CH 17 – Retail Wars – Sunday – Victory Dinner – A New Idea

hank standing in an empty store.pngIt’s Sunday morning and Hank is eating a ham and cheese sandwich looking at his empty store. The moving truck came this morning and hauled all the Halloween paraphernalia away. The lot looked so empty now with all the lights and fun props taken away, and Hank had to admit that he really liked doing themes for his store. Last night had been such fun!

He hadn’t had a chance to put his regular merchandise back on the shelves….but he had been thinking….and he wanted to talk to Hallie about his idea when he took her out for dinner. Who knew she would sell more stumps than he would? I wonder what restaurant she had in mind….sundaymorning threads empty.pngHallie surveyed the store and thanks to Genji helping her last night, the last of the Halloween props had been put away. Hallie still hadn’t put out her regular stock, but she would do that after her dinner with Hank. Oh she was so looking forward to that dinner! She was the memory stump sales champion and she was not going to let Hank forget it!

Even though she was excited about that victory dinner, Hallie couldn’t help but feel a bit down. All the fun and excitement of last night seemed far away…and as she looked around her empty store, she couldn’t help but wonder….hmmm….she had an idea…and she wanted to talk to Hank about it. Maybe they could meet earlier….oh yah, that’s it….oh Hallie was going to call him right now!lunch at a railroad rest.pngHallie called Hank and said that they should meet for lunch instead of dinner. Hank was free and hungry, so said that was a good idea. Hallie had picked a great restaurant and Hank really liked her choice.really neat rest.pngIt was an old train station that had been converted to a restaurant. The place was crowded, but they managed to get a table.steak.pngEverything looked so good, it was hard to decide what to order. But, they were all set and Hank ordered a burger and coffee and Hallie ordered some white wine and a spinach quiche. Afterall, Hank was paying, so Hallie was going to splurge a bit.i can see it now.pngWhen the waitress left, Hank congratulated Hallie on selling the most memory stumps and for winning the “outdoor” theme day. He still couldn’t believe it himself! They both talked about last night’s sales, which were phenomenal, and they both knew, although they didn’t say anything as the accountants were still adding up all the sales, that Hank had definitely won the Spooky Special sales night last night.maybe she should give hank more credit.pngTheir lunch arrived and everything looked so good, and they wasted no time in digging into the feast.i have an idea hank.pngIt was almost like Hallie and Hank wanted to both talk at once and they had a good laugh.ll me crazy hank.pngHallie started to speak…but she was acting a bit crazy. Hallie told Hank that she was selling her store, and thought that Hank should sell his store, too!what.pngHank almost choked on his burger when he heard her say that. What? I thought you liked your store. And why would he sell his store? His store was successful. Hallie smiled widely. Because Hallie thought it would be a great idea to have a store together, selling fashion and electronics.hank enthusedf.pngHank couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Could Hallie read his mind? I mean Hallie was his twin and all, but, sheesh, he had thought about the same thing. In fact, he had looked at some larger properties this week because his store was a bit small and he wanted to expand.sett;ed sett;ed.pngBut what about the sales staff? Hallie told Hank that she had gotten a call from Maki that morning and she and Lamont had gotten engaged last night. Hallie further went on to tell Hank that Maki and Lamont had been saving up to purchase a store of their own. Hallie was thinking of selling them Threads.

Hank couldn’t believe what he just heard, because he had gotten a similar phone call from Bobbie this morning. Bobbie’s cousin has just graduated from business school and they were looking for a store to open themselves. Hmmm…maybe they would be interested in purchasing Wild West Electronics.hallie said yes to the plan.pngHank told Hallie that this was the best idea ever! He even applauded her! They were both so giddy and excited all of a sudden that Hallie started laughing hysterically and Hank just couldn’t stop grinning.i wont brag too much sis.pngOver dessert, Hank thought that they should look at some places together to see what they liked and didn’t like about some retail stores. Hallie was for this idea and figured since they had the day off, why not do it together after lunch? They both agreed and decide to head over to Magnolia Promenade, the premier shopping district.lots of choice.pngwindow display.pnghank could see great potential.pngthis is what they were looking for a combo store.pngthey have changing rooms never thought about that.pnga small staff lounge.pngwe could do this.pngAfter making up a checklist of things they wanted in their store, and after touring almost all the stores, Hank and Hallie sat down exhausted and chatted. They could do this! Hank told Hallie that he even had a perfect location in mind. He had seen an Old Salt Factory for sale in San Myshuno, and thought it would be perfect for them. Hallie thought that was a fantastic idea and they both headed off for a look.we did it.pngIn a little over a month, Hank and Hallie were standing in front of their new store, Circuit Threads. Today was their grand opening. It was the most amazing store that you’re ever seen!AN AMAZING STOREthis was a store.pngNDOM OUTFITS.pngVIEW OF STORE.pngINSIDE HANKS SIDE.pngA perfect combination of urban fashion and electronics in a renovated store. Just perfect!HALLIES AREA.pngHANKS ROOM.pngThere was even an upstairs area with 2 bedrooms with much more comfortable beds.HANK ADDED AN OUTDOOR AREA.pngank this is amazing.pngAnd outside the store, Hank had set up some items for sale. It was truly a unique store. Hank and Hallie were excited about having a successful business together. They knew that no matter what happened, that they would be there for each other.

