CH 3 – Wk 1 Day 2 (Mon) Purrfect Bonz Grand Opening

practice charisma while waiting for first patient.png

The big day has arrived! It’s Monday and it’s the Grand Opening of Purrfect Bonz. Mark-up is 75%.  While he’s waiting for his first patient, I have Cameron skill charisma because that will be a great asset when interacting with sims and their pets.dont have to wait long for our first patient

Cameron doesn’t have to wait long and his first patient arrives.starts off with a 3.png

Cameron meets Catarina Lynx and her pet Doc. Catarina checks in at the podium and Cameron gives Catarina the “greet warmly” interaction. (You can either greet the sim or the pet).

day 1 patient 1 cam.png

Well, Catarina doesn’t know what is wrong with Doc and that is why she is at Purrfect Bonz today.

on the exam table cam.png

Doc follows Cameron to the exam table. The exam table is really neat as it goes down and the pet gets on and then the exam table goes up. Sort of like an elevator ride for pets….6th Floor-Pet Toys.

So our first patient of the day is Doc. With a red nose. Err….Catarina, are you sure your cat’s name isn’t Rudolph?

Cameron may have graduated from vet school, but he really has no practical skills at all. So in examining the first patient, he gets some vet skills. Thank goodness for that!scared kitty with red nose.png

Once an exam is started, in the upper left corner there is an Exam progress box and it shows the patient’s stress rate and how many symptoms there are for the disease that the pet has. Once all the symptoms are found, it gives you the exam results and what the pet has.

Doc looks pretty scared. Scaredy cat comes to mind when Cameron looks at this cat. He decides to calm Doc down by petting it. Alrighty! This helps. Once Doc is calm, Cameron begins the exam.checking mouth cam.png

Whatever Doc has, there are 3 symptoms to it. Cameron starts by taking Doc’s temperature, checking his breathing, and finally checking his mouth. Nice kitty, don’t bite Doctor Cameron.exam results for 1st patient

And eureka! Cameron has found out that Doc has Common Lava Nose. All of the exam result diseases have funny names…errr….I mean…yes, they are serious diseases for our sim pets. The next step is to choose the correct treatment. Cameron sprays Doc with Organic Disinfectant Spray and cures his first patient! And Cameron is now at Vet Level 2!

vet level 2 cam

Once Doc is off the exam table, Cameron tells him what a good cat he was and then Catarina pays him and they leave.our cat lady is back with another pet.png

Well, Cameron thinks they leave, but his next patient is Catarina again! With another of Catarina’s cats! look at those cats feet.png

Wowzers! Will you look at those feet! One cat with a glowing red nose and now a cat with glowing red feet. Cameron greets Josie this time.

2nd patient day 1 cam

Catarina has no idea what is going on and neither does Cameron. So, it’s off to the exam table for Josie. There are 3 symptoms to this mysterious glowing cat paw disease.checking the fur.png

Cameron takes Josie’s temperature and checks her fur. He hopes this cat is not radioactive. It sure is glowing!listen to heart.png

Cameron listens to Josie’s heart and she doesn’t look too happy. Oh that does it! Josie has Blazing Tootsies…ummm…yah!

blazing tootsies patient 2 cam

parasite killer spray.png

Cameron sprays Josie with Parasite Killer Spray. Second patient cured! Cameron tells Josie what a good kitty she was. Josie and Catarina head out…or not.ep shes back again with another furball.png

She’s BAAACCKKK! Yep, Catarina is back again with another cat. How many cats does this sim own? Cameron is sure that Catarina is the resident cat lady he has heard so much about. This is not a vet clinic. This is Catarina’s personal cat clinic!cleo with the glowing nose.png

Cameron greets Cleo. Hmmm…another cat with a glowing red nose?

patient 3 day 1 cam

Ok, Cleo, hop on the exam table and let’s take a look. 3 symptoms for this disease.check chart.png

What if Cleo has the same disease as Doc did? Cleo does have a glowing red nose, but she looks very blue. Cameron decides to check the chart first.checking cleo.png

Cameron wants to take Cleo’s temperature, but she hisses at him. Ok, ok, time to calm Cleo down and try again. It takes a long time to diagnose a pet when they need to be calmed down all the time. Cleo has winterfest fever. Poor kitty.

