Sims 4: Cats and Dogs Challenge: Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge

dr paws.png

Dear Aspiring Vet,

I received your name from the “Rainin’ Cats and Dogs Vet School” and they told me that you had just graduated and were interested in opening a Vet Clinic. I am writing to tell you that my practice, the Brindleton Pawspital will soon be for sale. After many years of owning the clinic, I will be retiring soon and am looking for my successor.

The Brindleton Pawspital is the only Vet Clinic in the beautiful coastal community of Brindleton Bay. So, yes, the clinic is for sale, but I don’t want to sell it to just any sim. Oh no! I am looking for a sim who has a caring heart and a real love for animals and who wants to make the clinic into a top notch facility.

You say it sounds like you? Well, here’s your chance to prove your worth. I have decided to hold a challenge for all those interested in purchasing the vet clinic. If a sim completes all of the requirements, that lucky sim will be the new owner of the Brindleton Pawspital.

Should you accept the challenge, please read over the criteria that you must meet. The cats and dogs of Brindleton Bay are depending on you! Don’t let them down!

Wishing you pawsitive luck and whisker wishes.

Doc Paws



  1. Create a new sim in CAS with no skills. Can use cc, can be an alien or a vampire.  Choose any traits you want. You may want to choose one of the new Cat Lover or Dog Lover traits. Aspiration MUST BE Friend of the Animals.
  2. Your sim must be the only sim in the household at the start of the game. Young adult or adult sim. Normal or long lifespan.
  3. As part of the Friend of the Animals aspiration, you may choose to create ONE pet for your sim to be part of the household. If you decide not to create a pet, you will have an opportunity to adopt a stray or go through the pet adoption agency to have a pet in the household.
  4. DO NOT USE MONEY CHEATS or FREE REAL ESTATE CHEATS. You start with $20K simoleons. Choose a lot in any world to be your “home” lot. This should be the cheapest lot possible and cost no more than $2,000 simoleons. You will not build on this lot or sleep on this lot at the start of the game. Do not build anything on the “home” lot until you have met all the zoning requirements.
  5. While on the “home” lot, choose to Purchase a “Vet Clinic”. The Vet Clinic Lot MUST be in Brindleton Bay. Choose to build your starter vet clinic on either the Hindquarter Hideaway or Dachshund’s Creek lot, which are 30 x 20 lots costing $2,000 simoleons each. (Please note: If you choose another, more expensive lot in Brindleton Bay, you will have less simoleons for your clinic.)
  6. You should now have $16,500 simoleons (if “home” lot cost $1,500 simoleons) or $16,000 (if “home” lot cost $2,000 simoleons).

Build or download from the gallery a starter vet clinic. You will be living on this lot, so the vet clinic NEEDS some way for your Sim to eat, sleep and use a bathroom. If you have a pet in your household, you will also need a food bowl and a tub to bathe them. A cat also needs a kitty litter box. Your Sim will need to live on the vet clinic lot! Use any lot traits you like. When building your vet clinic, keep in mind the following items are required in the clinic:

MINIMUM items required for a vet clinic 

Pet Podium – Step Right Up Check-in Podium – $750

Exam Table – Dr. Budget Bandages Exam Table – $2,500 or Dr. Magi-Heal’s Get Better Table – $4,000

Waste disposal – any garbage can

OPTIONAL items for a vet clinic 

Surgery Station – Dr. Budget Bandages Surger-o-matic 1500 – $3,300 or Dr. Magi-Heal’s Surger-o-Matic 3000 $

Medicine Crafting Table – Dr. Budget Bandages Craftidink – $650 or Dr. Magi-Heal’s Medicine Craft-o-matic $

Medicine Vending Machine – Dr. Budget Bandages Medico-Vendo-Thingo $950 or Dr. Magi-Heal’s Medical Vend-o-matic $2,400

Now that you have your starter live-in vet clinic, you are ready to begin the 2.png


To complete this challenge, there are some tasks that must be done to prove your worth to Doc Paws.