Having two stores and trying to outdo each other was just ridiculous. They should have been working together all along. And who knows, maybe Genji and Kaye would join in the family business. Yes, that’s what it was….a family business. Hank and Hallie’s family business.WE DID IT FIRST DAY.pngBefore getting too sentimental, they both gave each other a hug and wished each other luck on their opening day. Sell! Sell! Sell!

Hank, “Ummm…so are we only going to be open 9 hours today?”

Hallie, “Oh sure….but you know, if I get a last minute sale…..”

Hank, “Yah, I can understand, Happened to me all the time. Last minute rush as the store is about to close.”

Hallie, “And Hank….I have this idea for another theme…”

Hank, “Oh my plumbobs!”gorgeous is this.png

~~~End Retail Wars~Hank & Hallie~~~

Author’s Notes:

I just wanted to say what a fantastic time I had playing this challenge. I can’t believe I have actually completed this, I just didn’t want it to end. Even though I am happy at completing the challenge, I am a bit sad that I won’t be up-dating Hank and Hallie’s stores anymore. It was so much fun! I never knew from day to day who would win the day or even what would happen in the store! It was certainly random that way.

My thanks to Airis6962 (and also BreeMiles) for creating this wonderful challenge. I highly recommend it! Here is the link again, for those who are interested The Retail Store Challenge

I also wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog on Retail Wars! It really kept me motivated, as did MyInnerSim and Dexter’s Delights Bakery. Please visit her YouTube site and have fun watching Dexter’s bakery hi-jinks Let’s Play Dexter’s Delights Bakery

Now, to wrap up Saturday’s sales and give you the final tally from the accountants on who actually won Retail Wars, but I am sure that you have probably guessed.


Hallie’s final numbers once she transfers the additional $7,000 simoleons needed to complete her house and the challenge. She is left with $25,480 simoleons! Hallie’s # 1 selling item (combining both weeks) was tied between the Wine Bottle Holder and Vanity, and the #2 selling item was the Male Outfit. Congrats Hallie!


Hank’s final numbers once he transfers the additional $7,000 simoleons needed to complete his house and the challenge. He is left with $29,237 simoleons! Hank’s # 1 selling item (combining both weeks) was the Wabbit Tablet and tied at #2 was the Slablet and the Goldibox Gaming Console. Congrats Hank!

Yes, it’s Hank Western and Wild West Electronics. Hank is the Grand Champion and winner of Retail Wars! Hurray for Hank! Who knows….you may see Hank and Hallie again…or their children…in another challenge!

~~~End Retail Wars~~~

Many thanks to 1meins for creating the Old Station Restaurant, where Hank and Hallie had lunch. Available for download in the gallery.OLD STATION REST.png









13 thoughts on “CH 17 – Retail Wars – Sunday – Victory Dinner – A New Idea

  1. Aww, I’m going to miss these two, I’ve enjoyed following along with their friendly, funny & fun twins Retail War. I really hadn’t a clue who would be the winner, both had good & bad days. It seemed Hank more than Hallie, but I was wrong! o.O hehe I’m happy they finally decided to join forces and open a store together. The new store and their apartment looks amazing! Great job, I can’t wait to read your next project, whatever it may be. But, I’m really hopiing you continue their story though. 🙂 #newfan4life

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ahhh…thank you so much for the kind words. I was going to continue doing another blog with a new seasonal twist, but I won’t be here for part of this month, and thought it was not going to work out. Plus, they had actually finished the challenge. I have grown quite fond of Hank and Hallie and this challenge. It’s sad to have it end, too. But, I have an idea….lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • I had fun with this challenge too. I was a little bummed it finished so quickly for me. I might try it again one day. Oh and thanks again for the great name suggestion for Grant’s store! 🙂

        Ooo, an idea eh? Love the sound of that! Enjoy whatever will keep you away for awhile this month. I hope it’s something fun! We’ll hold down the fort until you get back. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww I’m sad that it’s ending, but what a great ending it is that they both came to the idea of working and building a future together.
    I’ve loved this story so much, can’t wait to see what else you write 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats for finishing! I was in love with this challenge, it was so fun and you wrote really well. Hallie and Hank will be missed haha! Its a little sad its over, but I’m looking forward to see what else you do… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh thanks….yes…I was sad when it ended too. I am still in Canada right now, but will be doing some catch-up reading when I return. I will then be getting cats & dogs Yippee! Can’t wait!


  4. Excellent storytelling! I enjoyed every chapter! I really thought Hallie would win in the end, but was pleasantly surprised it was Hank. Now…onto your next story for me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading! Not a lot of people did that challenge, but I thought it was fun. Took a lot of work doing 2 stores, but really enjoyed it. Yep, I thought Hallie was going to win, too. I actually brought back Hank in another story because I liked him so much.


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