Chapter 1.6 – “You’re A Mystery, You’re From Outer Space…”

ow big u r getting.png

Leia was so engrossed in her writing and thinking about Cleib, that she didn’t even hear Oriana get up, until she was right beside her. “Good morning, Oriana,” Leia said happily, “Do you want to go to the park today with Cleib and I?” she asked. Oriana must have understood what Leia had said, because the smile on her face was so wide. She was so happy. It was then that Leia noticed how tall she had gotten and how much she had grown. “She won’t be little for much longer,” Leia thought to herself, “I need to spend more time with her….make sure she has a happy childhood with happy thoughts to remember, instead of memories about the crash.”i luv applesauce this much.png

Over a breakfast of applesauce, which Oriana thoroughly enjoyed, Leia re-read some of her diary entries and saw the word “bizoopagoto”. Oh yes, she remembered now, the website for those selected for “jury duty” and who adopted the alien children. She decided to look at that website this morning since they didn’t have to meet Cleib until later.telling little stories.png

So after breakfast, while Oriana was telling imaginary stories to her Drago, Leia decided to look at the website. She read that there were other adopted parents who had posted some of the problems they were experiencing with their alien children, like the nightmares. Leia could certainly relate to that. One parent even listed all the foods her alien son liked, so Leia decided to post something, too.bizoo web post.png

Leia couldn’t help wondering if all these other alien children were Oriana’s brothers and sisters. It was also speculated that some of these children were clones. How was she to know if Oriana was a clone? And school? Oh my gosh…how could she not have thought about school for Oriana? Where was her head, lately? As Leia read others posts, she realized where her thoughts had been…Clieb. Maybe she should concentrate more on Oriana…but, well, she really liked Clieb…oh my gosh, she just didn’t know what to do. So, she wrote another post for the forum. Maybe they could offer some advice.another post

Leia turned off the computer and put happy thoughts in her mind and got ready to meet Cleib at the park.nice day.png

To say that they had a fun afternoon, together, was an understatement. It was a fabulous afternoon. The day was sunny and warm and Oriana seemed so happy to be outside.lovely day at the park.png

Cleib had supplied the picnic lunch, and Leia said she would be happy to grill the fruit kebobs. So, while Leia did the grilling, Cleib wandered off with Oriana.running around.png

Oriana was running here and there looking at everything. She was just so curious.oriana always wanted to be around him.png

While Clieb was playing chess, she came over and wondered what he was doing, and started telling a story about an imaginary sim who could fly.playing at the park.png

Once his chess game was finished, Oriana was in for a treat, and soon she and Clieb were flying to a distant world in an imaginary rocket ship. so much fun.png

Oriana had such faith in Cleib and together they went on their imaginary journey together, all the while, Cleib pointing out stars and planets along the way. “And there is your home, Oriana, Sixam…can you see it? See it in my mind, Oriana. It is where you are from….”, said Clieb earnestly. Oriana responded with squeals of delight. Leia thought this was such a fantastic story and thought Clieb had such an imagination. “Must be all those sci-fi movies he watches…he is such a talented story teller,” thought Leia.loved grilled fruit.png

As lunch was ready, little Oriana grabbed some fruit kebobs and sat by herself eating, every once in a while, mumbling something that sounded like “Sixam”. She looked very thoughtful eating those fruit kebobs.looking at ship.png

Leia and Oriana played all afternoon in the park. Oriana couldn’t play on the spaceship yet, but, when she was older, Leia would bring her back.robot.png

Leia had brought some of Oriana’s toys from home, and together they made up stories about robots and planets and stars far away.i cud play all day.png

It was such a nice day, and while changing Oriana’s diaper, Oriana escaped….but not too far…hi there how r u.png

Oriana just wanted to meet someone new….meeting a new friend.png

One of them was Darling Walsh and Oriana was laughing the whole time they were talking. Leia kept a close watch on them, though, while she and Cleib tried their hand at fishing. some of us were fishing.png

Well, Leia was trying to fish….Clieb was telling her how her hair glittered in the sun. It sure was a hot day, and Leia felt her cheeks getting flushed.sippy cup.png

It was getting late, and although Leia didn’t want the day to end, she had to get Oriana home, fed, bathed and put to bed. She didn’t want Oriana to get over-tired and have a tantrum.seemed cleib wantd a date.png

But it seemed that Cleib didn’t want the day to end either. “Leia, this was a fun day. I want to….I need to…..,” stammered Clieb. Whatever Clieb wanted to say to Leia was interrupted by Oriana tugging at her pants leg.

“I’m so sorry Clieb, I have to get Oriana home….See you tomorrow.” And with that Leia and Oriana headed home.

Leia wasn’t in the door but five minutes when the phone rang. It was Clieb! He was asking Leia on a date!date with cleib.png

“But, I don’t have a babysitter for Oriana, I have to say n……”, answered Leia.

