CH 6 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Sales Or No Sales

We are now on Thursday. There is a bit of a twist for Thursday. as you use a randomizer to find out if you are open with a 50% mark-up or closed. See the Randomizer Put in 50% on line 1 and Closed Thursday on line 2, and then use the randomizer to see which one you are going to do. This needs to be done each week. Luckily for Hank, he got 50%, so he is open today.Hank hiding the dishes.png

Hank doesn’t have a garbage can on his lot…so being the smart sim that he is, he goes to the public garbage can and hides his dishes there. I mean no one wants to see dirty dishes when they’re trying to buy electronics. Hank did this autonomously – great idea Hank!a little nap before he opens the store.png

A little nap before Hank opens the store. Well, he likes the outdoors, so no problem sleeping on a bench.hank texting his customers.png

Before opening  his store, I have him eat something and text some of his customers to get the confident moodlet.hank cleaning a bit.png

Hank opens his store and does an autonomous quick clean. So many fingerprints on these counters!i have hank skill while waiting for customers.png

I then have Hank skill charisma while waiting for customers and then 3 customers come all at once. Why is Katrina Caliente having the baby bassinet thought and looking at Hank?close the deal.png

Hank gets the “Close the Deal” interaction with Geoffrey Landgraab. “Hey Geoff, you know my store, and heck we wear the same clothes, come on, buy what your heart wants you to!” Nope, not yet….shucks!we get horrible take my business elsewhere notice.png

Oh my plumbobs, not again! We get that horrible…sales staff not helpful take my business elsewhere notice. See that thumbs down? Sheesh!hank better work out.png

Ok, Hank looking at you and Geoffrey, you are getting a bit of a gut there. Better work out next day off!keeping occupied while customers shiop.png

Hank decides to multi-task and reads a handiness book while customers shop.eatng applesauce.png

Sims look at his store as a social gathering spot. They are all very busy chatting, but not buying. Buy sims! Buy! Hank was getting a bit hungry, so sent him to eat some applesauce. Still no sales.very very bad day.png

No-one seems to want to buy today, so Hank closes the store. Not one sale! This is a depressing day. He could have rolled Closed and done better. 13 hours of answer questions, asking shopping preferences, making suggestions, trying to close the deal, and nothing. Oh this is the worst day ever! But he does have 1,200 perk points.toilet bursting.png

