CH 8 – Wk 1 Day 4 (Weds) – Caring Paw

Before Bernice opens her vet clinic, she decides to head over to her “home” lot. The lot traits here are cat hangout, dog hangout and breeding ground. There are so many strays in Brindleton Bay. Who cares for these strays? Who feeds them? Bernice decides to leave out 2 bowls of food for the strays. Who knows. Maybe they will come here.ANOTHER CAT.pngAnd then all of a sudden, it happens. Dogs…dogs…dogs…they are all coming to the lot. And even some cats. They are all strays. And the poor dogs are sick. How can she treat these dogs? Bernice may just have to adopt them all. Ummm….she may need a bigger house.

She tries to comfort the pets as best she can and fills up the pet bowls before she heads back to the clinic.maybe leah needs a bath.pngBernice brings one of the strays, Leah, back to the clinic with her. But, Bernice is unable to get Leah on the exam table to cure her. Maybe a bath will help. So, unless you adopt a pet, you can’t bring it to the vet to cure it. That’s sad. Those poor strays. Bernice wished there was some way she could open a foster care shelter for them, and then sims could come and adopt them. For now, she will do the best she can.1st patient for thurs.pngBernice opens her clinic. Mark-up is 100% and there are 4 treats in the vending machine for sale. Bernice has prepared 2 relaxation shots for the exam table. She is at vet level 5.

First patient is Davon Chatman and his dog Prissy. What a nice looking dog, except for the drool coming from the dog’s mouth….no time to mop up that mess.png..and dripping everywhere on the floor. Before Bernice even has a chance to think about mopping, another patient arrives. So, no time to mop up the mess.just started exam and she sees catarina at a level 2.pngPrissy hops up on the exam table and has 3 symptoms. Egads! Bernice notices that Catarina, who is waiting in the reception area, now has a 2-star over her head. Time to take action. Bernice decides to take a guess at Mild Repugnitis and guesses at the parasite killer spray treatment, and eureka, she is right! Oh yeah! That saved time.catarina where are u going.pngCatarina? Where are you going? Ugh! I think Bernice just lost a patient….catarina is here with cleo.png…but wait, Catarina is back again. She is signing in at the check-in podium and in comes Cleo.bernice is right on cleo and sees another patient in the reception area.pngBernice ushers Cleo in quickly before Catarina decides to leave again. And just in time, as another patient has just entered the reception area.cleo is sick.pngCleo is sick….green goo coming from the poor cat’s mouth, and it looks like fleas jumping about. Cleo has 4 symptoms. Looks familiar. Yes, it’s repugnitis. Nothing that a little organic disinfectant spray can’t cure.nancy landgraab comes in angry.pngWhile Bernice is attending Cleo, Nancy Landgraab comes in the clinic and looks in the vending machine, but then huffs off again. I guess she didn’t find what she was looking for. Oh no! And our next patient is at a 2-star.meeting cheeby.pngBut thank goodness Cleo is all done. Next we have Patrick Juarez and Smeagie. There are 3 symptoms to the disease, and Smeagie is pretty tense, so Bernice gives him a relaxation serum so she can start examining him right away. There is a rash of repugnitis at the clinic and Smeagie has a mild version.parasite spray.pngBernice sprays poor Smeagie with parasite killer spray. Another cured pet!bernice has got to do something about the mess.pngJustin Delgato and his dog, Blue arrive. Bernice has no time to clean the reception area and it is a mess. Look at it. Maybe she can hire a maid. I have no idea if you can hire a maid on a clinic lot, so I give it a go. Maybe the maid will show up at the home lot.maid mop already.pngThe maid does show up at the clinic. Mops one thing and then stops. You know, typical maid behavior. Maid…..mop already! $62 simoleons later and it’s still dirty. Sheesh! Another customer and everyone has 2-stars over their head.

