CH 7 WK 1 – Retail Wars – Isn’t It Romantic?

clip on tie.png

It’s Friday already. Hank gets to add a new item for sale! Yes, more choice! And, of course, with more choice, another layout change. I mean, seriously, haven’t we re-arranged the layout of this store every single day? 50% mark-up today. And, even more exciting, we also get to transfer funds to our home lot. Remember….the home lot….that place in Newcrest?

Hank had spoken to Hallie yesterday and she told him about a thief on the loose. No! Really?

She had also mentioned that the Romance Festival was tomorrow night, and that she was doing a special display. If Hank knew his sister, she would be setting up some type of lovey dovey wedding display. Hmmm…i have an idea.png

Not to be outdone by his sister, he had an idea of his own. Believe it or not, Hank knows a thing or two about weddings. No, no, he’s never been married, he’s just attended a gosh darn lot of them. And the best thing about weddings is the reception. So, Hank got on the phone and in a few hours, he had his store expanded with a new double-wide shipping container, and he had some rental items delivered.look at the room he has inside now.png

Inside his store, Hank now has room! And customers have more room! Look at all this space! This was a wise investment on his part. Hank did purchase an additional table and there is a little sale sign on each table now. He also installed some new lights. There was a box of mason jars sitting at the curb and he just took some electrical cord and made those cute little mason jar lights. It adds appeal to the store. Don’t you think?

There are 7 items for sale inside….and talking about appeal, just wait until you see the outside! And the new item!the grillmaster.png

A Bar-B-Q! Yes! The best thing about a wedding reception is the food. And what better food than bar-b-q? This is the new item that he has for sale for all the wanna-be backyard cooks out there. The lovely GrillWise by Grillmania, and he’s throwing in a bag of charcoal and lighter fluid with every purchase.outside items.png

But that’s only 8 items. What about the 9th item? To be honest, I almost replaced the Flower Power Light. I know, I know, it was cute, but no-one had bought one all week. But Hank may have an idea on this one, though, so he convinced me to let it stay another week.

Ok, and now for a tour of the wedding reception area. Are you excited?entrance.png

We start with the new entryway. I had to hand it to Hank, it looked pretty romantic to me. Oh, and Hank is going to change his hours today. Hank is going to be open from late afternoon and into the wee hours. Almost like a midnight madness sale. I read in the forums that you can get different customers if you open at different times. Let’s give it a try.

Now close your eyes for the transformed wedding reception area. No peeking.lovely oudoor space.png

Isn’t it great? Hank strung all those lights himself. He is so handy. At first, Hank had wanted picnic tables, but I convinced him to rent these tables. Hank thought it looked pretty snazzy.reception.png

lovely funtain.png

There’s even a little fountain and some music and a dance area.hank and his clip on tie.png

Oh, forgot to tell you, since it’s a wedding reception, Hank decided to dress up. Yep, put on his clip-on tie and everything. Does’t he look dreamy?grillingfor the reception.png

Hank really wanted to have bar-b-q for his reception, but he couldn’t afford a caterer. So, I suggested that he bar-b-q the food himself beforehand. He is such a natural on the grill and everything smells so yummy!

I wanted to tell you a neat trick I learned about the retail store. If you place the item for sale, you can’t use it. However, and this is the best part, if  you “set not for sale”, you can use the item. Which is exactly what Hank is doing. Bar-b-q’ing and then setting his new item for sale. Of course, he’ll clean it first before putting it back for sale. Plus, it’ll have that great bar-b-q smell built in.clean the bathroom.png

Hank is almost ready to open and then remembers he has to clean the bathroom. Ewwww! Look at it! Hank! When was the last time you cleaned in here?lots of room in his double wide.png

We’re Open! Everyone seems to love the new store layout. Look at all the sims who showed up the minute Hank opened!drooling over the bar b

And look at them – they’re practically drooling over the new bar-b-q.1st bar b q sale

And his first sale of the night is Bjorn Bjergsen. He purchased a bar-b-q $1,410. “Bjorn, you’re my number one customer.”*bar b q.png

Hank talks to Marcus Flex about possibly buying one, too, but Marcus is just window shopping. I actually think Marcus is outside near the food. He’s already had two burgers.

there might be hope for the little lite

Oh Natasha is looking at the little Flower Power lite. There might be hope! Oh please buy this!customers are loving the room.pngHank is busy all night long. Three customers have shopping baskets over their heads. Natasha Jensen never did buy the Flower Power Lite, but she does buy  a Wabbit Tablet $750

Colten Jensen buys The Slablet $1,500 and Krishna Gupta buys a Penguin television $412. Hank ends each sale with a warm thank-you and says to each of them “You’re my number one customer.”bar b q is popular.png

The bar-b-q is a popular item. This is Bjorn’s second bar-b-q purchase! “Bjorn, you ARE my number one customer!”a new customer.png

And a new customer, Nobuya Watanabe who purchases The Slablet $1,500.  “Nobuya, you’re my number one customer.”what is wrong.png

I am not sure what Marcus Flex is complaining about, but maybe it has something to do with the wedding theme? He is non-committal after all, or maybe he is having second thoughts about that and bemoaning the fact that he is still sign on the fritz.png

Oh oh! Hank’s open sign is on the fritz. Not too good when the sign on an electronics store is burned out.hank things the burned sign is funny.png

Hank actually thinks it’s pretty funny that his sign is burned out, so he decides to fix it.ont die on me hank.png

[Quickly hits save button before Hank fixes] Don’t die on me, Hank!fixed.png

Oh thank goodness, fixed and Hank is still alive!lots of sales.png

And Katrina Caliente is the last sale of the night with a Penguin television $412 “Katrina, Don’t you forget. You’re my number one customer!”*bathroom and bed

Hank had a fantastic wedding reception theme night. Great idea Hank. He is now going to “bust a move” to the closest restroom.

wow fri sales.png

Oh my plumbobs! Look at Hank’s sales today! Wowzers! Friday was a fantastic day! He was open 15 hours. 9 sales (Bar-b-q-2 (by the same person!); Wavescatter-0; Wabbit Tablet-1; The Slablet-3; Penguin television-2; Goldibox Gaming Console-1; Kaboom box-0; Digital camera-0; Flower Power Lite-0) Perk Points 1,940.

