CH 10 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Hired Help

store layour.pngHank isn’t the only one who can have a store expansion. Hallie had secretly hired a contractor who arrived on Saturday night once the store had closed. And in just one day, they had knocked down a wall, built another wall, relocated the restroom and painted. Whew! I’m exhausted just writing about it. But, it was so perfect!store expansion.pngThe new cash register area counter and lamps were delivered early this morning. Everything looked so fresh and new! Plus, look, Hallie has business cards now!gorgeous space.pngHallie loved all the new space. I re-located the small waterwall behind the cash area to provide a focal point. I also bought her 2 pictures for the wall, just $5 simoleons each, the Guitar Necking Wall Decal. Those colors just went so well with the store. Don’t you agree? her small apartment.pngHer apartment was really small now, but that was fine. I looked at another simmer’s apartment (KaraBaby52), in their retail store, and it was small, too. So, decided to do a reno, as she needed more retail floor space. Hallie had actually taken some advice from Grant Forest, owner of the S’More Camping Gear bathroom.pngHere’s her new bathroom. A bit larger than the old one, but still pretty plain. She will spruce that up a bit because there is only one bathroom in the store.

monday hallie bills.png

But before she can begin, she gets the “pay the bills” notification. Not bad for an empty lot, I guess. Must be for grass cutting because Hallie has nothing on her lot. Hallie pays the bills right away so she doesn’t forget. Ok, so I don’t forget.paying the bills wk 1.pngYesterday, after her breakfast with Hank, she had put an on-line job notice up for sales staff and hired a new employee to start today.

I read in the forums to hire staff when the store is closed, not open, or they may not show up for work that day. So, Hallie hired a new employee Sunday to start on Monday. 1st employee.pngMeet Maki Suzuki. She was the least expensive employee to choose from @ $24/hour. I also read in Carl’s Guide not to have an employee work more than 9 hours. This works rather well since Hallie and Hank had decided to only open 9 hours on certain days (well, sort of). If Hallie is open longer, there is an interaction between Hallie and the employee to “allow to clock out early”. Then it won’t incur more costs for the store.

Maki’s skills are 1 in Maintenance and Sales and 3 in Work Ethic. Maintenance has to do with restocking and Work Ethic is whether they will slack off or not. Her pay is $24/hour. Let’s hope that Hallie made a good choice with hiring Maki. Don Lothario had also applied for the job!OPEN SIGN.pngHallie is ready to open. Week 2 – Monday.  I bought her a new “Open” sign for her door. She has 10 signs, 5 outdoor and 5 indoor, including a small sign on top of the coffee table. Price Mark-up 5%welcome maki.pngI had designed a store uniform, which had a purple shirt, but somehow Maki came to work in this uniform. Ok, well, will change that tomorrow. At least she showed up for work! Hallie greeted her and then assigned her a task. There are 4 work tasks you can assign your employees: 1-clean store, 2-restock sold goods, 3-answer customers’ questions or 4-ring up customers. At first Hallie assigns Maki “clean store”, but there is nothing to clean, so she assigns “answer customer’s questions”. I read in Carl’s Guide that it is best to ring up sales yourself to get perk points.busy store.pngWe’re open! And as soon as the doors open, the store is crowded. Maki seems to be doing well, and has gone over to chat with a customer right together they must be buds.pngGeoffrey Landgraab and Mortimer Goth are shopping together, and Geoffrey tries on the male outfit. He seems very happy with the choice! Outfits today are $183 simoleons. Later, Mortimer buys this outfit!1st sale mon.pngOur first sale of the day, Anne Hooker buys an outfit $183.2 more sales.pngTwo more sales waiting to be rung up, and I hurry over to Maki and re-direct her to “re-stock sold goods”. Mortimer Goth purchases the Wine bottle holder for $546 and Jazmin Hooker purchases a Children’s dresser $472.told her to restock she restocked.pngOh good! Hallie told Maki to restock and that is exactly what she is doing! Yeah Maki!going well.pngI am actually glad I have Maki helping today, because Hallie has another sale, and she would really have no time to stock. Derrick Huerta purchases the Vainglorius Vanity $477.really an asset to the store.pngOnce Hallie finishes that sale, I have her go over to “praise” Maki for doing such a good job restocking.

