Chapter 1.4 – Sweet Surprises

in the middle of her lawn.png

The next morning, Elly had some wonderful news to tell Kengo! She was pregnant! Of course, Kengo, being family oriented and having the Super Parent aspiration wanted a big family. kengo is hapy.png

Kengo is super excited at the news and claps several times. I wasn’t sure if he was going to jump up and down, he was so sweet.png

Then Elly does an autonomous kiss, which I thought was rather sweet. So, they are now expecting, but still lawn living.the air is fresh

I have to say that Elly (and I) really lucked out when we chose Kengo. I didn’ realize that he already had some skills with nearly a level 8 in Painting, a level 7 in handiness and level 4 in singing. He shows off a little sample of his musical skill here!kengos flirty painting.png

So, Kengo is going to be the at-home parent, and Elly will get a job. Kengo will work on completing the painting and handiness skills and then maybe they can go to the Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs and unlock the cave! That would be great.

Check out the first “flirty” painting that Kengo painted. I thought this was rather cute. Although this is an excellent painting worth $451 simoleons, I didn’t want to sell it, as I need some paintings to decorate their house.

Speaking of a house….I was rather excited when I had Kengo move in because he brought some simoleons with him…oh, I was thinking they could get a house….with a bathroom, a living room, maybe a computer…oh I was dreaming BIG for them. Then, I re-read Pinstar’s Legacy Rules, and realized that anyone who moves in, comes with empty pockets, so, I had to *sob* do a money cheat and deduct the $20K simoleons from their household budget. Oh plum! They were broke! Back to the reality of lawn living. Well, maybe Kengo will have to get a job, too.astronaut.png

In the meantime, Elly had to get a job. So I looked at all the different jobs available, and since I had never played the Astronaut career, I thought why not? Ground control to Major Elly….what? It can happen!

Well, at least they had today to relax before Elly started her job tomorrow.invite.png

Elly gets an invite from Alice, and she and Kengo head to The Flea Market.ravaan a star.png

And who is this hot new sensation? Well, I’ll be, it’s Vivaan, or should I say Rockstar Vivaan. Kengo decides to listen a bit, and I send Elly over to look at some Flea Market bargains.flea market.png

She haggles with a vendor. Look, she’s pregnant, give her a deal on the lamp! Yes, sucessfully haggling she buys a lamp for $75 simoleons.kengo beautifying the city.png

Meanwhile, Alice and Kengo head over to work on a street art mural. I figure this would help his painting skill level.enjoying some food.png

Kengo samples some food….hot stuff.png

…and so does Elly. Wow! Those samosas are a tad spicy!so in love with kengo.png

An autonomous gesture by Kengo…oh they are in love!o kengo.png

Afternoon turns to evening, and soon it’s time for the karaoke contest again. I have both Elly and Kengo enter the contest. I was sure that Kengo was going to win. Look at those stars when he’s singing!i only have eyes 4 u.png

Plus, he has a fan club! Of course, his biggest fan is Elly. But, no, someone else takes home that $500 simoleon award. Shucks.aking beautiful music together.png

Oh well, Elly and Kengo decide to sing a duet together.  I turned on my speakers, and oh my gosh…they sounded horrible, but they do look so much in love. willow creek library.png

In looking at her job requirements, I noticed Elly needed to play chess. The only problem was, they didn’t have a chess board. So, I had them travel to the library and had Elly skill at the chess table while Kengo skilled on cooking. I mean, someone had to learn to cook, and it might as well be Kengo.1 pregnancy.png

And off Elly goes to her first day on the job.going to surprise elly.png

I then had Kengo collect as much as he could in and around the library.try fishing.png

His fishing skills were bad…and he didn’t catch anything at all. However, I am happy to say, he did manage to collect a fair bit.i have a hungry wife at home.png

He spent the whole day out and about collecting. In fact, he also collected some dinner for Elly. Originally, I had thought that he would bring some food back to the lot, so had him pack a lunch, then decided that it was so nice, that why not invite Elly there?lovely dinner by the river.png

