Chapter 1.6 – Robinson Legacy – Still Living On The Lawn

living on the lawn.png

Once they got married, I had pooled all their resources together and sold a lot of items, except 1 of each of the frogs to continue frog breeding. Frog breeding can really bring in the simoleons. I had looked over some houses on the gallery, and found a perfect house. However, they were still a bit short on funds, so for now, they were still lawn living.

But, they only had 3 sim days to get their house built before the toddler mania became a reality! Yikes! Will they make it?because kengo loves elise so much and wants to put the family in debt.png

Plus, Elly had some other news. Well, if you remember from the last chapter, Kengo was very loving towards Elly. Well, it seems that Kengo was overly zealous with the birth of the twins, because shortly after, Elly had some news for him….huny.png

Yep, you guessed it….Elly was pregnant…again! Kengo was like….how did this happen? But he was super excited. I think he just loved Elly being pregnant and having babies.i dont feel so good.png

However, I don’t think Elly felt exactly the same way….she was feeling a bit…well… nauseous…..all the time…probably some rest would be good for her.cuties.png

In the morning, things were better, and Elly and Kengo couldn’t get enough of their darling, sweet angels. Zoey and Chloe were such good babies, they hardly cried at all.milestone.png

I had Elly work hard on the gardening skill and she completed the first milestone! Yes!nothing like evolving after giving birth.png

Then Elly was able to evolve her plants, and the simoleons started rolling in. elly off to work.png

Elly looks great here in her new job uniform heading off to work….elly not too happy.png

…she doesn’t look too great coming home from work though…I had her “work hard” and “study space” the whole time.never too tired to see you.png

But, Elly was never too tired to see her precious treasures.paint from reference.png

Kengo continued collecting, painting, having garage sales, and looking after the twins….

parenthood is exhausting.png

Life was exhausting!ches set.png

With the money Kengo made from the garage sale, I was able to buy Elly a chess table (the Chessmaster) for $450 simoleons, and I just moved 2 of the chairs from the umbrella set to the table. This way, she didn’t have to travel to the library to work on her daily work task.the club helping water plants.png

Kengo had his Family Club help out as much as possible, so that Elly could spend time on her logic skill.such a cutie.png

It was nearly time for Zoey…happy baby.png

…and Chloe to age up.

Author’s Note:

In fact, Zoey and Chloe did age up the next morning. And that’s when it happened! The nightmare! As I had said earlier, I had looked for a house for them on the gallery, and found a nice one. It was on a 20 x 15 lot. I figured when I went to build mode and placed the lot, it would ask me where to place it (since it was smaller). Not the case! Nope! I downloaded it, and poof! everything on the lot vanished. Didn’t go into the house inventory, just gone! All Elly’s hard work on those plants….gone! I realized you couldn’t do the back button when you placed a new lot. I thought back to when I had last saved….and it was at the beginning of the last chapter. I couldn’t believe it. I was heart broken. All that work…all that time…I was sad.

Anyway, I didn’t save, and then played my last save, and here she was again, on the lot about to give birth to twins….Déjà vu!



12 thoughts on “Chapter 1.6 – Robinson Legacy – Still Living On The Lawn

    • No, this actually happened the first time around…lol…and then I had to sort of fast forward over the 2nd time I played the same timeframe, if you know what I mean. Oh no! Kengo reacted the same the second time, reading his book…it was like a movie set….take 1…take 44…lol

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    • I figured this wasn’t really cheating because the error was mine, or lack of knowledge. If I had gone on and placed the lot, her garden would have been gone and all that work would have been gone, too. I think she may have lost some skills in possibly charisma, logic and gardening when I had to go back, but, it saved the garden and other items.

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