Hallie gets some more sales, and Maki continues re-stocking. Jeremiah Kaplan buys an outfit $183; and Khloe Burger buys an outfit $183.maintenance rev.pngMaki is becoming quite efficient at restocking and gets another skill point! Yes!wine bottles seem very popular today.pngThe sales just keep coming in, and it’s good that Maki re-stocked the wine bottle holder, because Lily Feng just can’t resist and purchases one, and shortly afterwards, so does Anne Hooker $546. Good simoleons for such a small item! Those wine bottle holders are popular today!oh a casual date.pngAnd just when Hallie is closing up, she gets a call from Genji! Ooh…he wants to go to the Humor and Hijinks Festival with her! How can Hallie resist? Hallie loves festivals and now that she is not working 14 hours days, she can maybe….have a social life? She agrees to meet him there.happy he invited herHallie and Genji join the Jokesters, and they are leading. She is so happy that he invited her. I think Genji is happy she is here too. What do you think?geoffrey landgraab.pngUmmm…did Geoffrey Landgraab join the Pranksters? Guess the jokes on him!this was funny.pngOh Funny! Mortimer joined them, too, and they are all full of soot!making friends.pngHallie is having fun and making lots of new friends. Hopefully she will see them in her shop.jokesters win.pngAnd the Jokesters win! And look, she wins more simoleons to put towards her store!fireworks yeah now.pngThe fireworks are spectacular! What a great night and what a fun end to a wonderful day!monday wk 2When I took this screen shot, it didn’t give me the wages, but it gave me the hours worked. Then I did it again, and the wages are there, but not the hours worked.threads monday revised wk 2 salesHallie got 12 sales (Small Waterwall-1; Wine Bottles-3; Children’s Dresser-2; Male Outfit-2; Female Outfit-2; Vanity-2; Globetrotting End Table-0; The Sincerity (mirror)-0; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-0. She was open 11 hours. She earned 2,135 perk points.

