Hank and Patches Doggone Diggins’ – And They Called It Puppy Love

kia.pngYes, Hank is here to talk about the birds and the bees….cats and dogs style. It all starts with that special female pet.

If you don’t have a pet yet but have now decided you want one, no problem. You can adopt. How do you adopt? Two ways. Adopt a stray, which costs 0 simoleons. The strays are adults (I have seen some elders, too), and all need a loving home. Or, adopt a pet through the pet adoption agency (adult or puppy), which costs $200 simoleons.

Hank just happened to be at his home lot and a stray wandered by. Meet Kia. A female adult stray dog. She was rather attached to Hank and followed him to the beach.



hNK dopts kia.pngIt was destiny. Hank has adopted Kia. Hank now has a female adult dog. Hank looked around the beach looking for stray male adult dogs, but there are none to be found.

But, he sees another stray female dog, and so…..another pet adopted.png…yes, Hank adopts Lexie.

These 2 strays do not have perfect traits. In fact, both have some negative traits, like being stubborn, independent, glutton and a troublemaker.swmming is for the dogs.pngSo, Hank now has 2 female adult dogs in his household. Next step, how can you get your female pet to have a litter of pint-sized puppy paws? (oh yes, dogs can swim!)

Hank needs to either find a stray adult male dog or adopt one for the female adult dog to “mate” with.

Oh sure, it sounds so easy. Not! After many attempts at trying to mate with stray male pets without success, with the pets snarling at each other, and having a thought bubble of the other pets’ face with a red line through it, I was giving up hope. At time of writing, there may be a breeding glitch in the game. However, that is not going to stop us from trying. Afterall, it’s part of the Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge, so I have to try.

So Hank convinced me he was going to give it a go. Hank found that you need to have a female pet AND a male pet in your household. This is the only way it worked. They both must be in your household.

If breeding your pet has worked in other ways, good for you, but this is the only way it worked for Hank.2 males.pngSince Hank hadn’t found any male adult stray dogs anywhere, the next day, he called the pet adoption agency. You can do this from your phone. Choose household, hire a service, adopt a cat or adopt a dog. Cost is $200 simoleons per pet. You can choose up to 3 pets to look at and the adoption agent comes with a carrier and out comes the adoptees. You have a bit of time to get to know the pets, but don’t take too long, as your adoption “evaluation” will end after a certain amount of time.hank adopts a male cost 200.pngThere were only 2 adult male choices, so Hank decided to have a look at both of them. You don’t have to worry if the male pet is neutered or not, as you can go to the vet and get them un-neutered. Hank liked the look of this adult male dog and decided to adopt him. Meet Sumi. He’s a glutton.This is the cleanest we will ever see Sumi.

So, we now have a female and male pet in the household. Next, Hank needs to be friends with both pets. I guess your relationship helps the relationship of your dog with other dogs.encourage to mate with.pngOk, hold your breath. This is the test. Your female pet will either go in “heat” herself, or you can encourage your pet to mate.

As far as compatibility traits, Hank is not sure it plays a factor, but all his pets have the glutton trait and he is friends with all the pets.

Hank has chosen Lexie to see how she does, and chooses “Encourage pet to mate with…..” A screen then appears with pics of all the male dogs that you know. Well, we only know one, and his name is Sumi, so that is the one Lexie is going to get all romantic with.with a little luck.pngAlrighty! Success! The screen is so cute with all the hearts between the two pets. Now, with a little luck….your female pet will be expecting. If it doesn’t work the first time, you can try again in a bit. You will have to wait as you get a notice that says they have just mated and wait 1 day or so in order to see if she is pregnant. Lexie and Buzz tried twice and were successful. Hank, you did it…errr….I mean Lexie and Sumi you did it!expecting puppiesYeah! Lexie is expecting puppies. From the time you get this notice to the time of birth, it is 34 minutes (real time, I believe).34 sim mins from conception to laborLexie goes into labor and we get this notice. I did not see any option of bringing her to the vet to have puppies.

Now, this is Hank’s home lot, and I do believe they have to give birth on the “home” lot. If anyone else has feedback on this, let me know.this means she is going to give birth.pngWhen your pet is ready to give birth, the pet will lay down and these blue and pink lines suddenly appear, and a circle of glowing blue and pink comes from under her stomach. (Sorry, it happened so fast, I didn’t get a screenie).baby pup.pngCongrats to Lexie. She had 2 puppies, both males. Puddles and Sprinkles (random names). “Pet breeding” is one of the lot traits.puppy power.pngPuppy Power! Here they are! Ready to eat, tinkle and doodle over everything. Hank is super happy and excited!hank holding pup.pngIf you want to make some simoleons, you can also sell your puppies or kitties. You can easily do this from your phone. Click household, then Hire a Service, sell pet. I have not done this option myself, because this is my first successful litter in cats and dogs, and I want to keep them. I am sure though, that if you sell them, that it will have a negative effect on the pet parents. They will probably be sad.

The “Sell” Option is only available to sell puppies or kitties, you can’t sell adult pets. In another save, I had thought that if you put an adult pet up for adoption, that it would be a good thing. You know, adopt a stray, then bathe and pamper the pet, bring the pet to the vet to cure their disease, and then put the pet up for adoption again so someone can adopt them to their “forever home”. This would have worked great for creating a pet shelter. BUT, NO! NO! NO! Don’t do it! If you put your adult dog up for adoption, your sim will get the sad moodlet for 24 sim hours. It is not a happy time.

So, enjoy your new puppies and kitties. And maybe hire a maid to clean up all that doodle. Until next time….lexi and sparky.png

Where is Patches you ask? This was a separate save file without Patches, and the sad news is, that when I went to play this save again, it was gone. So, let’s hope the next time I try to “mate” dogs or cats, that this system will work. And maybe we will see Patches’ puppies.


10 thoughts on “Hank and Patches Doggone Diggins’ – And They Called It Puppy Love

  1. Awww puppy love, Puddles and Sprinkles are the cutest. And I understand why you missed her giving birth, in my game I didn’t have a chance to take screenies of my pets aging up- it all happens too fast!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading Perma22. I am going to be on guard for the next time this happens. At least now I know what to expect. The sad thing is I renamed this save and when I went to play it again, it was nowhere to be found. So, that is kind of sad.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well, that is what happened in my game. I have read some other blogs and their cats seem to come back expecting, but not sure they have the MC Command mode or if that would affect pets, too. I have tried “encouraging them to mate” with strays with my friendship level up with the stray and it just didn’t work. That was before the patch up-date, so haven’t tried it since.


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