CH 12 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Retail Chaos

hiring someone else.png

After her fiasco sales day without Maki, Hallie decided that she was not going to rely on Maki. Who knows. She may decide not to show up again. And Hallie was determined to be successful in her business.hiring 2nd employee hallie.png

So, after cleaning up the store and re-stocking, Hallie puts in an ad for an additional sales clerk. In order to hire additional employees, you need to unlock the Additional Employee #1 Perk, which I do for 350 perk points. Almost immediately, someone applies and she hires Lamont Haynes. He has only 1 skill level in Sales, but he does have a 3 in Work Ethic and a 2 in Maintenance. His pay rate is more than Maki’s at $31/hour. Let’s hope he’s worth it! Hallie’s plan is to use both Lamont and Hallie on the sales floor doing different tasks. One could answer customer’s questions and the other could do restocking. That is, of course, if Maki shows up for work today.maki shows up for work.png

The next morning (Wednesday), as Hallie opens the store, in walks Maki, all smiles and dressed in her new uniform. Ok, let’s forgive her this once. out new employee shows up.png

Hallie gives Maki some enthusiastic words of encouragement for today, and assign her to answer customer questions. And look, our new employee, Lamont, has also shown up for work. Yes!lamont go out there and greet customers.png

For now, Hallie assigns Lamont the same as Maki until we start to get busy. So, Lamont, please try to answer customer’s questions.morti trying on outfit.png

We’re open! We have our mannequins dressed in sports attire today. Price mark-up is 25% and outfits are $218 simoleons. Mortimer Goth is our first customer trying on the male outfit. Umm….Maki, shouldn’t you go over and see if Mortimer needs some assistance?3 hrs after open 1st sale weds.png

Three hours after the store opens, we have our first sale. Mortimer buys the small waterwall $600.lamont is stocking.png

Since we are starting to sell some items, I switched Lamont to do some re-stocking. And, look, he is doing it!maki what are u doing.png

And Maki? Well, Hallie has to berate her for slacking and checking her not check your phone when you are working.png

Maki, please do not check your phone while you are working! Then Hallie asks Maki how her day is going.

really are u going to show up tomorrow.png

Oh really? What a hilarious answer from Maki. Ok, Maki, please bring joy to the customers and answer their questions.mai stock already.png

The store is getting quite busy and more sales are made. Mila buys the Vainglorius Vanity $568 and Derrick buys the Honeycomb wine bottle holder $650.

In fact, it is getting quite busy with sims having shopping baskets over their heads. So, Hallie decides to take a chance on Maki. I mean she is the senior salesperson, so Hallie decides to give her some more responsibility and instructs Maki to ring up customer sales.maki making a sale.png

Maki seems to like this and rings up a sale for Geoffrey Landgraab who purchases a Vainglorious Vanity $568 (we sold 3 of these today!).maki i want you to ring up customers.png

Hallie makes sure she goes over to praise her when she finishes the sale with Geoffrey.continues to stock v good.png

Hallie then goes over to check on Lamont. Good, he is still stocking. She asks Lamont about his day.

creative person.png

Lamont has the creative trait. Oh, that’s good. Hallie might want some of his ideas for Friday’s theme day.lamont increased skills

And Lamont gets another skill point in Maintenance for all the stocking he is doing.i think this is the final sale.png

There are steady sales today and Hallie keeps ringing them up. Cha-ching! Derrick also buys a new outfit today $218, Ann buys the coat rack with shelf $200, and Nancy buys a Honeycomb wine bottle holder $650.gonna pull my hair out.png

Hallie glances around to see if Lamont is keeping up with the stocking, and….he is checking his phone. Oh my plumbobs! I think Hallie is going to tear her hair out! If it’s not Maki, it’s Lamont, her new employee, checking his phone. Umm….Lamont, do not listen to Maki, you cannot check your text messages or look at cute little cat videos while you are working.bye boss.png

Since it is at the 9 hour mark, she tells both Maki and Lamont to clock out early.2 more.png

And so Hallie finishes up the last sales without her sales help and is wondering if there is some type of training she can send them to to improve their customer service.closing to go out with Genji.png

And Hallie stays open another hour after letting the staff leave.2 employee wages.png

Look at the staff wages and re-stocking fees! Ouch!