Which is exactly what I had him do. I love this screenie. Thinking back now, I should have had them get engaged and married right here. It was the perfect place.she was sore.png

I had Kengo give her a back rub. I mean, who wouldn’t want a back rub when you’re expecting?fishing together.png

And they tried some night fishing. Elly caught a few fish…and Kengo…nothing. Obviously, fishing is not his career in life.feel baby.png

The next morning, Kengo feels the baby, and I notice that Elly is getting quite big. I hope those are stretch pants that she is wearing.reading parenting book.png

With Elly off to work, one of the things that Kengo has to do for the Super Parent is to buy some children’s furniture, so I bought the toddler bookcase, in yellow, to match their outdoor furniture, and bought a parenting book, so that he can read and get some skills going.kengo collecting.png

With a baby on the way, they needed to have some type of house, so they were both going to work hard on getting this together before the baby arrived. I am not that great a house builder, so will probably download something from the gallery, maybe unfurnished. I just want to have a 1-level house, but with a big kitchen and living room so they can all congregate together. Although, lawn living does has its advantages as they both have the beautifully decorated icon.yard sale go.png

So, to achieve this, I had Kengo do more collecting. He was really getting good at this. I also had him send away a sample to the Geo Council to start the element collection. Had never done that one before, so thought I would give it a try. I also bought a Come and get it street store Sale table and had a yard sale. He actually made quite a bit on what he had collected.

confdent 479.png

Kengo also did another painting, this time a confident painting. Another excellent painting worth $479 simoleons.nice dinner.png

Back to the library to do some more skilling on cooking. No time to purchase skill books when all their simoleons needed to be saved for a house.he wanted her to have a good time.png

When Elly finished work, I had Kengo ask her on a date. Soon, there would be the pitter patter of tiny feet, and, well, Kengo and I had a chat that he and Elly needed some “alone” time before the baby arrived.nice date.png

They went to the Blue Velvet Nightclub in Willow Creek and got the date started by sitting by the nice fire and chatting.  So romantic!reminded him of the first night they met.png

The bar was crowded, but they are only looking at each other. Sort of like the first night they dancing.png

Dancing, chatting, socializing….the night flies with elly.png

Yeah, gold date! More goodies for them.sunrise.png

I have them go to the little picnic area by the river. I just love this shot of Elly by the river. She is just so gorgeous.proposing to elly.png

Kengo thinks so, too and after a little nudge from me, asks Elly to marry him. She is surprised. How did he afford the ring?kengo it's beautiful.png

Elly almost looks like she is going to cry here….she has made Kengo very happy.i love u so.png

She is just so excited and leaps into Kengo’s arms, and almost forgets she’s pregnant. Luckily, Kengo has some muscle, so doesn’t drop her.marry me here now.png

Wanting to save every simoleon they have, I opted for them to elope. Right then and of her dreams.png

What a beautiful ceremony…this is the married shot.png

And they are married, just as the sun rises in the sky….together forever.png

together, forever….kengo making a lovely breakfast.png

I have them change clothes…I mean wearing high heels when you’re pregnant is a killer on your legs. And, thanks to Kengo’s new cooking skill (he is now level 3), Kengo makes a lovely wedding breakfast for them….kengo made a beautiful breakfast for them.png

…while I have Elly try her luck fishing…a beautiful start to a beautiful day.png

…a beautiful start to a beautiful day, and a beautiful life together….

8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.4 – Sweet Surprises

  1. Awe they’re so sweet! I can’t wait to see the baby. Also, this was hilarious: “He shows off a little sample of his musical skill here!” I was so confused, the next pic was of his painting, then I figured it out and almost fell off of the chair laughing!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much for reading. The riverboat comes down the river behind the gym and other retail stores in Willow Creek. I have always liked that riverboat. It is also docked in Magnolia Promenade.


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