CH 4 – Wk 1 Day 2 (Mon) Caring Paw Grand Opening

GREAT START TO HER DAY.pngIt’s a great start of the day for the Grand Opening of Caring Paw Vet Clinic. Before she opens, Beatrice plants the napnip and madnip that she collected.BUTTERCUP HAVING HER BREAKFAST.pngThen she gives Buttercup her breakfast. It’s going to be a pretty exciting day for Buttercup, too, meeting and greeting all kinds of pets.POTTY TIME AGAIN.pngAfter Buttercup finishes her breakfast, it’s time to go potty. I get a notice that says that Buttercup has learned to pee outside. Yes! Good Buttercup!BERNICE WORKING ON A RELAXER.pngBeatrice opens the clinic. Mark-up is 75%. While she is waiting for patients, she works on making an industrial strength relaxation serum. She makes one and I tried to put it in the vending machine, but it somehow disappeared. Oh no! (I later found it. If you click on the medicine making machine it says Open, and there it was.)SOMEONE CAME IN TO LOOK IN OUR VENDO MACHINE BUT DIDNT FIND ANYTHINGSeiji Sasaki had come into the clinic and looked in the vending machine, but unfortunately, it was empty, so he left. Beatrice needs to fill that vending machine to get some sales.ROSIE WITH THE RED FEET.pngNot long to wait, Bernice gets her first patient! Brent Hecking comes in with his dog, Rosie.ROSIE IS SICK


POOR ROSIE WALKING SO SLOWLY TO THE EXAM TABLE.pngRosie walks so, so slowly like a dog-crawl towards the exam table. Whatever she has is hurting her paws, and they look so red!ROSIE IS IN THE RED.pngWhen Rosie is on the exam table, Bernice has to calm her down. With really nervous pets, I guess this would be great to give them the relaxation serum.HOW DO YOU DO.pngThere are 3 symptoms to Rosie’s disease and so Bernice takes her temperature, checks her fur and looks into her mouth and discovers that Rosie has Blazing Tootsies. Poor Rosie!OK ROSIE TIME TO GET SPRAYED.pngBernice knows that the Parasite killer spray will work for Rosie and make her feel all better. And it does and Bernice cures her first patient!vet level 2 bBernice also achieves level 2 in the vet skill.OH BOY WE HAVE ANOTHER SIM IN THE WAITING ROOM.pngOh and just in time because there is another sim in the waiting room getting to know Buttercup.SO WHAT'S UP WITH BLUE TODAY.pngSupriya and Justin Delgato have come in with their dog, Blue. Blue doesn’t seem to be sick, but you never know.WELLNESS CHEKUP.png

Oh good, just the annual check-up.CALMING DOWN BLUE.pngBlue is a bit nervous, but Bernice knows how to calm her down and pets her telling her it will be ok. Buttercup is taking a little dog nap in the exam room while Blue is being examined.AHHH GOOD BLUE.pngThere are 5 symptoms to this exam. Blue passed her exam and was healthy and just needed a preventative shot. Bernice told her what a good dog she was and gave her a treat. Blue was so happy and so was her owner, Justin.

vet level 3 berniceYeah! Bernice reaches level 3 of the vet skill and gets a cute “raise your paws” wall decal.NEXT CATARINA BUT WHERE IS YOUR PET.pngBernice is pretty tired at this point, but she’s only seen 2 patients, she can’t close now. And she doesn’t and in walks Catarina Lynx….but where is her pet?DOC IS SICK

