Ch 6 – Wk 1 Day 3 (Tues) – Caring Paw

vet level 2 unlocked a mailbox.pngAnother beautiful day in Brindleton Bay, and Bernice is ready to start her day.

Before she does, I just wanted to show you some items that she purchased. At Vet Level 2, some new cat and dog mailboxes are unlocked, and you can place them for free on your lot. So, I decided to place the dog mailbox. They are adorable. I also realized that the trash can in the clinic was overflowing and so had to purchase an outdoor trash can. Bernice also bought a garden pot to get a seed pack of the 4 catnip varieties, which she has planted. It takes a long time to get those plants to Perfect, so I wanted her to start right away.just so giddy.pngAnd Buttercup is becoming quite the Simstagram star, and Bernice is clicking pics every chance she gets. Simstagram milestones are 25 for Simstagram Starter, 250 for Simstagram Influencer and 1,500 for the next level, which I think is the Simstagram Celebrity. Bernice just gets so “giddy” thinking that her precious Buttercup is so popular.helo there hunky.pngCaring Paw is now open and mark-up is 85%. Just as Bernice is heading inside, she sees someone crossing her lot and heads over to say hello. She would have loved to have talked more to Tate Banuelos, who she found out was single, but she noticed that she had her first patient of the piddled on the floor.pngTerry Rockwell and his dog Frankie are waiting in the reception area. Terry has a thought that he “doesn’t like how the place looks”. and there is a 2 star over his head. Umm….Terry…your dog just piddled…wait…that’s not piddle….it’s drool. Bernice quickly cleans it up.

Bernice introduces herself to Terry and comforts Frankie before taking her in for an exam.oor frankie does look sick.png Frankie does look pretty sick. There are 3 symptoms to the disease. Frankie is also very stressed and her stress level indicator is halfway already.frankie already pretty stressed so use.pngSo, Bernice decides to use the Industrial Strength Relaxation Serum that she had crafted on Frankie. Terry then changes his mind and thinks that the vet times are short and sweet and he has a 3 star over his head. Bernice is very quick in finding that Frankie has Mild Repugnitis and that Parasite Killer Spray is the cure. Yeah, another pet cured. Bernice is now at Vet Level 4!bernice just cleaning the drool when next patient arrives.pngWhile Bernice is mopping up drool in the reception area, her next patient arrives. Eugene Huyn has arrived with his pet, Butter.PRICELESS PIC.pngBefore Bernice even has a chance to greet Butter, in walks Catarina Lynx with her pet, Doc. Bernice decides to “banter about pet” to both clients, while Buttercup decides that it’s nap time and conks out on the floor.5 SYMPTOMS.pngUp first is Butter and she has 5 symptoms. Butter is calm, so Bernice starts the exam right away and discovers that Butter has Mild Cuteness Gland Blockage.Eugene is beside himeself.pngEugene is so upset over his dog’s health, but Bernice tells him the treatment is only a preventative shot. Eugene feels relieved about that and suddenly he gets a 4 star over his head. Yes!before her next patient she pays some attention to Buttercup.pngBefore treating Doc, Bernice gives Buttercup some attention and a little brush. Ummm…where is Doc anyway? Bernice doesn’t see him in the reception area at all.doc was laying on a pet bed outside.pngFound him! Doc was laying on the large pet bed outside. Poor Doc. He looks so disoriented.bringing doc in another new patient.pngHeading inside with Doc, Bernice sees another new patient waiting for treatment. The clinic has now been open 6 hours and so I “Disallow New Patients” on the check-in podium.doc is really nervous.pngDoc is really, really nervous and his patient stress indicator is above 3/4%. Bernice doesn’t have any more relaxation serums, so she tries to calm Doc down by petting him.seei9ng stars.pngThat seems to work and Bernice begins to find out what these 3 symptoms are. She noticed that Doc was not seeing too well, like he was seeing “stars”, so Bernice tested his vision. She also took his temperature and checked his fur.bernice has to calm doc down again.pngBernice diagnosed that Doc has Woozykittyitis. The treatment requires an Eudemonia Concentrate shot and poor Doc needs calming down again. Ahhh….look at poor Doc.doc is an elder.pngBefore Doc leaves, Bernice tells him he was a good cat and she gives him a pet. Doc is an elder, so Bernice figures that she may see him again. She will definitely need to make more relaxation serums to speed up examinations with Doc.last patient of the day.pngThe last patient of the day is Sage de la Cruz and her dog Kona. Bernice knows that they have been waiting a long time because Doc took a lot of her time in the exam room.kona in the red and sage a 2 star.pngSage drops down to a 2 star when Bernice comes to talk to her because she is unhappy with the wait time. And poor Kona’s stress level is all red.checking kona's chart.pngBernice calms Kona down and checks his chart. There are 3 symptoms to this disease and Bernice discovers that one of Kona’s symptoms is rainbow poop.right then buttercup goes into heat and is looking at kona with love.pngRight when Bernice is taking Kona’s temperature, it seems that Buttercup has gone into heat and is looking at Kona with love in her eyes. Bernice diagnoses that Kona has Prismatic Poop Plague which requires a biscuit with medicine X. All cured and Sage now has a 3 star above her head.buttercup in love 2.pngButtercup seems to be so smitten with Kona. Lil Buttercup is in love.encourage to mate with kona.pngSo Bernice encourages Buttercup to mate with Kona. Maybe not such a good idea, as this is what happens. I think that Bernice may have to become better friends with Kona before attempting this again. Plus, Kona just had a traumatic visit, so maybe not the best time to try this. Sorry Buttercup….maybe next time. Bernice closes the clini copen 12 hours

Bernice was open 12 hours, had 4 customers and made $638 from the pet visits and $100 on pet treats from the vending machine for a total of $738 simoleons. She is now at 1-1/2 stars. Not the best I had hoped for, but it does take a long time to treat the pets. Her excellence is her bedside manner. Ambiance and Quality of Service are two areas she will have to work on. She has 1,465 perk points.

Authors’ Note:

Bernice really has to be faster at diagnosing the pets, so I am going to have her make more of the relaxation serums. I didn’t even realize that she had sold the 2 treats that she placed in the vending machine until I checked and they were gone. Not even sure who bought them, but I will have her make some more to stock that vending machine.

There is no Simstagram follower tally to find out how many followers your pet actually has on Simstagram. You just get a notice once your sim has taken pics that tells you how many new followers the pet has. I wish there was some way you could find out the total number.

As for Buttercup…well, Bernice will have to try again to see how things progress with Buttercup’s love life. Ahhh….l’amour.




7 thoughts on “Ch 6 – Wk 1 Day 3 (Tues) – Caring Paw

  1. Work, work work! You’re doing great considering you don’t have any vets helping you! It’s so difficult to keep that place clean lol and sometimes the pet patients are difficult, they get on the treatment table then off again while their owners freak out cause the vets taking too long lol. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for reading kymscreations – yes, that happened in my last chapter and I thought it was some type of glitch again. Pet goes on, pet goes off, pet goes on, pet goes off. lol


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