Hallie got 13 sales. (Small Waterwall-2; Wine Bottle Holder-3; Children’s Dresser-1; Male Outfit-2; Female Outfit-0; Vanity-3; Globetrotting End Table-0; The Sincerity (mirror)-0; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-2. She was open 10 hours. She earned 670 perk points.

~~~End Wednesday, Week 2 – Hallie~~~


After his sold out day yesterday, Hank is quite busy the next morning, stocking….and stocking….and more stocking. Hank was super happy that he sold out of everything in his store yesterday, but re-stocking takes forever. And it was so quiet in the store. He needed some music. Yes, that was it. Maybe he should have some music in the store.BOUGHT A LITTLE SPEAKER CUSTOMERS MIGHT LIKE MUSIC.png

Hank certainly liked music, and maybe his customers would enjoy some too. So, he installed a wall speaker. I know, I know…I know what you are thinking. All these sims will just want to have a dance party in his store. But, wait! If you choose classical, there is no dance option. So, just nice music, but no wild dance parties.HANK GETTING READ FOR HIS DAY.png

Once Hank is finally finished stocking, he cleans up a bit. “it har oo alk ill ushing urrr tee…!”THROWS AWAY THE GARBAGE

And he cleans up the lot. Where are all these empty or half-filled water glasses coming from? Sheesh! These sims!HANK IS MY TYPE OF GUY TAKES OUT THE GARBAGE AND WRITES A SONG ABOUT IT

This is what I like about Hank. He throws out the garbage and then pulls out his guitar to write a song about it! “…Take out the papers and the trash…”* This was an autonomous action and I just thought it was funny.

1 day of advertising 250

It seems that the short term web advertising only lasts a day.SHORT TERM WEB 250.png

So, Hank decides to purchase some more for $250 simoleons. The store is open. It’s Wednesday and mark-up is 25%.BOBBIE IS HAPPY.png

Bobbie arrives and she is in a good mood and starts chatting up the customers right away.PEP TALK.png

Hank gives her a pep talk and praises her to start the day. ALL OUR REGULARS.png

The regular customers invade the store as soon as it opens.LAST SALE.png

And soon, Hank gets his first sale of the day. Natasha purchases a Wabbit Tablet $625.NEW ASSIGNMENT.png

Hank praises Bobbie and changes her duties to restocking. She is doing so well, she even gains a skill point.



More sales. Marcus decides to purchase The Slablet $1,250.PEOPLE THINKING ABOUT BUYING.png

Another sale. I thought this was a good shot of what everyone was thinking about.ASSIGNING TASK.png

Next, Hank assigns Bobbie to clean the store.WORKING HARD.png

Bobbie starts by cleaning off those fingerprints from the glass shelving, and then….CLEANING THAT SINK.png

Wow! Bobbie is even cleaning that grimy sink in the restroom. She has really become a super employee. Keep up the good work Bobbie!I MADE THE BATHROOM SMALL BUT OH NO ITS STILL TOO BIG.png

As soon as Bobbie is done, we have a bathroom chatty party going on. I think they are admiring the sink that Bobbie cleaned. See how it sparkles and shines! Even though I made the bathroom smaller, they still want to hang out in there.  So, the question is…how do you get these sims out of the restroom and into the store to continue shopping? I found a way! Yes!WAY TO GET THOSE CHATTING SIMS OUT.png

I mean, er…..Hank found a way. Just pretend you need to use the toilet, and they all leave! Works like a charm. Or, you can lock the bathroom door and then many sims will be doing the pee-pee dance in the store…or even worse!PEP TALK

Once Bobbie is done that, Hank assigns her to ring up sales. The store is pretty slow right now, so he is leaving Bobbie in charge while he has a bite to eat. Bobbie seems really excited about this. Hank is not very far. I mean, what can happen on his break?SOME ANGRY SIMS.png

Hank leaves the store and hears a snippet of conversation between Marcus Flex and Advaith Parikh about Marcus in Colten’s Youtube gym in store on utube.png

Flashback ~ Remember this from the other day? The workout competition?HAVE A BIT OF LUNCH.png

It’s just so nice that Hank can take a little break from the store. Bobbie has really proven herself. He may have to give her a raise soon.MARCUS IS IN A HEATED ARGUMENT.png

While Hank is having his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, things are heating up at the store. It seems that the discussion between Marcus and Advaith has turned into some type of argument.I SAW THAT UTUBE VIDEO.png

Advaith: “Muscles? You call those muscles?  I bet I can beat you in push ups with one hand tied behind my back.”

Marcus: “Bring it on! At least I have some muscles. Where are yours, buttercup?”MAD MAD MAD.png

Oh no! Did Advaith just call Marcus’ mother a llama? Those are fighting words!HEY STOP SHOVING ME.png

Uh oh! Marcus just shoved Advaith.FIGHT FIGHT.png

Oh no! It’s a fight!OH MY GOSH ITS A FIGHT.png

A fist fight! Oh no! Where is Hank? Bobbie…go get Hank!JUST WAIT TIL NANCY HEARS ABOUT THIS.png

“Oh, wait ’til I tell Nancy what happened at the store today!” thinks Malcolm.HANK IS READING HIS HANDINESS 2 BOOK.png

Meanwhile, on his break, Hank is reading his handiness book. Hank, don’t you hear the noise? You may indeed have to put those handiness skills to use. You may not have a store left!FISTY CUFFS

Back at the store, the fight is in full swing…. it’s Marcus….no, it’s Advaith….ooohh…that’s gotta hurt….THE CUSTOMERS ARE SHOCKED.png

The customers are shocked! Bobbie is shocked too, and is just watching the fight like everyone else.WHERE IS HANK.png

Where is Hank? Natasha whispers to Kaye, “Can you post that pic on Facebook?”CUSTOMERS ARE CRAZY.png

Everyone in the store is watching the fight wondering what is going to happen. Bobbie is just too frozen to do anything. Plus, she doesn’t really know what to do. Hannnnkkkk…..we need you!I THINK MARCUS WON.png

And then suddenly just like that, it’s over. From everyone’s expression, it looks like Marcus won. Everyone is holding their breath. And then, a collective sigh of relief and everyone continues shopping as if nothing happened.OH WHAT WAS I THINKING.png

Colten can’t believe this happened because of his Youtube video. It was just a joke.SOMEBODYS CRYING.png

And this poor customer is so upset that she is crying.

[Author’s Note: At first, I thought she was cying and upset because of the fight, but then she went over to Colten and slapped him. I missed taking a screenie of that one because it happened so fast. I guess he broke her heart!]

This was some day at the store for sure!boss im sorry they just started fighting.png

Hank returns from his break and Bobbie tells him what happened. Well, nothing was broken and no one was hurt, thank goodness, and the police weren’t with advrait.png

Hank goes over to talk to Advaith to see if he is alright. He tells him that he doesn’t want any more arguing or fighting in the store. He also suggests that Advaith should apologize to Marcus.OH DUDE.png

Hank then talks to Marcus and tells him the same thing. No more arguing or fighting in the store. He also tells him to apologize to Advaith. Marcus reluctantly agrees. “Oh all right.”my boss is so cool.png

Bobbie watches at how Hank is handling the situation and thinks “Man, my boss is so cool!”


boss your so funny.png

Hank goes over to chat with Bobbie before she clocks out and gives her some words of encouragement. “Don’t you worry your head over today, I have a plan. Did I ever tell you about the brawl I saw in Texas? Ooohwee! Now that was a bruiser…it all started with a rodeo bull game…oh, and the bull won by the way…”apologize

It was getting dark and Hank saw Marcus and Advaith outside and went to make sure there were no more arguments.soon all laughing again.png

Pretty soon, all was forgiven and everyone is laughing again. Hank says goodbye to Marcus and Advaith and closes the store.hank thinks about what he is going to do about no fighting.png

Hank definitely needs to put up some type of sign about no fighting. Someone could have been hurt. Hmmm…if only…..Hank has an idea and places a call. He likes his idea. I like his idea. But, you will have to wait until tomorrow to see what he plans to do!OPEN 13 HOURS.png

Final sales with hours open.NOW ADVERTISING SHOWS.png

I guess there’s a little scroll down button on the right hand side that I didn’t notice before, so yes, indeed, it lists advertising, wages and restocking for the day.RESTOCKING.png

Hank was open 13 hours. 7 sales (Bar-b-q-0; Wavescatter-1; Wabbit Tablet-2; The Slablet-2; Penguin television-1; Goldibox Gaming Console-1; Kaboom box-0; Digital camera-0; Flower Power Lite-0) Perk Points 960.