“Oh, I should have said that I already asked Bella if she would look after Oriana. I was so hoping you would agree to go. I hope you are not upset that I arranged this,” he said honestly.

“Oh…..”, is all Leia could say, “No….I mean yes….yes, I would love to go to dinner with you.”

“It is….what do you call it….a date!”, Clieb said excitedly.

“Hmmmm…..I guess it is”, thought Leia to herself, secretly hiding a smile.

“I will be over in a few minutes,” said Cleib.

Leia stood there a moment in shock. He had planned this all along. “Oh my, he really does like me. Be still my heart,” Leia thought to herself.chatting with clieb and oriana.png

Leia was in the middle of feeding Oriana, when both Bella and Cleib arrived at the same time. She hadn’t even had a chance to change! Bella said she would take over with Oriana, and proceeded to bring Oriana for a bath. She knew that Oriana would be in good hands with Bella and all she heard were squeals of delight and lots of splashing coming from the bath.this was some place.png

She finally managed to get dressed and they were off.  The restaurant was a space themed restaurant, and she was just ecstatic to be there. Clieb said that he hoped she enjoyed experimenting with new foods. “I actually thought you might like this restaurant better, so I changed the reservation here.” have no idea why her reaction to me is like this.png

As we were brought to our table, a woman walking by saw us together and appeared to look at Cleib in shock and hastily walked on by. (Author’s note: I have no idea why this sim had this shocked expression on her face when she passed their table! Maybe she knew something that Leia didn’t…)love leia.png

Leia saw Clieb looking at her strangely, and started talking about GeekCon and the rocket ship and how she had always wanted to explore space. Clieb seemed to relax a bit and told her he would love to explore space with the choice.png

Clieb asked if he could order for both of them and Leia didn’t have a problem with that. His choices were Jungle Moss Egg with Lavender Wisps for himself and Savory Bacon Love Petals for Leia. She had never had these before. They tasted out of this world.i want another one of these.png

“Oh, and I will have another one of these!” exclaimed Leia. She noticed that Clieb’s glass was already empty, but his food was untouched. Leia was having such a fun time, so Clieb ordered another round of drinks…..great time.png

And another…..“Oh my plumbobs, I think I am feeling a bit light headed,” said Leia.this is love.png

“I will bring you home”, Clieb said, but as they got up to leave, Leia tripped and fell into Cleib. She was so close to his face, could see him looking deeply into her eyes, that all of a sudden, she just kissed him. And that kiss seemed to last forever.lovely restaurant.png

They looked at each other when they parted, and almost at the same time, they blurted out, “I have to tell you something.”

“But not here”, Clieb said, “we must be alone.” So Leia decided they should head back to her place so that Bella could go home to her in love with clieb.png

When Leia came home and checked in on Oriana, and thanked Bella and said goodbye, Clieb took her in his arms and kissed her again. All thoughts of what she wanted to tell him were forgotten. Friends? She can’t just be friends with him. She was in love with him. And Clieb obviously was in love with her. They were perfect for each other. They had the same interests, and he loved little Oriana, too. But, what did he want to tell her?no turning back now.png

not friends anymore.png

There was no turning back now…he was the one for her….she was falling too fast…couldn’t think anymore…nothing mattered anymore….just Clieb…just Clieb….in luv.png



he was an alien and she ws in love with him

Oh my stars! Clieb was an alien! That’s what he wanted to tell her. But it was too late, Leia was in love with an alien! It all made sense now…Oh my heavens, what was she going to do?

alien disguise

Author’s Notes:

“You’re a mystery, you’re from outer space”, lyrics, Everything, Michael Bublé, 2007.

Clieb was a “plant” for this story. I mean, when yon want an alien sim, there is not one to be found, and believe me, Leia looked for one. None of his traits were changed. But what surprised me was his interaction with Oriana. None of that was staged…he did it all autonomously, included playing in the park, which was a nice surprise. And during the whole time that he and Leia were friends, she never discovered he was an alien. It was just when they became “intimate” that the notice came up about him being an alien. I thought that was kind of funny.

Alien Townies by Ceunom20 (only Cleibbarfa Xuaz’ehz was introduced into the story) He had the geek trait, so I thought he would be perfect for Leia…and, of my gosh, he was!

alien townies.png


Restaurant choices – at first I had chosen the Galactic Grill and Bar created by RitPit01, but was having some problems with the date. While there, all Leia wanted to do was go upstairs and talk to some other sims. Leia and Clieb never did sit down and eat together, so that was scrapped. Then I found a new restaurant, To Infinity and Beyond, and although I don’t have the Bowling Night Stuff pack, it worked out perfectly.

So, thanks to anchesanamon for building this wonderful infinity and beyond.png


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  1. Sims will always discover that their significant other is an alien during WooHoo if they haven’t yet, presumably due to the alien’s differing ‘anatomy’.

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