CH 15 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Spooky Special – Part 1 – Hallie’s Store

The witching hour is fast approaching and so I am going to post Saturday in two parts. Hallie’s store is finished and you can read all about her spine-tingling day below. Hank’s however, is far from done. Hopefully, I can get Hank’s finished tonight and then will be able to post tomorrow. So, I am grabbing my broomstick and flying off to re-vamp Hank’s store…..whooshh…..ugh….who put that tree there…now I’m stuck in mid-air….oh plum!model displayIt’s Saturday of Week 2 and today Hallie and Hank are going to be doing the seasonal challenge October’s challenge is to decorate your store and sell items that are spooky. These items are not part of the regular items that you sell. So, there are brand new items for sale in both the stores and each store has 10 items for sale.

Let’s visit Hallie’s store first. Her display area features two mannequins in costume attending a house party….a haunted house party! Ooohh…scary!trick or treatersBehind the cash register area, we have a little trick-or-treater running away from a haunted house. I think he got more than he bargained for when he went to to that house. Ahhhhh…..Yikes….spooky! Grab your candy and run!side wall with tableOn one side, we have a table displaying a Sugar and Spice Candy Bowl and a Future Cube (fortune telling cube). Hallie also has a Weathered Wonder Dresser in green in the window. And what little simmie child can resist the Skelly Bear? Won’t you take one home?other wallOn the other side, we have a new Coiffeuse de Champs Les Sims vanity in green and the Robe of the Believer Wall Hook in the window.front wallOn the front wall, we have a new mirror, Reflection of a Vampire, and underneath, a Buyer Beware chest where you can place all your candy loot.front of storeHallie even decorated outside, and, yes, her three carved pumpkins are on the front lawn. She also kept the memory stump as a keepsake of her win yesterday.and what is Hallie wearing todayAnd Hallie’s Halloween theme just wouldn’t be complete unless she was in costume, too! She looks so bewitching! Today is Saturday, so we have 100% mark-up. All of Hallie’s advertising had expired, so she purchased some short term web advertising for $250 simoleons.

I also checked her perk points, and decided that she should purchase the Superfluous Surplus perk for 300 perk points. This is a temporary perk, but I thought I would give it a try.


For the next 12 hours, all restocking is 25% cheaper, meaning more profit for your Sim. This can be purchased again and again after it has worn off. Combined with advertising and a strong sales day, it can greatly boost your business profits by reducing overhead. Do NOT waste your valuable points with this Perk if you’ve already bought Cheaper Restocking. They don’t stack. (From Carl’s Guide)maki is the first to arriveHallie opens the store and Maki arrives looking quite straggly in her zombie costume. Hallie praises both Maki and Lamont when they arrive and assigns them to “pick the customer’s brains”….get it…brains…they’re zombies!”Maki getting a good view of Mila trying on a costumeAs soon as Maki clocks in, she heads over to the display area to get a better look at Mila trying on a costume.lamont is doing a sales pitch on lilyLamont is doing a sales pitch on Lily telling her how utterly boo-ti-ful she would look in that costume. The way she looks, I think she is imagining it. What a smooth talker Lamont is, even if he is a zombie.after 3 hours we have our first saleAfter three hours, we get our first sale! Mila Munch buys the Weathered Dresser $1,230.maki and lamontAh how cute! Maki and Lamont are taking a photo together. They think this is the best theme ever!another sale and hallie switched lamont to restockWe have another sale! Nancy Landgraab is buying Reflection of a Vampire mirror $470. Hallie reassigns Lamont to restock.jeremiah trying on outfit.pngJeremiah Kaplan is trying on the pirate outfit. Oh he should buy one! I see that both Lily and Patricia think he looks good in that outfit, too.jeremiah kaplan cant take his eyes off of Hallie.pngOh my! Jeremiah seems to be under Hallie’s spell. Just look at how he is looking at her! Oh wait! Jeremiah is just buying the weathered dresser. No wonder he is looking so intently at Hallie. Yep, that’s it.funny thought bubble.pngI saw Lamont’s thought bubble and thought it was funny. Not sure if he is telling vampire jokes, or thinks that a bat is flying loose in the store. Of course, Hallie is thinking she is a pretty butterfly, and Patricia is thinking about finding a good couch to lay down on.two sims looking at skelly bear.pngTwo sims are looking at Skelly Bear, and Derrick Huerta ends up buying one $610.can i vampire see themselves.pngMarcus Flex is a new customer and Hallie has heard all about him from her brother, Hank. She hopes there won’t be any fighting in her store.

It’s the 9 hour mark and Maki and Lamont tell her they are in overtime. Plus, Hallie hears them whispering about heading to a party together! Oh? Are they a couple now?

Khloe Burger is looking intently in the mirror and wonders if vampires really do exist. Well, she wouldn’t see one in the mirror if they did. Legend has it that mirrors cast back the image of the body and the soul, and since vampires are the undead, they don’t have souls anymore, and therefore have no reflection.another sale with khloe.pngKhloe is rather drawn to mirrors and purchases the Coiffeuse de Champs Les Sims $1,650. She kind of looks mesmerized by this mirror doesn’t she?new customer marcus.pngJeremiah is trying on that pirate costume again. Oh, Jeremiah, just buy it! You truly look swashbuckling! Where is Hallie? There is a “red” shopping basket over Patricia Keener’s  head…..toilet has sprung a leak.png…oh, Hallie went to use the toilet and it’s broken. No time to fix it, so I just replace it. Now go ring up Patricia’s sale!13 hr mark last sale.pngIt is now at the 13 hour mark, and this is when I wanted to close the store. I look around and we have another shopping basket over Lily’s head. Our last sale of the night and she buys a Skelly Bear.

[Author’s note – the witching hour is really midnight, but the number 13 is often associated with superstition, so that was my reasoning for choosing to be open 13 hours. But as you will see below, that plan flew out the window.]hallie grabbing a candy.png Hallie is so happy with her sales tonight, she reaches into the candy dish to grab a candy and arrgggg…..out pops a ghost! Oh….ha….she forgot it was a trick candy bowl. Who knew candy could  be so scary? That’s one way to cut down on the calories.screenie sat wk 2Screenie 1 with the hours open, and screenie 2 with restocking and wages below.screenie 2 sat wk 2

Hallie got 8 sales. It seems that Hallie has put a spell on all her customers this Halloween with the amount of sales she had. No bones about it, she made a cauldron full of simoleons.

Candy Bowl-0; Prediction cube-0; Weathered dresser-3; Male Outfit-0; Female Outfit-0; Vanity-1; Chest-0; Vampire Mirror-2; Believer Robe-0; Skelly Bear-2

[I can’t believe she didn’t sell any Halloween costumes! Shocking] Hallie was open 14 hours. She earned 1,475 perk points.

Hallie’s Sales: $5,327/14 hours = $380.50 simoleons per hour

~~~End Saturday, Week 2 – Hallie~~~

Enjoy some spooky music with Bette Midler, from the movie Hocus Pocus, 1993.

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