Chapter 1 – Break The Curse: “Living in America…” (100 Baby Challenge)

hi.pngSo, I guess you heard the news. Great Birthday gift, huh? And you think getting socks for a birthday gift is bad? Well, think again!

When Gaston told me the news, I cried for a whole week. Not so much for the fact that I am cursed, but because of my poor Mama and Papa. What a wonderful love they had, for such a short time. And now, my Papa is still trapped living as a statue guarding the castle. He doesn’t even know he has a daughter. So tragique (tragic)! And where is this Carmela? Is she dead? Oh no, I don’t think so, or the curse would be broken. No, Gaston told me SHE is the sorceress and is still alive, but because he hid me all these years, she knows nothing of me. moving.png

So, Gaston figured that I should start a new life. Somewhere new. Somewhere fresh. I mean, we did live in a woodland cabin, which was kind of secluded. That wouldn’t work too well, if I am to find lots of Donor Dads to get those 100 babies.

So, he decided that I should move to America. “Land of opportunity”, he said. Well, I hope he’s right. Besides telling me about this wretched curse, I did get $20,000 simoleons for my birthday. Enough to buy a little house. Not much, but it’s a little starter.png

I wanted a career, but alas, it looked like that wasn’t going to happen. But, I had to think of ways to make some simoleons since I would be supporting myself and a rather LARGE family. There was a little garden at the house, so maybe I could garden a bit and sell my fruits and vegetables at the local market. They had markets in America, right? I haven’t gardened before, so not sure how good my produce would sell for. But it was a thought, maybe tomorrow I would search out a farmer’s market and talk to the owner.searching for love.png

So now that I’m here, I have to figure out how I am going to find these Donor Dads. What did guys like to do? If I thought of Gaston, all he ever wanted to do was play chess, drink nectar, and talk about the “good old times”.

Humph…there must be more! Maybe I will google it…hmmm…44 Ways to Meet A Guy. What? Only 44 ways! Oh, here we go, a bar…oh that sounds like a Gaston idea…the market….oh very good….sell my produce and meet a Donor Dad too…a dog park…oh if I only had a dog…(hint, hint Maxis give us pets!) Oh…what’s that knock on my door?neighbors.png

Well, h-e-l-l-o! Look at the cute guy that came to welcome me to the neighborhood! Well, there are two girls, too, and one is carrying something that looks like a fruit embedded brick, but, look, look, a guy came to ME! And he keeps looking at me. I find out his name is Travis Scott, and we hit it off right away. I invite them all in to make themselves at home. CHTTING.png

I guess I spent all my time talking to Travis that the girls decided to leave. They are his roommates, Summer Holiday and Liberty Lee. Oops, sorry, we’ll chat later. I have some plans with your roommie, Travis, here, although he doesn’t know it yet!travis you old flirt.png

He really is a nice guy, a self-assured, geek who is also outgoing. He even has a job as a Tech Guru at Rainy Day Entertainment. But best of all, HE’S SINGLE!OMPUTER.png

Since Travis knew a lot about computers, I asked if he wouldn’t mind taking a look at my computer as it was rather sluggish. He said he would be happy to. He spent a lot of time showing me some computer tricks, talking about web sites…the time went by so quickly, and before I knew it, it was late afternoon.UR CUTE.png

I didn’t want him to leave, so asked him if he wanted to watch a movie together.RAVIS LIKES ME.png

But, I think that Travis was more interested in me than the movie. Wow! He must really like me.THE MOMENT IS RIGHT.png

So, I decided to make a move…and wowzers….he responded to me right away. Maybe it’s the romantic sandalwood candle that I lit that put him in the mood!1st kiss with travis.png

Well, the time seemed right….for our first kiss….and, oh….I was so falling for this guy.hi there u look nice.png

“Travis, I know this is sudden…but I have such a feeling for you….do you think you’d like to…well, you know…. “ I asked flirtatiously. I didn’t have to say another word, and he took my hand in his and led me down the hall.SO EXCITED I LEFT MY BUNNY SLIPPERS ON.png

I was so excited that I forgot to take my bunny slippers off! Woot! Woot!travis you are sweet.png

I think I am falling for him. I know it’s hard to believe, but we seem to have a connection. We talked all day, the hours just flew by…and I really enjoy being around him. He is so sweet and kind. And when he looks at me, my heart kind of melts. And I think he feels the same about me.

The only problem is…the curse. I can’t be with him. I wish I could tell him. I don’t want to break his heart. Will he wait until I’m an elder to be with me? Probably not. He will find someone else. He is good-looking and it looks like his roommies both like him, too. I didn’t know this was going to be so hard. did we strike it rich with travis.png

After Travis left, I decided to fix myself some fruit salad, but when I look a bite….I suddenly felt very, very, VERY ill…pregnant.png

I ran to the bathroom….to discover….Oh my plumbobs!…I’m expecting! so sad face.png

So why do I feel so sad? I should be happy, ecstatic that I am expecting. I’m on the way to breaking the curse!

But, maybe in a different time, I would have liked to get to know Travis better. You know, take it slow, fall in love, go on a date…maybe even marry him. But, this is how it’s going to be. He’s just a Donor Dad to get rid of the family curse. No…no…Travis is more than a Donor Dad to me. I will call him tomorrow. I wonder how Travis will react when I tell him the news?

break the curseAuthor’s Notes:

“Living in America” lyrics, Living in America, James Brown, 1985 (Rocky IV album)

Thanks to JJ_Baggins for making this gorgeous house that Emilee is living in. A few changes were made to the interior.4br starter.png


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