Sales for the Day: $2,062/11 hours = $187.45 per hour

Even though I tried to close at 9 hours, she had 2 sales at the last minute, so kept it open until they were done and ended up with 11 hours. I guess she only told Maki to leave when she was at 10 hours, as the wages are ($240).

~~~End Monday, Day 1 – Week 2 – Hallie~~~

no changes to hanks store.png

No changes to Hank’s store, although I did move that table from one wall to another so Hank doesn’t have to go into the restroom to make a sale.

what do I owe $54 for

Hank gets his bills and what… $54? He owns the exact same lot that Hallie does. What the heck? Why are his bills $54 and hers only $31? No justice! Unfair taxing! Corrupt city officials….oh…sorry, Hank was just venting…. Back to the retail store… (But seriously, why are his $54 and hers only $31 and they both have nothing on their lots — it’s makes no simsense at all!)


Late last night, Hank remembered he had some texts from some applicants for the sales position. All these sims wanted big wages, except Don Lothario. Hank decided to go with Bobbie Vela, so let’s hope she shows up. Hank basically hired her because she had a level 4 in sales. She has a 2 in Work Ethic and 1 in Maintenance. Her pay is $31/ she is.png

And she shows up! Bonus points! But, she is not in the uniform that I created. I will have to figure that one out.well see how u do.png

Hank assigns her “answer customer’s questions”. We’ll see how she does on her first day.standing around yakking.png

All morning there are no sales. I really don’t want Hank to have another “Thursday no sale day”. He does a routine check on Bobbie, and this is her answer.check up on her.png

Pay you MORE? I don’t think so. You just started and you haven’t done anything yet!culture

It is so slow in the store today and he figures that he will definitely be closing at 9PM. All, of a sudden, he gets a call from his friend, Erika. Oh? An opera? Well, maybe he can close earlier to go to that. Hank has never gone to an opera before.letting her go early.png

It is still slow in the afternoon, and, of course, Bobbie decides to check messages on her phone, so…Hank has to “berate her for slacking”. I decide that maybe it would be a good idea to have Hank let her clock out early. Of course, as soon as I have Hank do that, there is a 2 mon wk 2.png

It’s 3pm and Hank has his first sale! Colten Jensen purchased a Wabbit Tablet $525. Then, another sim wants to be rung up…finally a sale at 3pm.png

Tetsu Maeda purchases a Goldibox Gaming Console $ gym in store on utube.png

Ummm….then we get a floor show…or maybe it’s a competition. I’m not sure, but I see Colten taping this for his YouTube channel.2 more sales mon hank.png

And two more sales. It’s Tetsu again! He really needed to “go”, but at one point, I had to lock the bathroom door because all the sims were congregating in there yakking, including my sales staff! Hank comes over to ring up the sale before Tetsu has an accident. He buys a Penguin television $288 and then does the pee-pee dance out of there. Moira Fyres purchases an average digital camera $703.another sale.png

Hank is chatting with customers, ringing up sales and re-stocking. Just like old times. By himself. Katrina Caliente purchases the Wavescatter $252. Hank has two more sales to finish and he ends up closing the store after 12 hours. So much for just staying open 9 hours it bad that Hank is thinking of hiring someone else to replace Bobbie.png

Is it awful that Hank is thinking of maybe getting a replacement sales staff? Bobbie really didn’t gain any skills today and he had to berate her for slacking. She is very satisfied, but heck, she did nothing and Hank had her clock out early. Maybe he should have hired Don Lothario…

And, ah shucks….he missed the opera…

mon wk 2 hank

Above, are the hours he worked. And then below, the final profit, without the hours.hank sales mon wk 2.png

He was open 12 hours. 7 sales (Bar-b-q-0; Wavescatter-1; Wabbit Tablet-2; The Slablet-0; Penguin television-1; Goldibox Gaming Console-2; Kaboom box-0; Digital camera-1; Flower Power Lite-0) Perk Points 2,505.

Sales for the Day: $2,013/12 hours = $167.75 per hour

~~~End, Monday, Week 2, Monday – Hank~~~

Author’s Note:

Winner of Monday’s sales is Hallie Western and Threads. The difference was less than $20 simoleons! Both Hallie and Hank had their sales staff “clock out early”; however for Hallie it was at 10 hours and Hank was 7 hours. I think that Hallie may have the better sales staff. For today anyway.

Hallie was so pleased with her new store hours that allowed her to attend the Humor and Hijinks Festival with Genji. Hank was invited to an opera, but because of lagging sales in the morning, he had to make up time in the afternoon, and so missed the opera. Hank doesn’t seem like an opera-type guy to me. Although you never know! Hank does like music. See what he missed below. (Personally, I really like this version.)

Giacomo Puccini, Musetta’s Waltz from La bohème, from the movie Moonstruck.


11 thoughts on “CH 10 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Hired Help

  1. It’s weird how it doesn’t show up the wages right, mine didn’t show the restocking price so I don’t know if I was even charged for it lol.
    Ooh, they both have a member of staff already. They’re both doing so good 🙂
    Maki is definitely a better worker than Bobbie and she gets paid less lol

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi, yes, I know, you would think that they would have a final financial sheet with everything, including the hours, so that is weird. So, I have to do 2 screenshots now. I think it’s the same for the restocking. When you close, it shows one thing, then you go in and it shows another thing. At first, I thought, oh, there is a glitch, it doesn’t show the wages. Then I realized how it was done. So, that is so weird.

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  2. Don just wants to see more of Hallie. And he knows Hank is her brother. So he applied for both jobs to see if he could at least get one…lol! I think Hank should ditch Bobbie for Don in my humble opinion.

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