  1. You may not get a job. Earning and saving simoleons is done by working at the Vet Clinic. You can craft treats and sell in the medicine vending machine. You can collect and fish to earn simoleons. You can garden, but only catnip plants. You can collect and sell any other plants, but you may only grow catnip plants (the 4 varieties), on your lot.
  2. Get your starter Vet Clinic to a 5-star vet clinic. Your 5-star Vet Clinic must also include all optional vet clinic items. No money or other cheats allowed that would give you an advantage. Each day, there are daily mark-up restrictions for your Vet Clinic. See below.
  3. Save $18K for your household fund to build your starter home (or download one) on the home lot. Every Saturday you will transfer funds from your Vet Clinic to your household fund. A minimum of $1,000 simoleons must be kept in the Vet Clinic. While “home” lot is empty, go back to the home lot every Sunday to reset the bills.
  4. You can date and have a boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance(e). Until you achieve a 5-star rating on your starter vet clinic AND build your starter home, you cannot move in or marry another sim who could earn simoleons. You also cannot have or adopt any children until the above is met. The only exception is that children by alien abduction are permitted.
  5. Adopt a cat AND dog. This can be a stray or from the adoption agency. Go to hire service on your phone to adopt a pet and the pet adoption agency will come to you with three choices of pets.
  6. Have one of your pets become a “simstagram” celebrity.
  7. Successfully “mate” a cat or dog. Your pet can mate with strays.
  8. Resurrect a ghost pet. (Hint: Go to Deadgrass Isle with an ambrosia treat)
  9. Grow the 4 varieties of catnip plants (catnip, madnip, napnip, nuzzlenip) to “Perfect” by either collecting or purchasing seeds.
  10. Complete the Feather collection. Feathers can be found in bushes, in piles at the beach and on Deadgrass Isle, and by having your pet chase birds.
  11. Max the Photography skill. Taking  pictures of your “simstagram” pet will help. You can also sell these prints or hang on your vet clinic walls.
  12. Complete the Friend of the Animals Aspiration.
  13. Achieve level 10 in the Veterinarian Career.
  14. Purchase the Brindleton Pawspital in Bridleton Bay ($86,511 simoleons).
  15. Make the Brindleton Pawspital into a 5-star clinic so that Doc Paws can retire.



Your vet clinic will be open Monday to Friday with the following mark-ups. The clinic will be closed on Saturday and Sunday so that your sim can interact with their pet and have a social life.

  • Monday – 75%
  • Tuesday – 85%
  • Wednesday – 100%
  • Thursday – 150%
  • Friday – 200%

House funds will be transferred on Saturday and $1,000 simoleons must remain in the Vet Clinic at all times.

~ TESTED TIPS & HINTS (more coming soon) ~

  • A cat will collect feathers for you better than a dog. Just click on a flock of birds with the “Command to Chase Birds” option, and they will collect feathers every time. They will not do this with the skittish trait.
  • A dog with the hunter trait can hunt and bring back gifts which means more simoleons.



  • You can take a vacation to Selvadorada, learn archaeology and Selvadorian culture and explore the temples.


  • Brindleton Bay weather is as follows: Spring (Cool, Sunny, Rain, Cloudy); Summer (Warm, Heat Wave, Rain); Fall (Cool or Cold, Cloudy, Rain) and Winter (Cold, Freezing, Blizzard, Sunny). The catnip plants are in season during the four seasons and do not have to be sheltered.
  • You can purchase Burtie’s Bee Box ($265 simoleons) and harvest and sell the honey.
  • You can purchase the Violets are Blue Flower Arranging Table ($250 simoleons) and create and sell floral arrangements from harvested flowers, but you can’t grow any on the lot.
  • You can purchase Patchy The Straw Man ($450 simoleons), sprinklers, etc.
  • With the Seasons pack, there is a “Money Tree” that you can purchase with 5,000 aspiration reward points. You are permitted to grow ONE money tree on the vet lot. The Money tree grows year-round and does not have to be sheltered.
  • You can participate in all of the holidays including The Lottery. You can also create your own holidays.
  • You CAN’T undertake the new Gardening career.


