Chapter 1.6 – “Is It So Wrong, To Be Human After All?”

neglected her garden.png

The next morning, Leia woke up early and needed time to think about her situation with Clieb. Pulling weeds in her garden did the trick. She decided that she really liked Clieb, probably even loved him, and Oriana loved him, too. It made perfect sense to her that he should complete their little family. After breakfast, she would call him to come over and they could talk….talk about a possible future together. Leia only hoped that he felt the same.

party time no mor diapers

Leia went inside and made some eggs and bacon for breakfast. When she went in to wake up Oriana, she had the best surprise. Oriana had gotten dressed and went potty all by herself!tippee.png

Yippee! No more diapers! Look at how proud Oriana looks! Leia praised Oriana for such a great undertaking.playing dolls together.png

After breakfast, they went outside to play dolls. Leia asked Oriana if she liked Clieb and all Oriana did was smile and say “Keeeb….keeb….keebb…” Leia laughed and figured that meant a yes!banko.png

There was a sudden knock on the door, and Leia thought that maybe it might be Clieb, but she looked out the front door and there was someone else standing there.

The man at the door said his name was Baako Jang and he was from “the program”. Leia was a bit shocked as no-one had contacted her from Government Program H9110 before now. Why now?r u superman.png

He flashed Leia some ID and asked if he could come in to see the child and speak with her. Leia was a bit hesitant, but then Oriana came running to the front door and started talking gibberish to him. It sounded like she was asking him if he was superman. Well, Oriana seemed to be okay with him, so she let Baako in.who r u where is cleib.png

He promptly took out some paperwork and started writing in a book. “Do you just have one?” he asked. “Yes, just one child…” Leia replied. That was a strange question. If he was from “the program”, wouldn’t he know that Leia just had one adopted alien child?

“Is there someone else in this house with you?” he asked. “No, just the two of us”, Leia said.

Leia started feeling very strange about this whole situation and noticed that Oriana started reacting oddly to him when he placed his hands on her. “She is growing well. Is her birthday soon? Has she shown any special powers yet?” 

“Special powers? What special powers?” She’s just a toddler.”  Leia said quickly.

“Telepathy, mind control…anything like that?” he questioned.

“No, I don’t think so.” Leia honestly i dont like u.png

“Fine, I have to give her a little test now….come here Oriana“, he said trying to reach for her. All at once, Leia saw the fearful look in Oriana’s face, and before Leia knew it, Oriana had bitten Baako’s finger. She had never done something like this before. It’s like she didn’t like him or trust him.i was pretending to be a chicken.png

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, she’s never done that before,” Leia said quickly, and asked Oriana what she thought she was doing. Oriana just looked at Leia like she should know, but Leia did get a flash of “I am a chicken and I pecked him” going through her head. Where that came from, she had no idea.

“She has no control. She is ill-behaved. She may be a danger to others,” he said, shaking his bitten finger and writing more in his notebook. “I will report my findings to “the program”. She may have to come in for an evaluation. I have to get this bite looked at or it may become infected. Good day.” And just like that, he left.

“Wait…”, Leia called out, “…she is no danger to anyone…”, but even as Leia raced to the door to run after him, he was nowhere to be seen. Where did he go?

Now Leia was worried. What if they took Oriana away from her? Said that it was her fault that Oriana reacted like that. She needed to find the phone number they had given her when she agreed to the adoption. Where was it? She had to call them.suddenly didn't feel too well.png

When she got off the phone, she suddenly had a very sick feeling in her stomach. “The program” had told her that there was no-one named Baako Jang who worked for them. Who was he and how did he know about Oriana? What did he want? The sick feeling in her stomach would not go away and she ran to the bathroom….leia i have some news for you.png

She called Clieb and asked him to come over. When Leia told Clieb about the strange visit, he didn’t look too happy. “Leia,” he started, “I have to tell you something.”

“Oh, I already know…you’re an alien. It makes no difference,”  she interrupted. “No, Leia, there is more…” Cleib said.listening intently.png

They went inside and sat down, and Clieb proceeded to tell her that he had been chosen for this mission. “Chosen?” Leia didn’t quite understand, but let him continue.

