CH 1.2 – The Sands of Time – Art Walk

return the towel.png

The next day, I jogged back to the gym and returned the “stolen” towel. Thank my plumbobs that the place was deserted. Not a soul was there, not even “Mr. Eyes” from yesterday.explore oasis springs.png

It was pretty early and so I decided to explore a bit. Maybe one of these businesses was hiring. I really needed a job. I stopped at The Futures Past Museum and ventured inside. It was such a beautiful building with lots of natural light streaming through the windows. The modern artwork was impressive. There were some very expensive pieces on display here. I’ll just look around a bit and then continue my job search….artist easel.png

On the second floor, there was an easel with a blank painting board on it. This must be here to inspire painters. I wonder if I still remember anything from those art classes I took? Hmmm…. I grabbed a paint brush and started painting a classical painting. I was just checking out my work, when I heard a cough behind me.job in museum.png

There was a gentleman standing behind me. He introduced himself as Mortimer Goth and told me he was on the Museum’s Board of Directors. He asked me if I was an artist because the museum was always looking for up-and-coming artists. I laughed and said that I only painted as a hobby. He told me I was quite good and I could probably make a career of it. Suddenly his phone rang and he excused artist.png

Me? An Artist? I had never thought about that before. But how does one go about becoming an artist? I couldn’t afford any art supplies, but I did love to paint. It was so calming. As I stared off into space daydreaming, I realized that Mortimer was talking to me again.bad news.png

“Oh that is bad news,” Mortimer exclaimed, “Our resident artists’ helper just quit and I need someone for tonight’s art gallery gala. You don’t happen to know anyone in need of a job, do you?” he said half-jokingly.i was looking.png

“Well…..I was sort of looking for a job myself.” I stammered.u r hired.png

“Oh, that would work out perfectly. And you know art. A bonus! Are you free tonight? I would need you to tend the bar for our gala and clean up, and then tomorrow you can start organizing the art supplies and cleaning palettes…some artists are very particular about their brushes and work spaces. Well, come into my office and we’ll discuss your hours of work and salary. What do you think?” Mortimer r hired lets chat.png

Well, needless to say, I got the job and started that night! My official title was Palette Cleaner and I made $21 simoleons an hour. And Mortimer said I could paint at the gallery anytime I wanted. As a special perk, I also got to help out at art openings featuring a local artist, like the one tonight.p happy working there.png

I hurried home to change and made it back before the gala started. To be honest, I had never tended bar before, so I was a bit nervous. But, it was a simple night and all I had to do was pour some pre-made drinks.champagne.png

Oh…and pour champagne…I even tried a sip….so bubbly, it tickled my nose!gala.png

I also had to ensure that the little cocktail area was stocked and to clean up afterwards. Mortimer had hired a violinist and it was so wonderful walking around admiring the artwork with the wonderful sounds of the violin concerto surrounding many people at the gallery opening.png

It was certainly busy, and I met a lot of people. Writers, artists, DJs, all part of the eclectic arts scene. It was exciting!line up at my bar.png

And the gallery was hopping! Look at all the people at the bar! Of course the drinks and food were free, but everyone was excitedly talking about the new artist and her work.young artist.png

I briefly saw her pass, but Penny Pizzazz, the social media personality, was doing an interview with her. There were so many famous sims there. My head was spinning with remembering all their names. Of course, there were some regular sims, there, too. It was quite a night!did some stargazing before heading home.png

When the gala finished, Mortimer came over to me and said I had done a terrific job. I changed into my regular clothes and decided to do some stargazing before I headed home. Oh, what would it be like to have my own art show? I could only dream….


5 thoughts on “CH 1.2 – The Sands of Time – Art Walk

  1. Aaaah excited to see all the familiar face townies 🙂 And love how Rose’s stargazing and thinking about her dreams even after a exhausting day with her plumbob all red ❤ 🙂 You can do it, Rose! You'll have your own art show one day! 😀

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