CH 14 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Theme Day Rivalry

are u ready hank.pngIt’s Friday! Theme Day! On Wednesday, Hallie wrote down all of Lamont’s and Maki’s ideas for the theme day. Lamont had some terrifically creative ideas and Hallie incorporated some of these into her theme. Are you ready Hank?

Oh, wait, you don’t know what the theme is? Well, both Hank and Hallie love the outdoors, so it’s an outdoor theme challenge. Oh, let me show you the displays. Hallie had ordered some things right after that brunch that she and Hank had on Sunday. And yesterday before her dinner with Genji, Hallie register area.pngThe cash register area just got some sprucing up. I mean the counter was already green, so that worked so well with the theme. Hallie rented some cute lighted branches, a jackalope stuffed toy, a wooden log lamp, and some lovely wooden hearts to decorate the back wall. She then rented some new artwork from her friend, Jaheem Rafiq, who has a nearby art and photography studio. Isn’t he a gifted artist?side area.pngThe side area features a replacement dresser, a hand crafted “Pine Perfume Dresser”. Ahhh….Hallie loves the smell and she hopes her customers will, too. This replaced the children’s dresser that she had. Also, the Vainglorious Vanity and the Globetrotting End Table remain the same.other side of store.pngThe small waterwall was moved to a side wall. Hallie rented a Pack Cube Table which now holds the wine bottle holder and a new item, Eww the toilet (for those stinky outdoor restrooms). The sincerity mirror has been replaced with Capt Chaz MacFreeling Porthole Mirror. The wall-mounted coat rack with shelf remains the same.outdoor display.pngAnd our mannequins are all decked out in camping outfits. Here they are enjoying a lovely camp-out, and then, out of the woods – oh no! Run! Eeeek! It’s a bear! The items for the display are all rentals, of course, and not for sale.memory wood stump challenge item.pngAnd Hank sent over the “common” item that they will both sell. A lovely memory stump, which is actually a great table. The thing weighs a ton! Sims will have to roll it out the door. I had some lovely flowers on top of it, but I don’t think it will sell if something is sitting on it, so I removed them. The memory stump’s sales will be deducted from the final sales, as this is not part of the “official” challenge. Whoever sells the most “stumps” today, will have to buy the other one lunch on Sunday. Hallie hopes she will sell at least one. It’s a fashion statement for the yard.purchasing advertising.pngHallie is also wearing a new sales outfit just for today to fit in with the outdoor theme. She also bought some new sales outfits for the staff. Just wait until you see them! To further increase sales for her store today, Hallie buys some short term web advertising for $250 simoleons. Her television advertising is still in effect, so this is double advertising!hallie getting ready sitting in her display.pngHallie gets ready and eats some fruit salad and decides to sit in her display! She could live like this, in the outdoors, well….except without the bears.lamont is the first to arrive.pngWe’re open! Mark-up is 50% today. Lamont is the first to arrive and he looks pretty impressed with the store.maki fri.pngHere comes Maki with our first customer of the day, Mila, right behind her.hallie chats with both of them.pngHallie praises both Maki and Lamont and tells them what an important day this is. Plus, they are going to be super busy!the store is quickly packed.pngThe store gets quickly packed. She has both Lamont and Maki answer customer questions until they get out first sale

Mila is the first sale and she buys the new Capt Chaz MacFreeling Porthole Mirror $1,462. Sell a few more of these and Hallie will have the simoleons for her house in no time!ILA BUYING.pngOh, Mila isn’t finished shopping, and she also purchases our new pine perfume dresser $937.assign restocking.pngI reassign Lamont to restock sold items, and he gets right to work!

lamont reached work ethic 4

And then I get this notice. Way to go Lamont! Now Hallie has to work on Maki!hallie tells maki to ring up sales.pngHallie knows how Maki likes to ring up sales and there are two sales waiting. So, she lets Maki ring up some customer sales. Ooohh….another mirror sale!do you think that nancy landgraab wants to buy a mirror too.pngDo you think that Nancy Landgraab is thinking about buying a mirror, too? Or maybe she needs to check her make-up?ore customers ann trying on outfit.pngOh, someone is trying on an outfit. It’s Ann Hooker. She looks so cute in it. I hope she buys one.hen we sell something it needs to be restocked.pngIt is really getting busy now, so Hallie has Maki restock as well.