And to top off his day, the toilet has sprung a leak! Poor Hank!

~~~End Thursday, Day 4 – Hank~~~

Well, whatever we roll for Hallie can’t be as bad as what happened to poor Hank. So, I use the randomizer, and Hallie will be open today and able to do a 50% mark-up. Wouldn’t it be crazy if she had no sales either today? Ok, bite my tongue on that one. Even with just one sale, she wins the day. Let’s hope Mila Munch comes by with her magic card!

But she has to stay open 13 hours today. Oh, she’s going to hate me. Can YOU tell her? I don’t want her to shout forbidden words at me again.thurs open.png

Hallie opens the store and there is a sudden surge of shoppers. She has used some random outfits on the mannequins. No trick questions on those mannequins today.

2 shopping baskets.png

Within the first 7 minutes of the store opening, she has two customers with shopping baskets over their heads! Katrina Caliente buys a Kindermade dresser $675. Didn’t she buy one of these the other day? And, Khloe Burger purchases an outfit for $262. I see that Nancy Landgraab is looking at the outfit, too, but is clearly unsure. Maybe a few persuasive words from Hallie will help. But no, she is just browsing.

morti buying another new outfit.png

And, surprise, surprise, Mortimer…I mean, Morti is back to get another outfit $262.hope there are no shoplifters in this bunch.png

I notice that Hallie’s hygiene, energy and hunger are in the yellow. So, I have her go to the restroom and wash her hands and then get some applesauce. There must have been a sale on applesauce at the grocery store, because Hank had the same thing today!

Hallie leaves the sales floor. Do they look like honest shoppers? Is there a thief amongst them? Hallie told me that there is a thief on the loose! Maybe even a kleptomaniac. Oh my plumbobs! The horror!

Yes, Kaelyn Blanchard, the owner of the Toy for Tots retail store said that a few toys were missing from her store. We need to put out an APB on a missing giraffe! Have you seen him? I mean, did the giraffe just dance down the street himself? What? It can happen.eating applesauce.png

Hallie comes back with applesauce in hand, and it doesn’t look like anything is missing. Well, it may be a bit hard to drag a dresser down the street unnoticed.sales sales sales.png

An hour left, and Hallie’s energy is getting in the red. Thankfully, Jazmin Hooker keeps Hallie’s mind on her sales and purchases the Wall-Mounted Clothes Rack with Shelf $240.last sale of the day.png

Our last sale of the day is Nancy Landgraab. You’d think she would be happy with her sale of the lovely Kindermade dresser $675. Look at the scrowl! It’s time for Nancy to go home.customers leaving the store.png

As the customers are leaving the store, Hallie could have sworn that she saw a giraffe walking along the sidewalk outside. But when she looks again, there is nothing there. I think Hallie is just over-tired and is seeing things. Don’t you agree?thurs sales.png

Hallie got 5 sales (Children’s Dresser-2 Male Outfit-1; Female Outfit-1; Coat Rack-0; Globetrotting End Table-1; The Sincerity (mirror)-1; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-1; Lucky Man Folded Laundry-0. She was open 13 hours. She earned 1,445 perk points.

~~~End Thursday, Day 4 – Hallie~~~

Author’s Note:

Well, I don’t even have to do any calculations today to know who the winner is. Yes, you guessed it, Hallie Western and Threads! So sorry, Hank. He put in the time for sure, but those sims just wanted to socialize and party in his store.

And now we have a potential shoplifter problem. Hallie has to let Hank know about this so he is warned, too.

Does anyone know the name of the giraffe in the the Sims 4? No? How can you put out an APB if you don’t even know the poor giraffe’s name! It’s Gary. Gary Giraffe. Do you know any other famous giraffes? Sure, you do! There’s MELMAN the Giraffe from Madagascar. Didn’t he escape from the zoo? Do you think that Gary may be related to Melman and escaped from the toy shop? Oh what a mystery…

Kaelyn Blanchard and Toy for Tots  are creations of BreeMiles available for download in the gallery. BreeMiles and Airis6962 are the creators of The Retail Store Challenge.

11 thoughts on “CH 6 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Sales Or No Sales

  1. Poor Hank. Hopefully he can make up those lost sales the next day.

    Don’t forget there’s another giraffe out there…and he likes TOYS. His name is Geoffrey. Oh wait. And there’s a Geoffrey Landgraab. Does Geoffrey Landgraab have a giraffe costume? The mystery continues!

    (Think TOYS R US)

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you so much for reading. Oh, I knew about Geoffrey from Toys-R-Us. The tie-in to the giraffe is in the forums where BreeMiles said that there was a thief in her store and a giraffe went missing. Good tie-in with Geoffrey Landgraab! hehe


  2. Poor Hank. I can’t believe he didn’t have one sale! At first, I thought perhaps it was the 50% mark-up but Hallie had it as well and did great. The giraffe was so funny! I hope he makes another appearance.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Rainy, Thanks for reading. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. I had him try so hard and a few times I thought, yes, sale….but, no, all they wanted to do was yak and socialize in his store. I kept it open as long as I could and then decided he wasn’t going to get any sales. There is a thread in The Retail Store Challenge Forum from BreeMiles about a thief and that a giraffe along with other items were missing from her toy store. So, I expanded on that one.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s so funny about the giraffe. I was wondering where you got the idea and thought it might be something like that. I’m really enjoying reading this. It’s fun!

        Liked by 1 person

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