CH 9 – Retail Wars – Sunday – Week 2 – Hatching A New Plan

nice diner.pngHallie had really wanted to have breakfast at a new restaurant that was opening, Bob’s Breakfast*, owned by Eliza and Bob Pancakes, but unfortunately, it was only opening next Sunday. But not to worry, Hank said he had a place in mind.

Hank and Hallie arrived almost at the same time. And, Hallie thought the restaurant looked surprisingly nice. Not like the normal greasy spoons that Hank thought were “fine dining”. Of course, Hank had never eaten here either, he just used SimYelp on his cell phone to find the best food, cheap price, restaurant in town. The restaurant was called Rise N Shine.hank saw his frind Geoffrey and went over to say hi.pngIt was a busy place and they both recognized a lot of their customers. Hank had to go over and say hello to Geoffrey Landgraab.a vision.pngWhile they waited to be seated, they chatted about their stores.  Then, Hallie said she had a vision! A new store layout! Hank was wondering what the heck his sister was talking about, and then he realized….oh yah, another theme display. Hallie asked Hank if he was up to the challenge of a new store layout?

Well, heck, yah….Hank was! And so the challenge was issued that there would be a theme day on Friday. Hank agreed, already excited about the idea. He had really enjoyed the wedding reception theme he had come up with. Then Hallie said it would be a ….oh my plumbobs! Can those sims at the next table not be so boisterous….I missed what the theme would be. Hank was smiling, though, almost confidently. It must be a good one!an idea.pngWhen they were seated, Hank had his own idea for a challenge and put in a counter-challenge. Hank would present Hallie with an item to sell in her store, the same item he would have to sell.  The sim who sold the most of that item would have to …..well ….shucks, I didn’t hear the rest of that challenge…did you? I guess we will find out on Friday. Well, Friday will certainly be an exciting day!eliza waitress.pngHallie did the ordering, a short stack and coffee for Hank and Eggs and Toast and an expresso for Hallie. Turns out Eliza Pancakes is their waitress. Oh, she must be practicing for her restaurant.hak wasted no time.pngBreakfast is served and Hank wasted no time ploughing into his pancakes.sales 4 the store.pngHank seemed to be reading a lot about advertising. Word-of-mouth and repeat customers only work so much. Hank was thinking about trying some advertising, and Hallie thought that was a good idea, too. Oh, and he wanted to know if Hallie was going to eat that, because he was still hungry….umm…Hank, remember, the sales.pngHallie said that working those long hours was really tiring. And, often, she worried about leaving the sales floor, especially with a thief in town. Hallie had thought about hiring some sales staff. Hmmm….Hank might think about that, too. Some days were busier than to go about the day.pngHank also felt that maybe they should adjust their store hours to only work a maximum of 9 hours a day. Hallie thought about that, and said that maybe they should work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday for 9 hours, and then a bit longer on Thursday and Friday, say 12 hours on those days. Hank said that they should TRY to reduce their hours, but if he had a last minute sale, he wasn’t going to close the doors on anyone. Hallie said that was a good point. So, although they couldn’t quite agree on this point, they did agree to reduce their working hours somewhat, sort of, maybe. willoe creek breakfast.pngWith that settled, they each paid their half of the bill and gave each other a hug and left the restaurant. They wandered off, both lost in their own thoughts. Hallie was already thinking about her sales staff ad that she was going to place, and Hank was thinking about where he could go for some lunch.oh hank.pngHank actually decided to visit the gym. He, too, had noticed that he was packing on some pounds. He tried the punching bag first. poor hank.pngThen he went to the weights. Oh my gosh, these things were heavy.gym trainer was meaner than me.pngThe gym trainer came over and mentored him in his work-out. Wow! She is a drill sergeant, but Hank secretly enjoyed the attention.even off duty she still exercised with me.pngHer shift ended, but she continued to work-out with him. Hank found out her name was Kaye Pollock, and they became fast friends.almost sad when he had to leave.pngEven with her “green aura”, Kaye was still the prettiest sim Hank had ever seen. A girl after his own heart, she was talking about grabbing some lunch and wondered if Hank would like to join her. Oohh…..sounds like a plan!hallie library.pngHallie proceeded to the library and placed an on-line ad for some sales staff and almost immediately someone applied. She decided to hire them and they would report to work tomorrow.  With that done, she decided to look for a book on business. Maybe she would even find one on how to run a retail store.bumped into someone at the library.pngHallie was so engrossed at looking at the book titles that she accidentally bumped into another sim. His name was Genji Murakami. He was a Space Ranger at SpaceY and Hallie and Genji talked all afternoon. yhey spent the afternoon chatting.pngThey even played some chess together. Hallie did win, but she was thinking that maybe Genji wasn’t fully concentrating on the game.he left.pngBy dinnertime, he had to head off and Hallie wondered if she would see him again. I think that Genji is thinking the same thing!

~~~Retail Wars~~~

Author’s Note:

The above challenges (theme day and adding a competitive sales item), are not part of the official The Retail Store Challenge. I think I am watching too much of The Great Food Truck Challenge with those “speed bumps” (challenges) they always have. Anyway, I thought this would be a fun twist.

So….it looks like Hank and Hallie are thinking that there might be other things to do rather than working in the retail store all the time. They may have other…ahem…pursuits in mind. Maybe by the names of Kaye and Genji? Do you think there might be something there? I guess we will see what happens. Stay focused you two, the competition isn’t over yet!

Be sure to read all about Bob’s Breakfast restaurant in Legacy Sims’ House of Pancakes story.

Thanks to Silverfairy31 for creating the great restaurant used in the story. Rise ‘N’ Shine! Available for download in the gallery. I only realized too late that the inside wall paint was from a pack I didn’t have, and so I forgot to repaint those walls another color. But, the restaurant still looks great!rise n shine.png


10 thoughts on “CH 9 – Retail Wars – Sunday – Week 2 – Hatching A New Plan

  1. Aww, I like that they got to have some quality time together 🙂
    I love the idea of them both selling the same item to see who sells the most 🙂 I can’t wait to see what the item is and what Friday’s theme will be.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading. Yes, I just wanted to make a mini challenge for them. Also keeps the story interesting, I think. I have no idea if they will even sell 1 of these items, but we shall see how it goes.

      Liked by 1 person

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