Ch 5 – Wk 1 Day 3 (Tues) – Purrfect Bonz

greet patient.pngToday is the day Cameron is hoping to adopt a pet. Without getting a pet, he can’t advance in the Friend of the Animals Aspiration.

But, first, Cameron has to see some patients in the vet clinic. Mark-up today is 85%.

First patient is Bartholomew A. Bitterbun Sr. and Supriya Delgato. Don’t you just love Supriya’s shoes? 2 at the same time.pngAs Cameron goes into the exam room, there is another patient who enters the reception area. Oh my! Two patients at the same time. Cameron needs to be efficient and quick with the first patient.

I decide to use some perk points to help with the patients. 600 perk points to purchase Patient Patients. That should help a bit.patient vents 600 pek points.png

i found out what he has icebox fever.pngThis cat looks rather blue. A Blue Persian cat perhaps? Cameron looks at Bartholomew again. No, maybe too blue. Ok, off to the exam table for a quick look.

Cameron is very quick in checking the 3 symptoms and discovers that yes, Bartholomew is very blue because of icebox shot to bartholemew.pngCameron needs to give Bartholomew an antiviral payload shot and so calms him down. Cameron is now at Vet Level 4.rosie has green coming out of her mouthNext up is Rosie. My, my….what is that drool coming from her mouth?no idea why hes having a tantrum.pngCameron calms Rosie down before he begins to examine her, but is not sure why Brant Hecking is having some type of temper tantrum in his office. Maybe Cameron has to calm Brant down, too.ugh do i have to put my hands in their mouth.pngDoes Cameron really have to stick his hand in that mouth? Well, I guess he does. Four symptoms this time and Cameron finds that poor Rosie has Repugnitis. Cameron quickly sprays her with some organic disinfectant spray. Yeah, Rosie is cured.cured sickness

next patient.pngBefore he has a chance to relax, another patient is waiting in the reception area. It’s Brent Hecking with his dog, Blue. Cameron decides that Blue will be his last patient for the day, so I “disallow new customers” at the check-in i think you have fleas.pngHmmm…Cameron thinks he knows what Blue has…..i think i had a patient in here yesterday with the same condition.pngCameron had a patient in yesterday, and it looks very similar. Cameron consults his chart from yesterday….yes i was right three ring flea circus.pngYes, he knew it! Blue, you have a three-ring flea circus. Cameron jokes about charging admission to the circus, as he sprays Blue with parasite killer spray. Cameron also suggests that maybe Brent should spray his carpets, and his couch…and…well, anywhere that Blue has been. There may be fleas there waiting for the circus to come back to is a very happy dog.pngBlue is a happy flea-free doggo as he leaves the clinic. Cameron closes the clinic.watering plants.pngCameron waters his plants and fills the pet food bowl before he heads out. It is almost evening and the sun looks like it is about to set. Cameron heads to the beach and collects along the way. He has a plan.cameron is heading the the idland.pngCameron has heard stories from some of his patients that there is an island…the island of strays.png…an island of stray pets. And that is Cameron’s destination. Deadgrass Isle. There is a motorboat at the dock and he hops aboard and throttles it up.goes in the building.pngCameron carefully lands the boat and sets out to explore. There is a maritime museum on the island, so he heads in for a pics.pngHe reads about the early settlement of Brindleton Bay and how the St. Bernard ship  crashed on this island a long time ago. The only survivors were lifeboats full of cats and dogs, which were readily adopted by the townsfolk.

Well, it sure is true that the sims here love their cats and pets anywhere.pngBut, where are all the strays that he heard about? Cameron looks around…goes down some paths…but it is dark…very dark…and he can’t see very well. But more importantly, he can’t see any stray pets.flicker of red.pngHe thought he saw a flicker of red down one path…lighthouse.png…but, no, it was just the light from the lighthouse.its true ghost dogs and cats.pngCameron decided to walk back to the dock. There are no strays here….he came here for nothing. Or did he? Then he sees them. Oh my gosh! There are some strays…ummm…but they look like….ghosts! Ghost dogs!

He must be imaging it. Yes, that’s it…he is just tired…very tired.

Cameron gets back in the boat and leaves the island. Ghost dogs and cats? Could it be true? How could be adopt one of them? Unless….he had read somewhere about something called ambrosia….supposedly you could use it to bring a pet back to life. Cameron will have to do further research on that.

So, Cameron returns to Brindleton Bay without a pet. Cameron had spent almost the whole night wandering Deadgrass Isle trying to find a stray. He was so looking forward to finding a pet tonight on Deadgrass Isle. It just wasn’t meant to be.getting light out.pngIt is getting light out, and soon the sun will be coming up. He might as well enjoy the sunrise, so he walks along the shore, stooping down now and then to collect some buried treasure under the sand. Then he hears a meowing behind him. Is it his imagination playing tricks on him again? He turns around. Ahhh….and who is this? Meet Firulai, a stray male cat.decides to adopt.pngMaybe Cameron had it all wrong. Maybe Cameron wasn’t supposed to find a stray, maybe the stray was supposed to find him. Like this stray.could this be the one that cam adopts.pngCameron pets Firulai, and after a few more meows, the cat wanders off down a path. Yes, Cameron had better head home, too. His needs are very red and he does have to open his clinic sometime today.and he sees doki.pngOn his way back to the clinic, Cameron sees Doki, waiting patiently for Cameron to come his way. Cameron stops to give Doki a treat and walks back to the clinic more confused than ever.back at the clinic cam wonders if he ever will find a pet.pngCameron needs to make a decision on a pet. He really likes Doki, but Cameron was so hoping to adopt a cat. He is a cat lover, afterall. Cameron thinks for a moment on all the other pets he has met, besides Firulai and Doki. There’s Fiona, the only female dog he’s encountered, Rudy, the troublemaker dog, and Fish, the skittish male cat. Maybe he needs someone to help him decide. But for now, he needs some sleep…day 2 shift finals.pngYes, I know, the clinic was only open 4 hours, but Cameron got a late start today. Plus, he wanted to close early to look for a potential pet.

Cameron was open 4 hours and had 3 patients. He made $354 simoleons and remains at 2-1/2 stars. He has excellent bedside manner and he needs to work on the clinic’s ambiance and the quality of service he provides. Ok, Cameron will give that some thought. 785 perk points.

* * * * *

Author’s Note:

The history of Brindleton Bay can be learned from reading the description of two paintings, The Tragedy of the St. Bernard and Other Tales From The Isle ($1,590 simoleons), and Old Brindleton – A Series ($3,500 simoleons) Do you think that Cameron saw ghosts of the actual cats and dogs who arrived on the island in those lifeboats so long ago?

Unfortunately, Cameron wasn’t very successful in adopting a pet. So, it’s up to you, dear reader, to select one for him. There will be a voting poll up shortly, and all eligible pets that Cameron has met will be up for the pick. This is my first poll creation, so I’m kind of excited, too! Happy pet choosing!



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