A BLUE RED NOSED CAT LOOKS COLD.pngDoc follows Bernice to the exam table. Doc has a red nose and is blue. What type of a cat is blue? Is this a Russian Blue cat? No, those cats have more hair, whereas, Doc hardly has any hair at all.DOC ITLL BE OK.pngDoc is an elder cat and pretty nervous, but Bernice is gentle and calms Doc enough to start the exam.COME ON DOC ITS A TREAT.pngThere are 3 symptoms to the disease and Bernice performs all the exams quickly before she has to calm Doc down again. Doc has Winterfest Fever and Bernice has a fixitol treat to cure Doc. Doc isn’t sure, but heck, it’s a treat! And Bernice cures her 3rd patient.BERNICE HAD TO EAT SHE IS SO IN TH RED.pngWith the clinic still open, Bernice tries to have a bite to eat and a bit of a rest. But there is no rest in the vet clinic today.YES, SHE'S BACK AGAIN WITH JOSIE.pngCatarina is back with another cat. This time it’s Josie.CUTE CAT JOSIE.pngBernice decides to greet Josie this time.PATIENT 3 DAY 1 BEA

SHE HAD DECIDED TO GO TO BED DURING THE EXAMOk, so you may be wondering why Bernice’s hair has changed into a different style. Well, part-way through the exam, Bernice decided that she wanted to go to bed. I didn’t “x” out that interaction fast enough and she had already changed into her pajamas. I changed her back into her vet clinic uniform, but for some reason, her hair style stayed the same.

When Bernice went to examine Josie, I also “disallow new patients” at the check-in pet podium. Poor Josie has a glowing nose, but no blue fur. There are 3 symptoms to the disease and by the end of the exam, Bernice has found that Josie has Common Lava Nose.OK JOSIE LETS GIVE YOU A SPRAY.pngWith a little spray of some organic disinfectant spray, Josie is as good as new. And Catarina looks really happy that her precious Josie has been cured. Yeah! Bernice cures her 4th patient of the day.NOTHING LIKE PASSING OUT DURING A PATIENT EXAM.pngUnfortunately, Bernice is so tired and just can’t stand up anymore and promptly does a header and falls on the floor. The clinic is closed for the day.

Of course Buttercup is wide awake wondering when she will get some dinner. Oh don’t worry,  Bernice feeds her when she wakes up. Sleep tight Bernice, more pets to treat tomorrow.ONLY 1 STARWhat a busy and tiring day for Bernice. She had 4 patients and was open 13 hours. Maybe a bit too long. Bernice received 1 star. Patients thought that her bedside manner was excellent, but that the ambiance and quality of service needed improvement. Bernice made $500 simoleons and earned 780 perk points.

* * * * *

Author’s note:

I am not sure why Bernice only got 1 star. Every sim left with a 3 star over their head, but I think there might be some other factors for those stars. So, that was kind of disappointing. Maybe she lost stars for falling asleep on the job? Ummm…that could be it!

A photo blooper of Doc. Ummm…does this look familiar? UMMM THIS SEEMS TO BE A NEW DISEASE!.pngBernice: Oh gosh! Do you think there is a new pet disease in Brindleton Bay? Purrfect Bonz was experiencing the same thing! Oh no! An epidemic!NEW CAT DISEASE



















14 thoughts on “CH 4 – Wk 1 Day 2 (Mon) Caring Paw Grand Opening

  1. Oh wow, it sure is hectic at the clinic lol! Trinity has so many tasks to complete before she opens everyday. She’s reached vet level 10 and had to hire 1 worker to help keep the place clean, those roombas are not much good even upgraded! It’s chaotic but I’m loving it. She doesn’t get time to even eat, guess it will go better once she’s trained the new guy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Cathytea…thanks for reading. Isn’t it hilarious? The first time it happened, I thought the poor dog was going to pass out and die or something, and, I thought, noooo….. and then realized it was a glitch! lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Maybe there’s a pet ballet company in town and the animals think Bernice might have some pull getting them an audition so they’re showing off for her? LOL

    Poor Bernice falling asleep on the job. Luckily she’s the boss so she won’t get sacked for doing so. Probably not the best for business though. I hope she can afford to get another vet soon. That’ll help out a lot! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading karababy52 – oh that’s funny! When I first saw that glitch, it kind of looked like they were doing some type of ballet move dog-de-pirouette. lol I kind of over-worked Bernice…ummm…yah…she was gung-ho at starting her clinic and wanted to just keep going. I need to set a timer or something to have them work no more than 9 hours.


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