We have lots of simoleons to transfer to our house funds. I almost transferred the whole amount to the house funds, but then remembered that we have to keep $1,000 simoleons in the Retail Store funds, as per the rules. He made $15,875 for the week (plus the $500 he won at karaoke) for a grand total of $16,375.

However, there were expansion and decoration costs. Hank decided to keep some of the items because it spruced up the lot, but seriously, the fence alone cost $805 simoleons! He did keep some signs and has a total of 10 signs on his lot now. So, he is left with $11,701. I transfer $10,000 simoleons to the house fund. What a great start for the first week!

week 1 transfer.png


~~~End Friday, Day 5 – Hank~~~



With the Romance Festival on tomorrow night, Hallie had a brainstorm. She spent the entire night transforming her store into a wedding fantasy. Although not everything on display is for sale, there are now 9 items for sale, including the outfits on the mannequins. Today she also gets to do a 50% mark-up. Since this is a temporary display, the regular display items have been placed in her apartment. 4 additional retail signs were also purchased.

Hallie was very pleased with how her display turned out. Don’t you agree it’s fantastic? The mannequins are set in the flirty pose and outfits today are $ get everyone in the spirit Hallie dressed up.png

To get everyone in the mood for love, Hallie even dressed in a special gown for the occasion.complimentary drinks for her customers.png

And had complimentary punch for her you think she.png

I think that Hallie is a bit excited about today. What do you think?2 new items.png

There are also 2 replacement items, a vanity and a wine bottle holder. Let’s hope they are good sellers.waterfall.png

Hallie’s brand new item is a small water wall, which has been placed behind the sake of the day is mortimer.png

First sale of the day is Mortimer. I wonder what he will buy today? Mortimer buys her new item, the small water wall $720. Her new item actually proves to be quite popular.i would buy anything from you.png

Derrick Heurta can’t keep his eyes off of Hallie, but, darn he’s married. He also buys the small water wall.another dale.png

Lacy Kaplan buys the children’s dresser $675.getting lilys sale.png

Then, all of a sudden, everyone wants to be rung up. Lily Feng, surprisingly is quite taken with the wedding dress and buys one. She insists on putting it on right away.lily fng leaving in her outfit.png

Here is Lily Feng leaving the store….and oh my gosh…she is actually smiling. Maybe she is going to renew her vows at the Romance Festival. How day she would be the bride.png

Hallie is dressing the mannequin thinking…always a bridesmaid, never a bride….nahhh….it’ll happen….hallie is so pretty.png

I mean look how pretty Hallie looks today.geoffrey is trying on a wedding outfit.png

Oh look! Geoffrey Landgraab is trying on the male wedding outfit. He looks quite dashing. But, he decides not to buy it. Ahhh….too bad.mila is back definitely a shop a holic.png

The store is packed. And there, in the center of it all, is Mila, admiring the wedding dress. Does she long to get married again? I wonder where her husband is. Mila does end up buying something, but it’s the Globetrotting end table $165.  The last sale of the day is Geoffrey Landgraab, who purchases the wall mounted coat rack with shelf $240.admiring it one last time

After everyone leaves, Hallie takes a last look around at her wedding display. Tonight is going to be a long night taking everything down. She will have to do another theme again. She certainly enjoyed the change.sometimes owning a retail store is tough.png

But first, oh plum, there’s a toilet to fix. Nothing like repairing the toilet in your evening gown. Sometimes it’s hard being a retail store owner.

friday sales.png

Hallie got 9 sales (Small Waterwall-4; Wine Bottles-0; Children’s Dresser-1; Male Outfit-0; Female Outfit-2; Vanity-0; Globetrotting End Table-1; The Sincerity (mirror)-0; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-1. She was open 15 hours. She earned 1,820 perk points.

Wine Bottles replaced the Lucky Man Folded Laundry – Vainglorius Vanity replaced the Coat Rack

She made $13,808 for the week (plus the $500 she won at karaoke) for a grand total of $14,308.

Hallie returned all the decoration items, so no cost there. She was tempted to keep one of the floral arrangements, but they were $600 simoleons each. I did buy her 2 outdoor lights, and 3 more signs, so she has a total of 10 signs now. So, she is left with $12,610. I transfer $10,000 simoleons to the house fund. She could have transferred more, but I kept it the same as Hank’s.

threads wk transfer.png

~~~End Friday, Day 5 – Hallie~~~

Author’s Note:

Winner of Friday’s sales is Hank and Wild West Electronics. What a fantastic sales day for Hank. Certainly made up for Thursday’s sales. Hank certainly had made more than Hallie, but with the renovation costs and keeping some of the “theme” objects, Hallie actually came out ahead. Perhaps she didn’t need to spruce up her space as much as Hank did.

Hank did have more perk points at 1,940 versus Hallie’s at 1,820 perk points. I wonder what Hank’s secret is to getting those perk points? Perhaps his great way with customers?

Yes, Hank has great salesman skills and he learned from the best. Can anyone guess what movie that line is from “You’re my number one customer”? No? It’s from the movie Jingle All the Way said by Arnold Schwarzenegger as the character Howard Langston.



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