CH 8 – Retail Wars – Saturday – Last Day of Week 1


The rental truck came bright and early to haul away all the wedding theme reception items. Hank did decide to keep a few of the items, though, as it made his backyard look better. He had a lot of fun last night and hopefully once the store closed tonight, he would be able to leave his retail store behind and get out and have some fun himself.

It was Saturday. Last day of the retail week with a 100% mark-up. 9 items to sell. 10 sale signs. He really hopes he does as well today as he did yesterday.suddenly appear like a bus drops them off.png

And suddenly out of nowhere, when he opens his store, all these sims appear. Just dropped out of the sky. Or, like a bus just dropped them off in the middle of the desert and they just had to (yes, HAD to), come to Hank’s electronics store to shop. Yes, desert shopping tours…complimentary bottled water included. It’s all the rage right now.enthuse about store.png

Once they get in the store, Hank loses no time and “enthuses about store”. Did Geoffrey Landgraab almost fall over from all the excitement?sale 1.png

Four hours after he opens, he makes his first sale. Yes, Geoff, buddy, old pal. Geoffrey Landgraab buys the Average Digital Camera $1,340.hank in action.png

Hank is so smooth….nothing is going to stop him today getting 2.png

Right after Geoffrey, Moira Fyres purchases a Penguin Television $ gym trainer sweet.png

Oh , look who came for a visit. Hank’s gym trainer. Sweet! You see it does pay to go to the gym! And did I tell you she’s single?marcus is so enthused the gym trainer is here.png

Marcus Flex decides to buy the Average Digital Camera as well $1,340. I think he is going to “flex” and take some pics of his pecs in the mirror. Oh gee! I just notice that Hank’s gym trainer’s muscles look like Marcus’ muscles. Uhhh….Hank has a shirt on, so don’t compare his!stocking stocking.png

Hank gives the customers some space and does some restocking. 4 hours to go.hank doing sales from inside the bathroom.png

Now this was weird. Hank is standing in the restroom making this sale with Natasha. The man will do anything for a sale. Natasha purchases The Slablet $2,000.strange.png

Here’s a better pic. See? He’s inside the restroom. I think I may have to move that table. First time that has happened.gym trainer buys something.png

And last but not least, his sweet gym trainer buys a Wabbit Tablet $1,000. Hank wants to get to know her better and does that interaction, and notices that there is a Move In option as well. Wow! Those two are really getting along.and there they go off to their shopping bus somewhere in the desert.png

Well, there is the bus honking, taking all the customers back to their mundane homes until they get to go “desert shopping” again. Thanks for stopping at Wild West Electronics on your desert shopping tour.he can eat his cocopuffs in peace.png

Hank can finally relax and eat his Cocoa Puffs in peace. Hank wonders if his gym trainer would think Cocoa Puffs is a good health food.

sat sales.png

A great day for Hank! Hank sold 5 items. He was open 14 hours. 9 sales (Bar-b-q-0; Microscatter-0; Wabbit Tablet-1; The Slablet-1; Penguin television-1; Goldibox Gaming Console-0; Kaboom box-0; Digital camera-2; Flower Power Lite-0) Perk Points 2,245.

~~~End Saturday, Day 6 – Hank~~~

back to reg store.pngHallie had a late night putting away all the theme wedding items and re-arranging the store. She hoped the new layout would help with her customer flow, as they always seemed to congregate in one place.other side.pngToday was Saturday, and her mark-up was 100%. Outfits today are random outfits $350. Nine items to sell. 10 sale signs.right away.pngWe’re Open! Two customers enter the store right away. She decided at the last minute to change the woman’s outfit.katrina tries on outfit.pngKatrina Caliente tries on an outfit. She is super excited about it. I secretly think that Katrina wants to be a fashionista or a super model.hallie was going to use close the deal.pngMore customers are arriving, but no sales as begging for a sale.pngThe hour is getting late and she still has no sales. I had Hallie chat up Khloe Burger and even did a “beg for sale”. Mortimer was looking at Hallie a bit funny, and I think he may have felt sorry for her, because….morti comes through with a sale.pngMortimer comes through with a sale. Finally. Her first sale! Mortimer buys the Vainglorius Vanity $910. Her “beg for sale” didn’t work on Khloe, but it may have sympathetically worked on ne buying her outfts.pngBut then Khloe Burger purchases a Kindermade dresser $900. So, did her “beg for sale” work?GEOFFREY SHOPPING AGAIN.pngGeoffrey is up-dating his image and purchases an outfit $350.PRETTY HAPPY WITH HIS OUTFIT.pngHe looks pretty good in this outfit. It is definitely a Geoffrey design.tries on utfit.pngSo many of the ladies have tried on the woman’s outfit, but none are buying. Perhaps Hallie should try to “close the deal”. Let’s see if Jazmin Hooker is ready to buy.hallie tries close the deal nope.pngOh that’s not good. Awkward! You get a negative on their blue buying bar if they don’t agree to close the deal. But Hallie is fearless, and tries again.lily feng also trying on outfit.pngOh look, it’s Lily Feng. I wonder if she is ready to buy.clsoe the deal.pngI try “close the deal” on Lily Feng. She looks shocked at the suggestion.i dont think so.pngOoops! That was a big NO. Oh well, Hallie tried. It’s pretty late anyway, an there are no more shopping baskets above anyone’s head. So she decides to close. That’s it, she’s done for the night. It has been a long day. bad day of sales.png

Hallie got 3 sales (Small Waterwall-0; Wine Bottles-0; Children’s Dresser-1; Male Outfit-1; Female Outfit-0; Vanity-1; Globetrotting End Table-0; The Sincerity (mirror)-0; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-0. She was open 14 hours. She earned 2,190 perk points.

Hallie is so happy she has a day off tomorrow. She is having breakfast with Hank to talk about their retail stores. One day off with so much to do.

