CH 11 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Advertising Rush

great idea in her pjs.png

Hallie is up bright and early. She just couldn’t sleep, she was so excited! Today, she was going to purchase some advertising for her store.

And so in her pjs, she purchases a short term television ad for $600 simoleons. Oh, but that’s not all! She also decides to use some of her perk points to purchase the Serious Shopper perk (1,300 perk points), the faster checkouts (small) perk (450 perk points) and the stunning sign perk (150 perk points). She felt so good about today. With her great sales staff, Maki, she knows that today is going to be fantastic!ad choices.png

Serious Shopper perk makes customers more likely to want something when first entering your store by starting their bars at around 1/3 full. Overall one of the best Retail Perks for making sales, and that’s what running a business is all about! Given that the higher the bar, the more likely they will buy something without you doing anything, this will ultimately lead to more sales and cut back on the time you need to interact with the customers you do choose to pursue.

Faster Checkouts (small) “Boosts the rate your Sim and all other household members can check out customers by 33%, bringing the time down to 20 minutes from 30. Overall a great perk for the price, and one you should snag early – the pricier version of this perk brings it to 15. You can make up the lost points easily over time, while converting more attempts to check out into completed sales.” (both quotes from Carl’s Guide)pj day today.png

It’s pj day today and the mannequins are dressed in their pj best.male outfit.png

You can also see what the Stunning Sign looks like, which is the green $ sign on the wall. The one below is My first simoleon, which Hallie purchased after her first day. Tuesday mark-up is 15%. Outfits are $201 simoleons.pj day.png

We’re open! Almost immediately, we get a flock of gals heading over to the female mannequin and trying on pjs. Look at how cute Mila Munch looks in them. Buy Mila! Buy!male pjs.png

Derrick Huerta is trying on the male pjs. They really suit him.where is my sales clerk.png

It is really getting busy in here. Then I notice something. Where is Maki, the sales clerk? She hasn’t shown up yet. What has happened to Hallie’s great sales clerk?4 hours past hallie tues.png

Four hours have passed and Hallie gets her first sale. Khloe Burger purchases the Vainglorius Vanity $523. Oh, and now there’s a shopping basket over Mila’s head. Where is Maki? Why didn’t she show up today? Mila buys The Sincerity $109.lily feng looks so cute in pjs mila what the.png

More shopping baskets. Poor Hallie has to now stock and do all the sales by herself. And the store is so busy since she is running the television ad. Lily Feng looks cute in the pjs and look at the funny expression on Mila’s face. I laughed when I saw it.3 people have shopping baskets.png

Oh my gosh! It is super busy now and Hallie is desperately trying to get to all the sales before they go in the red, or she loses any. Thank goodness she bought the faster checkout (small) with her perk points. Hallie can barely keep up. Derrick does purchase an outfit as does Mortimer $201, and Anne purchases a small waterwall $551 new customer oh no.png

As Hallie is heading over to ring up Lacy’s sale, a brand new customer enters the store. Oh no! How can she greet a new customer and ring up all these waiting sales? Lacy purchases a honeycomb bottle holder $597. All great sales, but she could really use some help. And where is Maki? She thought she really was a great sales clerk. How could this happen? No notice. Nothing!maki laughing at me.png

And then I see her. There on the street. Do you see her, too? It’s Maki! Yes, Maki, the sales clerk, just standing outside the store. Look in the window of the store, Maki,  and see how packed it is in there. Why weren’t you at work today?cant believe my sales clerk.png

Oh my plumbobs! Maki actually comes in the store to shop! Hallie can’t believe it!

Hallie: “Maki, you were supposed to work today. What happened?”

Maki: “Oh, I was? I thought I was off today. I must have read the schedule wrong.”what the heck

Hallie: “Ummm…..ok….. Well, you only get Sunday off. Tomorrow is a work day.”

Maki: “Oh,, of course. Wouldn’t miss it.”walls are bare.png

The store is almost completely out of stock. Hallie has been so busy ringing up sales, she has had no time to restock at all. She goes over to talk to Maki again.look at her showing off.png

Hallie: “Maki, are you able to put in a few hours now? I could really use some help stocking.”