winterfest fever

the green thumbs up is the right choice.png

Well, Cameron has some choices and the one with the green thumbs up is obviously the right choice.fixatol treat.png

Cameron gives Cleo a fixitol treat. Treat? Treat? Did you say treat?giving cleo a hug.png

Cameron autonomously gives Cleo a hug. I guess he must have felt sorry for her. Third patient cured. Oh and Cameron is now at Vet Level 3!

vet level 3

It is almost 5:00 o’clock and I was going to have Cameron close the clinic after Catarina, so she doesn’t return with more cats, but then I saw someone enter the reception area.have a dog pet patient 4 day 1 cam.png

A sim with a dog! His first dog patient! Once Elijah Steele checks in, I “disallow new customers” on the pet check-in podium.

Cleo hasn’t left as yet and has to pass this dog in the reception area. Oh, Cameron hopes a dog and cat fight doesn’t erupt. (To be quite honest, I don’t even know if this can happen in the game! lol)hey im no vet but I think your dog has fleas.png

Ummm….Elijah….there is something jumping off your dog’s back.

When I first saw this dog, I immediately thought, oh cool, a service dog, but then realized it was just one of the clothing items you can dress your dog in. But wouldn’t that be so cool if he was?

chandler patient 4 day 1 cam

Cameron greets Elijah warmly. And, ahhh….look at Chandler on the bench. chandler the first dog.png

Ok Chandler, we’re going for a spin on the exam table.holy jumping beans fleas.png

Holy jumping beans! I am not the vet here, but I think Chandler has fleas! There is just one symptom to diagnose.diagnosis.png

Yep, I was right! Cameron confirms that Chandler has three-ring flea circus. Oh that’s funny!

look at his face so cute.png

Parasite killer spray to the rescue. Look at Chandler’s face. Such a cute doggo. Patient 4 cured. And Cameron closes his clinic for the day.

joys of the clinic.png

Cameron is exhausted and in the red in most needs, but he is happy. His first day was a success! Ahhh….the joys of owning and running a vet clinic! Mopping up lovely yellow ummm…water!

day 1 cam

What a great opening day for Cameron. He had 4 patients and was open 11 hours. He has 2-1/2 stars! Patients thought that his bedside manner was excellent, but that the ambiance and quality of service needed improvement. Cameron made $472 simoleons and earned 795 perk points.

* * * * *

Author’s Note:

Having Catarina and her pets as the first, second and third patients was funny. It was like….there she goes….oh, she’s back again. I did look up to see how many cats she owns, and she has four. So, Cameron hasn’t met one yet.

Cameron still hasn’t adopted a stray or pet from the adoption agency and until he does that, he is stuck in the Aspiration. He has to do that very soon.

Below is a blooper shot of Chandler which I found hilarious and had to share!

ok doc tell me what is wrong with my dog blooper.png

Elijah Steele: Ummm….Doc, can you tell me what’s wrong with my pet?

Cameron: Oh sure….wanna-be-a-ballet-dancer syndrome. I’m sure that’s it.does it bite.png


15 thoughts on “CH 3 – Wk 1 Day 2 (Mon) Purrfect Bonz Grand Opening

  1. Great chapter! So funny about Caterina. I’ve still got her beat though with five indoor cats (more outside, but we won’t talk about that! ;)) lol

    That glitch looked terrifying, yet strangely er, elegant? He did look kinda like a ballerina, or… is there a special name for male ballet dancers?

    Well anyway, thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to read more. Curious about which breeds of stray dog/cat he’ll end up getting too.

    Have a great day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohmygosh I came to that last pic just as I was drinking something and it went up my nose when I laughed! Thanks a lot. No, really this was hilarious. Leave it to Catarina to break in the new vet properly. In the save I’m playing her she now has 5 cats, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading. Yes, it was funny about Catarina. I thought, gee, are there any other sims that have pets, other than her? lol Can she just hire me? And, yes, I think they have fixed that glitch now, but it was so funny when it happened the first time, I just had to get a screenie.

      Liked by 1 person

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