~~~End Saturday, Day 6 – Hallie~~~

Author’s Note:

Saturday’s winner is Hank Western and Wild West Electronics! Hank, you’re on a roll! Electronics are proving very profitable as a retail store. Fashion…maybe not so much. Where are the designer handbags? The shoes? The expensive Oscar de la Renta dresses? Why are the outfits only a maximum of $350 simoleons? Why can’t the amount go up by adding accessories? These are questions that Hallie and I want to know. Hallie has to do something to get those sales in. But I have a plan….I mean…errr…Hallie has a plan for next week to get some more sales.

Did you see her begging for a sale? Hallie will use every trick in the book to get those simoleons rolling in next week. She is very determined to win this competition.

Stats Week 1 – Hank Western and Wild West Electronics:

It is really not that Hank is a better salesperson, it’s that his items are higher priced. Hank sold a total of 35 items for week 1. Hank has 2 slow mover items, the Kaboom box and the Flower Power Light with no sales. No items were replaced during the week and the new Friday item was a bar-b-q. Top 3 items sold at the store: #1- The Slablet; #2-Penguin Television, #3-Wavescatter.

Stats Week 1 – Hallie Western and Threads:

Hallie is selling more items, but not making as much. Hallie sold a total of 66 items for week 1. Hallie has 1 slow mover, the wine bottle holders with no sales. Two items were replaced the Lucky Man Folded Laundry was replaced by the wine bottle holders, and the coat rack was replaced by the Vainglorious Vanity. The new Friday item was a small waterwall. Top 3 items sold at the store: #1-Woman’s outfit; #2-Kindermade Dresser; #3-Men’s Outfit.

Well, this is the end of week 1 of the challenge. It certainly had it’s ups and downs. Either Hank or Hallie could win this. I have no control over the sims who purchase items, so it’s all random.

There are actually bus shopping tours with many bus tour companies.  There is one in Phoenix, Arizona that provides complimentary bottled water. I just think it’s hilarious that when Hank opens his store, that sims just appear out of nowhere. When Hallie’s store opens, they arrive in a normal fashion, not dropped out of the sky.

15 thoughts on “CH 8 – Retail Wars – Saturday – Last Day of Week 1

  1. All of Hank’s customers remember they are his number one customer! Maybe Hank should wear a sleeveless western shirt. That might get his trainer’s attention in the store more (cause he might have competition in Marcus returns). LOL

    I felt bad for Hallie. She tried so hard to get sales. Those were nice outfits for the women as well. Jazmin and Lily were silly not to but them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading illusie. I know, I thought it is so funny that all these sims sort of get dumped right outside of Hank’s store, so the thought of a desert shopping tour came up and my mind went from there.


  2. For some reason I thought that you had similarly priced items in both stores. That is funny about the sims just appearing at Hank’s store. All of them coming at once must make it more stressful. I’m learning so much about retail in Sims reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rainy, Thanks for reading. Well, in Hank’s store, electronics is definitely the way to go, as it can make lots of simoleons. But if you stick strictly to “fashion”, the items are all low priced and nowhere near what electronics are selling for in buy mode. But it’s all fine and fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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