♥ Emilee Whittington ♥

emilee baby mama.png


Here she is, Emilee Whittington! A randomly created sim. Our Matriarch for the 100 Baby Challenge

Aspiration: Friend of the World

(I have no idea what I was thinking of when I chose the aspiration, but it should have been Successful Lineage. However, I didn’t find anything in the 12 pages of rules on the challenge that you couldn’t change the aspiration. So, there is hope!)

Traits: Neat, Family Oriented and Romantic

Young adult, single with $20,000 simoleons to spend on a lovely starter home. Normal lifespan, Aging on.

To make it even tougher, Emilee will only look for single sims to be her, ummm, Donor Dads. Desperately seeking donors ~ yes. But a homewrecker ~ no.

Her babies will have random traits assigned using Pinstar’s Toddler Trait Generator  and Random Trait Generator

This means, of course, that she will actually have to chat with these Donor Dads and get to know them to get their 3 traits. Will Emilee be able to give birth to 100 babies in as few generations as possible? Will she make it? Will she or her offspring break the curse? Will anyone give her a baby shower?

break the curse.png



5 thoughts on “♥ Emilee Whittington ♥

  1. I think Successful Lineage is the one that they have to get to the top of a career so it’s good you didn’t pick it. Friend of the World seems fitting if you ask me. I think I did Serial Romantic when I did mine a few years ago.

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