Maki: “Well, I’m not in uniform, plus I promised some friends I would meet them at The Solar Flare. I actually just came by to purchase a mirror with my employee discount.”taking all your money dear because you do not work here anymore.png

Hallie smiles sweetly at Maki all along thinking, “I’m happy to take all your money dear, because you might not have a job after today.”  But Hallie says nothing and rings up the sale. Maki is happy and waves goodbye saying “See you tomorrow, boss.”

yes entire store sold out

And then Hallie gets this notice. Every item has sold out in the store. Hallie should be thrilled about this, but she knows that if Maki had shown up for work today, that her sales would have been much better. Hallie closes the store.

horrible day.png

Hallie got 19 sales.  (Small Waterwall-3; Wine Bottles-4; Children’s Dresser-2; Male Outfit-2; Female Outfit-2; Vanity-2; Globetrotting End Table-1; The Sincerity (mirror)-2; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-1. She was open 14 hours. She earned 730 perk points.

The advertising is taken off right away and does not show in the final report for the day.

Sales: $5,507/14 hours = $393.35 simoleons/hour

~~~End Tuesday, Day 2 – Week 2 – Hallie~~~

cash counter.png

Tuesday and you guessed it, Hank has renovated. On Sunday, he had arranged for a construction crew to come over last night and they built a little extension on his entranceway. He had also ordered a new cash register area and some new shelves. Those arrived this morning before the store opened.built an extension.png

Now he can have all the outdoor items inside too.whole store.png

He had also asked the construction crew to put in a wall in the restroom because the restroom was just too big and it was an area where sims congregated to socialize. So, his restroom was now just a toilet and sink, and in another area was his shower. Hopefully that would solve that chatty problem area.

Hank’s store still seems small, but I really like the new shelving which features 3 shelves that you can put items on, and it takes less room. So, 2 of the glass shelving tables were sold for this 3-tiered shelf. I also up-graded the counter that the microwave sits on.u guessed it we renovated the store again.png

We still have 10 sales signs, but I purchased a larger one to place in front of the building out front and sold a standing sign. Since today is Tuesday, Mark-up is choices wild west.png

Another thing that Hank did today was purchase some advertising. Hank decides to go with the short term web campaign for $250 simoleons.purchasing some advertising.png

advertising for store

Our employee, Bobbie Vela returns, and she is dressed in the store uniform. I figured out that you had to “assign” the uniform to your sales staff. What a winning smile she has to start the day! Let’s hope this day is a good day for sales for Hank!winning attitude.png

I decide that Hank is going to use some of his perk points, and purchase the Slick Salesman perk for 2,100 perk points.

The Slick Salesman perk “Boosts the success rate of all retail interactions on customers, making it easier to fill their sales bars with repeat interactions and convert them more quickly. A very good perk overall, particularly when combined with Serious Shopper.” (from Carl’s Guide)store is full.png

In no time at all, our store is full of shopping sims. Hank assigns Bobbie to clean the good.png

And sure enough, Bobbie cleans all those fingerprints off the glass shelves.5 hrs passed 1st sales tues.png

Four hours after Hank opens, he has his first sale. Surprisingly Testu is his first and last sale of the day. His first sale is The Slablet $1,150.kiddo if u sell the flower u get a bonus.png

Hank periodically checks up on Bobbie and since the store is getting busy, he re-assigns her to “answer customer questions”. He also asks her about her day.

ok she really likes her job.png

Wow! Bobbie really likes her job here! Hank is so glad.2 more sales tues.png

Two more sales. Bobbie, if this keeps up, we may be hiring one of your friends! He re-assigns Bobbie to re-stock.stocking as ordered.png

And sure enough, Bobbie goes to restock. She is working out so much better today. Don’t let her know that Hank had his doubts about her yesterday.when things are sold restock.png

Hank takes a moment to go over and praise Bobbie for her hard work today.take a chance to ring up sales.png

They get a big rush on sales, and Hank decides to take a chance on Bobbie to also ring up sales. He certainly doesn’t want to lose any sales today with the ad campaign that he’s paying for.if this keeps up may have to hire friend.png

Hank is trying to restock, but only gets one item restocked. Everyone wants to be rung up and it takes both Hank and Bobbie to get all the sales in time. Just when we get a break in sales, I have Bobbie restock, and then get this notice.

when u work them over 9 hours.png

So, at the 9 hour mark, Bobbie leaves. So, it’s now up to Hank to finish off the sales by work but came back to shop.png

So, while Hank is trying to get all the sales, in walks Bobbie again, in her street clothes, coming to shop! I think she wants to take advantage of her store discount.

the entire store has sold out.png

The entire store is almost sold out. Hank does not have time to restock anything. And then it happens! The last item, the very last item, yes, the Flower Power Light is sold. Tetsu buys the last item. Finally, Hank sells a Flower Power Light $138.

yes entire store sold out.png

Once the last item is sold, we get this notice. Hank closes the store.go home sims.png

Go home sims! And Geoffrey, please flirt with your wife on your way home. Come back tomorrow everyone!yeah my flower power light sold.png

Hank wants to personally thank Tetsu for purchasing the Flower Power Light. He never thought he would ever sell one! Thanks Tetsu.

screenie 1 tues wk 2.png

Screenshot 1 showing hours open. And below, showing the wages. The advertising is taken off right away and does not show in the final report for the day.screen 2 tues wk 2.png

What a fantastic day for Hank! He sold out of every item in the store. Yes, including the Flower Power Light! He was open 12 hours. 12 sales (Bar-b-q-1; Wavescatter-2; Wabbit Tablet-1; The Slablet-2; Penguin television-1; Goldibox Gaming Console-2; Kaboom box-1; Digital camera-1; Flower Power Lite-1) Perk Points 710.

Sales: $5,301/12 hours = $441.75 simoleons/hour