broken sign

Oh no! Hallie’s Open sign has burned out! She will have to fix it later.NANCT COMPLAINING.pngEveryone is excited and the sales are rolling in. Jeremiah buys an outfit $262 and so does Jazmin $262. Everyone loves the new theme today, but, as usual, Nancy Landgraab has something to complain about.SO MANY LOOKING AT STUMP.pngSo many sims are looking at the memory stump, and you won’t believe who buys the first one! Yes, Lily Feng buys a memory stump! Way to go! One memory stump sold $75. Right after this sale, Derrick Huerta also buys a memory stump! Yes! Two sold! Hallie can’t believe it!acked store.pngMaki and Lamont are chatting up the customers.hllaie praises lamont.pngHallie takes a moment to praise Lamont for restocking so fast. Both Maki and Lamont are in overtime, so they have to head out.mila is buying up the store today.pngHallie stays open a bit longer as the store is still packed. More sales! Mila is buying up the store today! She buys a Bottle Holder $780. Hallie feels so great about today and knows that she did really well.WOW FRI SALES HALLIEThe screenie showing hours worked. And below with the wages and restocking.HALLIE FRI SALE GREAT.png

Hallie got 16 sales. Wowzers! Look at her total sales for the day! Hallie, you go girl!

Small Waterwall-1; Wine Bottle Holder-2; Pine Perfume Dresser-1; Male Outfit-1; Female Outfit-1; Vanity-1; Globetrotting End-1; Porthole Mirror-4; Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf-1; Eww the toilet-1 She was open 15 hours. She earned 1,330 perk points.

