The Sands of Time – Carr Collab Legacy

It had been an hour since I arrived. I should have been happy that it was a sunny day, but I was not. I was standing there on the sidewalk sweltering in the heat, looking at….well, looking at nothing. I had been duped. There was nothing here but rocks and tumbleweeds, and sand. Did I tell you about the sand? When the wind blows, it swirls around you and dust clouds form in a funnel shape and cover you with grit. Dry, sandy grit that gets in your hair, in your eyes, in…well, just everything!sweltering heat.png

The letter had said I had received an inheritance from my great, great, great, great aunt’s estate. She was so far back removed in our family history that no-one even remembered her. Not that I could ask anyone. My mother had died after I was born, and my father had mysteriously disappeared on an archaeological dig in Al Simhara. Another land of dry, arid hotness and sand.

I was quite young when my father disappeared, and with no living relatives, I had became a ward of the state, living in one foster home after another. My father had died penniless. He was always borrowing from the bank and over-extending his credit for his archaelogical quests. The bank was not sympathetic and foreclosed on the property and sold everything. There was nothing left.pyramids.png

Well, nothing until the “heir hunter” had contacted me and told me about my inheritance. The letter had described a wonderful house, a pool, an oasis of luxury. Plus, I was given 1,800 simoleons! What a windfall! The “heir hunter” had said I was so lucky. Lucky? I think not. There is no house here, no pool, no anything. Just sand. It was all just a mirage. Perhaps my great-great-great-great-aunt’s mind had become addled with age, when she had written this letter. The reality is that this is my inheritance. A big, empty, sandy lot with a bunch of crates and a rusty mailbox.not alone.pngOh yes, the crates. I had unpacked those crates hoping to find something else, anything else. But, I have to tell you, I was in shock with what I found in them. It was some kind of joke! A knight in shining armor was the only thing that I unpacked. Well, that…and the note….the cryptic note from my great-great-great-great Aunt Rose….

“Sand is your destiny”a water source.png

I wonder what she was trying to tell me? I wandered over to the knight and laughingly introduce myself. “My name is Rosanna Carr”, I laughed, shaking his hand. Oh no! The armor gauntlet fell off….but…but what is this? Oh my! It’s a picture of Aunt Rose…and…it looks like blueprints for a house…no, not just any house, a hacienda. Oh my gosh! It’s gorgeous. It must have been her house.



I think about it some more….the knight…this lot…the sand…my destiny…. what does it all mean?

Of course….now, I get it! Find my knight in shining armor and make my home here…with this knight, together…on this arid patch of sand. My destiny. My legacy! Yes, I do believe that sand IS my destiny.i get it.png


First 2 are based on rules set by the challenge and  minjee_kang

  • Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.
  • Exemplar – (Trait: Cheerful) Any eligible heir that has this trait will gain the title of heir. If a single generation has no children with this trait or more than one exemplar, there will be a vote to determine the next generation heir.
  • Modern: Both Naturally born and adopted children are eligible to be named heir.
  • Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status

The Carr Collab Legacy. Find out who else is playing HERE.

Original sim, Rose Carr, made by minjee_kang. And my sim, Rosanna Carr. Only outfits and hair were changed.


7 thoughts on “The Sands of Time – Carr Collab Legacy

  1. I love how your story started and the details that you’ve put in this story! 🙂 Rosanna sounds like such a regal name, and the blueprint of her aunt’s house is beautiful… I’m quite glad that you’re doing the legacy in Oasis Springs – “Sand is your destiny” how mysterious! Looking forward to more ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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