Ch 1 – Wk 1 Day 1 (Sun) – Purrfect Bonz – Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge

buying the clinic.pngWith just $20K simoleons to his name, and a hope to win Dr Paws’ Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge, Cameron started off on a “home” lot in Newcrest, the 20 x 15 Comfy Cubby lot which costs $1,500 simoleons. There are no empty 20 x 15 lots in Brindleton Bay. The cheapest lots cost $2,000 simoleons and they are the 30 x 20 Hindquarter Hideaway or Dachshund’s Creek lots. I really like the Hindquarter Hideaway which has access to a pond for fishing and direct beach access by a boardwalk. This is where Cameron has built his vet clinic.the clinic sunday day 1.pngI am not much of a builder and looked at some lots on the gallery and saw a perfect lot to download. It looks like a run-down sea shanty shack. It’s called Budget Vet Clinic by lisi_ja for a mere $8,251 simoleons! I had to do a bit of a reno because he has to live on-site so it ended up costing $11,694. I changed the lot traits to breeding ground, training ground and great soil. I added a sign to the front and 2 chew toys on the porch, and changed the door mat to a dog mat. If you don’t want to build something, you can always live on the lawn and just place all your vet clinic items out in the open. I just preferred some type of building.waiting room.pngThe tiny waiting room has the check-in podium and waste basket (required). I only added a picture to this room with an environment score of 1.exam room.pngThe exam room remains the same and has a Dr. Budget Bandages Exam Table (required). There are also 2 pictures (both environment score 1), a rug and a chair.bedroom expansion.pngThe bedroom expansion has a bed, rug, mirror, computer, table and chair and the Dr. Budget Bandages Craftidink medicine crafting table (optional). The mirror is good for working on charisma skill. I was hoping that there would be some training or vet web sites on the computer or a book on training dogs, but there isn’t. So, I am thinking of selling the computer and purchasing the Dr. Budget Bandages Medico-Vendo-Thingo. Sims can buy medicines from the vending machine, which means more simoleons for Cameron. If Cameron’s fun gets low, he can go fishing. There is also a music speaker in the waiting room, so he can dance and listen to music.ack of the clinic.pngThe back of the clinic has the “debug” bathroom (free toilet/shower), from the Outdoor Retreat pack, a cooler for quick meals (which Cameron sits on to eat), and a kitty litter box. For those who don’t have Outdoor Retreat, adding a toilet and tub will not put you over your funds. These were part of the original build. I added a “debug” tub to give pets a bath (I think it is only for dogs), a scratching post (for cats), a pet bed and a rustic sink.get down and dirty.pngIt’s Sunday and a day off, and with the clinic tour over, it’s time for Cameron to start collecting. There are 2 dig sites on the lot beside the vet clinic.we found catnip.pngLucky Cameron found a wild napnip plant, which is not ready to harvest. You can also see the pond where he can fish. With everything collected on the lot, I send Cameron off to explore.we meet our first pets.pngCameron heads down the boardwalk to the beach and there are 2 stray cats. Too funny! Look at that one sleeping on the boardwalk!a stray dog.pngAnd, there’s also a stray dog. Well, there’s a sim, too, but Cameron needs to greet some pets.first pet friend.pngCameron uses “The Friendliest Introduction” interaction and quickly becomes friends with Fish, a stray adult male cat. Cameron only learns one of Fish‘s traits, Hairy. In level 1 of the Friend of the Animals aspiration, you have to:

  • Be friends with 1 Animal
  • Be friendly with animals 12 times
  • Have a pet in your household

Also, as part of the Cats Rule & Dogs Drool challenge, Cameron has to adopt a cat AND dog, so it’s a good idea to Get to Know some strays and see which one, or two, or three you want to adopt.brent heckling.pngCameron meets one of the residents of Brindleton Bay, Brent Hecking and his dog Rosie. He chats a bit and finds out that Brent is a dog lover and is married to Brant.meeting rosie.pngRosie doesn’t seem to be in a good mood, so Cameron just does the friendly interaction and Rosie is on her way.meeting blue.pngCameron also meets another resident, Supriya Delgato, out walking her dog, Blue. meeting loki.pngCameron meets more strays, and is especially fond of a stray male adult dog named Doki (traits hunter, hairy & jumpy). A hunter trait may work really well for hunting (finding those feathers), and digging up treasures. The jumpy trait means that dogs will hide more often and shy away from things like fights. Good doggo!look at this dog dig.pngcam is really taken with doki.pngfiona.pngMore dogs to greet. Cameron meets Fiona, a stray female adult dog (traits vocal, friendly and glutton). First female stray Cameron has met. If you give a pet a treat, they normally cost $5 simoleons, but with the glutton trait, they need a larger treat costing $10 simoleons. Of course, Cameron gave Fiona a treat. Females are needed to mate, so Fiona is a possibility for Cameron to birds.pngCameron heads to the beach for a bit to look for more dig sites. He chases some birds, but doesn’t see any feathers to pick up.found mapnip.pngCameron keeps collecting and finds madnip ready to harvest! Yes! Two more to find.rudy.pngIt’s already dark, and Cameron heads back to the clinic and sees the stray he saw when he first came to the beach. A stray male adult dog named Rudy (traits hunter, troublemaker and loyal). With the loyal trait, the dog wants you to pet it. Troublemaker, well, heck, they will often misbehave and can be encouraged to do so. (From Carl’s Guide.)

Cameron just has to adopt a pet to complete level 1 of the Friend of the Animals Aspiration, but I am not sure he wants to adopt a troublemaker. But Rudy is such a nice looking dog. Gosh, adopting just one stray pet is going to be some cereal and take a shower in our fly infested bathroom.pngIt is already late by the time Cameron heads back to the clinic. He eats some cereal and then takes a shower in the fly-infested bathroom.harvest our catnip.pngEven though he’s tired, Cameron harvests the napnip. planting catnip and madnip.pngCameron plants both the napnip and madnip before he heads to bed. It takes forever to get plants to Perfect, so better get them planted now.

Time to get some sleep. It’s a big day tomorrow. It’s the grand opening of Purrfect Bonz Vet Clinic. Nite all.

* * * * *

Author’s Note:

The original build that I modified for Cameron’s vet clinic available for download in the gallery. Budget Vet Clinic

vet clinic cheap



8 thoughts on “Ch 1 – Wk 1 Day 1 (Sun) – Purrfect Bonz – Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge

  1. That vet clinic is SO cute! I couldn’t find an affordable, run down one so I gave up looking. I’ve decided to carry on with Trinity’s progress as she’s gained all her money from harvesting etc (she had around 15 000) and I’ve started building my vet and will buy all the equipment needed when she gets more money. When she opens her vet she will follow the challenge rules.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading. Oh, wow, that is good from just harvesting. I was originally looking for a Cape Cod style house, but everything was too much, but then I saw that one and even though it’s small, it’s all he needs right now until he can get some funds. Oh yeah for wanting to do the challenge. You probably know more about it than I do since I just started myself. Thanks so much 🙂


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