Ch. 1.7 – Robinson Collab Legacy – Toddler Mania

oh help we need to corral them in.png

Are you ready for the insanity? Well, you already read about the house download fiasco…what else could go wrong?

The twins aged up to Toddlers! Nooo….. There was no swirling around with the lights or anything. They just grew out of the ground. It was so strange. This is actually the first time that I had a baby age up to toddler, so the first time I saw this. Look at those robot kids! Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto! Kengo, though, seems happy in the background, laughing it up.cute.png

The first step….OMG they are cute! This is Zoey and I rolled the Charmer trait for her.oh oh the messes start.png

And this is Chloe…..little messmaker already! I rolled the Independent trait for her. As soon as she took her first step….boom…out comes some paint. Where did that come from? Ummm….Kengo..get off the phone….your darling daughter has paint in her hand.where did u get that paint.png

Of course, Chloe is oblivious to this, and it’s like…la-di-da…I love making a mess. I am painting the lawn.zoey giving hugs.png

Meanwhile, we have the angel child, Zoey giving Elly a hug.  Ahhhh…..ANGEL IN DADS EYES.png

And Daddy a hug….she is such a loveable lil toddler!HAVING FUN W PAINT.png

And her sister is still painting the lawn…..OFF TO WORK.png

It’s time for Elly to head to work. Look at that great smile! I would be happy, too, leaving those two in Daddy’s hands.  Ha! Ha! Have a good day! lolREADING A BOOK.png

And Chloe….well, we all know what Chloe is doing…. Oh wait! She stopped! Kengo’s club was over when they aged up, and Chloe goes over to Baako Jang and wants a story read. Ok, good, she has other interests, other than painting the lawn.ZOEY SAD MOMMY LEFT FOR WORK.png

Oh my gosh! Look at that face when Elly leaves. Zoey is so sad!house easy to expand.png

And here is their new house! Called First House – Family. And I do apologize because I didn’t write down the person who made it, and now I can’t find it again. I did change a few things and replace a few items. Doesn’t Elly’s garden look great? And Kengo’s easel is on the front lawn. I chose this house because it will be easy to expand onto, and I am keeping it a one-level home.surprise elsie by making dinner.png

I have Kengo work on his cooking skills…so inspired in his new home.png

…and painting skills while Elly is at work.night gardening.png

Even expecting, Elly has time to work on her garden.splice of life.png

Elly levels up in her gardening skill! Woot!so tired in garden.png

Poor Elly. She is so tired after working all day. I think she is going to take a nap in the garden and call it a night.




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