CH 13 WK 2 – Retail Wars – And Then There Was None

so much to get ready for tomorrow.png

It’s Thursday! Hallie rolls the randomizer and her store is closed today. But that’s okay. Because Hallie has so much to do to get ready for tomorrow. Plus Genji invited her out for dinner tonight, and he was taking her to a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin for Halloween. She could hardly wait.what an amazing place.pngThe day flew by and soon it was time to meet Genji. What an amazing restaurant. She had to tell Hank about this place!and look who is here maki and lamont on a date.png

As Hallie was admiring all the beautiful flowers and carved pumpkins, she spied Lamont and Maki. Were they out on a date?genji ordered a table for us.png

Genji ordered a table for two while Hallie admired even more carved pumpkins.look at all these amazing pimpkins.png

While they waited to be seated, they headed outside and Hallie picked a pumpkin…or well, she tried to. There were so many. It was so hard to choose.with that we say good night.png

Genji was telling Hallie ghost stories and Hallie was just having the best time.

“You know…”, Genji says, ‘this restaurant is haunted…yes…every Halloween, you can see the “Great Pumpkin” rising up from the pumpkin patch…”look at this great table.png

They were seated outdoors and one of her customers, Derrick, came by to say hi. And look who their waitress is, Cassandra Goth. Doesn’t she look all grown up and so pretty?great table.png

Genji told Hallie they had a pumpkin carving station in the back, and once Hallie decides on a pumpkin, she can carve one.what do you think of my idea.png

Hallie loved fall and Halloween and thanked Genji for bringing her here. In fact, it had given her an idea for her store.GENJI WAS LAUGHING WATCHING HALLIE CONCENTRATE ON HER PUMPKIN.png

Hallie made it back to the pumpkin carving area and Genji was laughing at how hard Hallie was concentrating. It takes a lot of work to get just the right look for your pumpkin, you know.definitely tell hank.png

Plus, you needed the perfect pumpkin….working hard on her pumpkin.png

lil ghost.png

Oh my gosh! Where has the time gone? It is already pretty late by the time Hallie finishes her carving.genji says he will help carry her pumpkin home.png

It was time to head home, and Genji said he would be happy to help Hallie with her pumpkin….errr…make that….3 perfect pumpkins….genji will carry her pumpkin home.png

How could she say no? What a perfect day….haloween.png

~~~End Thursday, Week 2 ~ Hallie~~~

sign no fighting.png

Thursday started bright and early for Hank. Yesterday, Hank had a fight break out in his store. He really didn’t want this to happen again, so he had to make some rules for his store. After a quick call and some quick thinking on Hank’s part. He came up with a solution.

A new sign at the entrance of the store said “Peace”. It also said:

hanks store sign.png


ya wanna brawl follow me.png

There was another sign in the yard that said “War”. If they wanna brawl, Hank says to follow off the anger.png

Work out your anger here, not in the store. That should solve that problem.

Ok, so with that taken care of, Hank could start his day. Today is Thursday, and we rolled the randomizer and yes, Hank is open with a 50% Mark-up. Last Thursday, Hank was open, but he didn’t make any sales. Let’s hope today goes better for him. STORYTELLING SKILLS.png

Hank practices his story-telling skills in the mirror before he opens the store. This helps get his charisma up, and he is already at skill level 6.

retail ad over

While he is skilling, he gets this notice. Ahh….shucks…Hank pays a lot for advertising, but it sure doesn’t last long.long term advetising.png

Hank decides to purchase some long term web advertising for $750. We’re open! No other changes today.BOBBY DOESNT LOOKS TOO HAPPY TODAY

Bobbie clocks in, but, wait…oh no! Why is she so sad? Must still be upset about yesterday.when things are sold restock

Hank chats with Bobbie and tells her what he did and she is super happy about that. Hank assigns her re-stocking as he didn’t get a chance to finish last night. Bobbie heads off with a smile on her face.packed store in no time.png

Hank’s store is packed most of the day, but no sales as yet. Hours drag on….and on….and on. He is being his charming self and yakking up a storm with the customers. But, still nothing.close the deal try.png

Dominic Fyres’ blue sales level is almost full, and he gets the “close the deal” interaction. So, I figured, why not? Let’s see if it works this time. Go on, Hank, close the sale. Dominic does look a little taken aback, and then….leaves the store i guess that was a no.png

…Dominic heads out the door. What? I guess that was a “No” to the sale. Sheesh!someone is taking advantage of the get your anger out zone.png

Hank wanders outside and sees that Tetsu is taking advantage of the “war” zone, or maybe he just wants to work out. Well, that’s fine, too.hank gets bobbi riled up.png

Hank is having a déjà vu about today, and it’s not a good one. He lets Bobbie know all about tomorrow’s theme day and she is super psyched and can’t wait. Bobbie then tells Hank that she is in overtime and needs to leave.thansk for coming.png

Hank decides to stay open a while longer in hopes that he gets a sale. But with the clock ticking….and still nothing, he decides that he is going to close. Hank waves everyone goodbye. Grrr…..Hank is beginning to hate Thursday. And what about that sales ad? Obviously, it didn’t work.thursday.png

Hank was open 12 hours. No sales. But, of course, even with no sales, you have to pay the staff. He is in a negative balance for today ($217). I totally agree with Hank, Thursdays are not a good day for him. Poor guy.

~~~End Thursday, Week 2 – Hank~~~

Author’s Comments:

No winners today. Hallie had the day off. Poor Hank, even though he was open, had no sales, but he had wages to pay, so he actually made less than nothing, he is in the red for today! Oh no! Not good! That is two Thursdays that he has been open with no sales. Sigh!

Thanks to CyberdollYT for the amazing restaurant build where Hallie and Genji had dinner. And…do you know who was waiting for the “Great Pumpkin” in the pumpkin patch? [Answer: Linus from the Peanuts gang]pumpkin patch rest.png

Here’s some inspiration for Hank. Be strong, Hank! Be strong!

Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), 2011

6 thoughts on “CH 13 WK 2 – Retail Wars – And Then There Was None

  1. Silly Genji, stealing a line from Charlie Brown.
    Speaking of Charlie Brown, I’ll bet Thursdays make Hank feel like Charlie.
    “I got to go pumpkin carving!” says Hallie.
    “I got a rock.”

    Liked by 1 person

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