Memory Stump Sales: 2 @$75 each

Hallie’s Sales: $8,254/15 = $550.26 simoleons per hour

~~~End Friday, Week 2 – Hallie~~~

NK THE HOTDOG.pngYou may be wondering why Hank is dressed up like a giant hot dog. Yes, certainly, Halloween is right around the corner, but, no that is not the reason. It’s Friday! And theme day! Hallie already told you that the theme today was an outdoor theme challenge, and what better way to celebrate the outdoors, than to attend a sporting event! Hank has done an extreme make-over of his back yard, well, he and several movers with rental equipment. Hank and I have to admit that he nearly spent all his retail funds on this renovation, but Hank feels it is worth it. Are you excited? Do you want to see what he’s done?main wall.pngLet’s have a look inside the store, first. Hank has some wonderful sports posters on his windows, He moved the 3-tier display case, which holds The Slablet, the Wabbit Tablet and the digital camera, which remain the same. Replacing the Microscatter, is a popcorn maker. He has some other sports themed items, which are just for show.the half time special.pngNext, we have our locker room special, the low key karaoke machine, which replaced, yes, the flower power light. Now, on your way to the restroom, or to get some munchies, what better way to kill time than to sing your favorite song? Practice enough and you may be a half-time performer some day.from cash.pngHank up-graded the kaboom box to the next level and replaced it with the HiFive High Fidelity Stereo. The Goldigame gaming box remains the same, Hank just changed the color. He has a great soccer rug at the door, but, unfortunately, I found out that you can’t place rugs for sale in the retail bar b q.pngFor all that tailgating that you’ll be doing, Hank up-graded the Grillwise bar-b-q to the Incendiator – a new propane bar-b-q. Oh yes! I can smell the charred remains now! And …drum roll please…now for the really, really big area …..are you holding your breath? Ok, not too long…breathe in…breathe out….ummm…you’re turning blue….quick breathe…ok, here it is!hank and the sporty backyard.pngOh, there is a football field in the backyard….and some chairs….and a cooler….are they going to be playing some sports? There even seems to be a patio heater, which is a brand new item for the store. No, no. It is the ultimate sporting area alright, with a brand new…..big screen tv.png….. outdoor big screen tv! Oh yah, now this is what Hank calls a sporting event! This is the ultimate backyard sports zone! What sim can resist? This HDCurV Anti-flat screen tv replaced the Penguin tv.

(Author’s note – if I see anyone waving their arms not able to buy this tv, I will have to do a quick wall to place the tv on. It is sort of suspended in space right now. Isn’t this just the joy of playing and writing your blog at the same time? Sort of a Let’s Play in written form).our stump.pngAnd the common item that he and Hallie will sell today, the memory stump. He will even help customers roll it to the curb. Hank is ready to do battle.GAME ON.pngWe’re open at 50% mark up and Hank also buys more advertising. Double advertising. He is going all out. Let the games begin!hank is doing a locker room talk with Bobbi.pngBobbie arrives and Hank gives her the locker room talk. Go! Go! Go! Sell! Sell! Sell! Isn’t her uniform cute today? She’s the mascot for the Llamas. Go Team!i had changed the music to backyard and that was a mistake....back to classical..pngFirst one in the store is Nancy Landgraab. I had changed the music to backyard…and, I guess that was a mistake since she started dancing right away….back to classical. What can Nancy possibly be dancing to? Crickets? Bird songs? Coyote howls? What?back in high school.pngAnd what about these two? Clara and Bjorn enter the store and immediately go into the corner. They must be re-living their college days in the locker room…smoocheroo…store is packed.pngThe store starts getting packed.bjorn is first sale.pngBjorn is our first sale! What do you think? Last Friday Bjorn bought the charcoal bar-b-q. Will be buy the propane bar-b-q? Yes he does $1,950. You can never have too many.

I take a peek at Hank’s perk points and realize he can purchase the Serious Shopper perk for 1,300 perk points. I was holding off until he got enough perk points for the Sure Sale, but decided to get this one today.

Serious Shopper makes customers more likely to want something when first entering your store by starting their bars at around 1/3 full. Overall one of the best Retail Perks for making sales, and that’s what running a business is all about! Given that the higher the bar, the more likely they will buy something without you doing anything, this will ultimately lead to more sales and cut back on the time you need to interact with the customers you do choose to pursue. (From Carl’s Guide)new customer in store today.pngWe have a new customer in the store today, Sai Ramesh. He seems to be interested in the patio heater.take a number because caterina is buying it.pngWell you better take a number Sai, because Katrina Caliente is buying this one $592.2ND NEW CUSTOMER.pngInside I see another new customer! Wow! Two in one day. Hank heads over to chat with Hugo McDonnell who is seriously eyeing the memory stump.  But it turns out that Hugo is really interested in….what do you think.png…the karaoke machine. Hugo even wanted to buy the lockers, but Hank said they were just rentals. One singing legend to go $1,3423rd new customer.pngAnd while Hank is ringing up Hugo, another new customer enters the store. Ruby Bishop, and on the top screen, it states that she is receptive to a sales pitch. Oh hurry up Hank, go and sell something to Ruby. I just can’t believe it, three new customers in one day! His advertising worked!2 more sales hurry up hank.pngBut, unfortunately, there are 2 more sales to be rung up, and Hank is in jeopardy of losing one. Ugh! How did these sales all just come up at once? By the time Hank finishes ringing up all those sales, Ruby has left the store. Ah shucks! But, Hank was so happy that his advertising did work today. Plus, he did sell Sai a digital camera $1,005, and Krishna a Slablet $1,500.bobbie hard at work stocking.pngWith that run on sales, Bobbie is furiously stocking. And then I get these two notices. Yeah for Bobbie! She is working so hard today!


making sims at homeEveryone seems to really like the backyard sports zone. In fact, Advaith feels so at home that he helps himself to some yogurt from the cooler.

(Author’s note: Apparently a few more sims made themselves at home because at the end of the day, there were empty bowls everywhere.)working on marcus to buy that tv.pngHank heads outside again and is trying to work on Marcus to buy that big screen tv. But no luck so far. He will keep trying to sell him on it.bobbie has all the guys listening intently to her.pngInside, Bobbie has all the guys surrounding her. They must be attracted to that Llama costume, or she is doing a super-awesome job of promoting the merchandise. But, the notice comes up that she is in overtime, and she heads out.

After Bobbie left, the toilet broke and the open sign went on the fritz. Hank was too busy ringing up sales to fix the toilet and customers (along with Hank), were doing the pee pee dance, so I just replaced it.he rolled the stump inside.pngI had to do a bit of a store re-model after this as no-one had even looked at the tv or the memory stump, so I figured something must be blocking it. So, I had Hank roll the memory stump inside the store, and I built a wall to put the tv on.bobbie comes back to shop.pngAnd it worked. Here is Bobbie back in the store shopping. And she’s looking at the memory stump! And she buys one. This is too funny! I guess she felt bad that Hank hadn’t sold one all day and came back to buy one. I mean, the memory stump was Hank’s idea, and it would be pretty awful if he didn’t have even one sale on that item. Thank you Bobbie. Definitely putting her in for a raise!3 sales.pngIt’s getting pretty late, and Hank is in the red in almost everything. I had some carrots in his inventory and had him eat one of those instead of his usual sandwich to keep his hunger from getting too red. Thankfully, Hank gets all the sales. Hank feels really good about his day and knows his sales were good.hank cleaning a bit while he pops some popcorn.pngHank does a bit of a clean-up while popping some popcorn. He then changes out of his hot dog costume, and freshens up a bit. It is still early and he has a game plan for tonight…kaye and hank.pngAll of these items and his big backyard game zone will be gone tomorrow. So, Hank decides to make use of it and invites his number one fan over, Kaye. Oh? Looks like Hank’s game plan is working….snuggle-up buttercup!friday sales wk 2Screenie 1 with hours worked. Screenie 2 (below) with wages, restocking and grand total! Yes!restocking and wages screenie

Hank was open 19 hours. 10  sales (Bar-b-q-1; Popcorn maker-0; Wabbit Tablet-1; The Slablet-1; HDCurV television-0; Goldibox Gaming Console-1; HiFive Hi Fidelity-0; Digital camera-1; karaoke machine-2; Patio warmer-2) Perk Points 760.

Memory Stump-1 @$75 simoleons

Hank’s Sales: $7,746/19 hours = $407.68 simoleons per hour

