Chapter 1.5 – Super Mom Award


After they had their wedding breakfast, I had Elly and Kengo head over to the library, so Elly could get some chess playing in. Once Elly left for work, I had Kengo start a club called Family Club, and the meeting place was Oakenstead, Elly and Kengo’s lot. The garden was getting large, and with Kengo collecting all the time, he needed help. So, the club was to help garden, read and make labor.png

After making the club, Kengo started a club gathering, and everyone arrived at the lot. But, Elly was also there, although her icon was showing she was AT WORK. Plus, she was in LABOR! What? In labor? Was I on short lifespan by mistake (I checked real quick, but I wasn’t). How could she be in labor already? Well, I guess it had been 3 days, so yeah, she was. This was some weird glitch. I dismissed the club, and as much as I tried, I could not get Elly to leave work early, could not have her do anything, could not control her at all.hunnnnyyyyy.png

I wanted her to have the baby at the hospital, but no way was she co-operating. Well, of course, because even though I could see Elly, apparently she was only an apparition, because according to the game, she is at work. Well, it all makes sense now. As an astronaut in training, she went into labor on that centrifugal force machine that goes round and round. Yep, that did it, I am sure. How else could she be on her home lot AND at work at the same time? It was a rip in the sim parallel universe, I tell you, and only I could see her.

Kengo doesn’t even give me the “she’s having a baby freak out”. He is just calmly reading a book. Kengo, it had better be the parenting book, because Elly is about to “pop”.twins for elise.png

Woot! Elly gives birth! It’s a girl! Normally, I would start by naming a baby with a random “A” name, but decided to be different. When the random name “Zoey” came up, I thought, oh, that’s a nice name and hardly anyone uses the Z names. So, Zoey it was.proud dad.png

Then to my surprise….another “name baby comes up”! Another baby! Another girl! Twins! Oh congrats Elly! I wanted another Z name, but the only one I knew was Zeva from CSI. So, as I was scrolling through the random names, Chloe came up. and I thought, Zoey and Chloe, it has a nice ring to it.the twins.png

So, here they are. Zoey and Chloe Robinson! Woot!

super mom gave birth while at work and got a pomo.png

And, all during this time, I realize that Elly is still listed as being AT WORK! And then this springs up! So, don’t you agree, Super Mom Award? I mean, she was technically at work, gave birth to twins, and still gets a promotion! Way to go Elly!get a job.png

To top it off, right after giving birth, she autonomously goes to tend her garden. Oh yah, Super Mom!super mom

so happy they will have baby.png

Kengo is just so excited that Elly just had twins…Kengo….ummm Kengo…ease up there…she just gave birth… uh oh….I have this feeling….!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.5 – Super Mom Award

  1. Zoey and Chloe are great twin names! Love it. I recently had surprise twins as well and had to scramble searching online to find another cute twin name. So fun! She is a super mom, though. Giving birth and getting a promotion!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooooh! Twins! Congrats! You know, I’ve never gotten twins during Sims gameplay, even with the fertile traits enabled. Hmmm. I wonder if my Elise will end up with multiple births at some point. That would be very interesting. LOL

    Liked by 2 people

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