~~~End Wednesday, Week 2 – Hank~~~

Author’s Notes:

Congratulations to Hank and Wild West Electronics for winning today!

I wish there was a way you could ban the employees from checking their phones every second when they are working. I guess there is no customer service training program for retail staff. The only thing that I saw was that you can purchase the mega manager perk for $1,100 perk points. So, that’s a possibility for Hallie since she now has 2 staff employees. Well, today she does. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

And look at what happened in Hank’s store! A fight and then a sim goes over and slaps another sim. It was sure exciting in Hank’s store today! And Bobbie thinks Hank is just so wonderful. Hank is so lucky that Bobbie turned out to be a good employee. We both had our doubts after that first day. I am thinking about giving her a raise, but I am holding off because I don’t want to incur more costs for the store. Ok, I’m cheap! lol

Now, what’s Hank going to do to prevent any more fighting in his store? He better let Hallie know, too, so it doesn’t happen in her store.

*”take out the papers and the trash”, lyrics from Yakkity Yak, sung by The Coasters, 1958.

YouTube video from Paul Blart Mall Cop, Victoria’s Secret scene, 2009.

13 thoughts on “CH 12 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Retail Chaos

  1. I enjoy when sims do unexpected autonomous stuff and you can catch it on camera.

    That store fight and customer reaction were priceless.


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