CH 7 – WK 1 Day 4 (Weds) – Purrfect Bonz

drinking some coffee.pngThe next day came early for Cameron, since he was up pretty late due to his visit to Deadgrass Isle. I decided to buy Cameron a coffee maker, or he may not be able to make it through the day today. He now has a 6 hour coffee buzz.

Yesterday, Cameron was undecided about what pet he should adopt, but with the votes tallied, it was voted that Cameron adopt Rudy. So, after Cameron finishes at the clinic today, he is going down to the beach to search for Rudy and adopt him. Cameron was super excited.1st patient for cam.pngI have Cameron skill charisma as he waits for his first patient, and, he doesn’t have to wait long because Kelli Haney and her pet, Axel arrive on the lot. Cameron heads out to greet them and another patient checks-in.waiting room is getting crowded.pngOh my Gosh! The waiting room is getting a bit crowded, Cameron may have to expand a is coming .and we have Axe  the red-nosed dog..pngCameron knows that Christmas is on its way, and this proves it. His first patient, Axel, the red-nosed ummm…dog. Three symptoms to this disease, and Cameron is quick to diagnose Axel with Winterfest Fever.calm down there kelli.pngKelli seems surprised that Cameron is so quick at his job. One fixitol treat for Axel should have him defrosted in no time.things are getting busy.pngNot even 4 hours into our day and look at the waiting room. Cameron had better be quick on the next patient.i have got it.pngNext up is Justin Delgato and his cat Batholomew A. Bitterbun Sr. Now that’s a mouthful for a pet’s name! We’ll just call him Bart Sr. Ok, so Bart Sr starts off a bit nervous, but Cameron is going to continue on with the exam, I mean, he has 2 other patients waiting in the reception area. Five symptoms for this disease. By the time Cameron finishes the exam and diagnoses Bart Sr. with Mild Cuteness Gland Blockage, Bart Sr’s stress level is totally in the red.Oh my gosh what is going on outside the clinic.pngSuddenly, Cameron hears a commotion coming from outside the clinic. What the heck is going on? It’s a fight. He sees a dog in that cloud of dust…oh gosh two patients got into a fight.png…two patients fighting outside. And then it’s over. Looks like the cat won. Yep, Cats Rule and Dogs Drool.

Inside, Cameron quickly gives Bart Sr. a preventative shot and cures him.catarina does not look happy with cam.pngCameron takes a break and gets out another food bowl and fills them both full. Catarina does not look too happy with Cameron. Imagine! Her poor cat coming for vet treatment and getting into a fight with another patient. A dog and cat fight. What kind of clinic is this?calms dog down.pngCameron ushers in the poor loser of the fight, Dog. Yes, Kerry Magana named his dog, Dog. Cameron has to calm Dog down a bit before he begins the exam. Four symptoms to this disease. Cameron takes a guess at the treatment and gives Dog an essence of placebo treat and cures him! Go Cameron!DOG DOES NOT LOOK LIKE DOG THAT CAME IN.pngCan you believe this is the same dog that came in? What a nice looking dog, Dog is. i think that cam has lost his first patiet.pngCameron has to take a short pee break before his next patient, but Catarina is not waiting and storms out with a 1 star above her head with her cat following her. Poor Cameron just lost his first patient. Lost meaning that they left. Ah shucks!

In the meantime, it looks like someone else is waiting, and they are going to be the last patient that Cameron sees today.last patiet of the day.pngCameron has Brant Hecking and Rosie come into the exam room right away. Rosie is pretty stressed, so Cameron takes his time and calms her down. Brant is very happy and thinks that the wait times are short and sweet. Five symptoms to Rosie’s disease.rosie doesn't look too well.pngRosie doesn’t look too well, and Cameron thinks it might be something serious. He has to calm Rosie down again during the exam, and Cameron discovers that Rosie has Slurry Fur. Surgery is suggested, and Brant will have to take her to another vet office with a surgery machine.rosie hs slurry fur.pngSo, Rosie leaves with the dreaded cone of shame. Sorry Rosie. Cameron closes the clinic. He also changes his clothes and has a bite to eat before heading down to the beach. Oh, he  hopes he can find Rudy.adopting rudy.png Luck is with Cameron and he sees Rudy at the beach and immediately chooses the “adopt” interaction.


Yeah, Rudy is now Cameron’s pet. Rudy’s traits are loyal, troublemaker and hunter.what a dog.pngWith the adoption complete, Cameron completes level 1 of the Animal Lover Aspiration. Cameron then decides to test out Rudy’s hunter skills and sends him off to hunt.rudy on the hunt.pngLook at that concentration….yeah rudy get me those feathers.pngRudy runs off and chases the birds. Yeah Rudy, get me some of those feathers. But no feathers.having a fun time getting dirty.pngThen Rudy discovers a pile of fish and is just having a great time getting dirty.rudy and fiona have found boxes for me.pngOh but wait, it looks like Rudy has found something. And another dog, Fiona, has found something, too. Ahhhh…gifts for should just get in that tub with rudy he is stinky to.pngCameron decides to bring Rudy back to the clinic to give him a bath. Cameron has a wonderful “green” aura around him, too. Maybe Cameron should just jump in that tub with Rudy.ok rudy you are all clean.pngRudy is now all clean and shakes all the water off of him giving Cameron a shower, he is eating cat poop out of the kitty ltter box.pngWhile Cameron is toweling himself off, Rudy decides that he is hungry, and promptly heads to the kitty litter box to um….well…eat some cat poo. Oh gross! Cameron quickly empties the kitty litter box and calls Rudy over to eat out of the food dish.rudy is a happy dog.pngAhh….Rudy….what more mischief will you be getting into? I just have this feeling….

purrfect bonx end of day

That caffeine certainly helped Cameron to get through the day. He was open 10 hours, with 5 customers, and is at 2-1/2 stars. Even though he lost 1 customer due to a long wait time. Cameron’s bedside manner is excellent, but he needs to improve his quality of service and wait time. He has 2,495 perk points.

Author’s Note:

Cameron is going to have to expand his clinic, especially his waiting room. I almost want to build a cat and separate dog area, but I know that’s not possible. Expanding and re-decorating may also help with the star rating. And, he can make lots of treats, but without a vending machine, he is not getting any simoleons on them. So, a vending machine is needed at $950 simoleons. He also needs to have a surgery area, and the cheapest is $2,200 simoleons, so that might have to wait a bit. Where is a sim bank when you need it? He may have to sell his computer to purchase everything that he needs.

Cameron seems really happy to have adopted Rudy, and Rudy has certainly made himself right at home. Let’s hope that Cameron can train Rudy to be a well-behaved, friendly, clinic dog.



9 thoughts on “CH 7 – WK 1 Day 4 (Weds) – Purrfect Bonz

  1. Dog, dog, dog LOL. Hmm, seperate cat and dog areas sounds good. What if you put pet doors in and enable each for certain pets, like only cats allowed etc BUT that would be more costly as you’d have to build on.
    I just get so sad lol when the pets owner stomps out and you see the poor pet walking away with its head down, still so sick.
    Cool update.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay, he adopted Rudy, that’s who I voted for 😃 eek pets fighting and a customer leaving, but the day still seemed to go really well.
    I had a good look through the conputer interactons and I couldn’t see why it’s needed so you could get rid of that for more money 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading MyInnerSim. Yes, I thought that there would be something on the computer that would be new for Cats & Dogs, other than the adoption of pets, but nothing. So, yes, Cameron is going to sell some items and do a bit of a revamp of the clinic shortly.

      Liked by 1 person

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