CH 2 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Sunday – Leisure Day – The Retail Store Challenge

san myshuno art gallery.png

Since it’s Sunday, Hank has the day off. I first had him skill at the mirror to get his charisma skill to level 2. I just thought this would help when interacting with customers when his store opens tomorrow.playing guitar

Then, I sent him to San Myshuno. His aspiration is Musical Genius, and I wanted him to learn to play the guitar. So, I remembered there were guitars at the Casbah Gallery in the Arts Quarter in San Myshuno, so sent him there.little bar.png

After practicing for a bit and getting his Guitar skill to level 2, I thought he should meet some other sims. What better way than to go to the bar in the museum? Of course, his hunger was a bit down, so had him grab some free chips and chat away. Potential customers, you know. The place started to empty out.singing cowboy.png

So, I sent Hank to try his luck at the karaoke contest at Waterfront Warbler.e singing cowboy.png

And so here is Hank, the singing cowboy. And congratulations to Hank for scoring 22/100 and winning the karaoke contest. Ka-ching $500 simoleons. Now, I had asked this question in the forums if we could keep the $500 and also anything if we win at the festivals, so am awaiting word on this. If this is the case, I will just take out the $500 again. But, he did get a confident +2 hours moodlet for winning the contest, so that’s a plus! Up-date: You can use the $500 to upgrade the store. Yes!

won the contest

more sims to get to know.png

Afterwards, he heads over to the bar and grabs some more free chips and chats up some more sims. It’s getting late, so I had him head home. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

~~~End Sunday, Day 1 – Hank~~~

hallie writing book.png

Hallie also skilled on her charisma skill before heading out, and reached Level 3. Since she has the Bestselling Author Aspiration, I sent her off to the Willow Creek Archives in Willow Creek to work on her writing skill.library writing.png

It was certainly a busy place and she chatted with a lot of sims, but didn’t get much writing done, only Level tonite.png

Not wanting to be outdone by her brother Hank, I sent her to Waterside Warbler in San Myshuno, to enter the karaoke contest.


And congratulations! Hallie wins with a score of 24/100. Two more points than Hank, but we all know that Hallie was always the better singer. Yes! $500 simoleons to put towards her store. Wow! This family is talented. Two singing champs in the family. They must do a lot of singing around the campfire or singing in the shower!

gys like her.png

She heads to the bar afterwards and has a lot of attentive male sims around her. Penny Pizzazz is wondering what perfume Hallie is wearing to attract all these guys? The perfume smells faintly of bacon.don sits right beside her.png

Someone in particular must really like Hallie’s perfume. Don Lothario was bartending that night and came around the bar and sat right next to Hallie. Hmmm….Don…..are you hitting on poor Hallie or do you want to get a discount on some clothes? Don wanted to show Hallie some drink tricks at the bar, but Hallie wisely said she had to leave. Yes, Hallie, wise choice, you do have a busy day tomorrow!

~~~End Sunday, Day 1 – Hallie~~~

Author’s Note:

Hank and Hallie’s games are two separate games, although I have another game save where they can interact together, which will happen in Week 2.

Do you think I jest with bacon-scented perfume? I kid you not. It really does exist!

bacon by fragginay.png

Article on Bacon-Scented Perfume.

4 thoughts on “CH 2 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Sunday – Leisure Day – The Retail Store Challenge

  1. I was wondering if they were in the same save but you answered my question! Looks like they had some fun. The bacon perfume was hilarious… also the fact that it’s a thing.

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