Chapter 1.1 – Elly Robinson – Are We Here To Stay?

plunked down on her lot and playing a game.png

The challenge is to start in Willow Creek. Usually, I will choose Bargain Bend, because I love that lot. However, I decided to be different. So, I chose Potters Splay 30 x 20 lot @ $2,500 simoleons. This is actually a nice lot and there is a park in your backyard and a river beside you where you can fish. There are also sims milling around.

EDIT: There is already an edit for this Chapter, so, bear with me and read through Chapter 1, but in the end, she is up-rooted and moved to another lot. Poor girl being controlled, errr…I mean encouraged by a simmer who placed her on the wrong lot.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Well, here is Elly, as I plopped her down on her lot. Of course, with nothing to do, she plays a game on her computer. And she probably still would be standing there if I hadn’t given her a bit of a nudge to go, go and collect, girl, you’re broke. Her aspiration, which I didn’t change, is Freelance Botanist. So, gardening is a priority. collect them all.png

The only thing that was ready to harvest were snapdragons, which she scooped up. She also caught two different frogs, which she bred right away, and even found a rare crystal (Jonquilyst) worth $145 simoleons. You Go Girl!elly start

But what she really was on, was a man-hunt. Because, well, without the other half, there can be no pitter patter of little feet, and messes, oh yes, the messes, and diapers….oh, wait, we haven’t even found the guy yet, whoa, hold up there!im on a man hunt.png

So, while she was furiously collecting, I spied, I mean, err….Elly spied a guy fishing. How convenient, so she hastened over there to say hi. Isn’t he so cute in a geeky kind of way? I thought he would be perfect for her…but who am I to be the matchmaker? He is a random sim named Masato Kobayashi, and right now all she knows is that he is single.u wanna move in already.png

So, they are getting on rather well, umm, what is that little bubble over Masato’s head? Does he want to move in already? Alrighty then! But, wait, then I get that dreaded notice….the Welcome Wagon had arrived. So, I quickly just panned over there to see who was waiting, and when I panned back, potential geek mate had left the scene. Aww shucks! Where did he go? He wasn’t in the park. Did he fall in the river? How could he have vanished so fast?what a lovely fruitcake.png

So, I have Elly head over to the Welcome Wagon and start chatting with them. Then I get this message, “I guess we’re not wanted here”, and I get little red levels in each of the neighbors who were part of the welcome wagon. Maxis – what are you talking about? Elly was talking to them! See? I even have a screenie. Oh, I didn’t talk long enough? Sometimes there is just no pleasing the neighbors!ok like were not wanted i am talking to you.png

Fashion Alert! This is not as bad as some other townies I have seen, but oh please, someone give this sim a fashion make-over. Did your other neighbors say, “Come on, let’s go meet the neighbors and unload the 20-year old fruitcake”, and you just threw that lovely outfit on? Oh my! I just checked her status and she is a young adult, and she is my neighbor, Blake Horton. Ok, girl, when I get some simoleons, shopping trip.some snacks for later.png

Elly was getting a bit hungry anyway, so she autonomously ran over to her backyard bar-b-q area. While I had her gather up some snacks, she met another single sim Akira Kibo. Before she even had a chance to chat with him, she caught someone looking at her strangely.

Hey there, Hugo Villareal, don’t be giving Elly that look. I was just having her pack a few snacks for later. If she didn’t take them, they’ll just emit a green aura and no-one wants to eat green food. You were probably thinking the same thing, and I just beat you to it!potential husband.png

After packing all the food she could carry, she glanced around. Oh who have we here? Mr. Pink Sunglasses was heading to the park…and so Elly just had to stop him to say hello. And, yes, another single guy. His name is Otto Esparza, but as Elly discovers, he has the unflirty trait, so gets the embarrassed moodlet for trying to flirt with an unflirty sim.darn unflirty sim.png

I really don’t like that unflirty trait, and I don’t think Elly thinks much of it either. Or maybe it’s that tofu hotdog. Even though she has the embarrassed moodlet, she also found out he was a perfectionist.beggers cant be choosers.png

Well, her bladder needs are plummeting, and there is no bathroom to be found, so Elly makes her first purchase, a lovely pee bush for $290. Look at that look on her face! Like ewww….and this is still a clean bush!river boat.png

She was at the river when the lovely paddleboat came by. Elly was probably wishing she could get on it and get away from for fun.png

The rest of her afternoon was spent fishing, and collecting, although not much more could be found around her lot. She caught no fish at all. The bar-b-q area was emptying out, so she had to find another social place to meet guys.can u sing.png

What to do? What to do? Oh yes, the San Myshuno karaoke contest. Didn’t get the notice, but maybe you have to live in the city to get it. But I remembered that there was a karaoke contest on Sunday nights, so she had less than an hour to head over there. Having no singing skills at all, Elly sang Fun Tonight, and won the karaoke contest!  Cha-ching $500 simoleons. Doing my happy dance.won contest.png

talking about talking toilets.png

Elly then went to the bar where she met another single sim, Salim Benali, who was telling toilet jokes. He didn’t stay long. I remembered a tip about getting “free chips” at the bar, so had Elly do that, and she had a left-over drink that someone left behind. Do not judge her, she is frugal!single.png

I didn’t want to exhaust Elly too much on her first day, so as she was heading out the door, another sim was coming in. Hold up, Elly, he could be single. And sure enough, he was. Jamie O’Donnell is single, has a JOB in business, and has the materialistic trait. Because her needs were almost all in the red, I wanted her to head home before she had an unfortunate accident. Time to get to know Jamie better tomorrow.cute lil house.png

I had downloaded a cute little house for her from the gallery, Starter Cottage (20 x 15) by vongatka for $6,421. Even has a tv, computer and easel. 1 bedroom right now, but easy to expand.sleep oh sleep.png

And she was off to dreamland. So much for Day 1.

Skills didn’t change much – A bit of green in each of Singing, Mischief and Video Gaming.

Potential Suitors – So far, Masato, Otto and Jamie have a bit of a green bar, with Otto in the lead — no, not the non-flirty sim! I want her to choose a random sim, rather than one of the pre-mades, just to mix it up a bit.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Hand of Fate – When I had almost finished writing Chapter 1, I realized, after reading other stories, that we were supposed to start on a 50 x 50 lot or the Oakenstead lot and buy the knight. I knew it was too good to be true with having that backyard bar-b-q social pit. So since I didn’t want to start over as she had a few potential suitors, I just up-rooted her and moved her, adjusted her funds to $1,800 starting funds left + $500 for winning karaoke. I think we are all fixed now.concern over lot choice.png

So, here she is, up-rooted the next morning, wearing her pjs, coming to land on an empty lot. She seems to have some concerns about my lot choice and her lack of simoleons. Where’s the free food? Where are the guys? Where’s my house? Now Elly, this is your new home, so just deal with it. I am not moving you again!

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