CH 1.1- The Sands of Time – The Desert, My Home

arrival rosanna.pngNo one told me about the heat. If they had, I doubt that I would have worn a wool sweater and nylons in the desert. I was hot. I was sweaty. And my clothes were clinging to me like plastic wrap.  Luckily, I had brought a change of clothes, but where to change? Well, maybe if I set up the tent, I could change in in a land of sand

Oh…I forgot to mention about the tent. I had found another crate! Yes, it had been hidden behind some rocks and I had missed it at first. It was a crate marked with the Egyptian ankh* symbol. It was my father’s crate. Everything that had been gathered up from the archaeological camp was in that crate. The bank had deemed the crate’s contents rubbish and had wanted to discard it, but, the curator from the museum that had sponsored the archaeological expedition, had convinced the bank to donate it to the museum. The curator had then given the crate to the “heir hunter” to deliver to me here. Well, I better get that tent set-up and change before I keel over from the heat.did a good job.png

A few hours had passed and I had changed into something cooler. The tent was in remarkably good shape, as were the other items. I even gathered some rocks for a firepit and broke up some of the crates for firewood. Desert days might be hot, but the nights were cold. Plus, a fire was a good way to deter any wild animals that might come after dark. This was only temporary until I could build some type of permanent shelter. I took out the plans for the hacienda and stared longingly at them. One day I would live in a house like that, too, but for now, the tent would have to do.using fathers tools.png

After making sure everything was secure, I felt it was time to explore the surrounding area. I had already found a water well on the lot, along with a little hoppy friend, so didn’t have to worry about water. But food…now that was a bit of a concern. I had to stock up on some food…maybe find a market in town.

Carrying my father’s “dig” tools with me, I thought I saw something shiny in one of the rocks, so I chipped and chiseled, until…oh…I found some…hmmm…I don’t know what I found. But it’s pretty…some type of shiny rock or metal. Oh, there  is something in that other rock over there… As I continued to chip away at rocks, I collected a substantial amount of pretty rocks. Maybe some of these were worth something. I really had no idea. I should go to a library where I could read up on them. Maybe this is “treasure in the sand”.ssaying hi.png

I stopped some sims who were walking by my lot and asked them where the nearest library was. They were both from the “city” visiting, so didn’t really know anything about Oasis Springs. They seemed in a rush and headed off.some friends visit

A few moments later, some more sims passed by, and thank my plumbobs, they were locals. Jordyn Godwin and her family lived in Oasis Springs and she told me all about the downtown business district. But, the closest libraries were in Willow Creek or Windenburg, which were neighboring towns. I asked Jordyn if she knew anything about rocks and she sadly shook her head no. She bid me farewell as she had an appointment in town.friendly mail carrier.png

Nobuya Yamamoto was the local mail carrier and he knew the most about Oasis Springs and all the surrounding areas. He told me about a local park that was not far from here, that I could even jog to if I wanted. He was working right now or he would love to show me around. For someone who was working, Nobuya stayed a long time to chat. As if…as if he didn’t want to leave. And I certainly didn’t mind. He was quite good looking.putting on the charm.png

Nobuya was so easy to talk to. We had the same goofy humor and had a great time laughing and telling, well, silly jokes.

Rosanna: Knock-knock.
Nobuya: Who’s there?
Rosanna: Noah.
Nobuya: Noah who?
Rosanna: Noah good place to get something to eat?

I found out that Nobuya was single and with all the chatting we had done, he became my first friend. He also told me that I could mail some of those rocks to the Geological Council and for a mere $20 simoleons, I could have them analyze the rocks and break them down into minerals. Nobuya said he really needed to go and finish his mail route, but as he walked away, he turned around to look back at me and gave me a wave.jogging.png

I decided to jog to the Desert Bloom Park and see what else I could find.NEVER KNEW THE DESERT COULD BE SO BEAUTIFUL.png

When I got there, I was in awe. I had never thought that the desert could be so beautiful. I decided to explore the park some more. There were a few streams running through the park and I spied a fishing rod just lying beside a rock.  Hmmm….maybe I could try my luck. I had fished before, well, just a bit on one high school field trip to a conservation area.fishng maybe roast a fish.png

Maybe I will catch some fish for dinner. Oh, I can just imagine it now, roasting fish over the fire….i caught something a fling fish.png

Oh….I caught something….it’s a flying fish….look at the size of him.png

Look at the size of it…this could last me for days….tired and ready to head home.png

After fishing and collecting all afternoon, it was dusk already, and I was getting tired…grabbed a hot dog.png

And I smelled…ooohhh…I smelled like fish, too….ugh! Maybe I won’t have time to roast my prized fish after all. I headed over to a picnic table and saw some nice hotdogs just sitting there, so I thought, why not, and helped myself to mean.png

No sooner had I sat down than a woman came over and promptly started yelling at me for eating “her” hotdogs. Oh she was so mean!tried to clean up as best i could.png

I decided to leave the picnic area, and head towards the restrooms before I headed home. In the little sink, I tried to wash up as best I could….teen named malcolm landgraab just barged right in.png

And all of a sudden, the door opened, and in walks a guy….into the girls’ restroom! How rude! I still had my father’s “dig” tools on me, but still didn’t feel very safe, now that it was dark. So, I quickly fled though the other door. It was time to leave the park. But I still felt so grungy….I really needed a shower.

I remembered Jordyn telling me about the 24-hour gym for Oasis Springs residents that was close to the park. So, I decided to head over there.only 1 guy working out.png

I arrived, even more tired than before, and the place was empty, except for one guy who seemed to take notice of me when I entered. Even though I was normally friendly, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone right now.had a feeling the guy was looking at me.png

His eyes seemed to follow me as I walked by….he was certainly good looking…but all I had on my mind was a shower…..sahower time.png

I found the locker room…..and stepped in the shower….ahhh….the warm water cascaded over me and I felt so alive….so much for the brisk shower.png

Well, for a few moments that is…..what a sight.png

But even after the brisk shower…I was just so tired and fell asleep on the floor….hope nobody saw me.png

I woke up with a start….how embarrassing…I just hope no-one saw me….I decided to leave before anyone came in….hope no one comes after mer for stealing the towel.png

I practically ran all the way home…and when I got there, realized I was still in the gym towel. I can see the headlines now “Desperate heiress steals towel at local gym” Oh my plumbobs! I’ll have to go back there and return it when I’m rested. I certainly don’t want to start my life in Oasis Springs behind bars!


Author’s Notes:

ankh symbol.png

*The Egyptian Ankh symbol, meaning “life” or “eternal life”.


Easy camper tent $420, The Duty Calls Model Citizen bush $290, Rocks of Fire $450, Chillville portable cooler, $145, The pack cube, $90, Mallorca teak picnic chair $40, KaBoom box $150, It’s not a tarp! $75, Little light $25, Private journal $28 = $87 simoleons left


6 thoughts on “CH 1.1- The Sands of Time – The Desert, My Home

  1. Awh off to a tough start in the desert, Rosie, but on the up side, she’s already made a friend in the mailman 🙂 I really love the backstory Rosanna has – it’s very intriguing! I find that mixing storytelling and gameplay is so much fun! Ooh Don was totally checking her out 😂 She’s met quite a few familiar faces… I wonder if one of them has the potential to be more than friends 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stay far away from Don, Rosanna. He’s nothing but trouble. Oh yeah, stay away from crazily possessive hot dog ladies too! Other than that she’d doing great. Got all the things to look after her basic needs. And that joke totally cracked me up.

    Liked by 1 person

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