~~~End Friday, Week 2 – Hank~~~

Author’s Note:

Congratulations to Hallie Western and Threads for winning Friday’s Sales!

Wow! Hallie really did well today. Even though Hank had some expensive items to sell (the tv would have sold for $6,000+ with the 50% mark-up), he didn’t sell any.  There could have been a problem with how the tv was displayed, but I think that sometimes having expensive items in your store is not the way to go. Who knows? Sims are fickle.

And Hallie won the Memory Stump sales, too! I wonder where Hallie will want Hank to take her for lunch on Sunday?

Now, technically, according to the rules, on Friday, Hank and Hallie are supposed to transfer simoleons to their house fund; however, they will be doing the Seasonal Twist for October (Spooky Week), and re-vamping their store (yet again), for tomorrow’s sales. So, they will be transferring their funds on Saturday for this week only. October is nearly over, and I did want to get at least one blog written with the Halloween items displayed.

And for the true sports’ fans out there….I know, I know…Hank’s backyard football field is technically not a football field. I think it’s a soccer field. But, hey, it’s football season, and it has AstroTurf, so be happy. To make Hank’s backyard, I combined 2 rooms from the gallery. Many thanks to those simmers who created these amazing rooms. Both builds available for download in the gallery.

JessieMI3007 for the 8 x 6 room Football Dream :   )

Dumonde91 for the 12 x 9 room Backyard Theater

football dream room

backyard theater.png

Funny Outtake blooper:

When I was combining the 2 rooms I had to work on, I did it on an empty lot. I forgot that I had left some bits and pieces on the lot once I had finished. So, when I went to map view, I noticed that there was a sim living on that lot! This is Advaith’s house. loladvaiths house.png




13 thoughts on “CH 14 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Theme Day Rivalry

  1. Oh wow, what an eventful day 😀 I love the themes and they both did so good on sales.
    OMG, how rude are Clara and Bjorn, just wandering into a room and making out like a pair of teenagers!!
    It’s a shame Hank didn’t sell a TV, he would have won for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading. It was really funny when I opened Hank’s store and Nancy comes in first and then Clara and Bjorn practically run into the store and go into the corner and then have a smooching session. It was really hilarious. I really think that the tv was maybe too expensive for these sim’s budgets, but it could have been the “hanging in space” problem. Should have tested it out first by playing a random sim with the store open to see if they could buy it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great chapter! Loved the outdoor theme and the fun, unique displays for both. I especially got a kick out of the bear and how you posed the mannequins running. hehe I literally laughed out loud seeing Hank in the hot dog outfit. He is such a fun character. It looked especially funny with his boots and hat! Great job to both and congrats to Hailey for winning the bet! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading. I had fun doing that theme. Hank’s backyard was a challenge. It is actually easier to re-vamp Hallie’s store than Hank’s. I am so happy they both had great sales. especially poor Hank.


    • Thanks for reading. Yes, when Nancy came into the store, she had this determined walk, like, I’m going to buy something, and then she starts dancing. I’m like, what? It was funny, and then Clara and Bjorn….I tell you, I wasn’t sure what to expect in that store when I played it.


  3. I loved Hallie’s setup… until I saw Hanks! The hot dog costume may have been the deciding factor though. That bonus pic with the guy living in the dregs of the rooms was hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

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