CH 4 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Customer Complaints & Lost Sales

eeling good about his story.png

Tuesday arrives and I get Hank “greened up” and also send him for an energized jog.added a few more items.png

Since, it’s Tuesday, I can mark-up the products 15%. I also bought another sign for outside the store. [I had placed too many items, and deleted them to get to 8 items only before the store opened]

simoleon placard.png

Before I open, I hang the little placard that I got with my store perks.think he's flirting a bit w katrina.png

I get a lot of repeat customers coming in. And Katrina Caliente is the first sale of the day, and she buys The Wavescatter for $276.ctor had to bring his wife.png

Then Victor Feng comes in with his wife. I guess he had to consult her on the sale before he made the purchase.that microwave is so'll cook your chicken nuggets in no time.png

Hank is doing a sales pitch on a customer, “Oh that microwave is the newest technology. It’s called the Wavescatter and it will nuke your chicken nuggets faster than you can say Why did the chicken cross the road?”going elsewhere.png

So, I have Hank greet everyone and ask them questions as soon as they come in, and then I get this notice. There is just no pleasing some sims!

WhatI asked him something right away.png

aybe retail is not for him.png

The store was packed most of the day. I had bought this couch for him to nap on, but when I placed it, 2 customers immediately sat on it. He’s pretty miserable at the end of the day and is questioning why I have put him in the retail business.

day 2 stats.png

Hank got 9 sales (Wavescatter-3; Goldibox Gaming Counsel-2; Penguin television-2; The Slablet-1; Wabbit Tablet-1; Kaboom Box-0; Digital camera-0; Flower Power Lite-0). He was open 13 hours. He earned 670 perk points.

