CH 3 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Grand Opening – The Retail Store Challenge

Monday arrives bright and early for Hank. There is another twist to this challenge on the mark-up of items for the retail store. I am going to try this idea as well. Since, it’s Monday, I can mark-up the products 5%.WILD WEST ELECTRONICS.png

As per the rules, you can only start out selling 8 items, then each week on Friday you can add one more item for sale. Until you reach the Maxis limit on how many items you can mark for sale!

So, here we go! Hank’s Grand Opening of Wild West Electronics. I placed 8 items for sale (on 2 tables and a kitchen counter). No employees hired. I have 3 signs to draw in customers, one plumbob sign on the wall, one high impact standing sale sign, and a neon open sign on the window. Let’s hope he does well today. I also locked the doors to the house.getting hank ready.png

Before I have him open the store, I have him “green up”. Eating a ham and cheese sandwich here. Since he’s the only one running the store, he will be working hard all day.soon as the store opens 3 customers.png

As soon as his store opens, in walks 3 customers, 2 of whom he met last night. He quickly greets everyone.4 customers.png

Soon, another customer joins. He continues to do the retail interactions, asking price range, and answering questions and making suggestions.all of a sudden 2 sales.png

I guess it works because…suddenly, he has his first sale! Fatima Gherda. Yes!ringing up 1 person waiting.png

The day continues pretty well. Victor Feng had a shopping basket over his head, but he didn’t purchase anything and left. I guess Hank was too slow ringing up Fatima’s sale.2 sales and has confident moodlet close the deal.png

From his first sale, he gets the confident moodlet and gets the “close the sale” interaction, which he does with Karson Kincaid. It works and another sale. In fact, every customer, except 1 person made a sale at the store. malcolm has the same taste in clothes.png

Geoffrey Landgraab and Hank have the same taste in clothes! Too funny!everyone wants the camera.png

Nichole, who was the first to arrive, was the last to leave, and finally, FINALLY made a sale. Hank had to restock The Slablet because he had just sold it and Nichole got upset. Then he re-stocked and she purchased it, too.LOTS OF BUSINESS.png

Three sims have shopping baskets over their heads. The wild rush before he closes. Do you see Hank looking at me, like, can you come and help me? Pleeeaasse?


Six sales the first day. (The Wavescatter (microwave)-1; Wabbit Tablet-1; The Slablet-2; Penguin Television-1; Goldibox Gaming Console-1; Kaboom Box-0; Digital Camera-0; Flower Power Lite-0) However, he was open 16 hours because he got a rush just as he was about to close. Not sure that is good or bad, but Hank did make a profit. Also got 350 in perk points and I purchased the “Placard – My first simoleon” for 50 perk points.

Monday-Week 1 Sales: Total Sales $2,676 divided by 16 hours = $167.25 simoleons/hour.

~~~End Monday, Week 1 – Hank~~~

Hallie is awake early in anticipation of her Grand Opening of Threads. Her store has a bit more space than Hank’s store, but some of that is taken up by a sitting area in the middle. hard to get a shot of the entire store.png

As per the rules, there are eight items for sale in the store (this includes the outfit on each of the mannequins). No employees hired. There are 5 signs to draw customers in. 3 wall signs near the cash register, one standing sign outside on the walkway, and the store sign at the front of the building. Let’s see if having 2 more signs makes a difference.pan of store.png

I wanted to tell you about the mannequins. There are two types of mannequins that you can purchase in Buy Mode, Realistic or Abstract. Both are the same price at $350 simoleons.neat interaction with mannequins.png

A neat thing about the mannequins in that you can create 5 outfits per clothing group (casual, formal, athletic, sleepwear, party and swimwear) in either the create-a-sim where you are the designer of the outfit, or random outfit. I chose random outfit. It really doesn’t matter what you choose or how many accessories you add to the outfit, they are all the same price – starting at the 5% price mark-up, $183 simoleons. Once you “Dress Mannequin” that is the outfit that you will have on sale. Plus, you can change their poses from a choice of 6 options. Today, I have my lovely female mannequin, Vivian* set in the flirty pose. My male mannequin, Edward*, is set in the confident pose. And, so I lock the door to her apartment and open the store. Let’s hope she does well today.a lot of female sims congregating around our male mannequin.png

We have a lot of ladies when we first open and they are all congregating around our male mannequin. Maybe they are shopping for their husbands or boyfriends? Hallie is glad to help them out.1st sale of the day threads.png

Not long after, Hallie gets her first sale! Mila Munch purchases the Wall-Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf $168.customers buying like crazy.png

After that, we had a run on sales with so many sims having the shopping basket over their head. Ring me up! Ring me up! Lily Feng purchased the coat rack $89 and Geoffrey Landgraab purchased the Lucky Man Folded Laundry $99.more sales on a roll.png

Mortimer Goth came in and purchased a male outfit $183.takes time with each customer.png

Hallie takes time with each customer and really enjoys meeting everyone. Here she is ringing up Jazmin Hooker’s sale of a Kindermade Dresser $472.lily is last customer.png

Hallie even had a repeat customer in the same night! Lily Feng came back and purchased the female outfit $183. I found a quick way to restock the mannequins. Instead of doing restock outfit, all I did was dress mannequin. It saves so much time!hallie is very proud of herself after day 1

At the end of the day, Hallie is exhausted and everything was out of stock. But she was happy. And so she should be!day 1 sales threads.png

Hallie really worked hard all by herself for 17 straight hours. She had 23 sales! Kindermade Dresser-3; Male Outfit-3; Female Outfit-5; Coat Rack- 3; Globetrotting End Table-2; The Sincerity (mirror)-3; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-3; Lucky Man Folded Laundry-1(could have been more, but no time to stock) Also got 515 in perk points and I purchased the “Placard – My first simoleon” for 50 perk points.

Monday-Week 1 Sales: Total Sales $2,950 divided by 17 hours = $172.52 simoleons/ hour.

~~~End Monday, Week 1 – Hallie~~~

Author’s Note:

Winner of Monday Sales is Hallie Western and Threads! However, I want to say that Hallie had to sell 23 items versus Hank’s 6 items to get almost the same amount in sales. This tells me that Hank’s per item price is higher than Hallie’s per item price, which means I have to put more expensive items in Hallie’s store so she can sell less items but earn more profits. I will introduce a higher priced item for Hallie to sell on Friday. Hank had 3 slow mover items that didn’t make any sales at all. I will see how those do and may have to replace them on Friday. I am almost tempted to hire an employee for Hallie because the stocking takes a long time, but I am going to try to wait until week 2 to hire staff.

Did anyone get that romantic couple tie-in for the mannequin names? Vivian and Edward? No? It’s from the movie Pretty Woman.

4 thoughts on “CH 3 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Grand Opening – The Retail Store Challenge

  1. Great job for the opening day, you earnt so much. I’m starting to think that having a bakery was a bad idea lol Ah well, it’s all for fun 😀
    Love that Geoffrey and Hank were wearing the same clothes. Oh and I think Fatima needs to visit Hallie’s store and get a new outfit lol!

    Liked by 1 person

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