  • You can become a celebrity, earn fame points and quirks.
  • You can purchase the mix master music station ($1,500 simoleons) and The More Choices Video Station ($1,575 simoleons) to make some extra simoleons.
  • You CAN’T undertake the new Acting or Style Influencer Careers.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will be play-testing this challenge as I write a blog, so this is a work in progress. If you would like to share your blog story or YouTube Let’s Play, please provide a link. I also look forward to seeing your vet clinic builds, aspiring vet creations, and pets, so please share. Mark #catsrule or #dogsdroolmayor whiskers.png




25 thoughts on “Sims 4: Cats and Dogs Challenge: Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge

    • Oh thank you so much for reading my challenge, too. Great question! When you start, on your “vet lot”, you can download a starter clinic with the basic equipment needed for the clinic, plus a bed, fridge or cooler and bathroom items OR you can download a starter house and then convert it into a clinic. The “home lot” is not lived on until you meet the challenge criteria of saving $18K and getting your starter vet clinic to a 5-star clinic having all the optional equipment as well. You can start your “vet lot” by living on the lawn and having no walls if you want. In The Retail Store Challenge, I built one starter retail store and in another, saw a house I liked and then just converted that into a starter retail store. Both ways are great! I am not a builder so if you have any builds, I would love to see them.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Perma22 for reading this challenge. This is the first ever challenge I have ever created and have been working on this before Cats & Dogs was released. I am really excited to start play testing this challenge. I understand that there is a bug right now for the mating part and hopefully EA will fix that soon.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you for reading about the challenge. I had read some of the other new cats and dogs challenges, but I really wanted something different. Not fully tested as yet (haven’t been successful on the mating part), so here’s hoping it works,

      Liked by 1 person

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  2. I started your challenge & I like it a lot😄 My sim started with her cat Kola. She’s already adopted 2 dogs & another cat, completed the feather collection, successful pet mating, & Kola became a simstagram celebrity~
    Still working on everything else. Having trouble saving 18k for the starter house because the money needs to go towards the vet clinic 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I am so glad that you like it. You are farther ahead than I am! lol You can still collect and sell things, fish and sell it all to get simoleons for your house. Don’t forget to grow those catnip plants (the 4 varieties) to perfect. That is the tough one getting them to perfect takes forever. Great work!


      • Thank you~ I’ll do my best on your challenge.
        I’m leaving the collecting to the pets while my sim (forgot her name😂) focuses on running the clinic. Also I got lucky when purchasing a catnip packet & received all 4 varieties. The plants are a small source of income like breeding frogs. Another source of income my sim gets is letting her dogs, Shadow & Sunny, have puppies & sell them to the adoption agency. The only downside of it is the 24hr sad icon my sim gets.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi, thanks for reading. Yes, I thought that would happen when you sell the puppies. I purchased the catnip package, too, so maybe it always has the 4 varieties. Yes, I breed frogs, too. I haven’t sold anything as yet, going to wait until end of the week, then sell it all at once and transfer funds.


  3. This challenge looks amazing! I got the pack yesterday and so far I have a two and a half star clinic for my sim Ciara and her cat Petunia! Petunia has about 500 followers off Simstagram so far and we’re pretty successful at the clinic. Ciara has tried to befriend a dog but has been unsuccessful thus far. I’ll keep you updated!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Came across this today when looking for my first challenge to play. I’m definitely going to give it a go, it sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing your idea with us! I will build everything myself, but without using any money cheats so it will go from a small, shabby place to a 5-star-wonder as I earn the funds to do so. I think on the Saturday, I will do whatever upgrades I want on the Vet Lot, and whatever’s left, beyond the $1000, will be what I move to the Home Lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is great. I look forward to hopefully reading about your progress. I took a little break from that challenge and did the Wolf Pack Challenge, which I completed. That challenge was stressful at the beginning. I have a few stories on the go right now, and will get back to my own challenge soon. I did enjoy it and also learned some new tricks by doing the Wolf Pack Challenge, like collecting feathers…that is a simoleon maker! Anyway, I wish you luck and have fun!


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