Tuesday-Week 1: Total Sales $3,071 divided by 13 hours = $236.23 simoleons/hour

~~~End Tuesday Day 3 – Hank~~~

Today for Hallie, I am going to try to align her store opening hours with Hank’s. So Hank was open 13 hours, and I will have Hallie open 13 hours. This may not work too well in Hallie’s favor, but we will see how it goes.restock.png

Before Hallie can even begin her day, she has to restock the entire store. I get her up at 5am to do this. Re-stocking takes a long time. I read that you could delete the out of stock sign and then just buy that same item in Buy Mode and place for sale again. This would save time for sure. But, then, the sales figures wouldn’t be correct at the end of the day, because there would be less on the re-stocking charges. So, no, won’t do that. Stocking takes almost 2 hours for the whole store.hangs her little sign.png

I hang the first simoleon sign that Hallie got with her store perks. She is so proud of herself for all her sales yesterday.out for a jog.png

A few times yesterday, Hallie was getting the “bored” moodlet. She has the “loves outdoor trait”, so wanted her to get outside before the start of her day. Poor Hallie looks longingly at the fishing pond.halie eating ham and cheese sandwich.png

I have her “green up” and choose a ham and cheese sandwich for her. The same thing that Hank had yesterday. She absolutely loves the choice! lolpsyching herself up.png

I get her psyched up to get the confident moodlet. She is ready for her big day ahead. It’s 15% mark-up today. No changes have been made to the store.male mannequin neutral pose

I did change the outfits on the mannequins. The male mannequin, is in a casual outfit in the neutral pose.female mannequin

The female mannequin, is also in a casual outfit in the business pose. It looks like my first customer, Anne Hooker loved the new outfit. Let’s hope she likes it enough to buy one. Outfits today are $201 simoleons.don lothario wants her to come and play.png

Just as Hallie opens her store, she gets a call from Don. As much as she’d like to go to GeekCon, she needs to run her store. Sorry, Don! I forgot to mention that he called yesterday, too, and wanted to go to a crazy party at the Chalet with Hallie. He is persistent!yep she loves it.png

Oh yes, Anne loves the outfit and is my first sale of the day! Cha-ching $201 simoleons.and the craziness starts again.png

Almost immediately, the craziness begins! Three customers have the shopping basket over their head. Take a number….I’ll be with you shortly! Katrina Caliente purchased the children’s dresser $ i have too much to do.png

Then a new customer arrives, and Hallie doesn’t have time to greet her, nor does she have time to restock. She is in jeopardy of losing a sale – see the red shopping basket over a sim’s head. Don’t lose that sale Hallie!now lily feng.png

I x’d out what I was planning for her to do to go over and get the sale. Jeremiah Kaplan purchases The Sincerity $109. And now Lily Feng has the red shopping basket over her head! Sheesh! I need to clone Hallie!she lost lily's sale and luly is not happy.png

Oh no! I think Hallie lost Lily’s sale. Ummm….Lily is not very happy. In fact, I think that Lily is using “forbidden words”!got her in time.png

No, but wait! Hallie did get it in time. But, no, Lily storms out the store with the red shopping basket over her head. So, Hallie lost the sale. Ahhh….sorry Hallie. You have to be speedier on “ring up sale.”

Later in the day, Lily comes back with the red shopping basket over her head, but there is no interaction for Hallie to ring up sale, and then Hallie gets this notice. Oh my plumbobs!

take my bus elsewhere

not sure what is going on with Mila...maybe doesn't have enough simoleons to buy this fantastic outfit.png

Our new customer Raquel Huerta purchases the Globetrotting End Table $126. Hallie is not sure what is going on with Mila Munch. Maybe she doesn’t have the simoleons to buy this perfect outfit.mila buys the dress.png

Hallie goes over to console her, “Mila, hun, have you heard of our store magic cards? Yes, I can open one up for you today! Perfect, just say charge it!” This seems to perk Mila right up and she purchases the dress.tired very tired.png

Hallie has now been open 9 hours and her energy level is in yellow. She still has 4 hours to go to be open the same as Hank’s store at 13 hours. I had to stop her from taking a nap on her couch. No, no, no. Make those sales! I really need to buy her a coffeemaker. No, that won’t work either because she has no time to make coffee!take a moment to take a brisk shower.png

I take a chance and send her to take a brisk shower. Maybe that will help with her energy, but when she is finished I really don’t see an improvement. I hope she can make it to the end of the day. 2 hours to go! You can do it!anne you purchased this earlier today.png

She has a repeat customer, Anne Hooker, on the same day, buying the exact same outfit as she did first thing this morning. Maybe it’s for a friend, or maybe she really, really likes this outfit! A new customer, Lacy Kaplan purchased a Wall mounted Clothes Rack with Shelf $184geoff buying an outfit.png

Geoffrey Landgraab has decided to up-date his image and buys a new outfit $201.  I am thrilled for him, although Hallie absolutely loves the shirt he’s wearing now.mila making use of her magic card.png

Mila Munch is sure making use of her store magic card. Another sale! Mila may be the last sale of the day and maybe that’s a good thing. Hallie is now worried that Mila may secretly be a shop-a-holic.absolutely exhausted.png

I see the 13 hour mark and look around the store. There are no more shopping baskets over anyone’s head, so Hallie closes the store. As soon as she closes her store, she heads to bed. No stocking, no cleaning up, nothing. Just sleep. She isn’t talking to me right now.

a long 13 hours.png

I almost close my eyes when I look at the sales because I was worried about that lost sale. But, oh my gosh, she made $3,128 simoleons. I really can’t believe it! Hallie – you go girl!

Hallie got 14 sales (Children’s Dresser-3; Male Outfit-3; Female Outfit-5; Coat Rack-0; Globetrotting End Table-1; The Sincerity (mirror)-1; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-1; Lucky Man Folded Laundry-0. She was open 13 hours. She earned 875 perk points.

Tuesday-Week 1: Total Sales $3,128 divided by 13 hours = $240.61 simoleons/hour

~~~End Tuesday, Day 3 – Hallie~~~

Author’s Note:

Winner of Tuesday Sales is Hallie Western and Threads! This was a close day in sales with only $57 simoleons separating the two stores. But I wasn’t sure Hallie was going to make it because her needs, especially her energy, were very much in the red. I thought for sure she was going to keel over while ringing up a sale. Both Hank and Hallie are mad at me right now for working them so hard.

Did you like the outfits the mannequins were wearing today? Do you recognize them? No? They are from the official Get to Work Still Life trailer. You can watch it here! Enjoy!





17 thoughts on “CH 4 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Customer Complaints & Lost Sales

  1. I was surprised at how handsome Hank looks without his hat. I guess I’m just not a hat girl, lol. It was so funny when Hallie looked at Geoffrey’s shirt and thought it was perfect… it’s her twin’s shirt! I really didn’t expect her to sell as much as him because I thought the electronics would be more expensive. I wonder how long coffee is good for? Or expresso. If she brewed it before opening and took a break to drink it before it went bad.

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