CH 1 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Wild West Electronics vs. Threads – The Retail Store Challenge

hank on home lot.png

Meet Hank Western, our retail entrepreneur, ready to begin The Retail Store Challenge. Rules found HERE.

Hank starts off on his 20 x 15 empty home lot in Newcrest. But, he won’t be staying here long, so don’t get too comfy.

He is an outgoing goofball, who loves the outdoors. His aspiration is Musical Genius. Not sure if this is the best aspiration to have as a retail entrepreneur, but, let’s try it out. He’s a cowboy. I had made Hank when I first started playing Sims 4, but had never played him. I am always playing female sims, so thought I would change it up a bit.hallie.png

Meet Hallie Western. Hallie is Hank’s twin sister and is also opening a retail store. [Hallie is actually the female version of Hank Western]. Her favorite color is yellow. Here is the opening shot of Hallie on her home lot. A 20 x 15 empty lot in Newcrest.

Like her brother, Hallie is an outgoing, goofball who loves the outdoors. Wanting to keep Hallie’s aspiration in the Creative Aspiration area, I chose Bestselling Author for her. Who knows, once this is all over, she may write a “How to or How Not to Open a Retail Store”.hank's retail

From his home lot, Hank has now travelled to Oasis Springs to purchase a retail store on a 20 x 15 lot. Hank will be opening an electronics store. He also has to live on the retail lot. Until he earns $17,000 simoleons from the retail store, he won’t be able to build on his home lot. The pressure!

I am not a builder, so I saw a residential lot that I thought would work well for both a store and a house on the same lot. Just changed a few things, changed the lot to retail, and here you have a picture of it. It has a bed to sleep in, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The bathroom is actually part of the retail store.hallie in front of her store.png

Unlike her brother Hank, Hallie has decided to open her retail store in Newcrest on the lot beside her home lot, also a 20 x 15 lot. The store has a little apartment in the back, which will be convenient for work. Hallie aspires to run a successful clothing store.

I decided to try my hand at building this retail store, and I thought I did a pretty good job. Hopefully Hallie likes it, too. And, like Hank, she won’t be able to live on her home lot until she can make the 17,000 simoleons.

Both Hank and Hallie transfer all of the remaining funds to their store account. From the $20,000 less the cost of their home lot $1,500 and the cost of their retail stores, which leaves them both with zero in their personal bank accounts. They are both broke. Not a single simoleon to their name. Everything invested in their store.GOOD LUCK.png

So, the race is on between these two to see which store will be the most successful. Good luck to Hank and Hallie Western.

~~~Retail Wars~~~

original lot.png

Original residential lot – Agave Adobe – by SookieAnne

wild west.png

Converted lot of above. I changed the lot to retail and deleted a bunch of items on the lot. Cost: $16,965.threads

I built this lot myself. Cost: $16,709.


11 thoughts on “CH 1 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Wild West Electronics vs. Threads – The Retail Store Challenge

  1. Oh wow, I love how you converted the Agave Adobe lot into a retail lot 😀 I struggled so much when designing the bakery that it ended up too big, haha!
    I love the idea of having two twins rivalling against each other 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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