CH 16 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Spooky Special – Part 2 – Hank’s Store

Welcome to Part 2 – Hank’s Store. Do you know that when I sold the football field outdoor area in Hank’s store that it was almost $8,000 simoleons? I think most of that cost was the tv. So, here it is Halloween night (in real life), I am handing out treats, and trying to get this blog written. Now that is spooky!front halloween.pngHank has certainly outdone himself decorating for Halloween. In front of his store, he has a graveyard of spooks with a creepy spider crawling down the wall. The Parlor Trix Graveyard Lantern, Grim Reaper and Cauldron o’ spirits light show are set for sale.Β front 2.pngRiding in under a full moon is the headless horseman. Do you know the legend of Sleepy Hollow?outside halloween.pngWhat better way to celebrate Halloween than with a party! The Lo-Fi Mobile DJ Booth and Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar are sure to have everyone doing the “Monster Mash”. Need a little mood light? The Plant o’ Lantern is also set for sale. Oh look! Even the scarecrows are dancing!

Author’s note: Another thing I found out is that you can’t set a dance floor for sale. Too bad because that would have been perfect.fireplace.pngOn the back wall, you can even cuddle up with your ghoulfriend in front of the fiery register view.pngInside, Hank has decorated his walls with some creepy wallpaper, and he has a new Spacekeeper tv for sale. Maybe this one will sell better. Plastered on his windows are scary movie posters.inside 2.pngHank wants everyone to have lots of fun at his party, so he introduces the Button Masher 9001. On a side table near the door, he has the Sugar and Spice Candy Dish and Unorthobox Gaming Console in Green.hank asa day of the dead.pngTo complete his theme store, Hank has dressed up as a very scary Day of the Dead celebrant. If there had been an adult skeleton costume, I would have chosen that for him. But this one looks pretty good.

Light the pumpkins. Hank is open. It’s Saturday with 100% Mark-up. I also had Hank purchase some short-term web advertising for $250 simoleons, and also purchased the same perk that I had purchased for Hallie, the Superfluous Surplus for 300 perk points.

Hank is also giving out free treats with every purchase. He knows how these sims love candy.First customer is Katrina.pngFirst customer to the store is Katrina Caliente and in the back is Dominic Fyres looking at the fireplace.boobie as a zombie.pngAnd here comes Bobbie! She is dressed up as a zombie. Weren’t Maki and Lamont from Hallie’s store dressed up as zombies? Is there a zombie party going on tonight? Hank heads over and praises Bobbie before they begin and assigns her to answer customer questions.hank having a dance off with the headless horseman.pngI think Hank is having a dance off with the headless horseman! Look at those moves!i think she is going to buy the guitar.pngIt certainly had Katrina come over to take a peek. She is our first sale, and she buys the ghoulish guitar $1,480.lots of sims around the tv.pngOh! And look at all the sims admiring the new tv! Now that is more like it! Buy! Buy! Buy!what is tetsu going to buy.pngTetsu came to the store with his blue sales bar almost full, and he buys the Cauldron o’ spirits light $920. Hank reassigns Bobbie to restock.

After the store was open for a few hours, I had to rearrange it. Yep, just like in the last chapter with the big screen tv and memory stump. I had placed the fireplace outside on a side wall, and no-one was looking at it. There also seemed to be a problem with the Button Masher. So, I replaced the Button Masher with Jumpin’ Joe’s Jukebox, and put the fireplace inside.rearranged halfway through the sale.pngI also had to replace the scarecrow with a Catrina doll. Sims kept hovering around it wanting to try on the outfit, but they kept giving me the waving arm over the head. It was annoying, and it really wasn’t for sale, so just fixed that, too. It still looked pretty good. Poor Hank, I always seem to have to re-arrange something on his lot.think hank sold a fireplace.pngI think it was a good idea to place the fireplace inside, because within minutes, Hank has one sold! $1,829! Yes!bobbie doing a great sales pitch on bjorn.pngBobbie is doing an exceptional job tonight and Hank sees her giving Bjorn a sales pitch. Bobbie has now maxed on her sales skill and has reached level 3 in maintenance from all the stocking she is doing.

bobbie you get a raise.pngHank calls Bobbie over to have a chat with her. Of course, he praises her first. Then, the big surprise! He gives her a raise. She now makes $40 simoleons an hour. Bobbie is speechless and tells Hank he is the Boss of the Year! Since it is nearly at the 9 hour mark, he also lets her clock out early so she can go to her zombie party.raise for bobbi

new customer tpdau.pngOh we have a new customer today, Conor Costa. Hank heads over to greet him.2 more sales baskets.pngOh no! Right after Bobbie leaves, everyone wants to be rung up. I think maybe I should hire another employee and maybe they will start tonight, but Hank doesn’t have enough perk points to purchase an Additional employee. What else can he do? Ok, so I quickly purchase faster check-outs (small) for 450 perk points. I hope this helps, because he is ringing up a sale, and he has 3 others waiting (one also inside). No time to stock. He is going to sell out tonight at this rate!moira buying something.pngHank did it in record time, and got those sales. Moira purchases the gaming console $1,598.buying grimmie.pngWe have our last run on sales. I didn’t get a screenie, but Bjorn bought the Jumpin’ Joe’s Jukebox $2,960! I think I saw Hank do the Thriller dance after that sale! Colton, above, is buying Don’t Fear the Reagnomper $420.kaye is buying the plant of light.pngKaye decides she needs to add a little pumpkin light to her decor….$300marcus is the last customer buying the candy dish.png…and Marcus is our last sale of the night with the candy bowl $350.screenie sat.png

Hank knows he did really well on his sales tonight. It was a frightfully fun night and a spookily good time for all.holy moly hank.pngScreenie 1 with hours worked. Screenie 2 below with wages and candy with every purchase.pngUm…..Hank….we’re all going to do that Thriller dance now! Will you have a look at that total? I think I hear some howling going on! Aaaoooooo…… Do you think it was the free treats with every purchase?

Hank was open 15 hours. 12 sales (Ghoulish Guitar-3; Candy Bowl-1; Plant O’ Lantern-1; Dj Booth-0; Spacekeeper television-0; Jukebox-1; Gaming Console-1; Parlor Trix-1; Grim Reaper-1; Fireplace-1; Cauldron Lightshow-2) Perk Points 700.

Hank’s Sales: $11,615 – $350=$11,265/15 hours = $751.00 simoleons per hour

[Author’s note: I realized after I did the tabulations that I actually had 11 items for sale and not 10, so I will reduce the total by the last item sold, or $350 simoleons]

~~~End Saturday, Week 2 – Hank~~~

In our next chapter, the winner of our Spooky Special will be announced, along with the funds transferred to the house fund. Happy Halloween!

Dance the night away…Thriller dance sequence from the movie 13 Going On 30, 2004.

Many thanks to these simmers for creating the rooms for Hank’s backyard spooky theme.

Jamesonthesims – 4 x 4 room – Headless Horseman

lsanyati – 4 x 4 room – Jack O’Lantern

Although I didn’t use the Headless Horseman room, the inspiration for Hank’s backyard theme came from this build. I did use a horse, and just put a child mannequin with the pumpkin head costume on instead of this version.

headless horseman.png

jack o lantern.png


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