Hank & Patches Doggone Diggins’ – Treat Mania

treats for your pet funHank and Patches are back with some more tips on how to make some simoleons in your vet clinic.MAKE SOME TREATS.pngEver wonder what goes in that vending machine? Can you sell pet toys? Can you sell serums? Can you sell pet beds? No. The only thing that you can place in the vending machine are “treats”, which are crafted on the medicine crafting table. So Hank says that as soon as you can, purchase a cheap medicine crafting table and a vending machine.

Starting out at Vet Level 1, you can make the Cooler Than Liquid Nitrogen Nutrition Bar (cost to make $15 simoleons). When you get to Vet Level 10, you can craft the ambrosia treat, which can bring ghost pets back to life (a requirement of the Cats Rule and Dogs Drool Vet Challenge). click on open on the vending machine.pngTry to make treats either the night prior or before your clinic opens and fill that vending machine. To do this, just click “Open” on the vending machine and drag the treats from your sim’s inventory to the vending machine. You are now ready to make mega simoleons. The treat mark-up is the same as the mark-up for your vet clinic.oops wrong treat.pngAnd Patches would like to add that some treats may have a “negative” or “positive” effect on your pet. So, choose wisely. Ummm…Hank did you feed poor Patches a scorching cinnamon chew by accident, again? Poor Patches. The treat test dog. Until next time….


11 thoughts on “Hank & Patches Doggone Diggins’ – Treat Mania

  1. Great tips! Just wish I had C & D so I could try them out. Oh welll, until then… I just love Hank, he’s so doggone cute! 🙂 hehe He looks a bit like my husband actually. Aww, poor Patches. I loved the shocked look on Hank’s face, so funny. I’m sure he’ll get Patches fixed up in no time. ❤


    • Thanks for reading karababy52. Yeah, Hank has grown on me. He is so much fun to play. He is so laid back…I just love him. And, yes, he did cure Patches, so she is all good now….until he tries something else on her. lol


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