~~~End Day 2 – Week 2 – Tuesday – Hank~~~

Author’s Comments:

Winner of Tuesday’s Sales is Hank and Wild West Electronics. Yeah Hank! So, even though Hallie had no sales staff wage to reduce her total, she still didn’t win the day. Poor Hallie. She really does work hard. Hallie sold 19 items versus Hank’s 12 items.

Good news for Hank is that Bobbie Vela really did a good job today. Whereas, poor Hallie, thought she had a great sales staff with Maki, but Maki never showed up for work. So, Hallie was run ragged trying to get all the sales by herself. And then, Maki had the audacity to show up at the store to socialize and shop! The nerve! Hallie is not sure what she is going to do now….she will think about that overnight.

Sales staff are so unreliable. One day they are great….and the next…not there. What is a sim retail owner to do? Especially when you need help on a sold out, crazy day!

~~~ Retail Wars ~~~

Confessions of a Shopaholic, 2009, Sample Sale clip.




5 thoughts on “CH 11 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Advertising Rush

  1. Wow what a productive sales day for both Hallie and Hank! I’ve not used the advertising before, so it was interesting to see how it worked 🙂
    Bobbie did so good, maybe on her first day she was just really nervous or something. As for Maki, it’s so weird that she didn’t show up, is it not possible to call them and make them come to work?
    Haha it was so funny when they both came into the store and shopped. Great chapter 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Maybe, one day, Hank and Hallie can go into business together. That way, they wouldn’t have to rely on others’ help. (Of course, that defeats the purpose of the challenge.)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maki was outside debating if she wanted to go into the store it looked like. It would be great if they did have that option that MyInnerSim made about either calling them up or if they are visible on the lot to force them to go to work.

    Bobbie did awesome today and I cracked up at the “Fair Labor Sims Act”!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading. Yes, I really have no idea why Maki didn’t show up for work, either, especially since she did so well the day before. Yep, that’s the cut off for having a staffer work, 9 hours, and then you get this notice. Well, you know, these sims! lol


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