Chapter 1.3 – Elly Robinson – Man-Hunt

The next morning, Elly (and I) were surprised to get an invite to the GeekCon festival from Mr. Unflirty (Otto). Well, why not? Elly could do some hacking at the festival and there were all kinds of things to see. So, yes, I wanted her to go.invitation from my non flirty.png

And, well, Otto is the first person who asked her anywhere. Maybe she should give him a second chance despite his unflirty trait.geekcon together.png

I send Elly over to enter the programming contest. She made some simoleons, but didn’t win the big contest. Oh well. I had her continue on the computer and make a plugin. Eureka! She makes $44 simoleons from that. Alrighty!


program contest.png

After GeekCon was over, I decided that she needed to collect more stuff so had her travel to Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs. While she was there, she met Hunter Brubaker, who is the community gardener. They were friends in no time. I was almost tempted to do a flirty interaction with him, but no whim for this came up. While I was debating if I should do it or not, he had the pillow bubble over his head and headed off.hunter.png

After an afternoon of collecting, with no new male prospects in sight, I had her go to Magnolia Promenade, then San Myshuno again, and finally back home. She met a few new townie males, but it was like she was on a speed dating tour. In fact, I just had her skip the pleasantries and ask if they were single right off. No? Ok, well, nice knowing you, but Elly here is on a man-hunt.

Here are some of the single male sims that were a definite NO! There were others, but I was getting depressed taking all the No! screenies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Was I being too choosy for Elly? Where were all the nice guys? But, I had a plan. I figured that maybe she would go on a group outing with the ones that didn’t have the greatest traits, but didn’t have the worst traits, and then see if anyone had a flirtatious whim or if she got a flirtatious whim for one of them. Hey, it was a plan, maybe not the best plan, but a plan. Then, I was going to have a vote – Help Elly Choose a Husband….Please!

So, Elly gathered up all the potentials, and they went to Windenburg to hit the dance floor at Discotechque Pan Europa. Here are the potential bachelors, Hunter, Otto, Jamie and Vivaan.4 bachelors

And here are their traits (I told you they were terrible):

Things went rather well at the club and everyone seemed to have a good time, but no flirty whims what-so-ever. And not even one little bit of pink in any of these relationships.


Well, Elly did get the confident moodlet from a great group outing. But all this dancing was making her thirsty, so she headed up to the bar with Gunter following her. Oh…could there be something there? Their friendship bars were the highest. Oh, but what is this? A sim is coming over the talk to her.the bar is packed.png

See that guy in the purple and gold top…..he is coming over to her.maybe there is hope.png

His name is Kengo Hasegawa, he is unemployed and so far he has the insider trait. I think he’s looking at her….he is watching her.png

Yes, he is! And then I see it, in Elly’s whims, Use the Bold Pickup line. Should she? They only have a very itty bitty green bar. Oh what the heck – go for it Elly! So, I have her do a Bold Pick-up Line on Kengo and wait for the rejection.oh my gosh it worked.png

But, no rejection. It worked! Look at him swoon! And now they have a little pink bar and it says that he is her romantic interest. Oh what to do? What to do? Normally I would wait until the 3 traits are revealed, but she has wasted 2 days already and her prospects aren’t getting any better. He is the only one with a little pink in their relationship bar, so I tell her to go ahead…be wild girl. do you want to move in with me.png

Elly asks him “So, do you want to move in with me?” And his answer….is yes! I hold my breath as they do the moving in together part because I have no idea what his other two traits are. Oh I hope I haven’t made a mistake.home sweet home kengo.png

Here we are Kengo, home sweet home. And then I take a peak at his other traits…..

kengo's traits.png

And you won’t believe his aspiration — I couldn’t believe it myself….SUPER PARENT! This sim was made for Elly and her legacy. She is so happy and I am so happy for Elly, that I have them have their first kiss….and there is no stopping them after that.elly wastes no time at all.png

In fact, I nudge Elly and she suggests that they….ummm….have a little private time…you know….read the wilderness journal together in the tent… in that tent tonight.png

Have you ever seen so much fog? So hot and steamy out tonight! Yeah Elly. So, I guess that means she doesn’t need to have a husband vote. Woot! Woot!

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