Chapter 1.2 – Elly Robinson – “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One”

start that aspiration.png

So after I change Elly’s outfit from her pjs to her regular clothes, I have her plant those snapdragons that she found. I mean, aside from the man-hunt, we have to work on our Freelance Botanist Aspiration. But give her a chance….if you strain your eyes toward the water, there is a sim fishing there. Male sim. Elly’s next target. Let’s hope he’s guy.png

Well, not the snappiest dresser, but, yes, indeedy, he is single. His name is Vivaan Raghaven. Has a nice ring to it…say that out loud 10 times. He’s an unemployed adult, and so far she knows he has the loner and music lover traits. And then, since she changed lots….the Welcome Wagon comes-a-calling. Darn and she was doing a great job of chatting him up.neighbors drop the fruitcake.png

Elly heads over to welcome the welcome wagon. It is the Spencer-Kim-Lewis family (now called the Kim-Lewis family), the one that Maxis changed their name in an up-date, probably because if they got married again, it would be Spencer-Kim-Lewis-Newname…..I mean, seriously, when will the hyphenating end?neighbors kim-lewis.png

Also, for every legacy challenge I have ever read, simmers are always choosing logical first furnishings…like a bed, toilet, and shower. This makes perfect sense. Well, my inner sim wanted to do something different. So, I made an unconventional purchase for the lot. Never mind that she has no bed to sleep in, oh no, let’s buy the waterslide, and a pee bush (this is a 2-in-1, pee & nap), and an umbrella table and chairs. I chose an outdoor set with an umbrella so she wouldn’t get sunburned. Plus, I was hoping that maybe, maybe the neighbors would leave the fruitcake there. And the waterslide, well, I bought that pack, and have never had a chance to use the waterslide, and when I wanted to, it wouldn’t fit on my lot. Soooo….now, with this HUGE lot, it can fit anywhere. Plus, it’s the fun factor.kin alking to plants.png

Oh! I am going to have Dennis Kim become Elly’s friend, because I think he may have a gardening trait since he’s talking to the plants, or could be the insane trait. I’ll have Elly chat with him and see if I can find out.yeah we got someone to stay.png

The welcome wagon doesn’t last long, and they head off, but didn’t leave Elly the fruitcake. What are they saving it for? Oh, another neighbor moved in down the street? Ok, then. Dennis stays behind and autonomously goes to play on the waterslide. Alrighty Dennis. You may be an Elder, but you are wild!maybe a bit too much soap.png

Could be Elly added a touch too much soap! Friendship levels are rising between the two, but, Elly…yes, he is single, but he is an elder and a pre-made. We want a townie. slide baby slide.png

Well, they were having too much fun on that slide, and so I had to put it into inventory because they kept sliding, and sliding, and sliding….remember those sack o lunches.png

I did buy some other items for her lot. A tent, because the cost of the best double bed that I could afford was the Rustic Sleeper at $790 simoleons, and the tent was $450 simoleons. I opted for the tent, and I bought the cheapest shower, the Post Modern Shower Stall at $275 simoleons. Now, remember those lovely sack-o-lunches that we gathered up yesterday? Well, they may have been packed with love, but there was nothing to love about them now. They all spoiled in her inventory. So, she now has 3 smelly sack lunches and a smelly pee bush on her lot. Oh, and no trash can. Joy!hungry

She was now freshly showered and hungry. So, I decided that Elly should go out somewhere with one of those single guys that she met.masato.png

So, she called Bachelor # 1 – Masato Kobayashi – and they meet at the Rattlesnake Juice Bar. Everything was going great. He had a JOB, he was a landlord, he had the glutton trait…and then it came up…the HATES CHILDREN trait. No go, sorry Masato, it was a slice. I was really hoping he would be the one. STRIKE OUT!jamie.png

Ok, so Masato is a no, but the night is still young, so I have Elly invite over Bachelor# 2 – Jamie O’Donnell to hang out at the lot with her. Things are going well, he is employed in business, and has the snob, gloomy and materialistic traits. Not the best traits, but he might work out. Elly heads to the bar to get some free chips, and Jamie leaves thinking about all the work he has to do. Oh yah…they really hit it off. NOT! Well, maybe he was just tired. Stay positive.suddenly bear night.png

But wait, suddenly it’s bear night, and a bear comes right up to her and starts talking. Any single bears? Nope, we have an elder bear convention.mizuki.png

Sometimes with the bear names, it was hard to tell if it was a girl bear or a guy bear, so I just asked them to show Elly their formal wear outfit, and then I found out! Like Mizuki…girl bear. The only one who flirted with Elly all night!no luck with men.png

As the bar becomes overrun with bears and girls, with no single male sim in sight, Elly decides to mediate life wondering why I am putting her through this torture.may never find the sim of her dreams.png

I am now thinking that the “find a guy part” is going to be harder than I thought. Only because I want her to be with a townie. So, after Elly finishes yet another bowl of chips, I send her home. She ate 3 bowls of chips while she was here. Do you know how many calories are in a bowl or chips, let alone 3 bowls?  Girl, ease up on those chips!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Author’s Notes:

“Bet You Can’t Eat Just one”, advertising slogan for Lay’s potato chips.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.2 – Elly Robinson – “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One”

  1. Want to do something fun? Chose slide with and it will bring up a list of sims in the area and they will run over and slide with her! The bagged lunches wouldn’t spoil if they were in the household inventory instead of her personal inventory. I loved her first purchases! I’m always so frugal and logical. Looks like she had a lot of fun… also so did Dennis Kim. I think only Oliva is named Spencer-Kim-Lewis but I could be wrong. Looking forward to more Elly!

    Liked by 2 people

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