Bernice shouts to Buttercup….”don’t drink that drool!”oh lord everyone has a 2 star.pngWith Blue finally up on the exam table, Bernice discovers that Blue has 4 symptoms. A new disease. Oh no! Squirrel scratch fever. How did Blue get scratched by a squirrel? Poor Blue. Bernice administers a feelgood serum. Bernice is now level 6 vet level 6

we have bart jr in the waiting room.pngBernice lets Jayden McBride and Cutie know that they are next. She sees Catarina Lynx with another one of her cats in the reception area. Bernice is getting tired and decides to “disallow new customers” after Catarina.has to give cutie the relaxation shot.pngAs soon as Cutie is on the exam table, Jayden’s star turns to a 3-star. There are 5 symptoms to Cutie’s disease, and Bernice wastes no time and gives Cutie a relaxation serum.slurry fur off to surgery.pngAnother new disease, and this one requires surgery. Sorry Cutie. Cutie has slurry fur. Cutie looks a bit in shock with the news. Ruh Roh!slurry fur surgery.pngLuckily Bernice has a surgery machine, or she would have no other treatment available for Cutie. Bernice is kind of nervous as this is her first surgery. Shhhh…don’t tell Cutie.

A Tum Tum Tickletangle Readjustment Surgery is needed. I mean how hard can it be? You just turn this knob….oops wrong button.pngOops! Wrong button. Bernice you turned Cutie into a topiary bush!bernice you turned cuties into a topiary.pngOk, take two….back in the surgery unit to see if Bernice can’t cure you this time…. Bernice crosses her fingers and turns another knob…bernice did it.pngYeah! Cutie is cured! Bernice you did it! Bernice deserves a medal for this one.ok next and last bart jr.pngLast patient of the day and Bernice is tired. She sits down for a moment to banter about pet with Catarina. This is Bartholomew A. Bitterbun, Jr. Bernice calls him Bart Jr. for short. Look at those paws and nose. Pssstt…..Buttercup….don’t get too close.come on get back on the exam table.pngBernice has quite a time with Bart Jr. who keeps getting on and off the exam table. He is not too happy about being at the clinic and tries to hide in Bernice’s bedroom.

Bernice doesn’t have anymore relaxation serum and it would take too long to make some. But if she is going to get Bart Jr. on the exam table….giving bart jr napnip.pngBernice has to do something. Suddenly she feels something in her pocket. This might work. She decides to give Bart Jr. some napnip.napnip induced bart jr.pngNapnip is supposed to calm the pet and even put them to sleep. Bart Jr. does seem a bit calmer so Bernice can conduct the exam and discover what the 4 symptoms are…one mean cat.pngBut even with the napnip, Bart Jr. is a mean and cranky cat. I guess I would be cranky too if I had a red nose and red paws.

Bernice diagnoses Bart Jr. with Magmafied Organs, and I think, oh no, not more surgery. But luckily this disease can be cured with an antiviral payload. Bart Jr. is cured! Now get your crank-pot self outta here. Bernice closes the clinic.


After taking a break, Bernice and Buttercup head outside. They wander next door and Buttercup sees Brant Hecking and starts barking. Bernice has had a long day, and really doesn’t want to hear all this barking, so she trains Buttercup not to bark so much. Success!


Good Buttercup. But, Bernice can’t stay mad at Buttercup for long, and they become companions. With that, Bernice has finished Level 2 of the Friend of the Animal Aspiration, which is:

  • Be friends with 5 animals
  • Become companions with a pet
  • Successfully train out 2 misbehaviors


level 2 completed.png


nice profit.png

Caring Paw was open 12 hours and had 5 patients. Bernice’s excellence was in calming the pets. Her clinic is now at 2-1/2 stars. She has 2,915 perk points. Her earnings were $1,973 in service and all 4 treats sold, netting her $2,123 simoleons.

Author’s Notes:

Bernice certainly had a great day at the clinic. Making the relaxation serum really seemed to help calm those pets. The clinic ambiance is still a problem with pets getting sick everywhere. Even though Bernice hired a maid, the maid didn’t stay very long after she cleaned. Bernice is going to think about how to increase her clinic ambiance and some way of better cleaning the clinic.


6 thoughts on “CH 8 – Wk 1 Day 4 (Weds) – Caring Paw

  1. Omg that surgery station fiasco was hilarious. I haven’t had chance to use it yet. I think if your clinic gets overrun you can disallow to stop anymore patients arriving and then reallow when you’re treating your last patient, but I haven’t tested it yet.

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