to my senses. I had been in shock and unable to move, but I knew that Claire was innocent and that I must protect her. Claire glanced one last time at her true love, and escaped with me through the secret passageways. I brought her safely to the woodland cabin. The same cabin that Phillipe had brought Claire to, only a few night’s before.claire so sad.png

It was not until a few weeks’ later that Claire found out that she was carrying Phillipe’s child. She named the child, Emilee. Sadly, Claire died shortly after giving birth, never having lifted the curse that Carmela had cast upon her, or to release her one true love, Phillipe, from his own wretched curse.

Is this not the saddest story you have ever heard? Oh, please pass me a tissue….




It is now your lot in life, Emilee, to bear 100 children and lift the curse so that you and your offspring can be free to love again. This will also free your father from Carmela’s terrible curse on him. You are now the family Matriarch. If you cannot bear the 100 children yourself, once you become an elder, and your youngest daughter becomes a young adult, she will then continue the legacy. [See the Rules for the 100 Baby Challenge HERE]

Enclosed with this letter are the scrolls that prove your birthright. You must complete the challenge, lift the curse, and claim your rightful place in the Palace.

You are Princess Emilee of Whittington, sole heir to the throne of Whittington and daughter of Claire Commoner and Prince Phillippe of Whittington.

break the curse.png

Author’s Notes:

Thank you for taking the time to read this really long backstory. When I thought about doing the 100 Baby Challenge, I wanted to have an interesting history of why our Matriarch wanted to have 100 children. So, I came up with the idea that it could be a curse placed on the family, and in order to lift the curse, she had to have 100 babies. I also have to say that even though they were randomly chosen from the gallery, Claire and Phillipe were truly meant for each other, as on the second interaction, Phillipe was getting the “give rose” thought bubble. Ahhh..sim love.

Thanks to the wonderful simmer creations from the Sims 4 Gallery. All are no cc.


Simalot by SpecterCody – Download Simalot


Barristan The Bold by jackage9 – Download Barristan The Bold

prince leon.png

Prince Leon by Lordkiribati – Downland PRINCE LEON


Modern Aurora by isleroux – Download Modern Aurora

kiss of rose.png

Kiss of Rose Princess by Cayrees – Download Kiss of Rose Princess

maid and butler.png

Maid and Butler by SoulGal7 (me!) – Download from the gallery Maid and Butler

Fun Stuff:

Champs Les Sims is France in The Sims 3 World Adventures.

Goût de Diamants (Taste of Diamonds) champagne really does exist, but don’t hold your breath on tasting some. It is the world’s most expensive champagne and a bottle costs $1.8 million dollars (in 2013)! More info HERE


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