Clieb told her that he had been chosen to come to her planet because he had been trained in human culture so he could blend seemlessly into her society. He came to her planet searching for a spaceship of abducted children, and he had thought that Oriana was one of them. But, no, she was not, she was not on that spaceship.cahtting together.png

Leia remembered reading something about clones on the bizoopagoto website, and asked Clieb if he could tell if Oriana was a clone or not. “No, Oriana is an alien, but not a clone,” he quickly said.

“I was an expert, top of my class in human culture…” he said, “After I knew for certain that Oriana was not one of the abducted, I should have continued my search. But I..but I did not know about these emotions. Feelings, you call them. Feelings of wanting to be with you every second of every day…I cannot think clearly anymore. Everything has gone haywire. It is very illogical. I have interacted with other humans, but none of them have made me have these feelings, like the feelings that I have when I am with you, Leia. But I like this feeling, and I want more of it. I want to be with you and Oriana.”proporsal.png

“Oh wow, was this like an alien proposal?” thought Leia. She held her breath and he continued to talk.

Clieb continued...”But Leia, I can’t be with you. I am only here for a short time. When Oriana’s lifestage reaches child. then my time here will be done. I will need to return to my home planet. On the day of her lifestage, I will show Oriana how to disguise herself and talk to her about her powers and how not to abuse them. But these disguises, like mine, are not foolproof. Sims can and will discover she is an alien.” Clieb said.scRED.png

Clieb went on to say that there were some sims who were searching for aliens, that want to take them away and study them. Clieb believed that Baako Jang was one of these sims. “Oh my plumbobs! No wonder Oriana reacted the way she did. She must have known.” thought Leia. How am I going to keep her safe if Clieb leaves?proposal.png

“You’re leaving?” said Leia, “So much for the proposal,” she thought.

“Yes, Leia, I knew there were risks to be here, but I didn’t know the greatest risk was that I would fall….how do you say it….to fall in love with a human knowing I could not stay. You see, my suit can only sustain me for a short period of time. If I stay longer, I will not survive on your planet,” he said sadly, “my suit is for short term use only, not for long term use like some other aliens who have been sent here to pioneer colonies.”

“Well, can’t you go back to your home planet and get a long term use suit so that you can stay here?” queried Leia, “To stay with me”, she thought silently.

“Leia, the Sixam government has already reprimanded me for becoming involved with a human and not carrying out my mission. They wanted me to return immediately, but I convinced them that I needed to stay and teach Oriana her life force skills. It is only because of Oriana that they permitted me to stay. She has a long term use suit, so she can stay here,” explained Cleib.i thought he was going to spit out his food.png

Leia heard what Cleib was saying, but still could not comprehend it. There might be sims after Oriana? Oriana was going to develop special powers? Clieb had been trained to come here….to search for abducted alien children? Clieb had never felt emotions before, except with her? So, Clieb knew he could not stay, but he…he still wanted to be with her?He had disobeyed his government to stay with her. And soon he would be leaving because otherwise he would die if he stayed? Oh, this was a lot to absorb…a lot of information. Oh, why did this have to happen? Especially now.

Clieb…I’m pregnant! I am going to have a baby,” blurted out Leia.

Clieb sat in stunned silence “………………………………………………..!!!!!!!!!”IM EXPECTING WE CAN BE A FAMILY

“Oh, Leia, you have made me so happy. How many are you going to have? 100?” said Clieb excitedly.

“100!!!???” laughed Leia, “Ummm…I am HUMAN, remember?”SO GHAPPY I WANT AT LEAST 100.png

Even Oriana seemed excited about Leia’s news. But it still didn’t change the fact that she had to protect Oriana and that Clieb had to leave. Only a few short weeks left…

alien disguise

Author’s Notes:

“Is it so wrong to be human after all?” lyrics, Something About You, Level 42, 1985.


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  1. Wow, this chapter was just full of surprises! First, the terrible visit from evil Baako. Then, our loveable Cleib is leaving. THEN, Leia is pregnant?! Somehow I didn’t expect that one.

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