Hank & Patches Doggone Diggins’ – Hunt For Catnip Plants

We have a secret sleuth helping us “test” things. Yes, it’s Hank Western from Retail Wars, The Retail Store Challenge created by AIRIS6962. Hank just recently moved to Brindleton Bay and he and his trusty collie, Patches (she’s a female dog), have told me that if anyone is looking for catnip, there is some on Deadgrass Isle. There is also some madnip there, too, as well as at the beach behind the bathroom. Napnip is on the lot next to Hindquarter Hideaway. And, as much as Hank and Patches have explored the whole world of Brindleton Bay, there is no wild nuzzlenip anywhere. He told me, though, that you can purchase a seed pack from a planter and all 4 of the catnip varieties are in the seed pack.

Update – Ok, Hank and Patches must have been cloud gazing and missed the nuzzlenip. Thanks to kymscreations for letting me know that it can be found on the Tails End Lot in Brindleton Bay. There is also some catnip in the far corner where the table and umbrella sit. Hank, drink more coffee next time, ok?

Hank and Patches, thanks so much for the info. Hank has offered to provide some tips now and then and you will see them in a special post called Hank & Patches Doggone Diggins’.secret sleuth.pngAuthor’s Note:

For those of you who followed Hank and Hallie in Retail Wars, you know that Hank and Geoffrey Landgraab were best buddies. Well, when Hank was exploring Brindleton Bay autonomously, guess who his first friend was? Yes, Geoffrey Landgraab. I found that hilarious. I tell you, it must be the shirt!


6 thoughts on “Hank & Patches Doggone Diggins’ – Hunt For Catnip Plants

  1. Hello Hank, nice to see you again pardner and your purdy dog Patches! I’ve been missing his handsonme face! Is Patches a Collie? Sooo funny about Geoffrey, I bet it is the shirt! lol 🙂

    Man, I am so jealous of y’all that can play Cats & Dogs. Hopefully Santa will bring me a new computer so I can play it too. In the meanwhile I’ll just keep on enjoying your stories. Can’t wait to read more of your challenge and about Hank & Patches. ❤

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    • Oh thanks for reading Hank’s little update, although someone told me where to find the nuzzlenip….so will have to revise his blub! lol I have been rather obsessed playing Cats & Dogs…work is interfering with my game time! lol And yes, Patches is a collie. I was trying to think what kind of dog a cowboy would have. Australian shepherds are herders, but I used to have a sheltie, and thought that a collie would be nice for Hank. She is a sweet dog.

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