Liebster Award Nomination – Retail Wars

Retail Wars – The Retail Store Challenge has been nominated for the Liebster Award 2017.  I am super excited and wanted to say thank you so very much. I am very honored. If anyone is interested in starting The Retail Store Challenge, you can find the rules HERE

Thank you so much to Joseph of LegacySims2017 for nominating me for this award. Please visit his fun site HERE I am currently following his House of Pancakes story featuring Bob and Eliza Pancakes. It is a fun story and with it has all the trials and tribulations of opening and owning your own restaurant. I love how he is writing this story, and often asks his readers to create sims to place in his story. I was fortunate to have one of my sims as part of the restaurant construction crew. This is the best part, I think, because it just adds to the excitement, especially if your sim is chosen to be in the story. It also draws the reader audience closer together. He updates twice on Sunday. He also has a legacy story, the Duckson Legacy, and a new story coming out shortly, a BuildNewCrest Story Challenge.

Questions I Am Answering:

LegacySims2017 Questions:

  1. What is your favorite breakfast meal? Normally, I grab a muffin for breakfast, but when I have a chance to have a sit-down breakfast, I love bacon and eggs and hash browns and toast. Eggs over-easy please. I also love pancakes.
  2. What is/was your favorite class in school? Maybe it was the teacher, but I really liked English. I was going to go through to get my B.A. in English, but the cost of the books deterred me, so I went into Anthropology instead.
  3. If you were confronted by a vampire and werewolf, which one would you let bite you? You can’t say both! How about neither? I am wearing a garlic necklace and carrying a gun loaded with a silver bullet! lol Oh wait, I don’t own a gun. Oh boy, I’m in trouble.
  4. What is your favorite movie trilogy or movie that has at least a sequel? Well, I really like the Hunger Games and have also read the books, also like the Divergent series. Yes, distopian societies. lol
  5. What is your favorite holiday? I would have to say Christmas. I need a room just to store all my Christmas decorations. And I love all the Christmas movies, Christmas songs….ok, Christmas.
  6. If you pick a season that would be all year round…would you pick winter, spring, summer, or fall? Why? Well, I currently live in Florida, so it’s summer all year round. But, being from Canada, I am a 4 seasons gal myself, and I really like fall. I love the colors of the leaves, the crispness in the air, the fall markets and fairs. Yes, fall is my favorite season.
  7. If you were magically able to turn one of your Sims from your story into a real life person and they would have the personality and traits you gave them in your story, which character would it be? Hmmm….that’s a hard question. On my original blogger site where I wrote the Murkland Challenge, I think Kate, because she is very determined to survive in a post-apocalyptic society, plus funny things just always happen to her.
  8. Have you ever played the original Sims version (The Sims 1)? Yes, played them all.
  9. Have you made an attempt to recreate yourself into a sim selfie? No, I am not that creative and also don’t use mods or cc.
  10. Have you made an attempt to recreate your real home into a sim home? No, I am seriously not a builder, I have a lot of problems with roofs.
  11. Maxis just gave you the power to tell them what the next Pack (Expansion, Game, or Stuff….your choice) will be. What would you have them design next? Seasons. I never had a chance to play it in Sims 3, but it looked like a lot of fun. I would also love to have more careers that you could work at, like in the Sims on-line with the waitress career. That was so much fun.

Questions I Am Asking:

  1. If you had your choice, what sim world would you like to see in an expansion pack?
  2. Who is your favorite pre-made sim character and why?
  3. What kind of pjs do you wear?
  4. What is your favorite current song?
  5. Coffee or Tea?
  6. If you won the lottery (big $$), you would…..
  7. Do you use mods or cc in sims?
  8. How did you get started blogging?
  9. What else do you do other than play The Sims?
  10. What was the last movie that you watched?
  11. Do you have any tips for writing a SimLit story?

My Nominations:

So many choices of wonderful blogs out there.

LisaBeeSims – I had previously nominated Lisa for The Sunshine Blogger Award, and I am now nominating her for The Liebster Award. One of the very first sites that I started following when she was writing her Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Challenge. I am now following her Bachelorette Challenge. Lisa really puts a lot of work into her writing and set-up for her stories. Plus, all her stories are family friendly. You won’t be disappointed, so follow her here

Perma22 – Bejeweled a wonderful Bachelor Challenge Story with twists and turns, and an on-site reporter doing the reporting. A great and fun read! Follow the story HERE

MyInnerSim – Runaway Teen story is a wonderful second story on her site. She successfully completed The Room Challenge. That challenge would take a lot of will power as you don’t socialize with anyone. It’s tough. She also has a u-tube channel. Follow her new story HERE

Skcaga6 – On The Hunt – this is truly a unique and wonderful story and deserves more attention. If you are a lover of mystery and suspense, this is the story for you. Follow it HERE

Rainy – Curses a new story on RainyDayzGamez. The intro alone is worth the read! Rainy has so many stories on the go, and I have no idea how she does it! She is an avid writer, and reader. Three cheers for Rainy who inspires us all!

17 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination – Retail Wars

  1. Thank you so much Soulgal! You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me. You made me cry! LOL I’ll start thinking about my responses to your questions right away. Also, Retail Wars totally earned its nomination. The House of Pancakes story sounds really neat I opened it in another tab so I don’t forget to check it out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, Rainy, if you don’t think you inspire people, you certainly do! And your writing, I can’t believe how you do it, how many chapters you write all the time. You are certainly amazing. I have trouble writing one chapter for one story, let alone chapters for multi-stories. That is why I am sadly behind in a lot of my stories. Screenies done, just no story. lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you again. I’ve always felt like my habit of jumping from one story to another was annoying. As to having screenies and no chapters… I write my chapters as soon as I have the screenshots done for them. If I waited they’d never get done!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Soulgal, thank you so so much for the nomination, this is the first award I have gotten and you have left me very excited! Thank you for your sweet words and support, they have really encouraged me while writing! Already starting to answer the questions…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination, that’s very kind of you. If I get chance, I’ll create a post.
    I actually started to read it and got distracted by the challenge rules and before I knew it I was planning a Let’s play video for the starter retail challenge 😂😂

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  4. This is an amazing challenge and will be trying it out with a sim that owns a museum I built! I found this blog via twitter retweet by MyInnerSim, can’t wait to start and congrats, will be happy to follow 🤗 🔴 J2J

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for reading Jess2Jess. I just saw her youtube channel, and I was so surprised that she mentioned me. She is so sweet. I was trying to help her with some ideas for her bakery, because at the start it is really hard making a profit. Oh, that would be great! Can’t wait for you to start a retail store, too. There is a link in the forums, too for The Retail Store Challenge, and everyone is very friendly. Thanks so much for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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